Lillie Elizabeth Rice Blackwell

Obituaries were found in the family Bible Obituary - Church Publication

"A Tribute The writer feels that she wants to say a few words as a tribute to Mrs. T.J. Blackwell, who passed away very suddenly Monday night, June 18, at her home on Brownsville St. Had she lived until October, she would have reached the age of 71 years. Her death was not unexpected to me, for I had known for a number of years that the end could be expected at any time. Mrs. Blackwell had been practically an invalid for a number of years, and was a great sufferer, yet she bore her suffering with such fortitude that those who came in contact with her did not know her condition. It seems to me that to say that she was a good woman would not do her justice - a better woman never lived, purely unselfish, self-sacrificing and so loyal and devoted to her loved ones. She loved her large family of children with a devotion that only a real mother can, and even in the last few years of her life, when she was scarcely able to get around, she wanted to be doing something for 'my children' as she lovingly would say. She had trails and sorrows, it seems to me, more than her share, but with them all she kept courage and was always looking for the better things of life.

Her children, seven surviving, have indeed lost a precious treasure from this earth, and we have no doubt but that she is safely across the other side to be with her Master forever. And the beautiful example she left for her children will be an inspiration for them to live in such a way that they, too, may live with her again when through with life's journey.

Mrs. Blackwell's membership was in the Methodist church, but her frail condition seldom permitted her attending services. Her funeral services were conducted Rev. Yates Moore who is the son of the pastor who performed the marriage ceremony at the time of her marriage to the late T.J. Blackwell. The esteem in which she was held is evidenced by the large crowd at her funeral and the many beautiful flowers heaped high on the ... her body at Elam..."

Obituary Newspaper probably Ripley Enterprise

"Mrs. Lillie Elizabeth Blackwell, widow of the late T.J. Blackwell of Durhamville, died at her home in Ripley Monday night after an illness of only a few hours with heart trouble. Her death was quit a severe shock to this community, and her many friends throughout the county. She had reached the age of 70 years, and with the exception of one year in childhood had spent her entire life in Lauderdale county, residing at Durhamville until she moved to Ripley several years ago, after the death of her husband, who was one of the outstanding citizens of the county. Mrs. Blackwell was prominently connected, being a sister of Mr. W.G.L. Rice and Mrs. J.A. Samuel, of Ripley; Mr. Wilson Rice, of Memphis, and Mrs. Robert Rudd, of Denison, Texas, all of whom survive her; also seven children: Dr. G.L. Blackwell of Sugarland, Texas; Mrs. James Arrington, of Tulsa, Okla.; Mrs. M.A. Jurgens of Memphis; Mr. Wilson Blackwell of Durhamville; Mrs. Cary Solomon, of Nut Bush; Mrs. L. W. Lawrence and Miss Pearl Blackwell of Ripley.

The funeral services were held at the family residence Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Yates Moore of the Ripley Methodist church, and interment was in Elam cemetery at Durhamville."

Buried in Elam Cemetery in Durhamville, Tn.

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