Vanderbilt Alumnus Magazine
October 1924

Ex’20 – Mrs. Burns CARROLL, of Jackson, Tenn., formerly Miss Ruth FAW, of Franklin, Tenn., died Wednesday, June 25, after a brief illness.  Mrs. CARROLL was a daughter of Justice W.W. FAW of the court of civic appeals, and was a student at Vanderbilt in 1917-1918, but later graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, Va.

Vanderbilt Alumnus Magazine
October 24, 1924

Francis Perry ELLIOTT (Engr. ’80-’82), well known author and teacher, and a former resident of Nashville, died August 13 in Tuscon, Arizona.  He had been confined in a hospital there for a year and a half and his death was not unexpected.

He was born in Nashville on July 29, 1861 and received his early education in the public school, and his secondary education at Montgomery Bell Academy before entering Vanderbilt University.  He was a teacher and a superintendent of public schools in this state and in Mississippi for nearly 20 years, and for 13 years was Principal of the Jackson (Tenn.) high school.  He was head of the Literary Department at Belmont College in Nashville from 1880 to 1886, and was Headmaster of the Castle-on-the-Hudson for two years.

After this time he devoted himself entirely to literary pursuits.  He was connected at different periods with Harper & Bros., managing editor of the Home Magazine, the New Age and The Great Southwest.  For the past 20 years he has divided his time between New York and Keokuk  Iowa, and spent a part of the summer two years ago at Monteagle, Tenn., where he renewed many acquaintances.

Mr. ELLIOTT is the author of several novels, among these being The Haunted Pajamas, a and of several short stories and other articles.  He was a member of the Episcopal church and Royal Arch Mason.

The Tennessee State Library & Archives (TSLA) houses the surviving records of the Tennessee State Penitentiary. The following list are individuals in the index from Madison County. For information on how to get more information about these records, please contact TSLA.

Last NameFirst NameYearRaceAgeCrimeCounty
AdamsMartin1852 32larcenyMadison
AlexanderWilliam A.1854 37forgeryMadison
BaileyTimothy1860 27BlankMadison
BallisterTimothy1861 21larcenyMadison
BarkerWilliam1861 22larcenyMadison
BondRalph C19larcenyMadison
ButtonWilliam1870C larcenyMadison
ByrumBenjamin1854 21mail robberyMadison
CaldwellCon1859 40larcenyMadison
CardenJohn1859 25murderMadison
CarpenterDoc1861 35incestMadison
CarrJohn1858 28larcenyMadison
ColdwellCon1859 50larcenyMadison
DodsonJefferson1860 43larcenyMadison
DunhausGeorge H.1861 26manslaughterMadison
EdwardsW. A.1857 36horse stealingMadison
EnosWilliam1853 35larceny / stealingMadison
EvansBartlett1861 24larcenyMadison
FlaxeyWilliam1861 20larcenyMadison
GormanEdward1868 22larcenyMadison
GouldingJames1859 20larcenyMadison
GreenwoodJ.1860 32forgeryMadison
GroomsWilliam1853 20larcenyMadison
HallFelin S.1851 36larcenyMadison
HamlenWilliam M.1861 35bigamyMadison
HenryJohn1870 23larcenyMadison
HinesGeorge1870C larcenyMadison
HutchinsonJ. R.1861 36passing counterfeit 
JonesAndy1860 31larcenyMadison
LaceyJames1861 46larcenyMadison
ManningMartin1861 23bigamyMadison
McIntyre[blank]1870C burglaryMadison
MitchellHenry1869C23false pretenseMadison
NolenJames1859 27murderMadison
NutteillWilliam1851 24murderMadison
O’KeefePatrick1861 23“rescue”Madison
PortalHenry1861 25murderMadison
PowersJames1860 25larcenyMadison
RandallIsaac1870C larcenyMadison
RecordJerry1870C rapeMadison
ReedChas1870C larcenyMadison
RobertsC. J.1859 43false pretenceMadison
RobesonJohn1860 42larcenyMadison
RoweBenjamin W.1851 28murderMadison
SaulsJohn G.1861 21murderMadison
SearsAlbert1860 31larcenyMadison
ThomasGeorge1869W21false pretenceMadison
ThomasGeorge1869W21false pretenceMadison
VinsonHenry1854 39murderMadison
WatkinsJohn G. W.1854 72larcenyMadison
WellsCharles1861 26murderMadison
WilliamsAhue1859 38rapeMadison
WilliamsEdward1858 21larcenyMadison
WilliamsSam C23larcenyMadison
WoodfolkTucker C17larcenyMadison
WoodsNelson1858 22murderMadison
WorkmanW. G.1859 25murderMadison

