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"I, John Smith, knowing that there comes a time when all men must die, do hereby declare this my last will and testament revoking all other wills. First, I ..."
The following list is a transcription of the will index for Will Book A (November 1870 - January 1917) found on Roll #56 of the Loudon County Microfilm available from the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

From each will the following information was extracted: Name of deceased, the date the will was written, the date the will was probated, the name of the spouse (if given), the name of the children (if explicitly stated as "my son/daughter/child"), and other information such as other relationships explicitly mentioned. In most cases, each will has a separate inventory and settlement. You will need to check the Inventory and Settlements Page as well.

If you find a will listed that you are interested in obtaining a copy of, you can request a copy from the Tennessee State Library and Archives. If you have a copy of any of these wills, I encourage you to transcribe and let me put it online to share with other researchers.



Will Book A
Pages 208-400
(Part II)

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Name: R(oger). H(enry). Abbott
Written: Jan 24, 1890
Probated: May 5, 1890
Page(s): 224
Children: Louisa Baird, Lizzie Harrison, Roger Henry Abbott, Frank H. Abbott
Other Info: Granddaugter: Lula Harrison; Grandson: James Calloway
Name: Marcus Anderson
Written: Nov 24, 1888
Probated: Apr 21, 1894
Spouse: not named
Page(s): 308-309
Children: Edward Anderson, James Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Susannah Anderson, Marcus Anderson, Eliza Fisher, Jane Ward, Mary Winn
Other Info: Of Barlow Township, Washington County, OH; Son-in-law: Jacob Vickers
Name: N. P. Bacon
Written: Jul 6, 1897
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 337
Spouse: Sophia
Page(s): 340-341
Children: Charles H. Bacon
Other Info: 
Name: Nancy Baldwin
Written: Sep 4, 1900
Page(s): 400
Other Info: Heirs: Eliza Caroline and Malissa Jocy Baldwin
Name: F(rancis). Beals
Written: May 9, 1890
Page(s): 229
Other Info: Georgiana Brenard Co. Fla
Name: Joseph Beals
Written: Dec 6, 1875
Probated: Oct Term 1889
Page(s): 219
Children: Ruth E, Hannah E, Margaret Jane, Samuel H. Beals
Other Info: Son-in-law: Albert H. Maupin
Name: Mary A. Billinglsley
Written: Jan 3, 1896
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 316
Page(s): 338
Other Info: Grandchildren: Sallie Webster, Mollie Gaylon, Joseph Billingsley, Lillie Billingsley, Mack Billingsley, Luther Billingsley
Name: John Billingsley
Written: Jan 11, 1890
Probated: Minute Book No. 5 Page 261
Spouse: Mary
Page(s): 246
Children: Jas H. Billingsley, B. F. Billingsley, Louisa Ferguson
Other Info: Grandson: Mack Billingsley
Name: John Billingsley
Written: June 10, 1879
Probated: Minute Book 5, Page 258
Spouse: Mary
Page(s): 248
Children: B. F. Billingsley; Huse Billingsley, Becky H. Havens, Susan Hudgeons
Other Info: 
Name: James Wiley Blair
Written: Jul 29, 1892
Probated: Minute Book No. 5 Page 349
Spouse: Laura Jane
Page(s): 256
Other Info: Father and Mother buried in Stekee Iron Yard
Name: C. W. Blankenship
Written: Nov 11, 1886
Probated: May 5, 1890
Spouse: Mary E.
