Maury Co. TN, Wills and Settlements, Book A-1

Transcribed by Paulette Carpenter, November 2004

pg. 141

Inventory of sale of Walker Knox, dec'd, Among items: year's rent on plantation
maintained, one discharge for tour of duty in Capt. John Gordon's Co. of "spiez" for term
of 7 months, one discharge for a tour of 4 months and 15 days in the Tennessee militia under
command of Majr. General Willilam Carrell; Notes on Cornelius Dabney; Ambrose Powell, Daniel
Fergesen; August 21, 1815. Also money in hands of Joseph Cheatnim <sp> and Joseph Choate.
James Knox, Admr.

pg. 142
Sale of Aron Hunter, dec'd, July 1, 1815. Buying: Mary Hunter, Ephraim McLean, John Fitzgerald,
Robert Hill, Daniel Keetch, John B. Neely<sp>, Robert Williams, Isaac Brooks, Amos Dickson,
Absalom Yarborough, Thomas Brooks of Williamson County, Thomas Baker. By Robert Hill, Admr. and
Mary Hunter, Admtrix.

pg. 144
Estate of Charles Court, dec'd. Thomas Hedgepath Admr. "Money in the clerk's office coming to
Charles Court and his wife for their attendance as witnesses in a suit between Thomas Hedgepath
and Ambrose Powel." June 5, 1815. William Russell and Sam P. McLean.

pg. 145
Inventory of estate of Isaiah McBride. August 21, 1815, Francis McBride and Samuel McBride.

pg. 145
Inventory of estate of William Long, dec'd. (Bible, sermon book, hymn book). Johnson Craig and John Hunter, Admr. NO DATE

pg. 146
Inventory of estate of Jesse Brown, dec'd. August 18, 1815, John Atkison, Admr.

pg. 146
Laying off year's provision for hannah Scott, widow of Samuel Scott, dec'd. June 2, 1815, Thomas Jones, Silas Alexander, John Mathis.

pg. 147
Estate of Lucy Hunt - sale - NO DATE -. Buying: Samuel Polk, Horatio dePriest, Daniel Brown, John Campbell, William R. Bradley, Albert Russell, Nathaniel Scott,
William Lion, Peter Lion, John Chism, William Sellars, Elizabeth Hunt, Jethro Brown, John Bolton, Burrel Akin, Lewis petmonon<sp>, Nathaniel Chears.

pg. 147
Sale June 6, 1815, property of William Kelly, dec'd. Buying: John Cecil, James Shelby, Thomas Randle, John Hewey, Charles Shearmon, Isaac Seagraves, Charles Partee,
Vinson Segraves, Polly Kelly, Ambrose Yarborough, James Mitchel, Andey Mitchel, James Reeves, (Polly Kelly bought all household goods), William McLean, John Lockart,
George Mitchel, Thomas Locart.

pg. 150
William Jorden, dec'd at New Orleans on Feb 25, 1815. Thomas Jerden, Admr.

pg. 150
Account of hire of negroes of estate of Thomas Edwards for the year 1815 by
Mary Edwards and Davis Gurley (admr. and admtrix.)

pg 151
Property of Jesse Yarberough, dec'd, June 6, 1815. Buying: Absalom Yarborough
Admr., Thomas Lockart, and Benjamin Litten.

pg 151
Inventory of Samuel Neely, dec'd, August 17, 1815.

pg 151
Inventory of Grant Hawkings, dec'd. William Hawkins, Admr., August 21, 1815.

pg. 152
Inventory of Fereby Rice - Pherreby Rice, Admintrix.

pg. 152
Inventory of William Jones, dec'd.

pg. 153
Inventory of John Churchwell, dec'd. August 24, 1815.
Churchwell, Admintrix, Sam'l B. McKnight. "his discharge not

pg. 153
Inventory of Thomas Smith, dec'd.

pg. 153
Estate of David Jones, dec'd. (Notes in No. Carolina) Isabella Jones bound as administrator.

