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"I, John Smith, knowing that there comes a time when all men must die, do hereby declare this my last will and testament revoking all other wills. First, I ..."
The following list is a transcription of the will index for Will Book A (November 1870 - January 1917) found on Roll #56 of the Loudon County Microfilm available from the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

From each will the following information was extracted: Name of deceased, the date the will was written, the date the will was probated, the name of the spouse (if given), the name of the children (if explicitly stated as "my son/daughter/child"), and other information such as other relationships explicitly mentioned. In most cases, each will has a separate inventory and settlement. You will need to check the Inventory and Settlements Page as well.

If you find a will listed that you are interested in obtaining a copy of, you can request a copy from the Tennessee State Library and Archives. If you have a copy of any of these wills, I encourage you to transcribe and let me put it online to share with other researchers.



Will Book A
Pages 1-207
(Part I)

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Name: James Alexander
Written: Oct 8, 1876
Probated: Feb 5, 1877
Spouse: Jane
Page(s): 72-73
Children: F. M. Alexander, James Edward Alexander, Mary Arminty, Wm J. Alexander, Joseph D. Alexander, Rhoda A. Henderson, Elizabeth Jane Humphreys dec'd, Lucinda Jones, Sarah A. Hunt, Hannah E. Alexander, Margaret A. Pierson, Clarinda Clementine Alexander, 
Other Info: 
Name: Nancy Barnes
Written: Sep 29, 1873
Probated: Jan 6, 1879
Page(s): 87
Other Info: 
Name: Dicy Bearden
Written: Jan 5, 1885
Probated: Oct 5, 1884
Page(s): 141
Other Info: Sister: Emar Reno, Father: ?H. Bearden
Name: R. C. Belh
Written: Jun 16, 1875
Probated: Mar 6, 1876
Spouse: Betsy Jane
Page(s): 68-69
Children: James A. Belh, Robert H. Belh, Sarah Jand Belh
Other Info: 
Name: E(lizabeth). A. Blair
Written: Aug 31, 1872
Page(s): 40
Other Info: Siblings: John L. Blair dec'd, James L. Blair, William W. Blair, Martha A. St. John, E. Caroline Johnson, Niece: Bettie A. Johnson, Lula O. Blair, Nephew: John L. Blair, Sally O. Blair
Name: Elizabeth Blair
Written: Mar 25, 1880
Probated: Apr 5, 1880
Page(s): 91
Children: James W. Blair, Martha E. Jones, Margaret Jane, Franklin, Sarah, Isabella, Ledford, Martha Ella Jones
Other Info: 
Name: Hugh Blair
Written: Jul 12, 1883
Probated: Aug 6, 1883
Page(s): 117-119
Other Info: 
Name: Jane Blair
Written: Dec 9, 1871
Probated: May 7, 1872
Page(s): 28
Other Info: Philadelphia, Nephew: H. B. Edwards and J. T. Edwards, Sister Elizabeth Allen w/o Andrew Allen
Name: B. H. Blankenship
Written: Apr 16, 1875
Probated: Jul 5, 1875
Spouse: Sarah J. Blankenship
Page(s): 65
Children: Nancy Gilbert, Wm A, Mary J, Margaret E., Sarah A., Martha M., Albert H., Henry C, Lela A.
Other Info: 
Name: George Bowman
Written: Aug 16, 1865
Probated: May 10, 1871
Spouse: Nancy B. Bowman
Page(s): 17-20 (Inventory)
Children: Elizabeth Ault, Nancy Browder, Polly Tipton, John P. D. Bowman, Sarah Dale, Hannah A. Ault, James B. Bowman, Fannie J. Richie, Susan Johnson, Eliza Jane Blair
Other Info: Citizen of Monroe County, John D. Blair h/o Eliza Jane Blair, Lewis Johnson h/o Susan Johnson
Name: James B. Bowman
Written: Jun 15, 1883
Probated: Aug 6, 1883
Spouse: Mrs. M. E.
