Look-Up Volunteers

I will do look-ups in the following books or if you have resources and would like to do volunteer look-ups, contact Bettye Liberty Cemetery Records of Marshall County Tennessee;  Greene County Wills 1783 – 1890; North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee 1778-1791; Land Deed Genealogy of Marshall County, TN 1836-1840

Belfast School: 1938-1939 (Grade 6)

1938-1939  – Grade 6 Front Row: Lloyd Rankin, Jean Tyree, Alice Beatty, Gene Hastings, Gordon Hastings, James Petty, Paul Wade, Ned Cummings, Wayne Hastings On Right Ledge: unknown girl, Mary Lou Christmas, unknown boy Left Ledge: Unknown boy, Marion Bolt, Frances Beard, Ruth Davis, Clay Ledford, Ruth McCroy, Joe Tom

Belfast School: 1937-1938 – Grades 5 & 6

1937-1938—grades 5 and 6 First Row: ? Lancaster, Lloyd Coffee, Billy Ewell Willis, George Ray, Harold Glenn, Lloyd Ranking, unknown, Joe Tom Woods, James Petty, Ned Cummings, Gordon Hastings. Second Row: Unknown boy, Unknown girl, Clyde Woodward, Carolyn McDaniel, Ruth McCory, ? Snell, Frances Beard, Wayne Hastings, Paul Wade Back row:

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