Mortality Schedules - 1880

Contributed by Georgia Bristol

Flower Vine


(The Census year begins June 1, 1879 and ends May 31 1880.

Notes: R = Race
MStatus = Marital Status
POB = Place of Birth
FB =Father Born
MB = Mother Born
Mon Died = Month Died

Green Line
Name                 Age   Sex R  MStatus   POB FB  MB  Occupation     Mon Died  Disease             Days Sick
Alexander, Nancy     32     F  W  Married   TN  TN  TN  Keeping House  Oct.      Typhoid Fever          8
Moringer, E. H.      74     M  W  Divorced  NC  NC  NC  Farmer         Feb.      Typhiod Fever          10
Moringer, Jane       59     F  W  Married   TN  TN  TN  Keeping House  Sept.     Typhoid Fever          10
Wyle, Joseph         26     M  W  Married   TN  TN  TN  Farm Laborer   Sept.     Lumbar Abscess         1
Smith, Martha        98     F  W  Widowed   VA  VA  VA                 Dec.      Age                    1
Young, William       1      M  W  Single    TN  TN  TN                 Oct.      unknown                1
Shadden, John        72     M  W  Widowed   TN  TN  TN  Farmer         Jan.      Dropsey                10
Hope, John B.        10     M  W  Single    TN  TN  AL                 June      Lock Jaw               8
Brown, Henry         1      M  W  Single    TN  TN  TN                 Sept.     Diarrhea               8
Wilkerson, Sarah     48     F  W  Married   TN  VA  TN  Keeping House  Jan.      Consumption            2
Lyle, William        2      M  W  Single    TN  TN  TN                 July      Scrofolow              2
Wilson, Thomas       32     M  B  Married   TN  TN  TN  Farmer         Jan.
Lenoir, Issebell     17     F  B  Singl     TN  TN  TN                 May       Pneumonia Fever        12
Preston, John        3/12   M  W  Single    TN  TN  TN                 Feb.      Noy known              1
Delass, James?       1      M  W  Single    TN  TN  TN                 May       Billious Fever         2/12
Jones, Robert        2/12   M  W  Single    TN  TN  TN                 Apr.      Not Known              6
Eldridge, Amey       50     F  B  Widowed   TN  TN  TN                 May       Consumption            1
Shur, Jane?          70     F  W  Married   SC  SC  SC  Keeping House  July      unknown                1
Harvey, Addie        2      F  W  Single    TN  TN  TN                 July      Typhoid Fever          1
Hatcher, Nancy       50     F  W  Widowed   TN  TN  TN  Keeping House  Mar.      Typhoid Fever          4
Cole, James          7-     M  W  Widowed   TN          Farmer         Apr.      Pneumonia
Duff, William F.     11/12  M  W  Single    TN                         Sept.     Hooping Cough
McGee, Lulce         22     F  B  Married   TN                         Oct.      Consumption
Lundce, -            4/12   F  W  Single    TN                         Aug.      Choe Infantism
Mullins, Sarah       35     F  W  Married   TN                         June      Consumption
Fritts, James S.     1/12   M  M  Single    TN  TN  TN  none           June      Croup                  1/12
Davis, Anna          1      F  W  Single    TN  VA  TN  none           Sept.     Inflamation of Bowels  1
Browder, William J.  49     M  W  Widowed   TN  TN  TN  R R Conductor  Sept.     Congestive Chill       49
Tallent, William J.  12     M  W  ? Single  TN  TN  TN  Laborer        Apr.      Bronshitis             12
Abbott, William P.   20     M  W  Single    TN  VA  VA  Farmer         Sept.     Congestive Chill       20
Nichols, James F.    43     M  W  Married   VA  VA  NC  Farmer         Apr.      Consumption            25
Rather, Rhoda        42     F  W  Married   TN  TN  TN  none           Nov.      Consumption            42
Lenoir, Willis       17     M  B  Single    TN  TN  TN  Laborer        Aug.      Fever                  17
Bearden, Harriet     8      F  W  Single    TN  TN  TN                 Nov.      Typhoid Fever          8
Gibson, Nancy        59     F  W  Widowed   TN  TN  TN  none           Apr.      Consumption            59
Bright, Louisa       28     F  W  Married   TN  TN  TN                 Sept.     Consumption
Secar, Samuel        12/30  M  M  Single    TN  TN  TN                 July      Not Known
Nelson, Luke         30     M  B  Married   TN  TN  TN  Farmer         Mar.      Brain Fever            30
Lenoir, Lillie       1      F  M  Single    TN  TN  TN  none           Oct.      Croup
Keener, Phebe        2      F  W  Single    TN  TN  TN                 Oct.      Inflamation
Terrell, Polly       74     F  W  Married   VA  VA  VA                 May       Old Age
Runiege, Jessee?     70     M  W  Married   TN  TN  TN  Laborer        Dec.      Dropsey Boinrds        70
Myers, Polly         70     F  W  Widowed   TN  TN  TN  none           Mar.Womb  40
McKinley, Sarah      72     F  W  Widowed   TN  ?   ?   none           Sept.     Womb                   45
Homes, Ann E.C.      32     F  W  Married   TN          Keeping House  Apr.      Consumption

Green Line

Flower Vine

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