Transcribed from the originals by  Sarah Hutcherson


Grandma WEAVER, of Ripley, who had been visiting in the R. L. WEAVER home, is now visiting her daughter at Central.

Paul THURMOND and sister, Annie Lee THURMOND, of Gates, were guests here last week.

Mr.& Mrs. Jack CHAMBERS and son, Byron, spent Sunday in the J. F. THURMOND home.

Rev.& Mrs. Enos THURMOND have returned to their home in Huntington, after two weeks visit with parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jim THURMOND.

Messer's. P. F. and L. R. HUTCHERSON with their wives, spent Sunday and Monday in Blytheville, Ark.
Mrs. Ella THUM GIVEN, 36, who lived near Henning, died in Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis Monday afternoon, following an operation and a short illness.  Mrs. GIVEN went to the hospital on August 7th.  She is survived by her husband, J. R. GIVEN and two children; Eula B., and A. Lee GIVEN.   The body was forwarded to Henning for interment Tuesday.

***MASCEDONIA***MR. & Mrs. R. M. MIDYETT and daughter, Maggie, have returned after spending several days on the Bluff with relatives.


*******************A PEEP INTO THE PAST***AUGUST 26th,1896***********.
Mr. PERRY, one of our citizens, died Friday at the home of his son-in-law, Mack MANESS. May 29th, 1896--Tom WOOD, living near Henning, was killed by lightening while in the field hoeing cotton.  His body was not found till in the afternoon.
*****************************END OF PAST*****************************.

***CENTRAL***Aubrey WEBB has gone to Middle Tennessee to visit relatives.

***LIGHTFOOT***Messers. E. S. METER and G. W. METER made a business trip to Ashport one day last week.
   Mr. E. S. METER and family have returned home after several days visit to relatives in Monette, Ark.
   The Death Angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. ROBERSON in Memphis, and claimed little J. C. Jr.  His death was caused from heart trouble.  The remains were brought here for interment accompanied by his parents and his grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. D. Y. COUGHLAN.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. E. R. ROACH in the home of W. F. ROBERSON.

***HENNING***Mr. T. T. GREGORY, enroute to Memphis Monday morning was stricken with apoplexy.  On reaching Memphis, he was rushed to the hospital, but it was to late for medical aid.  His remains were brought to Henning Tuesday morning, accompanied by his brother, J. R. GREGORY and wife; Misses Kathleen and Marie GREGORY; sister, Mrs. J. D. TARRANT; and two daughters, Misses Vera and Grace GREGORY, of Jackson.  Funeral services were held at the family residence by Rev. V. A. DeShazo.  The body was laid to rest beneath a mound of lovely offerings at Bethlehem Cemetery Tuesday afternoon.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***G. W. DANIELS, one year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Clyde DANIELS, of Curve, died August 16th.
   Mrs. Lillie HILL and children, and Mr. J. C. KLUTTS are visiting Mr. & Mrs. R. C. KLUTTS in Cleveland, Miss 
   Mr. Robert CLARK died Thursday of last week at his home near Luckett and was buried at Asbury Friday.
   Miss Cordie Woodrow STEPHENS, daughter of Mr.& Mrs. F. J. STEPHENS, died at her home near Orysa August 14th.
   Mrs. R. C. KLUTTS was carried to Gartley-Ramsey Hospital in Memphis Monday for treatment under a specialist. Latest reports from her bedside are that she is improving.


