M. E. South Sunday School
Palmyra, Tennessee

I just found a Christmas card to share with you all.  It's card stock,
about 3 x 5 and on the front is printed "Souvenir," a picture of some
greens, a Bible open to "If ye love me keep my commandments, the first
verse of "When I survey" and Luke 2-11.  Inside a photo has been inserted
into the first page, a picture of the Good Shepherd on the next, a picture
and the verse, "The choicest presents we may make Are kindly words and
smiles and deeds, That lift a burden, soothe an ache And meet another's
sorest needs." Next page is a picture of a church and the following page is
M.E. SOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL Class No. 1 Palmyra, Tennessee   S..O. Fessey,
Class roll
Mrs. Leona Hussey
Mrs. Etha Weaver
Mrs Mary Nelson
Miss Mary Corban
Miss Nannie Davis
Miss Myrtle Laird
Miss Carrie Allen
Miss Cora Laird
Miss Nannie Wilson
Miss Ella Swift
Miss Mary Swift
Miss Bettie Corban
Miss Helen Swift
Miss Myrtle Fessey
J. T. Bryant
B. F. Weaver
George Davis
Bert Hester
Lowe Allen
Asa Davis
Hartwell Weaver
B. F. Weaver

Felix Coleman is listed at the bottom as pastor
Oscar Swift, Supt.

The back pages are "Of virtues many great and small True friendship is the
best of all."

To Bert Hester [my grandfather] Sincerest wishes for a very Merry Christmas
from Teacher.  The last page is Christmas Greetings.  Xmas 1929.

Thought some of the rest of you might recognize names there and/or enjoy
the old style of Christmas greeting.

Submitted by Ginny Sinclair

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