Forgey Fraser Family Bible

Submitted by Scott and Priscilla Fraser FTM: The Scott and Priscilla Fraser Family Page

Forgey FRASER born March 27, 1871
Leto May COGGIN Fraser born January 7, 1874
Pillow FRASER born February 22, 1893
Hollis C. FRASER born May 29, 1895
Richard Odell "Dick" FRASER born March 15, 1898
Mosseye Pearl FRASER born April 13, 1901
Raymond Corneil FRASER born April 19, 1905
William Coggin FRASER born August 20, 1907
Harry Fulton FRASER born May 17, 1910
Forgey FRASER and Leto May COGGIN on December 3, 1891
Edgar MANGRUM and Effie Pillow FRASER on May 28, 1911
Dick FRASER and Azalea Ammons EARWOOD on September 21, 1927
Bill FRASER and Maxine Elizabeth MOFFETT on January 20, 1935
Raymond C. FRASER and Alva WALTERS on November 27, 1929
Hollis Clarence FRASER and Annie L. CALLAWAY Williams
Mossey Pearl FRASER and Ewell SPARKMAN on December 14, 1924
Harry Fulton FRASER and Marie MAYBERRY

Scott and Priscilla Fraser

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