***TRAGIC DEATH***The tragic death of Mr. J. D. HANSON, who was drowned in Chisholm Lake, west of Ripley, Tuesday morning about 9:45 a.m. cast a pall of sadness over our entire community.  In company with a party from Ripley, Mr. HANSON had gone to the lake for an outing.  Some of the men were up the lake fishing when it was suggested that someone go and notify them to come in with the fish so that lunch might
be prepared. HANSON volunteered to go, and within a short distance of the camp his boat was found about 30 minutes after he had left, but no sign of its occupant.  The boat had drifted ashore and upon investigation, it was discovered that Mr. HANSON had drowned.  A runner was sent to the nearest telephone and friends in Ripley were notified of the deplorable accident.  The body was found about 3 p.m.  Mr. HANSON was in his 40th year and was a native of Sardis, Miss., where his mother and one sister reside.  Another sister, Mrs. J. S. RADFORD lives in Newbern.  All three attended the last rites.  He was a member of the First Methodist Church in Ripley.  He is survived by his widow, who was Miss Carrie LIPSCOMB, of Henning and a little daughter.   For 12 years, "Doss" HANSON had been a prominent figure, being connected with the hardware and furniture firm of  Thompson Bros. Co., of which he was secretary-treasurer at the time of his death.  Burial in Maplewood Cemetery.

***DEATH***Mr. James Newton SAMUEL, aged 67 years, died at his home on Brownsville Street,
Sunday afternoon, after several weeks illness, of a complications of illness.  Deceased was a native of Mississippi, but removed to Lauderdale County when a young man and settled near Fulton, Tennessee.  Twenty years ago he moved to Ripley and had resided here since.  He was twice married; the first  time to Miss Tabitha V. THOMPSON, who died May 11th, 1892 and on March 29th, 1893, he married  Miss Minnie JENKINS.  He had no children by either wife.  Interment in Maplewood Cemetery.

***DEATH***Mrs. Ellen CRAIG died at her home in Blytheville, Ark., and was buried in Sawyers Cemetery the following day.  Mrs. CRAIG was 48 years old and was a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. F. HAYNES.  She was born and reared in Lauderdale County.  She was married December 10th, 1893 to Mr. J. A CRAIG, who preceded her in death four years ago. to this union, five children were born, two boys and three girls.  One daughter preceded her to the Great Beyond.  She is survived by her children; Walter & Jesse CRAIG and
Lillian & Mary CRAIG, all of Blytheville; four brothers, George, Lee and Reb HAYNES, of Ripley and J. M. HAYNES, of Ark.; one sister, Mrs. Sam CRAIG, of Blytheville, Ark. 

***CONCORD***Emmett WHITE returned home Tuesday night after a few months visit with his father in Virginia.

***DEATH***Mr. E. A. RODGERS died at the home of his brother, L. G. RODGERS on Brownsville Street Thursday night of last week.  Funeral services were held at the home Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  The remains were laid to rest in Maplewood Cemetery.  He was 57 years of age and was born in Ashland, Miss.  He had lived in Memphis for 20 years and was conducting a motorcycle garage at the time of his death.  He
became impaired about four months ago to an extent that he sold his business and came to be with his brother during his illness.  His wife and unmarried daughter still resided in Memphis, as did also two married daughters.  He is also survived by one sister, Mrs. Genette TAYLOR, of Black Oak, Ark.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mrs. D. H. HUTCHERSON is able to be up after several days' illness.
   Mr. B. M. ELAM, of Jackson, spent Sunday with his family who are visiting in the R. C. KLUTTS home.
   Mrs. George W. HUTCHERSON and daughter, Georgetta, returned Monday night from three weeks visit in Memphis.
   W. T. SAVAGE underwent an operation at the Baptist Hospital in Memphis,Wednesday afternoon.  His wife and his brother, Paul SAVAGE accompanied him.


***LIGHTFOOT***Mr. G. W. METER spent a few days last week at Double Bridges with relatives.

***RUTHERFORD***Mr. Grover METER, of Lightfoot, spent a few days with his mother and other relatives here last week.

***WOODVILLE***Mr. Edwin SMITH, son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe SMITH, died Friday after a short illness of typhoid fever and was buried in this place the following day, Rev. L. O. LEAVELL conducted the services.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mr. Paul GRIGGS, aged 23 years, died Wednesday of typhoid fever at his home in Golddust.

