Bible Records

If you have Bible Records for your Montgomery County family that you would like to contribute, please e-mail me and tell me a little about them. All families with Montgomery County roots are welcome and encouraged to submit their records. The only restriction is that someone listed in the Bible record, or a descendent of someone listed, must have lived in Montgomery County at one time. Please show how this family is kin to you. Be sure to include your e-mail address as it will be placed at the end of the information you submit. I appreciate your willingness to help make the Montgomery County pages a valuable asset for online research. If you have questions about anything posted here, or would like more information on a particular family line, please contact the person submitting the information. The Bible Records listed here, unless otherwise noted, come from transcriptions rather than the original, and so may contain errors. Therefore, I am unable to verify the accuracy of the information. If you see your records here that someone else may have submitted without your permission and you would like them removed or corrected, please let me know.

Allen Baggett Bagwell Bulle Davis
Dudley Edmondson-Orgain Guffey  Henry Hunter
Young Kidd Killebrew Lockert Long Martin
Osburn Underwood Whitfield Williams Yarbrough

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