Maury County, Tennessee

Wills and Settlements, Book A, Vol. 1, 1807-1810


Transcribed by Paulette Carpenter, November 2004





Pg. 1  Will of William Whitson, deceased.  Wife, Ann.  My children, except my three oldest, John, Thomas, and Joseph.  “…as I have sold my lands in this county except one tract on Ivey <>and one on Rosses<> Creek.  Wit:  William Smith and William Young.  Dated 6, Nov, 1806



Pg. 3  Inventory by Alexander and Joseph Mc Donald, administrators for Jon McDonald, deceased.  Among items:  note on Michael Kinsey of <Kinzer?> Montgomery Co., Va.; note on Richard McDonald of Washington Co., Kentucky; note on Parson Crofford now in Court of Chancery in the Federal City.  22 Dec, 1807.



p. 4  Inventory and sale of John McDonald, deceased, 26, Jan, 1808.  Those buying at sale:

Elizabeth McDonald,                      Anthony I. Turner                          Richard Cock

John McDonald                              William Tress                                  James Wren

Alexander McDonald                      Abner Franklin                               Jesse Yocum

Robert McDonald                           John McKnight                              Hugh Ross

William Alexander                          Thomas Morgan                             John Wells

Mrs. Walton                                    Amos Caldwell                                John Given

John McCurley                               William Caldwell                            Aguiler Now

Lazarus Dottson                              Abraham Bogards                          Joseph Land

Co. Russell                                       James Bogard                                John Williams

James McDonald                             Matthew Yocum                            John Hughey

John Miller, Esqr.                            Joseph Phararer



p. 9  Sale of Ezekial Lindsey, Dec’d.  Sale held 22, Dec, 1807.

        Those buying:

        Hannah Lindsey                      John Anderson

        Edward Lindsey                      Thomas H. Harden

       Isaac Lindsey                           Joseph Lemaster

       John Lindsey, Senr.                 William Collins

       Joseph Yocum                          George Davidson



p. 10  Sale by Richard Churchwell, admin. Of Ephriam Churchwell, dec’d.  No Date.  Those buying:

Richard Churchwell, William Tolley, Joseph Taylor, William Churchwell, Daniel Keetch, Aaron Hunter, Thomas McLaughlin, Ayres Doss <>, Samuel Cockran, Mrs. Hanks, Robert Hill, William Esham, Margaret Reany Harrison Blagrave, Thoomas Brooks, Mrs. Cockran, Samuel Williams, Spencer Griffin.



p. 15  Sale by Elenor and William Hays, Admins. Of Jessey Hays, dec’d.  No date.  Those buying:

Eleanor Hays, Mary Love, John Love, Jonathan Hays, Ephriam McLean, Spencer Hill, George Hays, Thomas Aydelott, William Lee, Margaret hays, James Birmingham, Robert love, Willliam Hayes.



p. 18  Sale by Traves Harmick <or Hamrick>, Adm. Of Jeremiah Harmick, dec’d, held on 16 Apr, 1808.  Those buying:

Yelvonton harmick, Anthony Copeland, Joseph Brown, Traves harmcik, James craig, Joseph Kincade, Anna Harmick.




p. 19  Amt. Of Sales, No. of Lotts and purchasers names in town of Columbia:

Lot No.        Purchaser                                             Lot No.       Purchaser

