Guardianship Papers for Children of
William S. Powell

Hi, in my search of Powell families in Montgomery County, TN, I came across guardianship papers for the children of William S. Powell. He must have died before 1849. His children: Nicholas T? Powell, Fanny Powell, Nancy Powell, Mary Powell, Sarah Jane Powell, apparently were left in the care William Holloway. Mr. Holloway could have been in charge of some ward? After his death the children were then placed in what looks like a ward 1849 - 1853. Only speculation. See the following 3 documents. Hope this helps you. Best regards, Cindy Powell
1.  Father: William.S. Powell, - Wills - Needs to Powell heirs Guardian Report - July 1849: Roll 95 Montg. Co. Will Book, p. 427.  In obedience to the statues in such cases made? of provider.  I make to your worships the following report of all the effects that have come into my hands by virtue of my appointment at the July Term 1849 as Guardian of Nicholas T?., Fanny, Nancy, Mary, Sarah Jane Powell minor heirs of Wm Holloway deceased & children of Wm S. Powell. Received of Jas. Riggins Exec of Wm Holloway decd $503.02, interest on same info to day 21.45.  This is the 17 Day of July 1849.  Recd also four Dollars & five cents James Trice of Jas Riggins.  Recd from the Holloway Estate $4.05.  James Trice. 
2.  Powell Heirs - 1853-54 - Wills - Guardianship settlement - Montgomery County, Roll 96  Wm Mallory Executor James Trice Deceased Settlement as Guardian to Nicholas, Fanny, Nancy, Mary, and Sarah Jane Powell.  In apt: Dr. To the amount due ward, 17th July 1850 633.29 " Interest on same 12 monts  37.99 671.28 By cash for clothing 15th Oct 1850  10.00 " Interest on same to 17th July 51       45 " Cash for clothing 26th May 1850  20.00 " Interest on same to 17th July 1851    1.30 ""Cash for clothing 11th July 1850  30.00 Clerks fee for settle    1.50 63.25 Balance due Ward 17 July 1851             $ 608.03  Guardian ?? Ward, 17th July 1851 608.03 " Interest on same 12 months  36.48 644.51  By cash paid for clothing 25th Feb. 1851    6.00 Clerks fee for this settlement    1.00    7.50 Balance due Wards 17th July 1852       $ 637.01  Guardian Dr to Wards, 17 July 1852 $637.01 "Interest on same 12 months    38.22       $ 675.25 
3.  Deceased Father: William S. Powell, W. S.- Oct. 1854- W.S. Powell's Children Guardian Report: Montgomery County, TN - Roll 96, p 421. (Index says Richard Powell).  State of Tennepee: Montgomery County: To the won? hepful? County Court of said County. In obedience to the statues in such cases made and provided I make to your worships a report of on the effects that have came to my hands by virtue of my appointment as Guardian to Thomas, Fanny, Nancy, Mary, and Jane Powell minor heirs of William Holloway Deceased and children of W. S. Powell.  Received of Wm Mallory Executor of James Trice Deceased 25 day of May 1854 the sum of Six Hundred & Ninety One dollars and 17 cts - and on the 3rd day of July 1854 recd of the sd mallory the sum of Ninty? Nine dollars & 85 cts the same being the full amount which has come to my hands as guardian of sd Heirs. Rendered October Tenn 1854 Thomas Ogburn: Guardian

Submitted by Cindy Powell

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