Agnes Lenora Carolina Rice Blackwell

wife of Thomas Michael Blackwell and mother of Thomas John Blackwell

Obituary - Church Publication -
Copy found in the Thomas Michael Blackwell Family Bible

...born near Georgetown...18, 1827; moved to Tenn...1837; was married to Dr. Blackwell March 2, 1842, and ...her home at Durhamville, Lauderdale County, Tenn., Jan. 29, 1882.

Sister Blackwell was a true Christian. The writer of this, her pastor for three years, enjoyed many conversations with her on the subject of experimental religion. Her view of the atonement was clear, and her life was devoted to the service of the beloved Redeemer of her soul. The strength of her character is evinced by the facts of her life. Left a widow with ten children only two of whom were of age at the death of their father, these children have been so trained and so taught that all became members of the church, and tried to serve God. I have seen her flowing face and heard her praises when these children, several of them, gave their hearts to Jesus. One of her sons is a worthy member of the Memphis Conference, and pastor of the Circuit. Her toils were heavy, and after the war she was called upon to endure many privations, but amid it all she testified to the goodness of her Heavenly Father, and praised him for his mercies. Her fondness for her children was fully returned by them. Mother was a sweet word on their lips, and her memory will be sweet and comforting to their hearts. The disease which finally terminated her useful life was a slow one. She knew she was going and found her thoughts and affections at home upon the other side. When asked if she was ready, she said, "Yes, I have as many there to welcome me as here to weep for me."

Such Christians die well, and leave behind them a precious name. Sister Blackwell's works do follow her. Her living children will preserve in the way she led them, and join her in heaven."

2004 by Dena Marshall

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