Marion County Court Minutes
Jan. 1842 - Oct. 1847

This page is for viewing scans of the images on the microfilm of the earliest County Court Minutes Book in existence for this county. There are no County Court Minutes records between October 1847 and 1890 due to a courthouse fire.

Pages 253-266 were numbered wrong by the county, giving two different pages of #252 and none of #266. I have had to number the file names in sequence, not skipping; so to get the right pages to show in the viewer below in that range, type in one number less than the page you want. There are other pages that were blank, and those are still represented here as blank pages.

Below, you can view the pages and navigate by clicking the left arrow for a previous page or the right arrow for the next page, or by typing the page number you want in the text box in the middle, and then click "GO". Only numbers accepted between 1 and 428. Anything else typed in will get no response.

Page 69A cannot be presented below. It follows page 69. To view it in a separate window, click here

THE 26 PAGES OF THE INDEX AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MICROFILM ARE HERE. This opens in a new window or tab so that the index and the page images can both be open at the same time.

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