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115 Miners in 1939, Whitwell
Night Shift Miners at Whitwell, TN Coal Mines April 13, 1939 115 Miners (all but 4 named) Whitwell Mines, Marion Co.,TN
(See book: "OLD MINES & MINERS of MARION CO,TN) by Nonie Webb

Ketner's Mill

Historical old KETNER'S MILL, last mill on the Sequatchie River.
Wooden part built in 1824 by Ephriam Prigmore, still operating. The old Grist and Saw Mill has a Double Wool Carding Machine. The annual KETNER'S MILL FAIR in Whitwell is always in October. (See" History of Ketner's Mill" by Nonie Webb)

The "Grand Canyon of the South," this picture was taken on Opening Day in 1913 and shows the dam across the river looking towards Chattanooga.

Hale's Bar

Hale's Bar 1913-1968 Hale's Bar School 1920-1941 On the Tennessee River at Guild, Marion Co., TN 1924 Since there were no bridges or ferrys, both workers and students had to cross the river through the tunnel under the Dam to get to work or school on the other side. The little school standing by the new Steam Plant in 1924 operated from 1920 to 1941. The students were of the family's who worked and lived in the Village shown on the hillside, or from the Jasper side, across the river. Your Dad had to work at the Dam to attend school at Hale's Bar.
(See "History of Hale's Bar Lock & Dam School" by N. Webb)

Pryor Institute

1887-1910 PRYOR INSTITUTE Jasper, Marion Co.,TN
One of most Influential co-educational institutions in the Sequatchie Valley. Founded by Jackson & Washington Pryor & Col. A. L. Spears. Pryor Institute educated students of all ages from several states. The building was sold to become the Marion County High School in 1910 and later as Jasper Middle School. Photo is courtesy of Mrs. Betty (Roy) Wooten (See Old Schools, Teachers & Students of Marion Co.,TN. by Webb)


Nick-a-jack Dam,1968 Marion Co., TN
Nickajack Dam was built on the Tennessee River, 5 miles downstream from the leaky old Hale's Bar Dam built in 1913. The waters of the new lake and Dam built in 1968 now cover the old Nick-a-jack Cave, for which the new dam was named.


Ketner Mill Rd. Whitwell,TN
"The last old Mill on the Sequatchie River." (Where once there were twenty three) Once every year, in the latter part of October, when the leaves are in fall color, the old Mill, with parts dating back to 1824, comes alive again for your pleasure. Set on the picturesque banks of the Sequatchie River, Ketner's Mill Country Fair holds its annual showing of the old water-powered grist mill. The old Sorghum Mill , Double wool carding machine, Blacksmithing and fresh ground Corn Meal are all in full demonstration. On hand too, are all the fine artists, arts and crafters, food, entertainment, pottery, canoe trips and wagon rides.

Sam Houston Academy

This 2nd Academy, built in Jasper,TN in 1868, right after the Civil War, is now the Masonic Lodge. Teachers in the photo above are Miss Bess & Virginia Hoge. Subscription School Class of 1920. The sixty-six students pictured are all identified but about five. Most students became prominent citizens of Marion Co. (See "Keepsake History of Marion County" by N. Webb)