SCRIBNER, Lewis S. (1836)

Maury, Tennessee Probate Records p. 392-3

I Lewis S Scribner of the county of Maury and state of Tennessee this day the 30th July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six proceed in the following manner in the distribution and will of my property and money. I do hereby in conformity of my own will and _______[blessing?] bequeath unto my beloved wife Susan all my ready money all my household and kitchen furniture with all the appertinances belonging thereto during her life time at which time the sd [s with superscript underlined d–said] property to be for the whole use of my son Reddin [or Redden] Scribner. I also bequeath to my son Redden my bay mare and two yearly colts and waggon now in my own possessions. I bequeath to my daughter Susan Shipman‘s two daughters _____ [smeared, looks like Ampey, above in another hand is written ANNA] and Rebecca, one chestnut sorrel [?] mare now in my possessions. I bequeath to my sons nine in number John [might be an initial here, can’t tell], Lewis, Pleasant, Sam [or Sams, which could be Samson], Jesse, Edward, Saloman, Thomas & Westley. Two hundred and twelve dollars to be equally divided among them. I also bequeath to my wife Susan and son Redden ninety dollars in the hands of Butler Noles for their whole was [not sure on those two words, whole use?] and benefit.  

In testimony whereof I subscribe my name in presences of 


Guideon Johnson
Bulter Noles
Lewis S Scribner (his mark)

Transcribed by Stephanie Carson Feldman

Lewis is my direct ancestor by way of Solomon.

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