Page(s): 227
Other Info: 
Name: J. A. Blankenship
Written: Nov 12, 1892
Spouse: Nannie
Page(s): 275
Other Info: 
Name: Henry Bogart
Written: Sep 12, 1871
Probated: July Term 1889
Spouse: Lucinda
Page(s): 214
Children: William H. Bogart, Henry M. Bogart, Nancy Webb, Elizabeth Fry, Mary Evaline Wilson, Margaret L. Eldridge, Lucinda Wilson, Hiram Bogart deceased, Jane Brazeale
Other Info: Willis L. Brazeale h/o Jane
Name: Newton Bogart
Written: May 15, 1888
Probated: July 1, 1889
Page(s): 216-217
Other Info: Sisters: Elizabeth Bogart, Martha M. Bogart, Susan Cannon; Brother: Frank Bogart deceased; Nieces: Betty Goddard Mayes, Addie Goddard Dickey, Ann Goddard Frierson, Ann M. Bogart, Ann Y Cannon, Mary L. Cannon; Nephews: Walter G. Bogart, J. N. Bogart, R. N. Cannon, Frank Cannon, Chas. C. Cannon, J. N. Goddard, Wm M. Bogart, Arthur B. Cannon, Harry Cannon; Brother-in-laws: William Cannon, J. W. Goddard
Name: George W. Brannon
Written: Jun 26, 1900
Page(s): 392
Children: Rebecca J. Bronnon
Other Info: 
Name: Nancy Brogdon
Written: Feb 25, 1898
Probated: Minute Book #7, Page 25
Page(s): 390
Other Info: 
Name: Wm. Cannon
Written: Dec 7, 1896
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 278
Spouse: Susan
Page(s): 333
Children: Robert N. Cannon, Charles C. Cannon, Anna Cannon Lenoir, Mary L. Cannon, Arthur B. Cannon, Harry Cannon
Other Info: Henry L. Lenoir h/o Anna
Name: Jackson Carter
Written: July 25, 1892
Page(s): 276
Children: Susan E. Wright, Sanders M. Carter, Lorinda Shelton, Samuel M. Carter, Jackson Hurley Carter, Price Carter, Anderson Carter, Almeda Lee, L. C. Carter
Other Info: Thomas Shelton h/o Lorinda, George Lee h/o Almeda;
Name: William Craig
Written: Jun 12, 1899
Page(s): 354
Children: Thomas Craig, Elizabeth Nelson, Emaline Collins, Bartley M. Craig, Hugh H. Craig, Betsey J. Lambert
Other Info: Heirs of Caroline Brooks mentioned
Name: Asa H. Crandell
Spouse: Mary
Page(s): 352-353
Children: William Joseph Crockett Crandall, George Thomas Crandall, Jacob Bryson Crandall, Stuard Atkins Crandall (TX), Mary Joseph Osment (late, Cleveland, TN), Newton W. Crandall
Other Info: 
Name: E. L. Davis
Written: May 23, 1894
Probated: Minute Book #5 Page 599
Spouse: John W. Davis
Page(s): 310
Children: Sevier Mark Phillips
Other Info: Sister: Julia O. Hardin; Brother: John C. Minton
Name: Edy Dunn
Written: Sept 17, 1887
Probated: Oct 8, 1890
Page(s): 228
Other Info: Widow of G. J. J. Dunn
Name: John H. Eldridge
Written: Aug 24, 1897
Spouse: Martha M.
Page(s): 393-394
Children: James H. Eldridge, Ben Eldridge, S. G. Eldridge, Amos J. Eldridge, R. A. Eldridge, Sallie Nicholas, Lizzee Kollock, Susan Cox
Other Info: 
Name: Jonas Foosher
Written: Mar 5, 1888
Probated: Mar 7, 1892; Minute Book #6 Page 388
Page(s): 327
Children: Mary Elizabeth, Martha Ann
Other Info: 
Name: Mrs. E. A. Galyon
Written: Oct 2, 1891
Probated: Minute Book 5, Page 259
Spouse: J. P.
Page(s): 244
Children: J. N. Galyon, E. M. C. Parker, Mary L. Clark, Fanny Gale, Frank Galyon, S. R. Galyon, Charly B. Galyon, J. E. Galyon, Amanda Sum Simpson, Sophia I. Galyon
Other Info: 
Name: Wm. C. Gambol
Written: March 2, 1891
Probated: May 27, 1891
Spouse: Aggie H.
Page(s): 250
Other Info: Van Wert County OH; Siblings: R. A. Gamble, A. L. Gamble,Isabella Clendening, Sarah J. Davis, Eva McMillen
Name: J. B. Hall
Written: Feb 9, 1897
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 388
Spouse: M. E. Hall
Page(s): 343-345
Children: David M. Hall, Gid C. Hall, Cas B. Hall, S. I. Hall, Zoe B. Bussell
Other Info: Son-in-law: J. W. Bussell
Name: Wm Harden
Written: Jun 30, 1891
Probated: Minute Book 5, Page 228
Page(s): 245
Other Info: Brother: Benjamin Hardin
Name: N. M. Harris
Written: Nov 16, 1896
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 257
Page(s): 332
Children: J. W. Harris
Other Info: Son-in-law: C. L. R. Stockton
Name: Elizabeth Hoover
Written: Jun 2, 1892
Spouse: John J. (deceased)
Page(s): 255
Children: Step-Son: Henry Hoover
Other Info: 
Name: James C. Hoskins
Written: Nov 23, 1896
Page(s): 349
Children: John W. Hoskins, L. S. Hoskins, Robt F. Hoskins, K. Hoskins
Other Info: Grandson: Robt L. Hoskins s/o K. Hoskins; G-Grandson: Oliver Robinson s/o James L. Robinon
Name: C(laiborn). M. Hotchkiss
Written: May 14, 1889
Spouse: Sallie
Page(s): 259-260
Children: Louisa Lauderdale, Isabella Hill, Sarah Johnson
Other Info: John Lauderdale h/o Louisa, John Hill h/o Isabella, John Johnson h/o Sarah; Minute Book No. 5 Page 378
Name: A. Howard
Written: Sept 5, 1885
Probated: Feb 2, 1891
Spouse: Lucinda Jane
Page(s): 234
Other Info: Niece: Zerelda Amos; Brother: S. T. Howard; Sisters: Amanda E. Douthit, Florida M. Barnet
Name: Harlin Jones
Written: Jan 22, 1897
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 282
Spouse: Isabel
Page(s): 336
Children: Callie Jones, Lillie Jones, Loula Jones, Vala Jones
Other Info: 
Name: John D. & Jas B. Bowman Jones
Written: Mar 26, 1888
Probated: Mar 1889
Spouse: Rachel
Page(s): 235
Children: David Marshall Jones, Sarah Staley, Joseph P. Jones, Miriam McGill, John N. Jones
Other Info: 
Name: Louisa C. Jones
Written: June 21, 1894
Page(s): 322
Other Info: Nephew: W. C. Cannon; Nieces: Alice Mattie Bland, Susan, Louise Cannon, Betsey, Ida; Sister: M. E. Bogart
Name: T. C. Keener
Written: July 11, 1887
Probated: July 1889
Spouse: Phebe J.