Page(s): 119-120
Children: J. T. Hall (dau), M. S. Hall, E. J. Smith, N. A. Bowman
Other Info: W. G. Hall h/o J. T. Hall, 
Name: B(enjamin). F. Byrd
Written: Feb 16, 1882
Probated: Mar 5, 1883
Spouse: Hannah
Page(s): 115-116
Children: Mary Ann Brid, James Alexander Brid
Other Info: 
Name: Elizabeth Dail
Written: Feb 16, 1871
Probated: Mar 6, 1871
Spouse: Calvin
Page(s): 8
Children: Mary Daile, Martha E. Daile
Other Info: Father: Asa Adams of Roane County, Elizabeth died Feb 12, 1871
Name: Nancy P. Davis
Written: Nov 22, 1872
Page(s): 46-47
Other Info: Siblings: Thomas C. Davis, Sally C. Whittenburg, Charles T. P. Davis, Death: Nov 29, 1871
Name: D(avid). H. Dickey
Written: Oct 14, 1884
Probated: Feb 2, 1885
Spouse: Rebecca
Page(s): 142-144
Children: Wilber A. Dickey, Samuel H. Dickey
Other Info: Niece: Rachel L. Dickey
Name: Barbra Donaldsen
Written: Nov 11, 1872
Probated: Apr 6, 1873
Spouse: Robert dec'd
Page(s): 64
Children: Elizabeth Tarwater, Sarah Jane Griffin, Marth J. Swagarty, Andrew Donaldson dec'd
Other Info: 
Name: Nancy Duncan
Written: Oct 1, 1883
Probated: Jul 4, 1883
Page(s): 129
Children: Joseph, William and Bushebd Jane
Other Info: Grandson: John Jackson
Name: G. J. J. Dunn
Written: Mar 6, 1886
Probated: Jul 6, 1886
Spouse: Edy
Page(s): 154
Other Info: 
Name: John B. Edwards
Written: Dec 5, 1879
Probated: Oct 3, 1887
Spouse: Elizabeth
Page(s): 167
Other Info: Heirs: Louisa, Laura, Bell, Charley, James, Frank, Tildon, Mary Green, Sallie Burris, Wm Edwards, Hugh Edwards, Josa McMahan, Edward Edwards, John Edwards, Alise Wavery, Siddie Ballard
Name: Henry Eldridge
Written: May 19, 1880
Probated: Jul 6, 1880
Page(s): 92
Children: Jefferson, Mary Eldridge
Other Info: 
Name: Isabella Eldridge
Written: Jun 6, 1874
Probated: Apr 2, 1877
Page(s): 82
Children: Sarah Wilson, Elizabeth Taliaferro, Martha Coffice
Other Info: Grandchildren: Emiline Wilson d/o Sarah Wilson, Emma Rose and James Taliaferro c/o Elizabeth Taliaferro
Name: Stephen Ferguson
Written: Mar 9, 1878
Probated: Jun 3, 1878
Page(s): 86
Children: Margaret Furgeson, Sarah E. Furgeson, Hugh C. Furgeson, Pleasant M. Furgeson
Other Info: 
Name: Nancy E. Gilbert
Written: Dec 26, 1872
Probated: April Term 1874
Page(s): 60
Children: Julia Ann Bussell, Sarah E. Carter, James M. Leeper
Other Info: Son-in-law: Martin B. Carter
Name: George Griffitts
Written: Jul 17, 1875
Probated: Sep 6, 1875
Spouse: Martha P. 
Page(s): 66-67
Children: J. R. Griffitts, G. M. Griffitts, Hannah E.Bowman dec'd, Nancy Caroline Boring dec'd, July Ann Bilderbackvdec'd , Samuel J. & WS. S. Griffitts
Other Info: Granddaughter: Cora
Name: Martha P. Griffitts
Written: June 19, 1886
Probated: Feb 6, 1888
Page(s): 175
Other Info: Heirs: Samuel Griffitts, Wm. S. Griffitts, J. R. Griffitts, M. J. Pugh, G. W. Griffitts, heirs of Julia A. Bilderback, heirs of Nancey C. Boring, decd
Name: I(saac). M. Hair
Written: Dec 9, 1872
Probated: May 5, 1873
Spouse: Mary
Page(s): 37-38 (Will & Inventory)
Children: Francis M. Hair, James W. Hair, Catherine Nicholson, Sarah I. Chapman, Mary e. Osborne
Other Info: 
Name: Caswell Hall
Written: Mar 4, 1882
Probated: Jul 5, 1886
Spouse: Mary Ann
Page(s): 152.153
Children: James B. Hall, William G. Hall, Margaret J. Cate w/o Thomas L. Cate, Mary C. Walker w/o P. H. Walker
Other Info: 
Name: Jeremiah Hall
