The following information was submitted by Jim Riddle ( on 25 Feb 1998. Jim is researching some of the Lynch and Lancaster lines for his sister and her husband. In reading an old report on this family he came across a mention of a family graveyard which is quite interesting. Jim has been trying to find out if it still exists and has talked with one retired gentleman who vaguely remembers it from 60 years ago. Nobody else knows about it and I do.

From the JACKSON SUN, JAN. 24, 1944, Edited by Charles W. McMillin

“About ten miles north of Jackson, in the southern edge of the Forked Deer River bottom, is an old cemetery, known as the Lynch Family Graveyard. It is surrounded by a brick wall about 60 feet square, 5 feet high, and one foot thick, and has no means of entrance. Within these walls are four graves. Near the center is a brick vault containing three bodies: at the west end of which is a brick wall 8 feet high, 16 feet long, and one foot thick. Inset in this wall are two marble slabs; the first bearing the memory of Christopher Lynch, son of John and Annie Lynch. Christopher was born Apr. 11, 1797 and died Oct. 27, 1844.”

“In the southwest corner of the enclosure is the fourth grave, vaulted like the other three, and has the following inscription: ‘Sacred to the memory of Nathaniel D. Lancaster, son of John A. and Adelaid M. Lancaster of Richmond VA.’, was born Feb 26, 1825 and died Holly Springs, MS, Aug. 24, 1844.

“This cemetery is a short distance from the south bank of the Middle Fork of the Forked Deer River, and about one-half mile below what is known as the ‘Double Bridges’ which were the Medina road and the I.C.R.R.” [signed: J. Clarence Smith).

This quotation is from the JACKSON SUN, Jan. 24, 1944 and is a rewrite of an 1899 article in the JACKSON GAZETTE.

The graveyard was on the property of Capt. John Staunton Lynch. He purchased land in Madison County Sept. 6, 1827 in the 10th District, Range 1, Section 10, about 7 miles north of Jackson. The family burial ground is on this farm. His youngest son, John Lynch Jr. sold this farm March 18, 1847 to Abraham B. March. One acre of land around this burial ground was reserved when the farm was sold. Deed Book page 11, 298 – John Lynch to A. March.

My question: Is this cemetery still in existence? Looking at Delorme’s Tennessee Atlas & Gazetteer [pg 32] I see where the Old Medina road and the Norfolk & Southern RR tracks cross the Middle Fork of the Forked Deer River. I assume this is the general location. Has anyone seen this graveyard recently?

If you know anybody who is familiar with this graveyard, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. Jim Riddle, (, Dallas TX

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