He was raised by Alexander Caldwell Robeson of McMinn Co.

Contributed by:  Phebe Morgan


 b. November 12, 1811
  Monroe County, (West) Virginia
 m. November 15, 1832
  McMinn County, Tennessee
  Mary Elizabeth Moore
  b. July 23, 1816
   Monroe County, Kentucky
  d. unknown
   Ooltewah, Tennessee  (Sylar Cemetery)
 d. December 3, 1879
  Ooltewah, Tennessee (Sylar Cemetery)

 c. Nancy 8-13-1833
  John A.   7-24-1835
  William Alexander  5-25-1838 / 3-26-1910
  Rebecca Jane (Prince)   6-21-1840  / 8-7-1907
  James Madison  8-8-1842  / 5-8-1915
  Littleberry Polk  11/9/1844  / 4-24-1908
  Elizabeth  7-21-1847
  John C.  10-13-1849  /  12-1937
  George Lafayette  3-10-1852  / 12-19-1927
  Mary (Hamby)   11-11-1856

At Elihu's birth his mother Rebekkah died.  Rebekkah was one of triplets (William, Catherine and Rebekkah) -- and on her death bed she gave Elihu to her sister Catherine to raise.

Catherine married Elihu's father's brother, Alexander Caldwell Robeson. When they relocated to Athens, Tennessee (McMinn County), Elihu went with them and was raised as one of their own.

Elihu most probably became acquainted with Mary Elizabeth because of the connection between her father, Littleberry Moore and Elihu's uncle Alexander Caldwell Robeson.

Both men entered into a land transaction in McMinn County in December 1825, (Order No. 2586 - Hiwassee District).  They sold that land on February 4, 1826.  In the 1840 census he is living next to his father-in-law in Bradley County (two farms away from Charles Havens).  In 1845 he purchases 70 acres in Hamilton County, on the waters of the Long Savannah, for $200 -- $100 in cash and the other in horse flesh.

In the 1850 census he is back living in McMinn County.  In the 1860 census he is living in Hamilton County and his land is valued at $4,000.  His obituary was printed in the Cleveland newspaper.

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