***CARD OF THANKS***We wish to thank both our white and colored friends for their kindness extended us in the recent illness and death of our daughter, Jessie. 
Manuel  and Clara BUCHANAN.

****************A GLANCE INTO THE PAST--JUNE 12th,1896****************
   The death Mr. Dedee PURYEAR was a sad surprise to his many friends.  He was laid to rest in Cross Roads Cemetery Tuesday under military honors.
   Esq. J.D. TRIMBLE died at the home of his son-in-law, J. B. FERGUSON, in Ripley on Thursday of last week.  His remains were laid to rest in the Old Cemetery.

***********************END OF THE PAST********************************


***DEATH***The funeral of Mrs. J. B. MITCHELL was held Friday morning at 8:15 o'clock, at the family residence, in the presence of a large number of friends and relatives, conducted by her pastor, Rev. Cleanth BROOKS.  The remains were carried to Halls on the 9:52 train, accompanied by several friends, and in the afternoon,  was laid to rest in the Dunavant burying ground, four miles west of that place.

*********************A GLANCE BACKWARD--JUNE 19th,1896**************
A painful surprise visited our community last Friday morning when the death of Miss Alice RICHARDSON was announced, she having been found dead in bed.   The funeral was held at 5:30 p.m. at the residence of Capt. W. W. WHEELER.   Mr. R. F. GAINES died suddenly at his home near Ripley on the night of June
12th.  He was 63 years of age.
************************END OF PAST***********************************

***GOLDDUST***Miss Katie MUELLER is visiting in Memphis.
   Miss Dolly MIDYETT  spent last week with her aunt, Mrs. SAVAGE.

***IN LOVING MEMORY***On Thursday, September 6th, at 8 p.m., the Angel visited the home of Mrs. V. A. DUGGAN, and took from us, Ellie Lucille DUGGAN.  Funeral services were conducted the following day by her pastor, Rev. C. W. BALDRIDGE, and her remains were laid to rest in Enon Cemetery. Ellie was 15 years, 3 months, and 8 days old, and since her birth had heart trouble.  The last few years were spent with much suffering, being confined to her bed much of the time.  She leaves her mother, four sisters and two brothers.

***LIGHTFOOT***Mr. G. W. YOUNGER's house was destroyed by fire Saturday afternoon about 4 o'clock. 

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mr. J. M. MANESS is visiting his son in Jackson this week.
   The 11 months old son of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert JONES, of Arp, was buried at Walnut Grove Friday.
   Mr. J. T. HASTINGS died at Curve Monday morning and was buried at Grace Cemetery Tuesday at 10 a.m.  He was 74 years of age and leaves a wife and several children.


*****************A PEEP INTO THE PAST--SEPTEMBER 18th,1896***********
   Our community was saddened this week by the death of one of our loveliest ladies, Mrs. Annebell JOHNSTON.
***********************END OF THE PAST********************************

***LOCALS***An infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Raymond SCROGGINS was buried at Mary's Chapel Wednesday.
   Mr. William Adison HARDY died Wednesday at his home near Woodville.  He was in his 78th year.
   Mrs. Annie FINCH, age 78 years, died at the home of Mrs. Josie NIXON, at Curve last Saturday.  The remains were laid to rest at cross Roads Cemetery Monday.
   A negro named Ollie NIXON received a few scattering shots and the horse upon he was riding was killed about three miles southwest of Ripley Tuesday afternoon.  The waylaying is laid at the hands of John NELSON, another negro, who charges that NIXON was too intimate with his wife.

***CEDAR GROVE***M. L. HUTCHERSON and family and A. J. UNDERWOOD and family visited relatives near Curve Sunday.

***WHITEFIELD***Mr.& Mrs. Ross HUTCHERSON, of Ripley, visited the R. L. BURNHAMS' over the weekend.
   Mr.& Mrs. Lee BARCROFT and son, Bernie, were called to Brownsville Saturday by the death of Miss Ruth TAYLOR.