pg. 154
Inventory of Abner King, dec'd. "his claim on the U.S. for his services in Captain McMahen's Co. of mounted men
from September 28th until as will appear by the muster rolls."

pg. 154
Inventory of John Hood, dec'd, June 10, 1815. Agnes Hood, Executrix.

pg. 155
Inventory of William Carr, dec'd. August 18, 1815. "his services for a touer of duty against the Creek
Indians in Capt. John Gordon's Co. of "spees" commanded by Major Genl. Jackson from Sept 30, 1814, until first
day of April 1814 - enclosed his services for a tour of duty in Capt. McMahen's Co. at New Orleans under the
command of Majr. General Andrew jackson which tour he dyed". Alexander Cathey, Admr.

pg. 156
Inventory of Daniel Yates, dec'd, August 23, 1815. Roswile Seaton, Admr.

pg. 156
Inventory of William Kelly, dec'd. "Certificate for lost property in the army",
Wages for a tour of duty to New Orleans. Polly Kelly, Admintrix.

pg. 157
August term 1815. Petition of Roswell Seaton and Martha Seaton his wife, former
Martha Yates of Maury, she that same Martha some years past intermarried with the
same Daniel yates who on Feb 1, 1815 was secured of a tract of land...and the said
Daniel Yates has since the 1st day of Feb., departed this life...the said Martha Yates
has since his death intermarried with your petitioner Reswell Seaton.

pg. 159
Sale of property of James Hunt, dec'd, sold by Elilzabeth Hunt, an Admintrix. June 9, 1815. B
Buying: James Higgs, William Beard, John P. Norvel<sp>, Cluff Lavender, Lewis Petmon, Peter Lyons,
Joseph Miller, Swann Holden, Samuel Anglin, Henry Malone, Abner Cleveland, Ezekial Akins, William R.
Brady, James Evins, William Crawford, Willliam Webb, William Lyon, John Nults<sp>, John Bolton,
Abner Franklin, Joseph Winkfield, William Wildford, William Dean.

pg. 161
Estate of Luke Grymes, dec'd. Paid to John Grimes, heir; Loyd Grimes, heir; Catherine Grimes, heir;
William Grimes, heir; by self, heir; demands against estate by William Grimes, Sr., August 19, 1815.
Nancy Picard, Admintrix.

pg. 162
Estate of Thomas Segraves, dec'd. Sarah Segraves, Admintrix.

pg. 162
Estate of Henry McCulla, dec'd. August 24, 1815, James Armstrong, Elexander Dobins,
and George Dicky, appointed appraisors. Signed by James Armstrong.

pg. 164
May 1815 Term.
Settlement with William Isom and Joseph Payton executors of estate of William Ison, dec'd.
Settled with all heirs accept Henry Isom who si not yet of age. August 9, 1815. A. Cathey
and Joel Thompson, admrs.

p. 165
Estate of Samuel Nelson, dec'd. August 19, 1815. Abner Hendrix, Admr.

pg. 165
Estate of Edward Beanland, dec'd. William Dooly and Polly Beanland, Admrs.

pg. 166
Inventory of Thrasher McCollum, late of Maury Co., June 22, 1815. (see Book B, pg. 241)
Mary McCollom, Admintrix.

pg. 171
Sale of estate of Thomas Powel, deceased, March 25, 1815. Elisha Powel, Zepparah Powel.
"Observe Flora Powel, Senior, is the widdow who in the amount of sales is the daugher of dec'd"
Elisha Powel, Adm.

