History of the Columbia Daily Herald Newspaper

The Daily Herald was established as a daily newspaper in Columbia, Tennessee, in October 1899. Its predecessor of the same name was started in 1844, but survived only a few months.

The Columbia Herald was started in January 1855, discontinued in 1862, and re-established in 1870. In 1872, it was merged with The Mail, which had been started in 1871. In 1882, The Columbia Herald Company was formed by 30 businessmen. The Journal and The Maury Sentinel were induced to merge. The Hon. Henry Cooper, ex-US Senator, became Editor in 1885. F.D. Lander succeeded Mr. Cooper in 1887.

The first issue of The Maury Democrat appeared in 1882. It was purchased from a stock company by Lynch Perry in 1888. It survived for many years in publication alongside The Daily Herald. Microfilmed copies of The Daily Herald are kept in a circulating collection and may be viewed on the microfilm reader/printer at the Maury County Archives.

The Columbia Daily Herald has its offices at 1115 South Main St., Columbia, TN 38401. Phone: (931) 388-6464. Fax: (931) 388-1003. Information on the Herald was derived from present Editor, Tim Wood, and The Century Review of Maury County, Tennessee. Visit the Columbia Daily Herald online.

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