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Bayless Winslow Billings' Family Bible

Copied from original Bible by Wayne P. Billings

This certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between --B.W. Billings and R.M. Cooley on Aug. 31st 1873.


B. W. Billings March 7th l851
R.M. Cooley ne Billings Sept. 19 1849 
M. D. Billings April 15 1876
S.M. Billings Aug. 22 1878
B.W. Billings Jr. Jan. 4 1881
A.G.. Billings Aug. 4 1884
G.A. Billings June 15 1886
L.M. Billings March 4 1889
C.M. Billings Sept. 1 1891
Claude Henry Blair July 261897
Clyde Thomas Blair Nov. 6 1899
Blanche Blair June 24 1903
Maud Blair July 19 1906
Pearl Blair Mar. 7 1908 
Fred Lee Blair May 6 1910
J. H. Blair Dec 3 1872
Howard Blair May 6 1918
Guy Norman Blair March 11 192`1
Gerald M. Jarvis Dec. 8 1921
Dewey Blair Feb. 18 1923
James _?_ Blair March 3 (1891???)
????????????Jarvis Aug. 23 1921
Muriel Powers Jan. 29 1921
Normand Gale Jarvis Sept. 28 1926


S. Myrtle Billings to J.H. Blair Sept 27, 1896
M. Devereaux Billings to Miss Kate Clark Aug. !st. 1899
A. Gertrude Billings to J.H. Wattenbarger Aug. 16, 1902
B. Winslow Billings to Miss Cora Barnard Oct. 5 1902
Lora M. Billings to W.F. Murray Dec. 1904
Cora Billings to Henry Simpson April 23rd 1908
G.A. Billings to Annie Evans Oct. _?_ 1909 
G.A. Billings to Bertha Wallace --------1903
Blanche Blair to Elmer Gallant July 27 1919
Claude H. Blair to Lennie Reid Dec. 22,1920
Maude Blair to Emmette Jarvis Dec. 26, l920
Pearl Blair to Brunner Powere May 4th 1924
Fred L.Blair To Pauline Breeden April 20, (1947?)
Guy N. Blair to (Katherine Dunn or Gunn ?) July 2nd 1943


Rachel M. Billings Oct. 29th 1908
Annie Billings Dec. 23 1910
Bertha Billings Dec. 27 1916
J. H. Wattenbarger Nov. 18 1908
Henry Simpson June 19 1914
Howard Blair March 1 1922
J. H. Blair May 1 1922
B.W.Billings March 29 1923
Glen R. Jarvis Feb. 15 1925
Donald Blair Jarvis Feb 22 1933
Blanche Blair Gallant Feb 20 1934
Ben Winslow Billings May 18th 1936
M. Devereaux Billings Jan. 9th 1942
August Evans Billings May 19th 1942
Gaither A. Billings Mar 9 l1959
Gerald M. Jarvis Dec. 20 1956
Lora Murray Aug. 1 1959
Clyde T. Blair May 31 1960 
Myrtle Blair Jully 31 1966
Claude Blair Sept. 12 1967
Cora Tallent Oct. 15 1971
Guy N. Blair May 23 1973


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