Wm. A. MORGAN appointed Guardian of Daniel SMITH’s minor children.

Will of John MASSEY proven, and Eliza S. MASSEY qualified as Executrix.

A.R. REID appointed and qualified as Administrator of Augustus REID, dec’d.

John S. and E.S. HALTOM, Administrators of Nathan HALTOM, granted twelve months further time to settle up said estate.

Sheriff ordered to open and hold an election for three School Commissioners in each civil district, and for Magistrates to supply vacancies, one in each of the 1st, 2d, 12th, 13th, and 15th districts.

Source: Whig & Tribune. 9 September 1871. Available online at Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.

From Family Findings
Vol. IV, No. 3, July 1972, pp. 4-7
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1972
Appears on this web site by permission


ABSTRACTS FROM MINUTE BOOK I, MADISON COUNTY, TENNESSEE, compiled by Mary Ann (Mrs. L. R.) Mitchell, 72 Woodhaven Dr., Jackson, Tenn. 38301.

Written on the very first page was the following:

M. Deberry


Pg. 1
Alexanders Office/Monday, December 17th 1821

Be it rembered that on Monday the 17th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty one in pursuance of the act of the General Assembly establishing new counties West of the Tennessee River passed at the last Session held at Murfreesboro the following persons to wit: Bartholemew G. STEWART, David JARRETT, William ATCKISON, Robert H. DYER, John ThOMAS, Adam H. ALEXANDER, Duncan McIVOR, Joseph LYNN, James TROUSDALE, Herndon HALRALSON, William BRADEN, Samuel TAYLOR and William W. WOODFORK Gentlemen Justices of the Peace by virtue of a Commission from his Excellency William CARROLL Governor of the State of Tennessee appeared at the house of Adam R. ALEXANDER Esq., in the County of Madison as directed by the before recited act and took the several oaths prescribed by the constitution and laws of this State. Whereupon

At a Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions began and held for the County of Madison on Monday the 17th day of December 1821 and in the 46th year of American Independence.

Above named individuals all present.

Robert HUGHES appointed Clerk Pro Tempore of this Court.

Roderick McIVER declared and elected Clerk of this Court, took oath of office.

Thomas SHANNON, Esq., elected Sheriff for 2 year term.

Herndon HARALSON, Esq., appointed Chairman of this Court.

Pg. 2
Tuesday Morning, 18th December 1821

Roderick McIVER with Duncan McIVER, Joseph LYNN & George TODD, Securities, made bond in the sum of Five Thousand Dollars. Condition: Roderick McIVER should faithfully discharge duties of Clerk of Court.

Pg. 3

Thomas SHANNON with Adam R. ALEXANDER, David JERNEGAN & Samuel H. SHANNON, Securities, made bond in sum of Five Thousand Pounds. Condition: Thomas SHANNON faithfully perform duties of office of Sheriff.

[HTML editor’s note: In these records transcriber Mary Ann Mitchell underlined the word “pounds” as if its use in the record was a mistake. But “pounds” is not a mistake or error. A central bank and a uniform national currency were decades away. Andrew Jackson opposed them. Spanish coinage and English coinage and currency were widely accepted in the south at this time and in West Tennessee just after settlement might have been more readily available than dollars.]

Pg. 4

John T. PORTER elected Register for County of Madison. James BROWN elected Rainger for County of Madison.

William ATCHISON elected Trustee for County of Madison. William ATCHISON with Bartholomew G. STEWART & Samuel DICKINS, Securities, made bond in sum of Two Thousand Dollars. Condition: for faithful discharge of duties.

William GRIFFITH elected Coroner. William GRIFFITH with Murdock MURCHISON & Duncan McIVER, Securities, made bond for Five Thousand Dollars. Condition: for faithful discharge of duties as Coroner.

Greenup WHITE, John FARE, Elijah JONES & William H. DOAK elected Constables of Madison County. Greenup WHITE with Bartholomew G. STEWART & William ATCHISON, securities, made bond. John FAIR with James TROUSDALE & Elijah JONES, securities, made bond. Elijah JONES with Duncan McIVER & David JARRETT, securities, made bond. Wm. H. DOAK with Samuel H. SHANNON & John T. PORTER, securities, made bond in sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds.

Pg. 5

The Court then proceeded to levy a Tax in pursuance of the Act intitled an act to direct the manour of collecting Taxes West of the Tennessee River and for other purposes for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the County whereupon it was ordered that the Collectors of the State & County Revinue do collect from each person from whome the same should be collected an amount equal with that collected for the State Revinue.

Justices appointed Comissioners to take lists of taxable property:
Samuel TAYLOR, Esq. 10th & 11th sections in 2nd Range & 9th Dist.
Duncan McIVER, Esq. south of Samuel TAYLOR’S Dist. & Southern boundry of said County.
James TROUSDALE, 10th & 11th sections in 10th dist. & to western & northern boundry of said County.
William BRADEN, boundary of south & west of Majr. TROUSDALE’S dist.

