Forgey Fraser Family Bible

Submitted by Scott and Priscilla Fraser FTM: The Scott and Priscilla Fraser Family Page

Forgey FRASER born March 27, 1871
Leto May COGGIN Fraser born January 7, 1874
Pillow FRASER born February 22, 1893
Hollis C. FRASER born May 29, 1895
Richard Odell "Dick" FRASER born March 15, 1898
Mosseye Pearl FRASER born April 13, 1901
Raymond Corneil FRASER born April 19, 1905
William Coggin FRASER born August 20, 1907
Harry Fulton FRASER born May 17, 1910
Forgey FRASER and Leto May COGGIN on December 3, 1891
Edgar MANGRUM and Effie Pillow FRASER on May 28, 1911
Dick FRASER and Azalea Ammons EARWOOD on September 21, 1927
Bill FRASER and Maxine Elizabeth MOFFETT on January 20, 1935
Raymond C. FRASER and Alva WALTERS on November 27, 1929
Hollis Clarence FRASER and Annie L. CALLAWAY Williams
Mossey Pearl FRASER and Ewell SPARKMAN on December 14, 1924
Harry Fulton FRASER and Marie MAYBERRY

Scott and Priscilla Fraser

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Robertson Bryant Bible

Unless otherwise noted, all entries in the bible are clear and very legible.  Spellings are listed as found in the bible.  I would estimate that 3 different people (handwriting) made entries in the bible.   For accuracy, all transcribed entries have been independently proofread.  Transcription errors may, nonetheless, occur. 

In addition to the entries made for Robertson Bryant and his family, this antebellum bible lists 23 “Negros” births (no deaths or marriages are noted). These births range in dates from 1791 to 1859.  Several of these individuals (apparently) maintained the last name of Bryant as they can be found in the 1870 & 1880 census (for example, Major Bryant, Albert Bryant, Charlotte Bryant, and Zackeriah Bryant).  To my knowledge these births have not been published previously. 

The family record pages were, at one time, removed from the bible.  They were then re-sewn (by hand) together and placed back in the bible.  I would speculate that the pages were removed for needed proof in making applications for military (Civil War) pensions. 

As of 2005, this bible is in the possession of Robertson & Nancy (Amis) Bryant’s great-great-great granddaughter, Lucy Bryant (Dunaway) Zeier.  To my knowledge, the bible’s provenance is from Robertson Bryant:

1.       to his son, Isaiah Burney  Bryant (1834-1917),

2.       through his daughter, Cornelia Robertson (Bryant) Reavis (1869-1953),

3.       then to her daughter Emma Lucy (Reavis) Bryant (1891-1986),

4.      through (both) her daughters Cornelia Frances (Bryant) Freeland (1925 – present) & Marilyn Reavis (Bryant) Dunaway (1923 – present),

5.      to (currently) Lucy Bryant (Dunaway) Zeier (1954 – present).

 The bible is intact, but fragile condition as of 2005.  I believe the bible started its life in Maury County, Tennessee.  Not until the very latter part of the 20thcentury, did this bible ever leave Tennessee soil.

 Also, please see the transcribed will of Robertson Bryant (also located on this Web Page.)  His will mentions some of his children and grandchildren, as well as some of his slaves.  Even several years after the close of the Civil War (will was dated 1867), Robertson Bryant was bequeathing slaves to his descendants.

 I (Lucy) would like to correspond with others interested in this family.  I will be happy to share copies of the bible pages (either electronically or in paper format) with anyone who would like a copy.  Please contact me at:

 I would like to dedicate the posting of this bible to my mother, Marilyn (Bryant) Dunaway, and to my aunt, C. Frances (Bryant) Freeland.  While I never had the pleasure to know her in person, I would also like to dedicate this posting to Doris (Ketchum) Bryant (1919 – 2002).  All three of these ladies have been my inspiration and my partners in family history research and recordation.


Title Page:

 The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments:  Translated out of the Original Tongues;  Published by G. Lane & P.P. Sandford, New York (for the Methodist Episcopal Church); 1841; James Collord, Printer. 


Bring up Your Children in the Admonition of the Lord


Robertson Bryant was born Feb. 11th 1795 

Nancy Amis Bryant was born Sept 11th 1801. 