pg. 174
Account of estate of Robert Neely. William Neely, admr. October 28, 1807. "to amount___the testator
<sp> in South Carolina, Chester District. June 17, 1811--amount of vandue bill as made by admr."
1812---To William Lata note for a horse in Schooling; note on John Gilmore due Jan 17, 1805. note on John Latta;
Henry Branch; William Rodgers.
To account on Joshua Dale, Thomas Hedgepath, Aydelot, James Lurk, Patent fare, Widow Whitson, Hugh Douglass'
paid Richard Baskerville, George Hanks, A. Wherton, Samuel H. Williams, ___Earthman, John Chambers, James Walker, Peter R. Booker,
Harison Coffe____, Stephen Edwards, Hughe Neeley, William Bradshaw, Benjamin Thomas, Harrison Cooper, Dr. McClean (paid for attendance),
Thomas Hedgepath (for attnding), Robert Buford, Ambrose Powel, Marker Mellon Redengride<sp>, William Ray, Dr. John Dewears, James McAlister,
Thomas Jeletotte<sp>

pg. 176
Estatee of Samuel Scott, deceased, June 2, 1812. Buying: Hannah Scott, Baily Brooks, Samuel M. Johnson, West Harris, Silas Alexander, Isaac Barr,
Isaac Needham, Robert Davison, John matthews, William Johnson, George Johnson, George Ferril, Isaac J. Thomas, Samuel B. McKnite, Orin Standpace,
Jacob Williams, Barwell Cannon, Hugh W. Stephens, Stephen Edwards, Thomas Brooks, George Brooks, Hezakiah Jones, John Tidwell, James Reece, John
Garrigan, John H. Johnson, Ann Standford, Samuel Beard, David Jones, Andrew J. Forgey, Zilman Spencer, Henry Beckins, Lewis Needham, Isaac Williams,
Hannah Scott, Lewis Needham, administrators of estate.

pg. 179
October 21, 1815. Division of negroes of James C. Alderson, Deceased. Sarah Alderson, first; Nancy, second legatee, Betsy, third legatee, Polly
fouth legatee, and Jinny, fifth legatee.

pg. 180
Sale of Abner King, deceased. September 15,1815. Ellen Pickard, admr. (Alexander Pickard bought item)

pg. 181
Property of Walter (Walker?) Knox, deceased. James Knox, admr.

pg. 181
November 17, 1815. More property of Robert Neely, deceased. William Neely, administrator.

pg. 181
Memorandum of items sold, Arthur Aydelotte, deceased. Jodiah Aydelott, admr.

pg. 182
Inventory of estate of Grant Hawkins, deceased. "Discharge for six months under command of General Jackson, Captain Jackson's
company." William Hawkins, admr. September 17, 1816.

pg. 182
List of goods of Andrew Goan, deceased. Nathaniel Sims, admr.

pg. 182
Estate of Robert Johnson, deceased. June 24, 1815, Isham Johnson, admr.

pg. 183
Estate of William Toney, deceased. August 22, 1815. Cynthy Toney, admr.

pg. 183
Inventory of property of David Jones, deceased, to be returned to November term 1815 by Isabel Jones, admr.

pg. 184
Widow provision for Mary Hunter and nine of a family, late the wife of Aron Hunter, dec. May 27, 1815.

pg. 185
Sale of William Jones, deceased. Sept. 23, 1815. Buying: David Montgomery, Samuel McLean,
John Moulton, Stephen Collins, Willie Gitfon, Milley Jones, John Sellars, James Porter,
Henry Goodnite, Thomas Randle, James B. McLean, Jethro Brown, Samuel Crawford, Joseph Taylor,
Reuben Good, William Henry, David Hogan, Robert Good. Jeremiah Gurley, admr.

pg. 186
Estate of O.P. Nicholson, deceased. Belonging to heirs of Sarah Nicholson, now Sarah Voorhies--
1/4 part of property---said part to settle on Garrett L. Voorhies as his wife Sarah's part,
sold Oct. 28, 1815 by me, James T. Sandford. Buying: Walter S. Jenkens, Daniel Brown, Senior, Molliky Nichols,
James Hughey, James Swanson, Patrick Chairs, Frederick Miller, John Miller, John Nelson, Thomas H. Jenkins,
Jethro Brown, Thomas Boddie, George Nicholson, Green B. Rogers, Anderson Miller, Calvin H. Nicholson,
Alfred A. Nicholson (purchaed by his guardian James T. Sandford.)