1                C. STUMP                                               44              John M. GOODLOE

2                Thomas Deidrick                                    45              Isaac Roberts

3                Perry Cohea                                           46              Joseph Rhodes

4                Kinshen Massingale                              47              Isaac Crow

5                John Williams                                       48              Neilson and Camron

6                John Goodloe                                        49              Samuel McCluskey

7                C. Stump                                               50              John White

8                John M. Goodloe                                   51              William W. Thompson

9                Abner Pillow                                          52              James Dobbins

10              John Davison                                        53              O.P. Nicholson

11              Peter Bass                                             54              Lucey White

12              C. Stump                                               55              Lucey White

13              C. Stump                                               56              John White

14              John Caruthers                                     57              Thomas H. Holland

15              Craig & Washington                              58              Alexander McGilbert

16              Robert Weakley                                     59              William Lintz

17              Norton Gumm                                       60               James M. Lewis

18              William McGee                                      61               John Williams

19              John Lyon                                            62               Richard Garrett

20              Allen Yates                                            63               Z. Drake

21              Shannon & Sawyers                             64               John Williams

22              John Keanon                                        65               Lawrence Thompson

23              William Bradshaw                                 66               David Hughes

24             Hodge & Mobin                                      67               John Bell

25             William M. Berryhill                               68               John Lindsey

26             William Bradshaw                                  69              William Frierson

27             Nicholas T. Perkins                                70               William Daniel

28             James Welch                                         71                Nicholson & Goodloe

29             John Palmer                                          72                William W. Thompson

30             Peter Cheatam                                       73                Samuel Taylor

31             William Lints                                          74               John Williams

32             John Rains                                            75                Samuel Taylor

33             Oldham & O’Neal                                   76                Richard Hanks

34             John Spencer                                        77                John Russell

35             Newton Camron                                     78                Benjamin Wooton

36             Henry Anderson                                    79                Joseph B. Porter

37             James Bruce                                          80                Robert McLane

38            James Gullet                                           81                Joseph Brown

39            L. B. Estes                                               82                David Ortere <?>

40            L. B. Estes                                               83                Richard Orton

41           George Cockburn                                     84                Dennis Wright

42           James Gullet                                            85                Jabus Nowlin

43           John Goodloe                                           86                James Welsh



87       Richard Hanks

88       Thomas Harney

89       James Welsh

90       John Spencer

91        William Badger

92       David Shannon

93       Isaac Adair

94       Jabus Nowlin

95       Thomas H. Harden

96       John Spencer

97       John M. Goodloe

98       Faulker Cox

99       Joseph Lemaster

100  John Spencer

101   Micajah Davis

102  Samuel Camron

103  Nicholas Cobler

104  Hezekiah Almon

105  Richard Henderson

106  John Wible

107  Hezekiah Shace

108  Edmund Harrison

109   George Cockburn




p.  23    Will of Richard Scott:  Wife, Rebecca, one half land.  Daughter Polley, other half land.  Robert Carson, a mare and “all my carpenter’s tools…….hogs and farming utensils for use of family until said Robert comes of age and then he is to have them as his property…”  Cable Murry to have privilege of living on part of land I now live on for ten years.  Josiah Temple and wife Rebecca Scott Executors.  17, Nov, 1808.  Wit:  Capel Murray, Shadrack Howard, Thos. McGratt.




p. 25  Agreement on 2nd Sept, 1808 between John M. Goodloe and Osborn P. Nicholson of Davidson and William Counties and Commissioners of town of Columbia to build a brick court house.  Description.  Commissioners:  Joseph Brown, John Lindsey, William Frierson, and Isaac Roberts.  For amount of $6, 990.




p.  29    Will of James Turner.

             James T. Sandford to receive negro Lucy and 6 children.  Son, James Turner.  Betsey Morgan to receive one side saddle and $200.  Balance “among my 4 children.”  James T. Sandford, Exectutor.  5 Apr, 1809.  Wit:  Donald Campbell and John C. Smoot.


p. 31  Division of estate of James Turner, dec’d.  Oldest son James Turner; son-in-law, James T. Sandford; son, William Turner; son, Anthony I. Turner.  14 Aug, 1809.


  1. 32  Will of Benjamin Howard.  Two Negroes Sharp and Tenny to be emancipated.  Daughter Polley.  “when youngest child comes of age to be divided among them”  Wife Emith <?>.  James Howard, brother and Andrew Gamble, friend, Executors.  12, Nov, 1810.  Wit:  James Walson, Wli and Robt. McCain.


p. 33  Will of Andrew Goforth.  Jane Hood to have household furniture, etc.  Three sons, Andrew, William, and Hiram.  20 Nov, 1810.  Wit:  Wm. Halcomb, Wm. A. Caldwell, Amos Calawell <?>


p.37  Sale of property of Isaam Christian, dec’d, sold 29 Oct, 1811.  (see Book B. page 11.)  Those buying:

Ann Christian, A.W. Raye, Jane Raye, Polly Christian, Silas Alexander, William McBride, Nathaniel Christian, Jodiah Peck, Robert Patan, Nancy Christian, William Johnson, Henry Payton, Jane Christian, Moses Payton, Pleasant Scribner, Betsy Christian, James Duncan, Thomas Powell, Patsy Christian, John Williams, Elizabeth Christian.



p. 40  Will of John Love, 12th day of _______, 1811.  Wife, Jane.  Son, Wilson, when comes to be 12 years old.  Edom, Eli, and Nathan, my sons and Easter, my daughter.  Son Robert.  Daugher-in-law, Mary Lee <?>, Son John, son Joel, daughter Betsy.  Joel and Edom Love, Executors.  Wit:  Robert Love, Alexander Cathey.