***LIGHTFOOT***Mr. E. S.METER moved his family to Memphis Thursday of last week.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mrs. R. C. KLUTTS is expected home from Memphis Friday.
   Mr.& Mrs. Paul SAVAGE and baby spent Tuesday in Memphis. 
   Mr. Jake KLUTTS has returned from a month's stay in Hot Springs, Ark.
   The 14 months old daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Alvis DUNHAM died Saturday at Halespoint.
   Mrs. L. E. HEATH died Friday at the home of her son at Cherry and was buried at Poplar Grove.  She was 63 years of age.


***MASCEDONIA***Miss Maggie MIDYETT is visiting relatives on the Bluff.
   Mr. Marion DUGGAN, of Nankipoo, spent Monday afternoon in this community.
   Little Geneva HUTCHERSON spent several days last week with relatives in Nankipoo.

***BLUFF***A son was born to Mr.& Mrs. Ellie HOWARD on September 12th. 

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mrs. W. G. POWERS left Tuesday for Waverly to attend the funeral of Mrs. R. H. POWERS.
   The five-year-old son of Mr. H. A. MUELLER fell on the stem of a weed sticking up in the ground in a field near his home, destroying the sight in his left eye entirely.


***BABY LEFT ON PORCH***A baby girl, two or three months old, was left on the front porch at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jim WILLIAMS, near Nut Bush, last Monday night, nothing is known about the little stranger, or where she came from, but evidently the parents had been advised that no better home could have  been selected to leave the child.  We understand Mr.& Mrs. WILLIAMS are delighted  in the opportunity of becoming godparents to the little one, especially since it is a girl.   They have no children of their own, having lost their only daughter, a beautiful girl just  blooming into womanhood about two years ago.

***FORKED DEER***Miss Delia BAIN and Mr. Ike MILAM were quietly married in Nashville recently.

***MASCEDONIA***Mrs. Mit FRAZIER spent a few days last week in Memphis.
   Mr.& Mrs. R. M. MIDYETT are visiting relatives near Central.

***RUTHERFORD***Little Pearline McGOWAN, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Johnie McGOWAN, died Monday morning, after a weeks' illness with diphtheria.  She leaves her father, mother, two sisters, two brothers.  She was buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery.

***DEATH***Irene W. Lee, 17 year old daughter of Henry F. LEE and deceased wife, Lalla Lu, of Haywood County, departed this life September 17th.Interment in Concord Cemetery.

***BLUFF***Jeff WEBB and daughter, Arah Sue, were in Ripley Saturday.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mrs. H. A. MUELLER has been quite sick for several days.
   J. E. ROSE and family and Mrs. D. H. HUTCHERSON attended the funeral of the latter's mother, Mrs. N. C. GOAD in Covington, Sunday.


***AN OLD LAUDERDALE COUNTY SOLDIER COMPLIMENTED***Mr.& Mrs. E. E. OLDHAM attended the State Confederate Reunion at McKenzie on the 3rd and 4th of this month.  Mr. OLDHAM went as a delegate from John Sutherland Camp at this place. by a resolution, the general officers at the Tennessee Confederate Division,  all were re-elected.  By the resolution being carried, Mr. OLDHAM was elected
Brigadier General of the Third Brigade, which compose all the camps in West Tennessee.  He had been previously appointed to that position by Major General John P. HICKMAN,  commanding the Tennessee Division, in place of Brig. R. E. BULLINGTON, resigned.  Mr. Oldham says he has never attended a Confederate Re-union where the people of the town were more successful in their efforts to cause the old Southern Soldiers to have a good time.  Mr. J. D. MONTGOMERY of Ripley, accompanied Mr.& Mrs. OLDHAM.  Their recollection of McKenzie will ever remain with them as a pleasure. The next meeting will be in Trenton.