pg. 189
Estate of Samuel Srigley, deceased, sold May 7, 1815. Buying: George Hofter, john Jones, Ebenezar Rice,
William Covey, David Hankins, Joseph East, John Grimes, Christopher Hutions, David Kincaid, Lewis Kendrick,
George Webster, J.B. Beckins, James Pacerly, Elijah Irine, Richard Foster, William Grimes, John Goodnoe,
Jesse Tynum (Tyner?) Shedrick Dugger, Akin Morre, James E. Edmundson, ? Srigley, Jesse Evens, Esq.,
John Griffin, Thomas Mitchell, Thomas Porter.

pg. 191
property of Daniel Yates, deceased. Sept 2. Raswell Soaton, Adam Andrews, admr.

pg. 192
Property sale of William Long, deceased. Buying: Mrs. Long, William Stockard, John Cooper,
William Pickard (purchased Bible), Henry Pickard, John Gordon, James Beaty, James Gordon,
John Mickel, William Long. Sept 26, 1815. Johnston Craig and John Hunter, admr.

pg. 193
Ordered that James Mitchell, James Beaty and Johnson Craig apportion to Rebecca King,
late widow of Abner King, deceased, years portion.

pg. 194
Above order carried out Sept. 16, 1815.

pg. 194
Estate of Thomas J. Johnson, deceased. Oct 14, 1815. George Johnson, Thomas Brooks,
William McNutt. George Johnson, admr.

pg. 194
Order that William Stockard, Esquire, James Beaty, John Cooper, apportion to Margaret Long year's provision
and make return Aug. 1815.

pg. 195
Inventory of Thomas Dawson, deceased, taken November 18, 1815 by John M. Goodlow, admr. "Discharge for six months tour of
military duty signed by Colonel P. Pipkins, dated Jan 27, 1815.

pg. 195
May term 1815. Lemuel Prewett, George Breckenridge, and John Gillespie, laying out
years provision for Rachel Srigley, late wife of Samuel Srygley, deceased.

pg. 196
Additional inventory of Edward Beanland, deceased. William Dooley, admr. June 19, 1815.

pg. 196
William Staggs, Nancy Wadsworth, Martin Staggs, Absalom Fry, John Warnerson, Joseph Stages,
Pherrby Rice, William Altrease, John Baner, George Burpo. "a true copy of sale of property
of Pherriby Rice, widow of Roland Rice, deceased."

pg. 197
Sale of property of Thomas O. Smith, deceased, Oct 3, 1815. Widow, John Mitchell,
Fraces Seacrease, Robert Elliott, Charles Shearman, Nicholas Brance, John McIntere,
L? Griffin. Buyers. Sarah Smith, Admr.

pg. 198
Memorandum of property of late John P. Craig, deceased. Isaac Acuff, admr.

pg. 199
Inventory, not headed, follows above entry. Buying: Charles M. Partee, Widdow H. Brooks,
John Booker, Hezakiah Broks, Geremiah Gerley, Charles Shoarman, Ephraem McLean, ? Hogan,
Isaac Sellars, Benton Bagett, (possibly Baugus or Badgett), James McClean, David Hines,
Samuel McLean, Marks Pipkin, Hiram partee, Isah Hogan, James Rutledge, John Duckworth,
Edward Costet (sp), Abner Partee, Micager pain, Robert Sellers,

pg. 202
Estate of William Toney, deceased, sold 15, and 16th of September 1815. Signer, Cythia Toney.

pg. 205
Memorandum of sale of Thomas Ladd, deceased. Buying: Jehosophat Ladd, Polly Hanks,
Thomas Aydelott, James Erwin, Thomas Brooks, William Duncan, Daniel Aydelott.

pg. 206
Widow's provision for Pherriba Rice, late widow of Roland Rice, deceased. November session 1815.
Jesse Evans, Lemuel Prewitt, Pleasant McGreary.