p. 42  Will of Robert Frierson.  Son, Thomas James, son Samuel Elijah, wife, Elizabeth, three daughters, Mary Mays, Elizabeth Martha Frierson, and Susannah Brown, son Robert.  Friends Dr. Samuel Mays and William Frierson, Executors.  31 Apr, 1808.


p. 44  Oral will of William Harrison (living on the double branch of Rutherford Creek) to John Overton.  Named wife, Sarah and children.  16 Sept, 1811.


p. 45  John Pierce will.  Brother, Spencer, Samuel Pierce.  Two little nephews Joseph and Jessee, brother Robert, nephew William, two nieces Lucenda Pierce and Betsy Pierce.  10 Jan, 1812.  Wit:  Robt. Mack, Nathan Murphey.


p. 46  Will of Drury Bridges.  Wife Molley and all my children.  Wife and brother Daniel G. Bridges exectutors.  29 Jan, 1812.  Wit:  Daniel S. <?> Bridges, James Paisley.


p. 47  Robert McKean Will.  Wife Elizabeth and children.  20, Jan, 1812.  Wit:  James Brooks, Thos. Mahon, Tandy Young.


P 48  Sale of Robert McKean.  No Date.  Those buying: 

         Jacob Rogers, Richard McMahon, Thomas McMahan, Phillip Lindsey (Tinsley?), John Beckenstaff, Chales Pate, Anthony I. Turner, Robert Goad, Thomas Makin, Stephen brooks, john holder, james Morrison, john b. mcmahan, Hezekiah brooks, William turner, Dudley brooks, abel Wilson, mack miller, mark hardin, William falim, William purdy, david Montgomery.


  1. 53.. Sale of Thomas Fore, by Samuel H. Williams and Polina Fore.  Buying:
  2. Matthew branc, Andrew lafferty, charles coates, john powell, Robert neeley, Thomas hudspeth, Harrison cooper, nancy branch, Robert hill, simpson harris, henry  branc, reddick Robison, polina f. fore, john mattos, joseph wales, wiley griffin.  1 Jan, 1810.


  1. 60  Inv. And sale of George Burns.  No Date.  Those buying:
  2. George Burns, Thomas stanfield, john harris, charles gray, Laurence burns, Isaac stanfield, Robert oliphant, Isaac mccollum, francis parker, david farris, ___kiah waldrop, Jacob stanfield, William mcintosh, john allen.


p. 61  John Sanfield will.  Wife Sarah, son Isaac, Sarah McCarty, daugher of mine, sons Jackson, Johnathan, and John, daugher Elizabeth Harris, daugher Rebecca Sandfield.  No Date.



p. 62.  Inventory of Luke Grimes, dec’d, taken 15, Sept, 1812.


p. 63  Inventory of George Knox, dec’d taken 24 ___, 1812.


p. 63  Inventory of James Knox, dec’d, taken 23 Sept, 1812.


p. 64  Estate of Honay Hogson, <?> dec’d, “who departed this life on 3 Aug, 1812 at house of L.B. Estes.”


p. 65  Will of John Jamison.  To my <first??> children, George Jamison, Rebecca F__ay?, Elizabeth Jamison, and also John Jamison.  Son Robert, son Samuel, son Hosia?, daughter Margaret Douglass, son James, son Allen, when he is 21, beloved wife Rhoda.  13 Oct, 1811. 


  1. 67  Inventory of goods of George Davidson, dec’d, 1 sept, 1812.


  1. Sale of goods of James Knox, dec’d.  23 Nov, 1812.  Buying:  Joseph choate, Daniel coates, ambrose powell, Alexander Kelley, Thomas Edwards, esqr., Thomas lowd, john Phillips, johnathan bullock, dr. garrett <?> Greenfield, james love, William Dudley, Robert oliphant, walker knox, squire choate, adonijah.

Division of Negroes of James Knox, dec’d among heirs:  Widdow Peggy Pwell, polly, youngest daughter, joseph choated who married Jenny Knox, daughter of James Knox.  24 Oct, 1812.  Signed William frierson and henry kirk.