RAGLAND, F. B., merchant; born Denmark, Madison Co., Tenn., 1845; son F. B. and Elizabeth (Springfield) RAGLAND; Scotch descent; educated private schools in Haywood Co., Tenn.; married Mary A. CALLENDER Sept. 5, 1866; member K. of P.; three years’ service in Confederate army, member 12th Tenn. Cavalry; fought in battles Bryce’s Cross Roads, Johnsville, Harrisburg, assisted capture of steamboats at Johnsville; mustered out Gainesville, Miss., 1865; served with Gen. Forrest through entire campaign; since war in mercantile business at Dancyville, Tenn., and twenty years in Brownsville, Tenn.

Source: Who’s Who in Tennessee: A Biographical Reference Book of Notable Tennesseans of To-Day. Memphis: Paul & Douglas Co, 1911.

PATTON, Alson C., educator; born Graham, N.C., Aug. 31, 1856; Irish-English descent; son of Alexander W. and Sarah (Freshwater) PATTON; educated Morrisville, N.C., graduated Morrisville, N.C., graduated Morrisville Academy, Morrisville (N.C.) in 1881; in early youth was a farmer; began business career later as a teacher; married Mary Lou BRIGANCE 1892; member I.O.O.F.; member of Methodist church; has been teaching school in Crockett Co., Tenn. since 1889.

Source: Who’s Who in Tennessee: A Biographical Reference Book of Notable Tennesseans of To-Day. Memphis: Paul & Douglas Co, 1911.

Related Information

The Alexander School in Jackson, TN, was found in 1909 [1]. Thanks to Anthony Cresap, we are pleased to share this 1922 class photo. Anthony’s grandfather, Warren Willis, was a student there. Click on the photo to enlarge.

The back of the photo contains a list of student names.  Best as we can determine (may not be perfect), the transcription of names appears below (one of the boys appears to be unamed?):

Warren Williss
Alexander School
February 1, 1922
Miss Harris, Teacher

  • Carl Pogue
  • Warren Williss (boy with arrow above his head)
  • Has Kly (sp) Perkins
  • Howard Taylor
  • George Lynch
  • Earl Stutusm (sp)
  • Howard Master
  • Tucker Rather
  • [unknown]
  • Ella Ween McCuthers
  • Dorothy Cade
  • Elizabeth Carson
  • Wanda (sp) Owen
  • Annie Bell Terry
  • Hudson Brooks
  • Jerry Curtiss
  • Hattie Bell Linsey
  • Emma Johnston
  • Mary Louise
  • Ruth Wallace

If you can help us better identify the students in the picture, please do comment below!

[1] Williams, Emma I. Historic Madison: The Story of Jackson and Madison County, Tennessee, from the Prehistoric Moundbuilders to 1917. Jackson, Tenn: Madison County Historical Society, 1946.

Obituary Resolutions

Bascom Chapel, S.S., Aug 8 1875 – After opening services the regular order was dispensed with and the following preamble and resolutions were adopted:

WHEREAS, On the 20th of July, 1875, our beloved sister, Alice MCCLELLAND, is the flower and beauty of youthful womanhood, was taken from the fond embrace of parents, relatives and friends; and, 

WHEREAS, By the death of said sister our Sabbath School has again, in the short space of a few months, been robbed of another one of its brightest jewels; therefore, be it

Resolved, That while we bow in humble submission to this severe stroke of a Divine Providence, yet our hearts are pained at so sad a loss. 

