RAGAN, Nancy (1905)

Nancy Ragan’s Will , admitted to Probate Oct 9, 1905

I Nancy Ragan being of mature years, of sound mind , and considering the frailty of life and the certainty of death, do make and publish this as my last will and testament which is as follows to wit.

That my burial expenses shall be paid and my doctors bill if there be any.

That my personal property shall be distributed as follows ;
To my son John one dollar, to my daughter Martha Robason one dollar, to my son James one dollar, to the children of my daughter Lemiza Brown one dollar equally devided between them, to my son Andrew one dollar, to my daughter Mary Robason one dollar, to the children of my daughter Elizabeth Brown one dollar equally devided between them, to my daughter Susan Robason one dollar, and to my youngest son Neely Ragan I give and bequeath all the remainder of the property that I possess both personal and real, of every character and description to have, hold and control as he may see cause to do with , any and all such property as I may be possessed of at my death.

I have let my son Andrew Ragan have fifty dollars in cash which I relinquish in consideration of his having built two chimneys , one to my dwelling house , the other to my kitchen. I would further state there is a judgement on W. A. Glenn’s docket in my favor and against Allen Adcock, which with the above mentioned property shall also go into the hands of my son Neely in order to assist in the payment of my burial expenses , and further compensate him for the support he has given me , and the care he has taken of me for the last twenty five years. I also desire that my grandson John T. Robason shall not be allowed a house on the above mentioned realty. I hereby appoint my son Neely Ragan as my executor and that he shall not be required to give hand as such. 

I declare this to be my last will and testimony whereunto I set my hand calling on W. M. Andrew and D. A. Johnson for witnesses and signing in their presence, this the eighth day of August , Eighteen Hundred and Ninety Nine.

Nancy (her x mark) Ragan
W. M. Andrew , Juror?
D. A. Johnson , Juror?

RAGAN, Mrs. Thomas (1905)

Ragan, Mrs. Thomas of Kedron, died Saturday age 97 years, 6 months. 13
Children, 307 grand & great grandchildren. Never wore glasses and retained
mental faculties until death. Columbia Herald 22 Sept. 1905.

Submitted by:  Michelle Roberson Cannon