Contributed by Denise L. Cozart

Joshua Cozart to Merlin Perry
Registered September 30, 1850
Madison County Deed Book 14; pages 71-72
In 1871 this area became Crockett County Civil District 1

Tennessee State Library & Archives:
Madison County microfilm roll #7
Transcribed by Denise L. Cozart
July 2992


Joshua Cozart had purchased a large portion of this land in April 1825 (174 of 275 acres). He added another 100 acres to it through the years (71 3/4 acres to the west were purchased from Gilbert in January 1850). The initial purchase in 1825 was recorded in Madison County Deed Book 1. Twenty-five years later, April 1850, he was selling the land where he had settled in West Tennessee, finished raising a family, and farmed. Now he was about 74 years old.

The sale of this tract was May 18, 1850, registered in September. The month before, on April 2, he had purchased a smaller place, 184 acres, much not cleared, for himself and wife Elizabeth. See Joshua’s deed of May 1850 and Elizabeth’s of 1854

The tract that he was selling adjoined son Gilbert’s land, but Gilbert either did not want to purchase an additional 275 3/4 acres or could not afford it.

The property was on the South Fork of the Forked Deer River (north side) in Madison County. In 1830 Joshua’s son, Gilbert, bought property near-by. (See deed registered December 9, 1830.) Both tracts were in the 10th Surveyor’s District, 9th civil district, 2nd Range, 9th Section of Madison County. In 1871 this area became civil district 1 of Crockett County.

The land in this deed was measured in links, poles, and acres:

1 pole = 16 1/2 feet
1 link = 7.92 inches
1 mile = 320 poles = 5,280 feet
1 acre = 160 square poles = 43,560 square feet
1 square pole = 272 1/4 feet
640 acres = 1 square mile


Joshua Cozart, deed to
Merlin Perry for 275 3/4 a.
Reg. Sept. 30th, 1850

This Indenture [deed] made unto the 18th day of May – the year of our Lord 1850 between Joshua Cozart of Madison County and State of Tennessee of the one part and Merlin Perry of the aforesaid County and State of the other part. Witnesseth That the same Joshua Cozart for and in consideration of the sum of one thousand dollars to him – hand paid by the said Merlin Perry for 275 3/4 acres of Land, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and hath given, granted, bargained, sold, aliened, conveyed and confirmed unto the said Merlin Perry, his heirs and assigns forever, a certain tract or parcel of Land, situated lying and being in the County of Madison and State of Tennessee, in the 9th civil district, range 2nd and section the 9th. Beginning at A. Ewings [was “W. Ewings” in 1825] South boundary line of Entry No, 23, at two gums, thence East 130 poles to his South East corner [exactly the same in 1825], thence North 38 7/10 poles to a black gum at a point due West of Alexander and Porters South West corner [exactly the same in 1825], thence East 67 1/2 poles to a stake [exactly the same as 1825], thence South 165 4/10 poles to the South boundary line of Entry No. 450 [was 175 4/10 poles in 1825], thence West 64 poles to a white oak, poplar and sweet gum pointers, then [continuing] West 143 1/2 poles to a stake and sweet gum and elm pointers [in 1825 was 197 1/2 poles to a white oak and hickory; now total is 207 1/2 poles]; thence North to the beginning. To have and to hold the aforesaid Land with all and singular the rights, profits, emoluments, hereditaments and appurtenances in and to the same belonging or in any way appertaining to the only proper use and behoof of him the said Merlin Perry his heirs and assigns forever And the said Joshua Cozart for himself, his heirs executors and administrators, doth covenant and agree with the said Merlin Perry his heirs and assigns that the before … land and bargained premises he will warrant and forever defend against the right, the title, interest or claim of all and every person whatsoever, and that he is lawfully seized of said Land and hath right to the same. In witness whereof the said Joshua Cozart hath hereunto set his seal the day and year above written.

Joshua Cozart seal

State of Tennessee
Madison County

Personally appeared before me Thos. W. Gamewell, Clerk of the County Court of said County Joshua Cozart the foregoing bargainer with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he executed the foregoing deed for the purposes therein contained.

Witness my hand at office this 18th May, 1850

Thos. W. Gamewell, clk

Recvd the State Tax

State of Tennessee
Madison County

I, William W. Gates, Register of said County, do certify that the foregoing deed and Clerk’s certificate thereon was filed in my office this day at 12 o’clock A.M. and noted in Minute Book No. 2, page 91.

Witness my hand at office this 30th Sept. 1850.

W. W. Gates

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