First Settlers of Marion County, Tennessee

Settlers and dates taken from Old Historical Map of Marion County, Tennessee. Only names with dates were listed here. Map was restored by Nonie Webb.

Year Name Land Location
1794 David & Amos Griffith Griffith Creek
1806 Condra Marion/Sequatchie Line
1807 James Raulston Doran Cove
1808 Robert Bean Sweedens Cove
1808 David Rankin Rankins Cove
1811 James Doran Doran Cove
1816 David Tate Fiery Gizzard
1820 John Bible Gains Cove
1820 Washington Ladd Ladd Cove
1820 Mathew Pryor Pryor Cove
1826 Josiah Thach Tennessee River
1828 Robert Patton Sweedens Creek
1835 Samuel Raulston Raulston Cove
1838 McDaniel near Shallmound