Marion County Civil Districts Maps

Below are links to maps obtained from the Tennessee State Library and Archives Manuscripts Department and to images and transcriptions of the text descriptions of the boundaries and poll locations in the districts. For now, this is only the Civil Districts, otherwise known as justice precincts which were divisions of the county for elections and for dividing the county into areas of County Commissioner representation. The significance of this is to show what areas of the county correspond to which civil districts as they are named in the censuses to be able to tell where a person in the censuses lived.

1836 Map of 10 Civil/Justice Districts (2 more districts added by the 1850 census):
Photocopy of the original 1836 map of the Marion County Civil Districts/ Justice precincts

Image of original text description of the 1836 district boundaries

There was a cleaned-up altered version of this 1836 map done by Nonie Webb. It leaves out a lot of what was on the map, and does not really show the district boundaries, but shows their general location; however there was also a text transcription of the district boundaries from the legal description that accompanied the original map, from which one could find the boundaries. The link to the photocopy of the original map presented above here leaves out nothing, but the whole map is black and white making it harder to tell boundaries from roads and waterways, except that the lines have labels to tell what they represent.

The altered 1836 map version with a text transcription is here