Page(s): 218
Children: Tom Keener
Other Info: 
Name: Angie (colored) Kline
Written: Jun 22, 1889
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 334
Spouse: Ed Kline, Jr.
Page(s): 342
Other Info: Mary L. Kline (colored) d/o Ed Kline
Name: Wm Kline
Probated: Mar 22, 1893, Minute Book No. 5 Page 401
Page(s): 264
Other Info: Mother: Sarah L. Kline
Name: Catherine F. Lenoir
Written: Sept 30, 1880
Page(s): 223
Children: Katie, Margaret, Adelaide
Other Info: 
Name: Margaret L. Lyons
Written: Aug 26, 1891
Probated: Minute Book No. 5 Page 376
Spouse: James A.
Page(s): 258
Children: Adelaide Avery
Other Info: 
Name: Malinda J. Maples
Written: May 12, 1894
Page(s): 307
Other Info: Sisters: Martha Simpson, Lurinda Simpson,Rebecca Eldridge, Nancy Cardwell, Mary Matthews; Heirs of Rebecca: Mary A. Stalcup, Thomas Scales, Jacob Eldridge; Heirs of Nancy: John W. Cardwell; Heirs of Mary: Frank Underwood, Ida Underwood Hart, Mattie Wartham, Robert Wortham; Probate: Minute Book # 5 Page 567
Name: Catherine Marney
Written: Jan 1, 1892
Probated: Apr Term 1900
Page(s): 384
Children: J. S. Marney, Malinda C. Snow
Other Info: Grandson: John Stafford
Name: Hannah G. McClung
Written: Feb 4, 1892
Page(s): 348
Children: G. W. McClung, John McClung
Other Info: Grandson: Wm & B. McClung
Name: Lucinda F. Minton
Written: Aug 8, 1893
Spouse: Samuel A. Rodgers
Page(s): 313
Other Info: 
Name: L. Mizell
Written: Dec 16, 1890
Spouse: Caroline
Page(s): 347
Children: Geo, Abe, Willard, Sarah Jones, Nancy Carpenter, Laura
Other Info: Hugh, Fred, Lillie Carpenter c/o Nancy;
Name: F. M. Myers
Written: Mar 7, 1895
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 298
Spouse: Sinsha M. Myers
Page(s): 328
Children: Maggie L. Low
Other Info: 
Name: Laura C. Norwood
Written: Dec 2, 1893
Page(s): 291
Children: Laura L. Norwood, Mary N. Faucitte, Eliza A. Norwood, Julia H. Norwood, James M. Norwood
Other Info: Brother: Walter M. Lenoir (deceased)
Name: Adele C. Ogden
Written: Nov 20, 1878
Page(s): 270-274
Other Info: 
Name: Wm Ogden
Written: May 15, 1893
Spouse: Adela C.
Page(s): 270
Children: Edward William Ogden
Other Info: Bergen County, NJ; Brooklyn, Kings County, NY
Name: Henry Peters
Written: Sept 15, 1899
Spouse: not named
Page(s): 355-356
Children: Fannie
Other Info: 
Name: Tobias Peterson
Written: Jan 13, 1900
Spouse: Nancy L.
Page(s): 387
Children: Minnie E. McCollum, T. H. Peterson, 
Other Info: 
Name: Hugh G. Prater
Written: Apr 15, 1891
Probated: May Term 1891
Spouse: Elizabeth Jane
Page(s): 238
Children: William W., Oscar B., Avery, Belle M. Leeper
Other Info: 
Name: Wm W. Prater
Written: Jul 18, 1891
Probated: Minute Book 5, Page 211
Spouse: Margaret B.
