C. S. O. Rice

Obituary - Lauderdale County Enterprise, Ripley, TN December 1924
"Hon. C.S.O. Rice Dead - Lauderdale County lost one of its most honored citizens in the death of Hon. C.S.O. Rice, whose death occured at his home near Orysa, in the first Civil District, last Wednesday night. For over half a century, Mr. Rice figured conspicously in the community life of the county, and was prominent in church and political circles. He reprsented Lauderdale County in the Lower House of the Legislature and proved a most worthy offical. When the war broke out between the states he entered the Confederte Army and fought gallantly during the entire struggle for what he thought was right. He was the last commissioned officer of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry. For many years he was Sunday School Superintendent and was recognized as one of the most prominent Laymen in the Memphis Conference, being a familar figure at every annual conference until his health failed. He was a graduate of Lebanon University and was of that good old Southern stock that has made dixie famous. Honest, courageous, a close student of men and affairs, pure in life and prupose, his passing this way was a blessing to all with whom he came in contact. He was loved and respected by hundreds of friends over the county, who will mourn his demise. He lived a useful life and was spared to exceed the alloted three score years and ten.

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