Will of Joseph Pollard, Sr.
State of Tennessee, Montgomery Co., Tennessee

Montgomery Co., Tennessee
Will Bk P pages 528 & 529

I, Joseph Pollard, Sr., the above mentioned county, being now of advanced age, but of sound mind and memory, and wishing to make such disposition of my worldly estate as I am about to direct.

I first wish my just debts paid. I then give my daughter, Elizabeth Walthal, one sixth part of my personal estate, negroes included, with the exception of land. I also direct that after the death of Thomas Walthal and his wife, the above allotment of property to go to the heirs of my daughter, Elizabeth.

I also give my daughter-in-law, Martha Pollard, the wife of George M. Pollard, dec,d during her natural life or widowhood, one sixth of my personal property, (land excepted) negroes included, and at her death or marriage, I wish the aforesaid property to go equally to the children of G. M. Pollard.

I also give Sally Ann Booth one sixth of my personal property, negroes included (land excepted).

I also give my daughter, Susan Apperson, one sixth of my personal property, negroes included, (land excepted). At her death, I wish the aforesaid property to go equally to her children.

I also give my daughter, Mary Booth, one sixth of my personal property, negroes included, (land excepted) and at her death, I wish my two grandchildren, Joseph Cooley and Martha Ann Cooley to have two thirds of  what I give their mother, and if either of my grandchildren should die, I wish the remaining one to have the property of both. At the death of my daughter, Mary, the other one third of what I have given to her to go to the children she now has or hereafter may have by her second marriage.

I give to my son, Joseph H. Pollard, one sixth of my personal estate, negroes included with privilege of buying my negro man Green, or pay a cash valuation for him. I wish the said negro Green to be valued by my friends, Thomas Ogburn, S.L. Garrard and A. G. Brown, and I further give my son, Joseph h. Pollard, all my lands with the exception of ninety-three acres which he has deeded to me on the fifteenth day of October 1858 (or 1857)I

I also wish every description of property sold as soon as may be necessary, not otherwise disposed of on a credit of twelve months.

And, I do hereby nominate and name my friend, Thomas Walthal, and my son, Joseph H. Pollard   to sell and make deeds and to carry into effect every desire I have here made. I also wish the ninety three acres of land deeded to me by my son, Joseph, be sold by my executors and all monies arising from said sale or otherwise be given to my children with this exception only, that the two thirds of one sixth of Mary Booth's part kept separate and apart and at interest for the schooling of my two Cooly (Cooley) until they shall arrive to the age of twenty-one years at which time I wish them to receive the whole. I also wish my son-in-law, Thomas Walthal and my son, Joseph to act as guardians for them.

Witness my hand and seal this twenty-eighth day of September one thousand and fifty-nine.
(signed) Jo. PollardSr.,(seal)

Asa McDaniel
Will N. Trice
Wm. Riggins

Recorded April term 1865

Note: The record does not show when his will was probated. The entries for before and after this were for April 1865.

In December 1867, bonds were posted regarding his estate by his heirs, J.E. Pollard and his wife, Sarah Ann, E. Pollard, W.D. Ransdale (sic) and his wife Cordelia Ann Pollard, Isaac Howard and his wife, Martha Ann Cooley, J.R. Cooley and Susan Apperson, Elizabeth C. Walthal, Sally Ann Boothe, A.M. Seay and his wife, Mary Ophelia Pollard.

This is the will of my great-great-grandfather, Joseph Henry Pollard who brought his family from Amelia County, Virginia about 1833 and settled in Montgomery Co., Tn. His wife was Elizabeth Coleman, who probably died before they left Amelia county. Elizabeth's brother, Braxton Coleman settled in Dickson Co., Tn. and there are many Coleman descendants living there today.
Margaret Winders

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