Written: Mar 24, 1885
Probated: Feb 7, 1887
Spouse: Sintha
Page(s): 159
Children: Thomas Hall, Henry Hall, Betty Blair, Lucinda Lenoir, J. M. Hall
Other Info: Maggie and Jimmie c/o Betty Blair
Name: Phillip Hammontree
Written: May 13, 1873
Probated: May 7, 1877
Spouse: Katy
Page(s): 79
Children: James E. Hammontree, Margaret J. Stone, Sarah E. Hammontree, Phebe C. Greenway, Ann E. Person
Other Info: 
Name: J(ames). M. Hartley
Written: Jul 26, 1888
Probated: Jan Term 1889
Spouse: Catharine
Page(s): 185-186
Children: Ben Hartley, Nannie J. Hartley, A. L. Hartley, W. J. Hartley, Parthena York, J. M. Hartley Jr., Margaret Bearden
Other Info: Burial: Shady Grove
Name: (William) King Hieskell
Written: Dec 8, 1869
Probated: Apr 5, 1871
Page(s): 9
Other Info: Siblings: Rachael D. L. Tipton, T. D. Heiskell, Milton Y. Heiskell, Tyler D. Heiskell, Nieces: Bettie and Margaret Bechnell
Name: A. B. Howard
Written: Jun 10, 1881
Probated: Jan 2, 1883
Page(s): 114.115
Children: Mary C. Cruse, Margaret Henry, William B. Howard, John R. Howard, Caswell B. Howard, Saml S. Howard, Geo. W. Howard, Rutha E. McClair, James C. Howard
Other Info: 
Name: Wm. Y. Huff
Written: Jul 11, 1867
Probated: Jan 5, 1871
Page(s): 4
Children: James W. Huff, William E. Huff, Eliza R. Huff, Margaret S. Anderson, Sarah E. Reese, Mary A. Beard, Emily J. Anderson, 
Other Info: Citizen of Roane County
Name: Catharine Ingram
Written: Dec 22, 1876
Probated: Apr 2, 1877
Page(s): 83
Children: Polly An, Hardin, George M. Littleton
Other Info: 
Name: Sanford Ingram
Written: Jul 23, 1882
Probated: Oct 3, 1883
Page(s): 113
Children: Moses L. Ingram, Jefferson Ingram, Hannah Littleton
Other Info: Mary Littleton d/o of Hannah
Name: Benjamin Johnson
Written: May 13, 1873
Probated: Feb 4, 1884
Spouse: Sarah 
Page(s): 125.126
Children: Levi, Sterling Johnson, Winnie Brock decd, George W. Johnson
Other Info: Sarah Caroline Brock and John Hensley Brock c/o Winnie Brock
Name: Malinda I. Johnston
Written: Mar 25, 1881
Probated: Jun 6, 1881
Page(s): 105
Other Info: Siblings: Robert M. Johnson; Father: Joseph H. Johnston; Mother: Jane W. Johnston
Name: J. D. Jones
Written: Jul 15, 1876
Probated: Nov 6, 1876
Spouse: Betsy H.
Page(s): 72
Other Info: 
Name: Marica Jones
Written: Mar 29, 1887
Probated: Jun 6, 1887
Page(s): 162-163
Children: Julia Ann Linginfelter w/o James R. Linginfelter, Solomon H. Jones decd, Harriet E. Williams
Other Info: Emma Dunlap d/o Soloman H. Jones, Laura N. Williams d/o Harriet E. Williams
Name: P(arthena). H. Jones
Written: May 18, 1879
Probated: Apr 7, 1885
Page(s): 149
Other Info: Nephew: James M. Hickman
Name: Mary Keen
Written: Aug 3, 1870
Probated: July 3, 1871
Page(s): 22 (Will & Inventory)
Children: Thuresay Bruner, Mary Lane
Other Info: Granddaughter: Oragan Clementine Lain
Name: Jesse, Sr. Kerr
Written: Jun 18, 1872
Probated: Nov 4, 1872
Spouse: Phebe
Page(s): 33
Children: McLein Kerr, David Kerr, William Kerr, John Kerr, Mary Kerr dec'd w/o David Thomson dec'd, Elizabeth Wilson Sally Kerr dec'd w/o A. J. Wilson, G. C. C. Kerr
Other Info: Age: 83, Grandson: David A. Wilson s/o Sally Wilson dec'd
Name: James Knox
Written: Mar 18, 1882
Probated: Jun 5, 1882
Spouse: Eliza
Page(s): 112-113
Other Info: 
Name: W. F. Lenoir
Written: Aug 17, 1878
Probated: Sep 3, 1878
Spouse: Hattie O.
