Thomas John Blackwell

Obituary Newspaper found in the family Bible
probably the Ripley Enterprise

Thomas John Blackwell was born in Durhamville, Tenn. on February 6, 1845, lacking only a few days of being 78 years old at the time of his death. When only an infant his parents, Dr. and Mrs. T.M. Blackwell, moved to Houston, Miss. where he spent his early boyhood days. When he was only 16 years old he volunteered his services to the Confederate cause and served valiantly throughout the four years of the war with the 31st Miss Infantry, Co. C. In 1879 he was happily married to Miss. Lillie Rice, who, with five daughters and two sons, survive him. He united himself with the Episcopal church at an early age and ...always standing for the right, and never permitting himself to be led beyond his own high ideals of honesty and truthfulness. He was one of the best informed men in Lauderdale county and at all times could be found on his reading table the very highest class of reading matter. His mind was a wonderful store house of knowledge. To his family he was devoted and they have indeed lost in him a father and counselor in the truest sense of the word. Several weeks ago while going through his lot he was attacked by a vicious hog and sustained a serious injury which together with the shock to his system cause his sudden death of heart failure at an early hour Saturday morning, Feb. 3rd. Funeral services were held at Elam church Sunday at 12:30 conducted by Rev. E.R. Roach after which interment was made in Elam cemetery. Today the body is resting beneath a mound covered with lovely flowers."

An original copy of the following "In Memory" that was printed in the newspaper was found in the Thomas John Blackwell Family Bible. In loving memory of our dear husband and father, T.J. Blackwell, who died one year ago, February 3, 1924. It does not need the winter season to remind us of our loss one year ago. For with us, who knew and loved you so well, the memory of you, our husband and father, must remain always fresh and sweet as a summer garden. With us still is the thought of your protecting care, wise advice and patient kindness. These memories are precious treasures, we can never lose, but, remain to comfort us, till we too, pass over to the blessed land where you await us. Wife and Children

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