Indenture of Mortgage from James McALISTER to William BALDING produced in open Court & proven by oath of William BALDING (senior) subscribing witness. Ordered certified.

Will of Lewis JONES, decd., proven by oath of Elijah JONES, Benjamin JONES and Agnes JONES. Elijah JONES & Susan JONES with John T. PORTER & Thomas SHANNON, securities, entered into bond in sum of $5000. Elijah JONES appointed administrator. (Records Book A. page 3 & 4)

Henry L. GRAY, Alexander B. BRADFORD & Robert HUGHES took oaths as Attornies at law in this County.

Alexander B. BRADFORD produced a Commission from Wm. Carroll, Governor, appointing him Solicitor General of 14th Solicitorial District. Took oath of office.

Pg. 6

Last will of Robert DOAK, Decd., produced in Court & proven by oath of Thomas SHANNON & Robert H. WYNNE. Patsy DOAK, executrix, with Adam R. ALEXANDER & Thomas SHANNON Securities, made bond in sum of $5000. (Recorded Book A, p. 1, 2, 3)

Power of Attorney from Patsey DOAK to William DONNEL.

Grand and Petite Jurors ordered to be summoned for next term of Court:

Zachariah THOMAS
Benjamin JONES

William DAVIS
Thomas JAMS (James)
Francis HERREN

Francis TAILOR
William S. PARKS
William ESPY
Nathaniel SIMPSON

Grand and Petite Jurors summoned for Circuit Court:

Samuel D. WADDLE
Duncan McIVER

Ezekiel B. McCAY
William HARRIS
William E. BUTLER

Benjamin WHITE
Michael CLARK
George TODD
William BRADEN
Stephen LACY
Aquila DAVIS

Page 7
Wednesday, 19th December 1821

Present: Herndon HARALSON, Adam R. ALEXANDER, Samuel TAYLOR, John THOMAS, David JARRETT, Wm. BRADEN & Wm. WOODFOLK Gentlemen.

David JARRETT appointed Commissioner to take lists of taxable property in western part of County.

John BRAZEN appointed Commissioner to take lists in Southern part of County assisted by John THOMAS.

Sheriff ordered to summon Wm. H. DOAK, constable, to attend on Grand Jury next term Court.

Inventory of Estate of Robert DOAK, decd. returned to Court by Patsey DOAK, executrix. (Book A, p. 4)

John T. PORTER, Register, with Adam R. ALEANDER, David JARRETT, Wm. W. WOODFOLK, James BROWN, & Herendon HARALSON, securities, made bond in sum of five thousand pounds.

Benjamin BLITHE appointed constable and with Wm. BRAIEN & David JARRETT, securities, made bond in sum of two hundred fifty pounds.

Page 8

James BROWN, Rainger, took oath.

Bartholomew G. STEWART, Francis TAYLOR, Jacob BRADBERRY Jr., Samuel TAYLOR & Thomas JAMES appointed a jury of view to view a way for a road to run beginning at Court House, thence to nearest and best way by Forked Deer Post Office and Francis TAYLOR’S Mill as nearly as may be a direct course to center of Carroll County to the northern boundary of Madison County.

Duncan McIVER, Herndon HARALSON, William HATTUM, George TODD, Ryland CHANDLER Vincent HARALSON & Roderick McIVER appointed to view and ly off a road nearest and best way from Court House to meet a road contemplated to be opened from office of 9th district.

Page 9 and 10 missing from book.

Page 11
Monday 18th March 1822

Present: William BRADEN, Samuel TAYLOR, John THOMAS, James TROUSDALE, Duncan McIVER, Joseph LYNN, Robert H. DYER, Bartholomew 0. STEW&RT, William ATCHISON and Adam R. AL1~flNDER.

Adam R. ALEXANDER appointed Chairman of Court in absence of Chairman. Daniel W. MAURY and David THOMAS permitted to practice law in this Court.

Deed of bargain and sale from William E. BUTLER to George TODD produced in Court, ordered to be certified.

Joseph H. IOLBERT took oath as attorney-in-law in this Court.

John WEAVER and Hannah McMILLAN appointed administrators of estate of Robert McMILIAN, decd., made bond in amount of $1600 with Jacob TROUT and Daniel C. WANCE, securities. (Book A, p. 8)

Page 12

Thomas LACY entitled to 3 wolf scalps.

Enoch DOUTHEL entitled to 1 wolf scalp.

James HALEY appointed administrator of goods and chattles of Isaiah HALEY, decd. James HALEY made bond with Thomas HAILEY and Henry BUTLER, securities, in sum of $800.