pg. 206
Sale of corn held March 24, 1815. Buying: Jonathan McMannas, Nicholas Thompson, John Killingworth,
John Cousat, Deborech Tayner, John Renfro. "sold by us---Mary Record, John W Record, Sion Record,
and Elisha Hunter, executors."

pg. 207
Inventory of estate of James McCauley, deceased. Taken November 23, 1815. Major Davis, admr.

pg. 208
Widow's provision for Jane McBride, widdow of Isaiah McBride, deceased, made by S. B. McKnight,
James hannah and J.J. Zollicoffer.

pg. 208
Widdow's provision for Catherine McCawley, widow of James McCawley, made by William Rodgers,
Amus Johnson, and Chiles McGee. December 14, 1816.

pg. 209
Sale of ______ by Abraham Whiteside, admr. Buying: Jonathan Webster, Thomas C. Farris, George Kelsy,
John Skipper, John Hawkins, Uzzizl Hawkins, Hugh Douglass, Reason L. Bishop, William F. Scot, Benone Dickey,
Joshua Newman.

pg. 210
Estate of Mary Ward, deceased, listed Feb 19, 1818. Benjamin Smith, D. Brown, James T. Sanford, Executors.

pg. 211
Sales of James McCarty,deceased, sold Dec 14, 1815. Buyers: Nancy McCarty, Nathaniel McCarty,
Katherine McCarty, Polly McCarty, William Davis, Magnus Davis, Henry Sharp, Samuel Griffith,
Joseph Stockard, James Thomas, William McGee, Elisha Thomas, Moses Tomlin, Nathaniel Fisher, Major Davis (admr.)

pg. 212
Estate of Mrs. Roann Josy, January 1, 1816, J. Webster, "Guardeen".

pg. 213
Inventory of property of Jesse Radford, dec'd, taken February 1, 1816.

pg. 214
Inventory of estate of John Dickey, deceased. November 25, 1814, signed by Nancy Dickey.

pg. 214
Sale of estate of John Dickey, deceased. December 24, 1814, James T. Sandeford, admr.

pg. 215
Inventory of property of Isaac pattern, deceased. Taken by Samuel Pattern, admr. November term 1814.

pg. 215 Account of chattel estate of Jesse Brown, deceased. Many Books. John Atkinson, Senior Admin.

pg. 216
Inventory of goods of Luke H. Deans, deceased, Aug. 19. 1814, P. Cutthen, admr.

pg. 217
Widow's portion, Agnes Hodge, late widow of John Hodge, deceased, March 23, 1815. A. Cathey,
william Erwin, Joseph Hopkins.

pg. 217
Sale of Alpia Richardson, deceased. Rich D. Jennings. admr.

pg. 218
Inventory of sale of John M. Murphey, deceased. "wages for a tour of duty to Orleans". Nathaniel Murphey signed.

pg. 218
List of property of John Hodge, deceased. Sold March 23, 1815. Buyers:
Edward Nurnalee, Agnes Hodge, Eleaner Cathin, John berry, Reason Bishop, John Adair,
James Thompson, Thomas Hopkins, Iaven Shelby, Thomas Greenfield, Robert Wiley, John Watts,
Caleb Farris, Agnes Hoag, John Caery, James Kerr, John Johnson, Thomas Shelby, Thomas C. Farris,
Joshua Newman, John Kington, William Stanfield.

