LAYNE, William Thomas (1919)

This is the actual newspaper obituary for: WILLIAM THOMAS LAYNE (born: 1852) Micro Film #68, the Nashville Tennessean

Deceased: May 7, 1919

W. T. Layne, a farmer who lived 8 mi. from the city on the Nolensville Turnpike, died Wednesday morning at an early hour. Mr. Layne was 67 yrs. old & had been twice married.
He was the father of 18 children. The following are the only names we have of the 12 children he had by his first wife, Mary Elizabeth (Chambers) Layne:
H. G. Layne, Columbia, TN
A. B. Layne, Franklin, TN
Mrs. Nannie (Layne) Osborne, Gravel Switch, KY
Albert Layne, Lupton, CO
Mrs. Louis (Layne) Potts, Columbia, TN
Mrs. Beulah Francis (Layne) Mangrum, Hillsboro, TN

Surviving children of his 2nd marriage to Nora (Potts) Layne are:
Brown James Layne, I, Nashville, TN (this is my grandfather, he lived in W. Nashville and passed away in 1938)
Arthur Layne, Nolensville area (married “Evetine”, no maiden name known)
Myrtle (Layne) Layne, Nolensville area (married “Thomas Layne”, she passed away in the 1920’s)
Hattie May Layne (who later married Paul Johnson, they lived in Goodlettsville, TN, she passed away in the 1990’s)
Elmore Layne (born 1909), Nolensville area (later married and lived in Antioch, TN when he passed away)
Frank Layne (at the time of this obituary, he lived w/his mother Nora (Potts) Layne, he never married, he was living in W. Nashville, TN, when he passed away)

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