Duncan McIVER, appointed administrator of estate of James L. PRICE, decd., and made bond in sum of $1200 with Thomas L. D. PARKS and William BRADEN, securities.

Duncan McIVER, Vincent HARALSON & James POOR recorded their stock marks.

Page 13

Bartholomew G. STEWART, Joseph LYNN, Robert H. DYER, John BRADBERRY, James CALDWELL, Samuel H. SHANNON recorded their stock marks

Ordered that William McCAUSLIN be appointed constable in the neighborhood of William ATCHISON, took oath, made bond with Moses OLDHAM & Francis TAYLOR, Sec. for $1250 Dollars.

On motion and petition of John P. THOMAS ordered Thomas JAMES, John FUSSELL, John BRADBERRY, William McCAUSLIN and John WEAVER appointed to view for private road from house of John P. THOMAS through premises of Samuel TAYLOR.

Page 14

Ordered Elijah JONES appointed constable, be directed to attend on Grand Jury at present term of Court.

Deed of Bargain & Sale from Patsey DOAK, Admrx. of Robert DOAK, decd. to William H. DOAK, ordered certified.

Deed of Bargain & Sale from Baptis McN&B to Deborah YVES, produced & proven by John P. THOMAS & Reuben STONE, ordered certified.

Deed of Bargain & Sale from Jacob BRADBERRY to John BRADBERRY, produced & proven by Samuel TAYLOR & William ATCHISON, ordered certified.

Deed of Bargain & Sale from Deborrah YVES to William B. MOORE, produced & proven by oath of Samuel TAYLOR & John BRADBERRY, ordered certified.

Deed of Bargain & Sale from Baptis McNAB to William ATCHISON produced & proven by oath of John P. THOMAS & Reuben STONE, ordered certified.

Page 15

Deed of Bargain & Sale from Joseph WILLIAMS to Adam R. ALEXANDER, produced & proven by oath of Robert H. DYER, ordered certified.

Deed of Bargain & Sale from Joseph McMINN to Adam R. ALEXANDER, produced & proven by oath of Robert H. DYER, ordered certified.

Ordered that a Dedimus Posteetatem Issue to be directed to Robert H. DYER & James TROUSDALE, Esq. to take relinquishment of Dower of Margaret McGUIRE to two deeds of Bargain & Sale, one from Laurence McGUIRE & wife to Limson (?) VAUNYDAH (?) & one deed from said Laurence McGUIER & wife to Ann McAFEE.

It appearing to satisfaction of Court that at December Term Calvin JONES presented petition praying leave to erect mill on Butler’s Creek, 1st range, 8th section, 9th Surv. Dist., 1000 acre tract owned by Calvin JONES, prayer of said petition granted.

Ordered that Herendon HARALSON, Ryland CHANDLER & Parks CHANDLER have leave to erect water grist mill & saw mill on their land on Butler’s Creek in this County.

Page 16

Ordered that Adam R. ALEXANDER have leave to erect grist & saw mill, 1st range, 8th section, 10th dist. in this County.

Ordered that Duncan McIVER have leave to erect mill & dam on his land across Jones Creek, 1st range, 9th section, 9th Dist. in County of Madison.

Ordered Ezekiel B. McCOY have leave to erect mill & dam across Trase Creek on his land in 2nd range, 9th section, 9th Dist., County of Madison.

John T. PORTER records stock mark.

Ordered Bartholomew G. STEWART, Francis TAYLOR, Jacob BRADBERRY, JR., Samuel TAYLOR & Thomas JAMES, jury appointed to view & lay off road from Court House, nearest & best way by Forked Deer Post Office, Francis Taylor’s Mill & thence direct course to center of Carroll County.

Inventory of estate of Robert McMILLIN, returned by John WEAVER, Admr. and Hanah McMILLAN, admrx. of Robert McMILLAN decd., ordered recorded. (Book A, page 8)

Bill of sale from William ATCHISON to John BRADEERRY for Negro woman named Rosannah, produced, acknowledged, ordered certified.

Page 17

Patsy DOAK, Execx. of Robert LOAK, decd., returned inventory of sale of property of estate of Robert DOAK, deed., ordered recorded. (Book A, page 5)

Justices of this County: William ATCHISON, Robert H. DYER, Duncan McIVER, Adam R. ALEXANDER, Bartholomew G. STEWART & Joseph LYNN, first class to serve terms of June & December; John THOMAS, William BRADEN, David JARRETT, James TROUSDALE, Herendon HARALSON & Samuel TAYLOR, second class, terms of September & March in each year.

John GRACE vs Drury & John BETTIS, Debt: Ordered plantiff recover of defendant sum of $198, also costs of suit.

Court adjourned. Joseph LINN, William ATCHISON, B. G. STEWART

Page 18
Tuesday, March 19th, 1822

Present the worshipful. Joseph LYNN, William ATCHISON, Bartholomew G. STEWART, Samuel TAYLOR, Adam R. ALEXANDER, Esqrs.

