Old Schools


The book contains the old schools, teachers and students as well as pictures or artist's renderings of each school and family information where available.

If you have questions regarding the book or would like to have information (price), please contact Nonie Webb

Enjoy the list of old schools in the area below. Schools marked with an * already have a separate book available.

Aetna (Etna) Mtn School            Needmore School
                                   New Hope School
Battle Creek Elementary            Nunley School 
Beech Grove School                  
Browder Switch School              Oak Grove School 
Brown Hollow School                Old Academey
Bryant's Cove School               Orme Mountain School
Burnett School                     
Burroughs School                   Pan Gap School
Butcher Creek School               Patton School
                                   Peck Schoo
Carolyn's Chapel (Knox School)     Pine Hill School
Cave Cove School                   Pine Set School
Cedar Springs School               Pigeon Springs School
Cheekville School                  Pot School
Coburntown School                  Pocket School
Coldwell School                    Powell's Crossing School
Colony School                               (Powells Crossroads)  
Coppinger's Cove School            Pryor Institute
County School                      Pryor Ridge School
Crossroads School (Powell's)
Cummings School                    Rankin's Cove School
                                   Red Hill School
Deptford School                    Richard Hardy Memorial
Doran's Cove School                Ridge School
                                   Ritchie's School
Ebenezer School*                   Riverview School

Farrier School                     Sam Houston Academy
Foster Falls School                Sequatchie School
Francis Springs School             Sexton School
                                   Shady Grove School
Gains Chapel School                Shellmound School                
Grandview School                   Sims Chapel School
Guild School (Hale Town)           Skillet School
Guild (colored) Schoool            South Pittsburg College
                                   South Pittsburg Elementary
Hale's Bar School*                 South Pittsburg High School
Hale's Chapel School               South Pittsburg Public School
Haletown (Guild)                   South Pittsburg Old Subscription Sch.
Havern's Chapel                    Stanley School
Hick's Chapel School               Suck Port School (Suck Creek)
Hill School                        Sumit School
                                   Sulpher Springs School
Inman School                       Sweeden's Cove School

Jasper Cove School                 Tickbush School
Jasper Elementary School           Turner's Chapel
Jasper Male & Female Institute
Jasper Middle School               Union Grove School
Jumpoff School                     
                                   Victoria (colored) School
                                   Victoria Cove School  
Ketchall School
Killian School                     Walden's Ridge School
Kimball School                     White School
Knox School (Carolyn's Chapel)     Whiteside Mountain School 
                                   Whitwell Elementary School
Liberty School                     Whitwell High School*
Lodge School
Looney's Creek School

Marion Co. High School
Martins Springs School
Matheney School
McReynolds School 
Midway School
Mineral Spring's Schol
Monteagle School
Mountain Top School
Mt. Olive School
Mt. Vernon Grade School