pg. 220
Debts of late L. B. Estus, deceased. John Aldersosn, James Allen, Major John Brown, William Armstrong,
Zachariah Butler, William Bradshaw, Dudley Brooks, James Burnes, Simeon Batteman, William Burket,
William M. Beryhill, Elijah Blocker, Peter R. Booker, William Beard, George Campbell, David Campbell,
William Cattes, John Cooper, Thomas Crenshaw, Moses Chafin, Thomas Onell, Jesse Evans, William A. Davis,
Jesse Foster, James Feitton, Samuel Chapalean, Bartlet Estus, Chesley Estus, John B. Estus, Josiah Alderson,
Joshew McDowell, J. L. Brown, Lard B. Boyd, John M. Goodlwo, Lewis Cockril, Reuben A. Carter, James Dewaney,
Andrew ?, Duncan McIntere, W.G. Gill, Robert Yarborough, Solomin Watkins, James Fittzgarell, Laughlin and
Edwards, John Armstrong, Thomas Camps, William H. Ramsey, William G. Gilliam, John Garner, Thomas Green,
James Gullit, Spencer ?, John Coleman, Dr. G. Greenfield, Robert Good, William Ross, Benjamin H. Lewis,
Stephen Noble, Charles P. Neilson, George Nicholson, james L. Neeley, John Myrick, A.B. Mayfield,
Mrs. Mangee, Joseph C. McDowell, Mollicky Nicholson, Walter Myrick, John Millar, John McWilliams,
Thomas Mucher, Thomas McLemore, Edward B. Littlefield, Humphrey Liech, Robert Henderson, Cauron Holland,
James Gordon, David Ames, John Hendy, Willis Richardson, Hugy Ross, Jonah Richards, Nicholas Perkins,
Daniel payne, Edward Puckett, William Phillips, Andrew Neely, William Stockard, Jordan Reece, Joseph Boddes,
Isaac Turman, Alexander Smith, John Tulley, A. J. Turner, William Voorhies, A. J. Walton, Johathan Webster,
William Rutledge, James C. Marten, William White, Dennis Bright, Colonel Samuel H. Williams, General Richard Winn,
John C. Wormbry, James White, Thomas White, Dr. A. Whiteside, David Oglevie, Joshua Smith, John Ross, Mack Edwards,
Adam Bawyer, ? McKenon, ? McKee, Jerry Cherry, John Downelly, William Williams, Samuel McMahen, James McMahen,
Thomas Southerland, David Wharton, Samuel Craig, Peter J. Voorhies, William Dunn, Alfred White, John White,
John Haynie, Allen Jones, Lawrence Bass, John Laymaster, Robert Willis, James Sanders, William Scribner,
John P. Craige, William H. Ramsey, James Laymaster, Daniel Brown, John Meece, William Butler, John Daniel,
William Cooper, William Mitchel, Augustin Brown, George Cockburn, John Alderson, William Pillow, chares Statler,
John Howell, David Martin, William Gennger, John Garner, John H. Estes, Dr. H. Depriest, Been Davis, Lewis Cockrill,
Perry Cohea, Captain Robert Campbell, Saekey Nicholson, James Walker, Joseph B. Porter, John Bitteman, Robert Reed,
Dudley Brooks, Meredith and Fielding Helms. "A list of the debts due the estate of L.B. Estes, deceased."

pg. 226
Inventory by Joseph B. Kincade and Rachel Shigley, administrators for estae of Samuel shigley,
deceased, May 13, 1815.

pg. 227
Inventory of estate of the late L.B. Extus, deceased.

pg. 230
Widdow provision for Catharine McDonald, widow of Daniel McDonald, late deceased, made by Sameul McDaniel,
Benjamin Jorden, and John L. Wood, December 19, 1814.

pg. 230
Property of Arthur Aydelotte, deceased. "Wages for a six month tour in the service to orleans". Jediah Aydelott.

pg. 231
May 13, 1815. Inventory of George Hunt. Estate left in the hands of James Hunt, unadministered. Robert Lumpkins, signer.

pg. 232
Sale of Theofilus Frame, deceased, March 18, 1815. Daniel S. Bridges, admr.

pg. 232
March 25, 1815. Property of Isaac Patern, deceased. Samuel Patern, admr.

pg. 233
Inventory of property of Samuel Nelson, May 19, 1815, Abner Hendrix, signer.

pg. 233
Feb. 20, 1815. "It is my desire that Richard McMahen and Calloway Hardin should administer
on the estate of my husband, deceased." signed Polly McMahon.

pg. 233
Property of estate of James McMahen, deceased. Taken Feb. 20, 1815, signer Robert McMahen and
Calloway Hardin.




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