    1. 70  Sale of Luke Grimes, dec’d.  Dec. session, 1812.  Those buying:  Nancy Grimes, loyde grimes, caty grimes, john grimes, William grimes, james beaty, henry koonce, William stockard, david craig, johncloud, William hunter, john Tomlinson, redding womble, henry pickard, john frost, lewn_? Forkiner, Isaac Littleton, lewis forkner.  Signed, Nancy Grimes, Admin.


p. 71  Sales of property of george Davidson, dec’d.  Dec., 1813, by E.E. Davison.  (note: see will book C-1, page 91 for will).  Those buying: widow, henry Thompson, james pursell, james Hannah, green Williamson, george Davidson, john e. Davidson, g. g. Davidson, james l. Davidson, Louisa s. Davidson, Joshua smith, Samuel b. mcknight, Samuel j. rogers, Thomas nation, William a. Maxwell.  Signed:  Gilbreath F. Davidson and James L. Davison, Admins.


p. 72  Inventory of Daniel Neel, by Samuel Oliphan, Admin. Dec 1812/


p. 72  Inventory of sales of George Knox, dec’d.  Sale held 7 Nov, 1812.  A. Cathey, Admin.  Those buying:  Joshua newman, a. cathey, james folllis, William Williams, james knox, walker knox.




p. 73  Inventory of estate of Ayres Doss, dec’d. March term 1813.


p. 73  Sale of property of Thomas Holland, dec’d.  Mar. session, 1813.  James Holland, Admin.  Many books listed, medical books and others.  Those buying:  John reed, james Holland, john Campbell, Robert may, Robert p. currin, horatio depriest, dr. sansom.


p. 74  Inventory of estate of James Aikin, dec’d. March term, 1813.


p. 75   Will of James Aikin.  Wife, Lucretia.  Our children, Stephen, jinsey, lucy, and john.  20 jan, 1813.  Wit:  Ezzekial Akin, Wm. W.____.


p. 77.  Osburn P. Nicholson will.  Wife Sackey, daugher Maria, son Calvin, son Alfred.  Wife, Samuel Craig, and Dr. L.B. Estes, Executors.  14 Nov, 1812.


p. 79  Will of William Isham.  Son William, son Henry, son Dudley, son charles, son george, son Arthur, son jonathan.  Executors: son William Isham and Joseph Payton.  12 Feb, 1813.


p. 81  Will of William Dever.  Jane Dever Executrix.  Son William, daugher Elizabeth Reed, daugher Margaret O’Neal, daughter Mary Dever, daugher Jan Dever.  Wit:  Elisha Hurt, Elizabeth Hurt, Osphia Rutledge.  1 Aug, 1812.


Pg.  82  Inventory of William Isham, now dec’d.  Taken March 16, 1813.


Pg.  83  Will of Samuel Carter.  (note:  This may be Charter---in the body of the will ‘h’s’ had been inserted between the C and a ‘a’ in some of the names and between the ‘a’ and ‘r’ in others.  This is very confusing.)  Wife Elizabeth, daugher Winney, son Theophilis Cahrter, son Shadrack Carhter, son Samuel Carter, daughter Lucy L. Charter.  April 16, 1813.


Pg. 83  Will of William Sims.  Wife Judith, unmarried children.  150 acres conveyed to myself, john sims, and john p. Elliott by Alexander g. rogers, july 20, 1812, part of 2000 acre tract granted to Alexander martin, esqr. By NC.  (reserving on acres forever for graveyard).  William Sims, Junr. Now lives on the said land.  Feb. 3, 1813.  Wit:  Harrison Blagrave, Thomas T. Greenfield, John Sims.


Pg. 84  Will of William Sims.  Land in Hanover C. Va.  My children, daughter Jenny Winn, wife Judith, son John, daughter Elizabeth Harlin, daughter Polly Sims, son William Sims, Junr, daughter Milly Grimhaw?, son Thomas, daughter Sarah Gilasby, daugher francis sims.  (daughers Polly, Nancy, Pastsey, and Frances).  March 13, 1813.


Pg.  91  Will of Jonathan Isham.  ( see Book B.  p. 232)  Wife Elizabeth, dau Ursula, son John, dau Elizabeth, dau Sally, dau Jinny, dau Polly, son George, dau Janney.  Sept 15, 1813.  Wit:  John Payton and Andrew Kennedy.


Pg.  93  Will of Francis Wright.  May 30, 1809.  Son Robert, son in law Robert McCaster (McCarter?), son John, son Francis, Junr.


Pg. 94  Inventory of property of David Pickins, dec’d July 23, 1813.