***LIGHTFOOT***Mr. E. S. METER left Tuesday for Memphis to join his family.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mr. D. BOOKER died at his home near Edith Sunday.
   Mr. Robert KLUTTS spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Memphis.
   Not a marriage license has been issued in Lauderdale County since Sept.29th.
   Mr. Thomas ALLISON died Tuesday at his home in Luckett and was buried Wednesday at Poplar Grove. he was 48 years of age and had been sick for some time.
   Mrs. L. B. ARCHER has received the good news that her niece, Miss Allene PARKS, of Newbern, who was en route to Tokyo, Japan, as a missionary at the time of the recent awful catastrophe was safe, for her ship had not arrived at that place until 36 hours after the earthquake.
   Mr.& Mrs. E. E. OLDHAM, en route from Henning to Ripley Wednesday afternoon in their Ford runabout, ran off the levee, turning their car completely over.  Fortunately the occupants escaped with only minor bruises, and the car, while somewhat disfigured was still in running order and was driven on to town. Mr. Harvey STANLEY was riding with them at the time of the accident, but he was unhurt.
   Dr. SPURGEON, a noted minister of Mo., addressed a capacity crowd at the courthouse Wednesday night in the interest of the Ku Klux Klan.  His speech was mainly devoted to eulogizing the many good things the Klan stands for, without an apology for any plank enunciated in its declaration of principles which he says every true American would endorse, who rightly understands them.  After the speaking a business session was held and quite a number of new members enrolled.

***LETTER FROM DEAF AND DUMB SON***Mr.& Mrs. G. T. DUVALL, who live on Route #4. out of Ripley, are in receipt of the following letter from their son, who is attending the Deaf and Dumb School in Knoxville.   October 1st,1923,  My dear mother and father; I had such a good time at the fair last Thursday,  I must write and tell you about it.  We rode out on special street cars that started right from the school
and cost not a penny.  We saw the merry-go-round; and rode on the caterpillar and just lots of other good things.  We saw the shows.  We had a good time except it was so dusty. With much love, your loving son, William DUVALL.


***JOHN R. JOHNSTON INJURED BY FALL***Mr. John R. JOHNSTON happened to the misfortune of falling in an open sewer trench near the Presbyterian Church Monday night and has since been confined to his bed.  Owing to his advanced age, and the fall being perhaps six feet, it was feared at first that he had sustained serious injuries, but upon examination, no bones were found to be broken, and unless unforeseen complications arise, it is thought he will soon recover from his intense soreness, which at present renders
him unable to turn in bed without pain.  Mr. JOHNSTON was walking in the street on the side of his residence is located.  It is said he either walked to near the trench or attempted to cross it, and perhaps being blinded by the glare of auto lights at the church, made a misstep.  Planks had been placed across the street on that side by the contractors in charge of putting in the sewers, in order to keep pedestrians from walking along the route taken by Mr. JOHNSTON, hence it is said they cannot be charged with negligence in trying to safeguard the public from danger. 

***LIMB BROKEN IN AUTO WRECK***Miss Alva MORAN, age 17, from Burdette, Ark., had her right limb broken between the hip and knee in an auto wreck one mile north of Covington about 10 o'clock.  The car was being driven by Mr. R. M. EVANS, manager of the Snowflake Bakery of Ripley, and the other occupants of the car were Miss Eva GLIMP, of Glimp; Miss Helen McINTYRE, of Ripley; and Mr. Floyd TURNER, of Dyersburg.  They were returning from Covington, Miss MORAN in the front seat, when the car went off the levee, turning almost completely over.  As it happened, an ambulance from Dyersburg, en route home was passing about the time of the accident and brought the injured young lady to the home of J. P. McINTYRE in Ripley.  Miss GLIMP was cut about the face and head, but not seriously, the others unhurt.  R. M. EVANS and Dock BIVENS, who owned the car, a Ford touring in company with Mrs. Irma GAINES, and Misses Helen McINTYRE, and Eva GLIMP, had spent the day in Blytheville, Ark.  En route home they had came by Burdette where they were joined by Miss MORAN, who accompanied them home for a visit.  Mrs. GAINES and Mr. BIVENS did not go to Covington with the party.

