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John Wesley Robinson


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Submitted by Steve Robinson

      My John Wesley Robinson was born in either 1812 or 1809!

       One census shows his age that would place his birth in 1809. His tombstone shows October 1, 1812, and his death on March 9, 1884. His wife, Nancy Copeland Robinson was born September 29, 1822 and died on July 10, 1867. Both of them are buried in the Lebanon Church Cemetery in Bradley County Tennessee just south of Cleveland and north east of Chattanooga along with one other member of the family, Mary A Robinson born October 16, 1845 and died October 29, 1906.

      I believe the census records to support theory that this is a daughter, though one of the sons, married a Mary that could be this same one. This is still an unknown.

      There are two, possibly three other graves that separate John Wesley's grave from his wife's grave that are unmarked. These could be (and most likely are) other Robinson children. It is unknown whether these were stillborn or some of the children that we are looking for.

     We know that Robert Alexander Robinson (my paternal ggfather) is buried in Walker County GA, that John Wesley Robinson (one of the sons, named for his father, and brother to Robert Alexander) is buried in Chattooga County GA and that yet a third son Hiram D. is buried in Box, Oklahoma Just south of Oklahoma City.

       The whereabouts of William and James are unknown to us as are the other daughters, Caroline, Sarah, Emaline, Eliza, Elizabeth. Of course, the daughters most probably married and changed their last names (makes them really difficult to trace.)

      An interesting side note is that Nancy, buried in 1867, John Wesley buried in 1884 and Mary A buried in 1906, all have identical tombstones. It is extremely likely that all three of the tombstones were placed at the same time and the odds are quite good that this happened when Mary was buried in 1906. The stones match the style and material that was popular during that time.

      I have a copy of a land grant where the elder John Wesley Robinson received 80 acres of land in 1841 in Bradley County TN, where I also found him in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census. There is a Robinson in the 1840 census as well, but because of the way the 1840 census listed household members, it is impossible to tell if this is the same one, though the sized of the county and the low number of Robinsons in Bradley County would indicate that it probably is. The death certificates of some of the sons that we have found show that the father (John Wesley) was born in TN. Looking at his birth date(s), it would probably not have been in Bradley County, as it was not a part of the state of TN until 1836 when the Cherokees signed it over to the US and it officially became a part of TN. Could he possibly the son of one of the three Robinson brother buried in the Steekee cemetery in Loudon TN? Possibly, but so far, we have not been able to make the link. I have lots more info, but this will give you a snapshot that might be helpful.

      By the way, the son, Hiram that is buried in OK also showed up at a census somewhere in TX, though I do not remember where. I believe that my cousin Fred has this info. Hiram apparently did not stay there as he was eventually buried in OK along with his wife and several of his children. The old man could have gone there with Hiram at some point, and then either returned to TN or died in OK and his body brought back to TN, though the latter is doubtful.

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