Pg. 95  Inventory of property of John Murhead, dec’d.  Aug 2, 1813.  Notes on Joseph McCraven, in hands of John Love on Abner Blair, on Perminas Brins?, Resin L. Bishopo, Samuel Montgomery, Coles Mede, john juler?, joseph o’neal, Jacob mckee, Frederick c. simpson, col. Joseph lemaster, david hudstock, john b. wills, Samuel oliphant, absalom Richardson, Thomas malone, Samuel kennedy.  Signed Martha (her mark) Muirhead, Robert Oliphant, and james love.


Pg. 97  Inventory of Smuel Carter, dec’d, August 4, 1813.


Pg. 98  Inventory of Henry Payton, dec’d.   No Date.

            Inventory of John Stanfield, dec’d.  Sept 16, 1813.


Pg. 100  Heirs of Joseph McGee, dec’d-bond of division to C. McGee, Polly McGee, widow of the late Rev. Joseph McGee, Abner Prewitt and Nancy his wife, and Polly McGee dau of said Joseph, all heirs and legatees.  Nove 13, 1812.  Bound unto Chiles McGee of the state of Tennessee for $2000.  “The conditions of the above obligation are such that whereas the above bound Polly McGee, Abner Prewit and Nancy, his wife, and Polly McGee, Junr., heirs and legatees of aforesaid Joseph McGee, dec’d, being desirous of leaving the Mississippi Territory and removing to Tennessee and for purpose of enabling them to do so, the before mentioned Chiles McGee was prevailed upon to undertake the settlement of the estate.”  Chiles McGee, Executor desontart??.


Pg.  102  Inventory of property of William Turner, dec’d.  Dec 21, 1813.


Pg 103  Sales of property of John Muirhead, dec’d, on Oct 15, 1813.  Buying:  Hezekiah waldrup, george martin, john leeper, john Thompson, james whitton, joseph Hampton, james love, Samuel oliphant, William region, john Johnson, Robert purey (perry?), Richard Roberts, john h. gatlin, Samuel snoody, james dobbins, rezin l. bishop, Martha muirhead, caleb zackery, terry bridges, Thomas c. farris, kemp Holland, Thomas mcgee, josph lynn, hugh whiteside, jeremiah bolen, miles Morrison, Robert cowan, barton davis, Isaac standfield, john g. berry, sarah mccafferty, joseph Hopkins, john Jackson, johathan j. stanfield, William d. leeper, Stephen miller, john prewitt, Thomas duff.


Pg. 106  James Milican, dec’d, Sale, October 5, 1813.  Buying:  Elizabeth milican, n. b. Phillips, joseph b. howell, Isaac Thomas and james milican, henry kiddy, Jacob reed, george a. brock, jane Reynolds, david butter, Michael prewitt, Isaac butter, Samuel beard, james Thomas, hugh gilbreath.


Pg 108  Sale of henry payton, dec’d.  No date.  Buying:  Robert payton, jessee mclean, Conrad kymes, peter miller, moses hudspeth, john goff, William kymes, Richard Johnson, elias j. Armstrong, john Williams, tilman spencer, William l. king, george Webster, peggy payton, james Duncan, Thomas wortham, Thomas nation, gideaon Johnson, henry payton, nancy mclean, james peyton, Edward nation, john peery, adam klyce, burwell cannon.


Pg. 111  Will of john brown the Elder of Wilkes Co. NC.  Wife, Jane, sons hugh, Hamilton, Thomas, and allen, and daus, ann and Margaret.  Dau Elizabeth Stewart.  Land on which I now live in north Carolina.  2000 acres on Knob Creek, Tennessee.  Son John, son james, son William.  Feb 3, 1812.


Pg.  115  Estate of Col. John Stanfield, dec’d.  Sold on October 27, 1813 by Jonathan Stanfile.  Buying:  Sarah Stanfill, eki ward, Stephen Phillips, Isaac stanfill, Jackson stanfile, john stanfile, george turnbow, john Jackson, joseph hart, Josiah white, a. l. bishop, Alexander Irwin, Frederick mayberry, Ebenezer miller, stphen miller, William stanfield, joh davis, john Phillips, toliver brady, charles gray, sally mcaftery, john wiley, james brady, Rebecca stanfill, Samuel oliphant.


Pg.  116  Inventory of estate of Ezekial Alexander, dec’d.  No date.