1.      Robert D. Bryant was born Jan. 28th 1819.

2.     Mary J. Bryant was born Oct. 10th 1820.

3.     Frances D. Bryant was born Aug. 10th 1822.

4.     Archibal S. Bryant was born Feb 20th 1824.

5.     Ann R. Bryant was born Feb 9th 1826.

6.     Martha E. Bryant was born Apl 13th 1828.

7.     William H. Bryant was born May 20th 1830.

8.     Minerva E. Bryant was born July 3rd 1832.

9.     Isaiah B. Bryant was born March 5th 1834.

10. Louisania B. Bryant was born July 20th 1836.

11.  James Alonzo Bryant was born Sept 21st 1839.

12. Lavinia Lemon Bryant was born Feb 25th 1842.

13. Theophilus Compton Bryant was born November 26th 1844 (lighter ink, but still legible).

Joseph T. F. Jackson was born 19th Jany. 1828. (this is their son-in-law who married their daughter, Martha E. Bryant)

Rowland Edward Bryant was born July 12th 1847.  (while not numbered like the other children, Rowland was child #14)

Misniah Euginia Bryant was born 24th July 1850.  (Misniah was child #15) 



Marriage is Honourable in all. 

Mary Judith Bryant was married to Milton B. Nolen, 27th Aug. 1843. 

Martha E. Bryant was married to Jos. T. Jackson on 10th Feb. 1847. 

Robert D. Bryant was married to Martha C. Jackson on the 29th Decr. 1849. 

Archibal S. Bryant married to Jane W. Gresham Jan. 11th 1855. 

William H. Bryant was married to Aseneth McConnell Nov. 12th 1857. 

Louisania B. Bryant was married to W.S.L. Neelley Nov. 15th 1860. 

Lavenia Lemmon (listed as Lavinia Lemon under births) Bryant was married to Robert H. Moore April 17th 1866. 

I. B. Bryant was married to Emma L. Fry Sept 20th 1866. 

Robertson Bryant was married to Nancy Amis Febry 19th 1818. 

Misniah E. Bryant was married to Wm. Caskey Decmber the 22nd 1870. 



Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. 

Minerva Emaline Bryant departed this life March 20th 1833.  Aged 8 months & 14 days. 

James Alonzo Bryant departed this life Sept 13th 1840.  Aged 11 months & 22 days. 

Mary Judith Nolen died 29th of April 1844. 

Ann Robertson Bryant departed this life Sept. 26 1860. 

(next two entries are light and somewhat difficult to read) 

Archibal S. Bryant was killed in battle at Perryville KY the 8th of Oct 1862. 

Theophilus C. Bryant died at Fort Deleware 26 July 1864 (then in darker ink) of Smallpox. 

Nancy Bryant, wife of Robertson Bryant died 6th Sept 1868 Aged 66 years 11 mo. & 25 days. 

Robertson Bryant died the 2nd day of Feb 1872.  Aged 76 years 11 months 21 days.

Robert D. Bryant died April 28th 1871. 

Frances D. Bryant died Apr. 27, 1906. 

I. Burney Bryant died July 10, 1917. 

Emma Fry Bryant died May 28, 1928. 


Family Record Negros. 

(These blank pages were not originally part of the published bible.  They must have been added by Robertson Bryant.) 

Negro Mima [could also be Mirna?] born 24th Sept. 1791. 

Negro Jerry born 13th April 1813. 

Negro Zack born 16th Nov. 1814. 

Negro Julia born November day 1816. 

Negro Green born 19th June 1822. 

Negro Mary born 10th Oct. 1824. 

Negro Rachael born 23rd April 1833. 

Negro Maria born 5th Sept. 1838. 

Negro George Harvey born 30th March 1840. 

Negro Sarah born 2nd June 1840. 

Negro Hannibal born 25th March 1844. 

Negro Rowland Iverson born 5th June 1845. 

Negro boy Albert was born July 24th 1848. 

Negro girl Caroline was born February 5th 1849. 

Negro Boy Henry Matthews born 22nd Nov. 1850. 

Negro Girl Charlotte was born 16th March 1851.

Negro boy Jacob was born August 1st 1851. 

Negro boy Colonel was born July 18th 1853. 

Negro Boy Major was born August 29th 1853. 

(Next entry is readable, but extremely light) 

Negro Girl Ruth was born September 8th 1855. 

Negro Girl Mina was born August 22nd day 1856. 

Negro Boy Edmund was born May 23/57. 

Negro Girl Betty was born August 11th in the year of 1859.


End of Bible entries. 

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