DAILY POST ATHENIAN/Sesqui-Centennial Edition, June 10, 1969, p. 15-H.

From the McMinn County Historical Society of 1969.

"Dr. Augustine Pryor Fore came to McMinn County from Jefferson County about the time McMinn was formed. He bought large tracts of land in McMinn and Monroe Counties and settled in the Conasauga Valley. Later he bought a farm south of Athens later known as the Keith Place. Dr. Fore was the son of Peter Fore and his wife nee Sarah Pryor both of Virginia. Peter was a Revolutionary War soldier who had received a land grant in Ky. for his military service. He settled at Old Drinnon Springs near Christiansburg where he and his wife are both buried. He was born in 1743 in Virginia of Huguenot parentage. (White Protestant of French descent.)

Dr. Fore married in Jefferson County, Tennessee a widow, Nancy nee Ugh Monroe. She was the daughter of Francis and Elizabeth (Stanley) Ugh of Berate County, N.C. After moving to McMinn County they had one daughter, Sarah Ann Penelope who married Alexander H. Keith on the 20th of May 1841. Sarah Fore was a minor when her father wrote his will on 4 May 1839 and was his only child.

Dr. Fore died while on a visit to his family in Kentucky which was reported in the Knoxville Gazette of 24th June 1840. He had named W.P.H. McDermott and Dr. Wm. H. Deadrick as his executors but they refused to serve and the widow, Nancy Fore, was appointed administrator.

Mrs. Nancy Fore died 21 June 1858 and her son-in-law, Alexander H. Keith, was the administrator of her estate."

Transcribed by: Bill Bigham (No relation)


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