Pg.  117  John Johnson will.  Wife, for support of her and Elijah.  Nancy Montgomery.  Three dau’s.  Son Thomas, son joseph, son William, son Elijah, daughers nancy, Elizabeth, and polly.  Sept 9, 1813.  Executors:  joseph Herndon, hohn Montgomery, joseph Johnson,.  Wit:  john hodge, Patrick mcquire, and john mcmanus.


Pg 119  Will of Jane Sanders.  Sons William and Peter, two sisters’s children, Jane Malone and Lucy A. Hunt (Hurt?).  Executors:  Peter Lyon and Hallery Malone.  Nove 29, 1813.


Pg. 120  Will of Alexander Breckinridge, senr., of county of Bourbourn, State of Kentucky.  Wife Polly, son Edda Linn Breckinridge, sons george, Robert, james, Alexander, and john.  Daughters Ann, rachale, and Elizabeth, sons Preston, Washington, and Roddy h. Breckenridge, lamd on Lytle’s Creek, Maury Co., Tenn—divided between the tree brothers—George Breckinridge their guardian until they come of age.  Daughter Jinny.  June 2, 1813.


Pg. 124  Sale of property of William turner, dec’d.  Held January 13, 14, 1814.  Buying:  Mrs. Nancy turner, Col. James T. Sanford, John Miller Esqr., William abner Cleveland, capt. Benjamin smith, mcdaniel hutcheson, William yancy, john m. nappier, Thomas h. jenkings, Jacob daimwood, james gullet, William Holcomb, major Samuel polk, Nathaniel chairs, William bowling, William kilcrease, col. Albert. Russel, William webb, Edward b. littlefield, Robert Benton, Dudley brooks, james higs, waston hardin, james Montgomery, abel Wilson, garrett voorhies, john d. Davidson, henry cooke, john cockrile, doctor a. whiteside, james pearcile, james huey, major willis, joseph saulters, Benjamin lewis, caden Johnson, john Bolton, William wade, john Williams, john butter, Richard cocke.


Pg 127  Inventory of property of Joseph Moore, dec’d.  May 16, 1814.

             Inventory of property of John Love, dec’d.  March 5, 1814.


Pg 128  Inventory of property of Luke h. dean, dec’d.  May term, 1814.

             Inventory of property of Samuel Willis, dec’d.  Feb 20, 1814.


Pg 129  Inventory of sale of Esham Christioan, dec’d.  Feb session, 1814.  One negro sold of Ann Christian.



Pg.  130  Sale of Thomas Edwards, dec’d. march 19, 1814.  Buying:  Mary Edwards, a. Johnson, g. sharp, William maxey, zebinon spencer, magness davis, William davis, William hunter, davis gurley, Benjamin adair, Samuel Griffith, hugh gilbreath, Stephen Edwards, William bryan, george murphey, noble osbourne, henry sharp, Sherwood white.



Pg 131  Will of james watts, written feb 22, a.d. 1793.  James watts of county of Iredell, NC.  Beloved wife Mary, “plantation I now live on”.  Eldest dau Margare.  Daughters Mary, Rebeccah, and Rosanna.  Money from Tennessee lands to two daughters Rosanna and Rebeccah.  Sons William, Andrew, and john.  Granddaughter Ann Pitchey.  Feled Iredell Co., NC, June 14, 1813.


Pg 134  Power of Attorney from heirs of James Watts, dec’d to Daniel Killian.  Heirs John McClelland and Rosanna his wife, alias Rosanna watts, Margaret watts, james woods and wife jane, alias jane watts, ann pitchey, daughter of ann pitchey, alia watts, all of Iredell Co., NC, appoint our friend and brother in law Daniel killian who intermarried with mary watts, also of iredell co. Signed:  J. McClelland, Rosy McCleland, James Woods, Jean Woods, Margaret (her mark)Watts, Polly killion, Anne pitchey.  June 9, 1813.


Pg 136  Inventory of chattel property owned by james latta, dec’d, late of Maury Co., Tenn.  May 15, 1815, signed by john latta.


Pg 137  June 16, 1815.  Sale of James Latta, dec’d.  Buying: Thomas taylor, Thomas j. hardaman, Martha lata, William webb, Josiah Hogan, Thomas goad, john latta, john polk, pleasant crews, William henty, joseph wingfield, john kindows, Thomas lata, james oneal, david wherton, Julius burton, john Canada, William seallars, charles neely, Andrew mills, William gant, john p. powell, john duckworth, allen rainey, luke patterson, shadrick chandler, green b. rogers.


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