William S. MITCHELL vs John THOMAS, Debt: Plaintiff to recover sum of $309 from defendant, also costs, to be staid until Sept. County Court.

John W. COOK, Richard C. ALDEN, Isaac S. W. COOK, Alexander S. JONES, produced license & took oaths as Attornies at Law in this Court.

Present the Worshipful Duncan McIVER.

Thomas JAMES, John FUSSELL, John BRADBERRY, John WEAVER & William McCASSLIN, appointed yesterday to view road leading from John P. THOMAS house through premises of Samuel TAYLORS, returned with report. $2.75 damages to TAYLORS fence, ordered & received.

Page 19

Elijah JONES, constable, appeared & took oath to attend Grand Jury. William ATCHISON records stock mark.

Ordered County Tax equal to State Tax for years 1821 & 1822 & Commissioners appointed by last term of Court are appointed to receive lists for years aforesaid & make return to next term of Court.

J. FUSSELL vs James L. WORTHAM, Certiosasi; Plaintiff moved Court to dismiss the Certionari herein, motion over ruled.

Page 20

William GRIFFITH resigned the corraners appointment of this County. Henry N. COULTER ordered to be exonerated from attending as juryman.

Ordered Joseph LYNN, Bartholomew G. STEWART & James TROUSD&LE appointed Commissioners in persuance of an act of the General Assembly of State of Tennessee to fix upon the cite of seat of Justice of County of Madison.

Ordered Bartholomew, Joseph LYNN, James THOUSDALE & Adam R. ALEXANDER & John HAREGRAVES be appointed Commissioners in persuance of before recited act to superintend the laying of a town at said cite when it may be fixed upon.

Jury summoned for last term of Court: Moses OLDHAM, Nathaniel SIMPSON, James CALDWELL, John HARDGRAVES, John BRADHERRY, Henry RAGAN, Vincent HARALSON, Francis TAYLOR, Benjamin JONES, Thomas L. D. PARK, John MONTGOMERY, William L. DAVIS, Samuel H. SHANNON, Thos. JONES, Wile ESPEY, ______ NEEDHAM, Francis HEARN and thereupon the following persons to-wit: John HARWRAVES, Moses OLDHAH, Nathaniel RAGAN, Vincent HARALSON, Francis TAYLOR, Benjamin JONES, Thomas L. D. PARKS, John MONGOMERY, William L. DAVIS, Samuel H. SHANNON, elected as Grand Jury, John HARGRAVES, Foreman.

State vs John STARNES & William W. JOHNSON, Indictment for an affray: Defendants pleaded guilty, State asked to recover $5.00 each & damages sustained by reason of affray aforesaid. Grand Jury returned a bill of indictment against John STARNES & William W. JOHNSON.

Grand Jury returned bill of indictment against William W. JOHNSON & Moses STARNES, an affray.

Court adjourned. Samuel TAY:OR, Duncan McIVER, R. H. DYER.

Page 22
Wednesday, 20th March 1822

Present the Worshipful: James THOUSDALE, Robert H. DYER, Duncan McIVER, William BRADEN, Adam R. ALENANDER and Samuel TAYLOR, Esquires.

Ordered Guy SMITH, A. L. GRAY, John G. CAUTHERIES, James STAULKUP, James POORE, D. FORGUSON, John B. HOGG, Moses OLDHAM & James THOUSDALE, or any 5 of them, to view & lay road, beginning where Carroll County Road will stop on Madison County line, leading by Robert H. DYER & by CAUTHERIES Ferry on south fork of Forked Deer River.

Elijah STONE, Admr. of estate of Lewis JONES, decd., returned inventory of estate of deceased.

Page 23

State vs Moses STARNES, Indictment for Afray. Moses STARNES, pleads guilty, fined $5.00 plus cost. John FARR acknowledges as defendant’s security.

State vs William M. JOHNSON, Indicted for Affray, Defendant & John P. THOMAS made bond $375: defendant $250 & John P. THOMAS $125, to be levied of their goods & chatels, lands & tenements, to be void on condition that defendant make his personal appearence at next Term of Court, 3rd Monday of June. John McALLISTER vs William BOWING, Junr.: Case: Defendant appeared, suit expended, ruled in absence of plaintiff.

Page 24

Deed of Bargain & Sale Thomas CAMPBELL to Lewis NEEDHAM, produced, acknowledged, ordered certified.

James ADAMS entitled to one wolf scalp.

John P. THOMAS has leave to open private way from his house to his inclosure.

Due to the length of this special edition of FAMILY FINDINGS, it will be impossible to publish any more of the Madison County Minute Book I abstracts. Your Editorial Staff plans to continue these abstracts in future issues of FAMILY FINDINGS. Ed.

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