Mary Moore
and her two children, Frances and Roy Grigsby

The Lauderdale County Enterprise
Friday, January 8, 1932
TWO MEN ARRESTED AS THREE DIE IN FIRE--Excitment ran high Saturday when news spread that the bodies of Mrs. Mary MOORE and her two children by a former marriage, Frances GRIGSBY, 15, and Roy GRIGSBY, 13, were found in the ruins of their modest little home near Curve. Upon investigation by Sheriff COUGHLAN and his deputies, evidence showed that the trio had been brutally murdered and the home set on fire to cover up the diabolical crime. The bodies of all three were badly burned, all showing signs of having received a heavy blow on the head. The mattress of the bed on which Mrs. MOORE slept with her son, was not entirely burned, and it is said to have been soaked with blood. Sheriff COUGHLAN went to work on the case like a veteran detective, and within a few hours, had arrested Jim MOORE, husband of the dead woman, who was at the home of his son, Albert MOORE, and also arrested Albert MOORE and his pal, Harrison YON. Jim MOORE, after being questioned was released, having established his whereabouts Friday night to the satisfaction of the officers. Harrison YON and Albert MOORE, the latter the step-son of the dead woman, were questioned Saturday night by Attorney General George C. WATKINS. MOORE's overalls and jumper had holes burned in them, which he claims were burned while out hunting. There were also stains on the garments which might be blood stains. The garments were sent to Memphis for a chemical test of the stains. MOORE is a man about 35 years of age and the father of children. His home is about 12 miles distant from the burned house. Both the attorney general and sheriff firmly believe that the woman and two children were murdered. Albert Moore is in jail here and YON is held in the Covington jail. Sheriff COUGHLAN said Lloyd MOORE told him that Albert had told him he would get rid of them if he had to burn the bodies. The funeral of the three was held Sunday afternoon at Mary's Chapel, four miles distant from the scene of the tragedy.

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