Page(s): 243
Children: William. W. Prater
Other Info: Brother: Oscar B. Prater
Name: J. R. Robinson
Written: Aug 16, 1890
Spouse: Sarah A.
Page(s): 283-284
Children: Belle, Lizzie Ballard
Other Info: 
Name: Margaret M. Rose
Written: Aug 7, 1883
Probated: Apr Term 1891
Page(s): 237
Children: Martha Caroline Rose
Other Info: 
Name: J(ames). T and E(lizabeth). A. Saffell
Written: Jul 22, 1896
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 470
Page(s): 346
Children: Margaret E. Block
Other Info: Granddaughter: Bettie Block
Name: H. J. Shelton
Written: Jan 12, 1894
Spouse: Martha J.
Page(s): 350
Other Info: 
Name: W. J. Simmons
Written: Mar 14, 1892
Probated: Minute Book No. 5 Page 274
Page(s): 266
Other Info: Sister: Lula R. Taliaferro; M. H. Taliaferro h/o Lula
Name: Jonathan Summit
Written: Jun 9, 1896
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 256
Spouse: Bettie S.
Page(s): 331
Children: Mary M. Cody; James L. Summitt
Other Info: Burial: St. Paul Burial Grounds, Monroe County, TN; John Cody h/o Mary
Name: Harvey Thompson
Written: Mar 1, 1883
Spouse: Ann Vira
Page(s): 277
Children: Sarah Malinda Thompson, Martha Lucina Brook, Mary Caroline Oneal, Harriet Emeline Thompson
Other Info: Former wife and children mentioned
Name: Naomi A. Thompson
Written: Dec 11, 1896
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 282
Page(s): 336
Other Info: Niece: Naoma Gaston; Cousin: M. M. Tipton; Brother: R. A. Thompson; Brother-in-law: W. L. Gaston
Name: Sarah Jane Thompson
Written: Feb 22, 1899
Page(s): 351
Children: Sarah F. Thompson, Joseph G. Thompson, Lark Thompson, Martha L. Harden, James Thompson, Mary S. Colquet, 
Other Info: 
Name: Riley Waters
Written: Mar 9, 1892
Page(s): 267
Children: Penelopie Dodson, Sarah Abbott (deceased), Henderson Walter
Other Info: S. A. Dodson h/o Penelopie; Grandchildren: Cordelia Pellet, Samuel Abbott, Jackson Abbott c/o Sarah
Name: Isaac Wear
Written: Dec 3, 1893
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 181
Spouse: Susannah
Page(s): 329
Children: Deborah Lee
Other Info: Eugene Lee h/o Deborah
Name: Isaac Wear
Written: Mar 12, 1894
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 182
Spouse: Susannah
Page(s): 330 (Codicil to Will)
Children: Deborah Lee
Other Info: Eugene Lee h/o Deborah
Name: Henry J. Welcker
Written: Dec 16, 1892
Page(s): 279
Other Info: Brother: Charles F. Welcker (deceased); Sister: Catherine F. Lenoir (deceased); Niece: Kate Lenoir d/o Catherine; Brothers: James M. Welcker (deceased) B. F. Welcker, Albert G. Welcker; M. L. Welcker s/o Charles F.
Name: James Wesh
Written: Jan 11, 1895
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 139
Page(s): 317
Other Info: 
Name: F(rank). E. Williams
Written: Sep 18, 1900
Spouse: Rebecca Ward Williams, decd (b. 3rd 1835 - Mar 10, 1898)
Page(s): 395-399
Children: Alice Cornelia Williams, decd
Other Info: Burial: Mt. Olivet; Sister-in-law: Laura W. Williams (Los Angeles, CA), Sallie E. Mountcastle; Rebecca E. & Edna E. Williams c/o Laura; Brother: C. C. Williams; Kate C. Williams w/o C. C.; Brother-in-law: John Shirley Ward b/o wife; Nephew: Ralph Mountcastle; Frank E Williams (b. Jul 18, 1830)
Name: Levi J. Williams
Written: Aug 7, 1896
Probated: Minute Book #6, Page 281
Spouse: Sarah Jane
Page(s): 337
Children: Jennie, Mattie, Levi Wilburn, Sarah Ann, Emily, Mary Malinda, Bettie, Samuel, Joel
Other Info: 
Name: Rufus Wilson
Written: Mar 30, 1893
Spouse: Sarah I.
Page(s): 280-282
Children: J. R. Wilson, S. M. Wilson, Robert L. Wilson, William S. Wilson, John J. Wilson, Emma Simpson
Other Info: Grandson: Rufus Wilson, John W. Simpson
Name: Lucinda Flora Winton
Written: Apr 24, 1893
Page(s): 318
Children: Rebecca Elvira Wallace, Mary Jane Fine,
Other Info: Son-in-laws: James Wallace, Daniel Fine

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