Source:  Court Records of Montgomery Co TN dated 21 Apr 1817. pg 408 and 449.

David Peebles died intestate.  The Court appointed Nathaniel Peebles, Heydon E. Wells, Daniel Rook, Burell Bayliss & Henry McFall, Jr. to administer the estate.

23 negroes were inventoried for estate filed Jan Term 1817

446 acres of land. pg 408

Inventory of the late firm of Nathan  Peeples (sic) & David Peeples, deceased.  The inventory suggests a general store.  Value of $1619.46 1/2.
    Signed:    N. Peeples
Heydon E. Wells
Rendered Jan Term of Court  1817

Source:  Montgomery County, Tenn. Wills and Administrations Vol. 4, 1814-1817, Will Book, p. 411
"Agreeable to an order from the County Court of Montgomery to us directed we the commissioners have and made a division of the negroes belonging to the Heirs of David Peeples, dec., between the Heirs of said Dec'd as follows:

Lot #1   (George age 45 $500; Rachel age 30 $300; Charlotte age 9 $300) to SAMUEL  PEEPLES

Lot #2  (Jack age 28 $500; Lydia age 24 $400 & child Charity age 2 years $150; Martha Ann age 5 $200) to HEYDON E. WELLS 
Lot #3   (Luke age 26, $500; Liza age 19 $400 & child; Ned age 3 $175) to HARRIET PEEPLES

Lot #4   (Mary age 14 $400 & child Caty age 4 weeks $100 ; Daniel age 16 $450; Peter age 14 $250)             to THORNTON PEEPLES

Lot #5   (Jesse age 35 $450; Leah age 40 $300; Tom age 10 $320)  to JOHN ROOK

Lot #6   (Lettice age 41 $300; Ben age 10 $320; John age 9 $300) to BURRELL PEEPLES

Lot #7   (Isham age 20 $500; Toney age 5 $200; Easter age 14 $400)  to NATHANIEL PEEPLES

In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands this 8th day of April 1818.
Signed:    Wm. El. Williams        George Urey
       Sterling Neblett JP        W. Newell
       Clabon Harris

(12)  Agreeable to an order of the County Court for Montgomery to us directed the
commissioners have met on the premises and made a Division of the land that DAVID PEEPLES died seist(sic) and possessed of between the Heirs of the said dec'd as per platt;

Lot #1 containing 67 acres to HARRIET PEEPLES. 
Lot #2 sixty seven acres to HEYDON E. WELL,
Lot #3 See note below
Lot #4 sixty seven acres to JOHN ROOK. 
Lot #5 sixty seven acres to BURRELL PEEPLES. 
Lot #6 sixty seven acres to THORNTON PEEPLES, and
Lot #7 sixty seven acres to SAMUEL PEEPLES per platt. 

In testimony whereof we have hereto set our hands this 8th day of April 1818. 
Signed:    Wm. E. Williams        Sterling Neblett
Clabon Harris        George Urey
W. Newell. 

NOTE:  The clerk failed to record Lot #3 in the above document.  The only heir missing is NATHANIEL.  It is presumed he inherited the same as the other heirs.

  Submitted by Jean Hancock 

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