BRYANT, Robertson (1872)

Robertson Bryant decd,
Proven February 6, 1872,
[Page 419, Book F, Maury Co. Wills, State Archives, Microfilm Roll #184]

I Robertson Bryant of the County of Maury and State of Tennessee do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made. Item 1st: I direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid as soon after my death as possible, out of any moneys that I may die siezed and possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executors. Item 2: I will that after my death my daughter, Francis D. Bryant, and my daughter, Missniah E. Bryant and Rowland E. Bryant, my son, shall each have one well furnished featherbed and clacking and bedstead. Item 3: I next will that after my death my executor shall sell at public sale on 12 months credit all my perishable and personal property, stock, and crop and farming utensils, household and kitchen furnishings, all sums under five dollars to be cash, the purchaser giving bond and good security the proceeds of which is to be equally divided between my daughter, Francis D. Bryant and my son Wm H. Bryant and Isaiah B. Bryant, Louisiana B. Neelley and Livinia L. Moore, Rowland E. Bryant and Misiniah E. Bryant, and my Grandson, Robertson B. Nolen. Item 4: I have given to my son Robert D. Bryant a liberal education and the use of a negro boy Rowland which I value to him at five hundred dollars of my estate already received by him and also I have given to my son Archibal S. Bryant the advantages of a good education and the use of a negro boy Albert, which I value to him at four hundred dollars already received by him as a part of my estate, and I have given to my daughter, Martha E. Jackson, the advantages of a good education and the use of a negro girl Mariah which I value to her at three hundred and fifty dollars as a part of my estate already received by her; there is no interest to be claimed off the three legatees last named for the amt they have already received until the final settlement of my estates. Item 5: I will that when my youngest child, Misniah E. Bryant, shall arrive at the age of twenty-one yrs that all my land shall be equally divided between all my children. But if said land cannot be satisfactorily divided I will that my executor shall sell it to the highest bidder after giving thirty days notice in the public news paper of the County and at other places in the neighborhood and I authorize my Executor to divide the land into lots if it is considered by him to be to the advantage of the legatees and the items of the sale be determined by my Executor and I hereby authorize and empower him to make the title to the land if sold by him and the proceeds to be so divided among all my children viz: Robert D. and Archibal S. Bryant’s children Raph and Archibal one share Francis D. Bryant and Mary J. Nolen’s son, Robertson B. Nolen, one share Wm H. Bryant, and Martha E. Jackson, Isaiah B. Bryant and Louisiana B. Neelley, Lavinia Lemon Moore and Rowland E. Bryant and Misniah E. Bryant that they be made equal in the final distribution of my estate, taking into consideration the advancements I have already made. Item 6: I will the Stock I own in the Nashville and Decatur Railroad is equally divided among all my children as above named and Grand children as above named, viz: Archibald S. Bryant’s two sons to receive one share and Robinson B. Nolen to receive one share. Item 7: I will that if any dissatisfaction should arise among my legatees about my will and the distributions I have made of my estate that my Executor shall call in 3 disinterested parties and lay the difficulty before them and there decision shall be a final settlement of the matter. But if any legatees should carry it to court of law or equity, I hereby disinherit them and will that they shall receive no part of my estate. Item 8: I hereby nominate and appoint Henry Harris Executor of this my last will and testament, this in witness where of and whereby set my pen this 19th day of February 1867.

Robertson Bryant, Esq.
Witnesses: W.A. Henderson
Williamson Denton

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