Page(s): 80-81
Children: Walter Thomas Lenoir, Henry L. Lenoir, William G. Lenoir, Thornton P. Lenoir
Other Info: 
Name: Harlen Matthews
Written: Apr 13, 1856
Probated: May 1, 1876
Spouse: Nancy (Jane is marked out)
Page(s): 71
Children: James Matthews, Stephen Matthews, Joseph Matthews, Lydia Bryant, Linda Donaldsoln, Sarah Bartan
Other Info: 
Name: Joseph Matthews
Written: Aug 10, 1881
Spouse: Margaret Jane
Page(s): 108
Children: David, Thaddes, Joseph B., Lou Ann
Other Info: Brother: James Matthews
Name: Joseph Matthews
Written: Sep 7, 1881
Probated: Oct 4, 1881
Page(s): 111 (Codicil)
Other Info: 
Name: Amanda Maxfield
Written: Feb 14, 1888
Probated: Apr 3, 1888
Page(s): 176
Children: Willie Maxfield (adopted)
Other Info: 
Name: Alexander McGill
Written: Sep 15, 1874
Probated: Mar 6, 1876
Spouse: Orlena
Page(s): 69-70
Children: James Harlon, James P McGill, Samuel W. McGill, Maryann C, Cordeli A, Lucinda, John H. McGill
Other Info: 
Name: Nancy Mincy
Written: Sep 4, 1880
Probated: Dec 3, 1883
Page(s): 139
Children: Elizabeth, Nancy
Other Info: 
Name: John Minton
Written: July 10, 1879
Probated: Mar 1, 1886
Spouse: Harrett, decd; Lucinda Flora
Page(s): 151
Other Info: 
Name: Thomas Osborne
Written: Feb 14, 1871
Probated: Mar 6, 1871
Spouse: (2 wives)
Page(s): 7
Children: William Osborne Decd
Other Info: George Osborne s/o William Osborne, Son-in-law: S. T. Blair
Name: Hannah Perkins
Written: May 7, 1877
Probated: Sep 3, 1877
Page(s): 85
Other Info: 
Name: George Pickell
Written: Jan 20, 1875
Probated: Sep 3, 1877
Page(s): 84
Children: Nancy, Amanda, Harriet, Christian Pickel
Other Info: 
Name: James M. Prater
Written: Aug 9, 1870
Probated: Nov 7, 1870
Spouse: Sarah Adeline
Page(s): 1
Children: Mary E. Prater
Other Info: Grandfather: Benjamin Prater; Father-in-Law: James M. Carter
Name: James Robinson
Written: Dec 11, 1870
Probated: Jan 4, 1871
Spouse: Margaret
Page(s): 5
Children: Daniel Robinson, Wiley Robinson, John Robinson, Mary A. Irvinford, Thomas R. Robinson, Charles Robinson, Hardin Robinson, Elizabeth Gaston
Other Info: James A. Irvinford s/o Mary A Irvinford
Name: David Rogers
Written: Jan 26, 1885
Probated: Sep 7, 185
Spouse: Anna
Page(s): 150
Other Info: 
Name: D. W. Siler
Written: Feb 10, 1882
Probated: Feb 2, 1885
Spouse: Martha J.
Page(s): 144
Other Info: 
Name: Robert Simpson
Written: Sep 7, 1865
Probated: Apr 2, 1872
Page(s): 24 (Will & Inventory)
Children: S. A. Simpson
Other Info: Grandson: D. H. Simpson Land in Monroe County
Name: Julia Smith
Written: Aug 10, 1888
Probated: Jan Term 1889
Page(s): 184
Children: Earl Wilson
Other Info: Sisters: Louisa Wilson, Maria Russell
Name: John Staley
Written: Oct 13, 1871
Probated: June Term 1874
Spouse: Mary A.
Page(s): 62-63
Children: J. D. Staley, M. V. Staley, W. M. Staley
Other Info: 
Name: John Thomas
Written: Jun 16, 1884
Probated: Aug 4, 1884
Spouse: Caroline
Page(s): 134
Children: Sarah, Mary William Ira, Joseph, Evy Jane, Rendy, Bird Eaton Thomas, 
Other Info: 
Name: J. A. Tipton
Page(s): 9
Other Info: Not Found
Name: John B. Tipton
Written: Sep 10, 1872
Probated: Jan 6, 1874
Spouse: Louisa
Page(s): 56 (Will & Inventory)
Children: Marshall C. Tipton dec'd, Lucretia A McNutt, Jonathan N. Tipton, Malcolm M. Tipton, Henry L. Tipton, Amelia Emeline McNutt dec'd, Sarah Cobb Gilbert H. Tipton, Caswell T. Tipton, Adelia F. Tipton
Other Info: Age: 75
Name: E(lizabeth). J. N Vance
Probated: Jun 3, 1878
Page(s): 84
Other Info: Sister: Keziah Perkins
Name: John J. West
Written: Jan 1, 1883
Probated: Mar 5, 1883
Spouse: Jane
Page(s): 116-117
Children: Possible: John T. West
Other Info: Brother: Jackson West
Name: N(ancy). M. White
Written: Oct 16, 1872
Probated: Nov 28, 1873
Spouse: Eadon
Page(s): 44 (Will & Inventory)
Other Info: Formerly Nancy M. Dickey, Cherokee County NC, Siblings: Samuel H. Dickey

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