Roster of Co. F, 1st TN Calvary Regiment/Co. B, 6th TN (Gordon’s) Cavalry Battalion

This unit was originally mustered in as Company F of the First Tennessee Calvary Regiment of Confederate Volunteer Soldiers. Company F was organized at the home of Captain Andrew J. Polk of Ashwood July 5th 1861 and sworn into service by Rev. Captain John B. Hamilton.


Andrew J. Polk, Captain – Left Company in KY
F. B. Turner, 1st LT. – Commanded until discharged prior to reorganization.
T. A. Harris, 2nd LT. – Resigned
William Arnell, 3rd LT. – Killed in action.
Levi King, 1st SGT.
J.A. Cochran 2nd SGT.
Walter Parker 3rd SGT.
W. H. Mitchell, 4th SGT.
R. C. Hardison, 1st CPL.
Henry Graham, 2nd CPL.
? Cook, 3rd CPL.
J. D. Mitchell, 4th CPL.
Sam Craig, Bugler


Alderson, W. H.
Aldridge, Jack
Anderson, M. P.
Anderson, William
Bryant, J. B.
Bryant, Rolin
Branch, R. E.
Bradshaw, J. N.
Burnett, R. D.
Caskey, G. M.
Caskey, J. H.
Calhoun, J. N.
Chapman, Bunk
Chapman, William
Chapman, James
Collier, J. A.
Davidson, Andrew
Dungan, D. H.
Dalay, Martin
Dillehay, C.W.
Dooley, Leslie
Denham, A. E.
Edwards, T. M.
Freeman, A. G.
Freelan, J. S.
Freelan, J. M.
Freelan, J. E.
Faris, W. H.
Fry, Henry
Frierson, J. H.
Frierson, W. B.
Gilliam, J. M.
Gilliam, N. C.
Gilliam, W. C.
Gracey, J. R.
Gracey, W. B.
Grimes, J. A.
Glass, R. W. L.
Goodloe, L. K.
Grissom, W. R.
Gist, W. R.
Hardison, W. A.
Hardison, W. T.
Hill, George
Harris, Will
Henderson, N.
Houser, Alonso
Jennings, G. W.
Hurt, Lewis
Kerr, Robert
Kirkland, John
Langford, William
Leneave, D. W.
Lowery, B. A.
Murphy, J. C.
Murphy, J. H.
Murphy, M. P.
McDonald, A. W.
Morton, W. T.
McRea, D.
Park, G. W.
Perkins, C. C.
Pennington, J. D.
Pollard, James
Pierson, Waverly
Pinkston, J. T.
Richardson, E. D.
Riddle, Joe
Redmond, J. C.
Shell, Tobe
Stephens, J. A.
Stephens, Tom
Sowell, N. B.
Sowell, P. H.
Smith, W. J.
Scribner, L. S.
Tate, G. S.
Thompson. Jere
Thompson, Scipio
Turner, Newt
Voss, Lucius
Warfield, A. W.
Watkins, D. F.
Watson, Charles
Welch, James
Westmoreland, R. W.
White, J. L.
Williams, Host
Yates, Charles

The Company was reorganized after service in Kentucky and became the First Tennessee Calvary Regiment in Gordon’s Battalion. New officers were elected.


A. G. Freeman, Captain
J. A. Cochran, 1st LT.
W. H. Alderson, 2nd LT.
J. D. Bryant, 3rd LT.
A. W. McDonald, 1st SGT. – Detailed to supervise a saddle factory.
W. H. Mitchell, 1st SGT.
J. R. Gracy, 2nd SGT.
W. R. Gresham, 3rd SGT.
J. A. Collier, 4th SGT.
Scipio Thompson, 5th SGT.

By the end of the fighting only four of the original members were still in active service.

Source: History of Maury County Tennessee, William Bruce Turner
National Archives Records
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