The Alexander School in Jackson, TN, was found in 1909 [1]. Thanks to Anthony Cresap, we are pleased to share this 1922 class photo. Anthony’s grandfather, Warren Willis, was a student there. Click on the photo to enlarge.

The back of the photo contains a list of student names.  Best as we can determine (may not be perfect), the transcription of names appears below (one of the boys appears to be unamed?):

Warren Williss
Alexander School
February 1, 1922
Miss Harris, Teacher

  • Carl Pogue
  • Warren Williss (boy with arrow above his head)
  • Has Kly (sp) Perkins
  • Howard Taylor
  • George Lynch
  • Earl Stutusm (sp)
  • Howard Master
  • Tucker Rather
  • [unknown]
  • Ella Ween McCuthers
  • Dorothy Cade
  • Elizabeth Carson
  • Wanda (sp) Owen
  • Annie Bell Terry
  • Hudson Brooks
  • Jerry Curtiss
  • Hattie Bell Linsey
  • Emma Johnston
  • Mary Louise
  • Ruth Wallace

If you can help us better identify the students in the picture, please do comment below!

[1] Williams, Emma I. Historic Madison: The Story of Jackson and Madison County, Tennessee, from the Prehistoric Moundbuilders to 1917. Jackson, Tenn: Madison County Historical Society, 1946.