Resolved, That in the death of dear Alice, this school has sustained a loss not easily repaired.  With a form so divinely symmetrical, cheeks like the blush of the morning rose, thy voice so melodious in song, the ring of thy merry laugh giving life to every social circle, crowned with all the virtues that adorn your sex, Oh! Alice, how can we not miss thee?

Resolved, That this school, especially the youth, may profit by the sad lesson taught them in the death of our dear Alice; her virtues emulate, her faults, if any, forgive, and endeavor to meet her at the throne of God, where she shall mingle her sweet alto voice with the angelic choir in the Paradise of God.  

Resolved, That each member of this school wear the usual badge of mourning for 30 days. 

Resolved, That a copy of these proceedings be furnished the Jackson Sun, for publication, and that a copy of the paper be sent to the family of the deceased. 

Source: Jackson Son, 27 Aug 1875, pg. 3

A Robber Shot

On Sunday night last a burglar entered the sleeping apartment of Mr. Robert BROWN, Sr., on Royal street, but was discovered before effecting his purpose. As he fled from the house several shots were fired at him without effect. Before entering the house he had pulled off his shoes and left them at the gate, and so hotly was he pursued that he did not take time to recover them. The shoes were discovered by the pursuers, Messrs. William, Perry and Elisha BROWN, sons of Mr. Robert BROWN, and they resolved to watch and see if the robber would not return. Sure enough, about one o’clock the thief approached stealthily and cautiously, evidently best on recovering his shoes. The young men did not move until the robber picked up the shoes and then they called on him to stand and surrender. But he fled, and as he did so the young men fired several shots at him and gave pursuit. One of the shots took effect in the robber’s hip, and he fell on the bridge at the crossing of Smith and Market streets, where his pursuers overtook and arrested him. He is now in the station house suffering greatly from his wound, which, although serious, is not likely to prove fatal. He is a negro, and gives his name as Aaron WILSON. We understand that he had been in the city but a few days and that he hails from Corinth, Miss. May such a fate overtake all vagrants who thus attempt to live without honest labor. This city is full of them. It seems, and we fear that there is no other protection for the honest citizens against their depredations, save that afforded by watchful eyes and loaded guns.

This item appears later in the issue:

Soon after Mr. BROWN shot the negro Sunday night Mr. COLLINS heard some one in his house, and got up and started to the door with the pistol to shoot the burglar, but he stumbled against a chair and thief decamped.

Source: Jackson Sun, 4 Jun 1875. 

W.B. Ellis, Sr. and Jno. MCDONALD Jr., attended the funeral of Bruce EDENTON at Jackson Sunday. 

Source: Chester County Independent, 9 Jan 1930, pg. 5. 

The Tennessee State Library & Archives (TSLA) houses the surviving records of the Tennessee State Penitentiary.  The following list are individuals in the index from Madison County.  For information on how to get more information about these records, please contact TSLA.

Last NameFirst NameCrimeAge
--?--Jim, a boy of collorobtaining goods under under 
false pretence
BellewWilliamlarceny & rec'd stolen goods27
BoobyFrancesreceiving stolen goods53
BowlesJosephattempt to kill48
BrooksBaileymanslaughter68 stealing29
CalhounJohn H.murder62
CassellsWilliamhorse stealing27
ChildressAyresp[etit] larcenyblank
ClarkMarian C.murder28
ClarkReubenhorse breaking [sic]19
CookGeorge Washingtonstabbing21
JohnsonNoel K.p[etit] larceny24
JohnsonRichardfalse token44
MorganWilliamhorse stealing22
MurrellJohn A.negro stealing28
PowersJamesp[etit] larceny20
RayDruryhorse stealing17
RobinsonJohn D.p[etit] larceny20
SlaughterJames C.D.murder30