***SERIOUS CHARGE***Harla ARNOLD, who lives near Hurricane Hill, was arrested and placed in jail Thursday of last week on a charge of "exposing a baby to inclemency of weather."  He waived examination when arraigned before George W. YOUNG, Justice of Peace, the following day, and was bound over to Circuit Court under $2000 bond, which he had not secured up to yesterday morning.  Miss Thelma PRICE, 18 years old, said to be a first cousin of Mr. ARNOLD was jointly arrested with him, and she is charged with being the mother of the infant.  She is being held under $500 bond, which was secured, and she is said to now be at the home of her parents near Orysa.  The infant is a baby girl, about three months old, which was left on the porch at the home of Jim WILLIAMS, near Nut Bush, on the night of October 1st.  The baby, we learn, has since been removed to the home of Dr. POSTON, near Brownsville.  Mr. ARNOLD has a wife and eight children.  He was already under $1000 bond, charged with attempt to commit murder by alleged
shooting a negro a few months ago.

***MARY'S CHAPEL***Mr. Charles KLUTTS has returned from several weeks stay in Blytheville, Ark.

***MASCEDONIA***Mr. Sam PICKENS died suddenly with heart failure at his home at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon, burial in Grace Cemetery.  He will be sadly missed in this community.
   Mr.& Mrs. R.M. MIDYETT and Mrs. M. M. FRAZIER, have returned home after a two weeks stay at Halespoint with their daughter and daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Chester FRAZIER.

***ASBURY***Mr. Jim JIMMERSON, one of the inmates in the county house was run over by an automobile Saturday in Ripley, but no serious injuries resulted.

***HENNING***Mr.& Mrs. Will HALLIBURTON have the sympathy of the community in the loss of their only child, Gladys Catherine, who after less than 24 hours illness passed away at their home near Henning last Friday afternoon.  Funeral  services were at Asbury.  Kindly hands laid her to rest in the cemetery nearby, and beneath a wealth of flowers her mortal form sleeps beside her little brother, who preceded
her some years ago. Gladys was always a delicate child but  for nearly ten years she was permitted to brighten their home.

***COAL CREEK***Mrs. Mai NEWMAN, of Dry Hill, is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. Martha LATHAM.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***J. L. NELSON, colored, of Flippen, was in town Monday and requested the Enterprise to state" he was not the John NELSON charged with the shooting of another negro, "and his horse on the highway recently, to which this paper referred.  We are glad to make this statement for him for as far as we know, he has always borne a good reputation.
   Mr. Jap HENDERSON was placed under $1000 bond Tuesday on a charge of assault with intent to commit murder in an altercation which took place at Ashport last Friday Between himself and Mr. James SCOTT.  Mr. SCOTT was hit in the head but not seriously injured.

***CONNER***Mr. Jake KLUTTS, of Ripley, spent Friday night with his mother, Mrs.  J. W. JACKSON.
   Misses Mamie and Lillie KIRKESS spent Sunday with Miss Janie KLUTTS near Mary's Chapel.
   Mr. James KLUTTS, from near Mary's Chapel, spent Sunday night with Mr. Robert KIRKESS.

***PERCIFUL***J. S. ELLIS was seriously injured last Friday, his right leg getting caught in a hay baler.

***LUCKETT***Ollin BRIGGS happened to a painful accident Sunday afternoon by a mule falling with him and breaking his lower limb.
   Charles Harry WEBB and Mary Alice JONES, both of this place, were married at the courthouse at St. Louis on October 9th.  Mr. WEBB holds a position with the American Express Co., in that place.  The bride was accompanied there by her father, G. W. JONES.

***CEDAR GROVE***Misses Julia RAY and Sadie SCALLIONS, of Curve, have returned home, after spending several days with Mr. O. D. HUTCHERSON and family.


***ARM AMPUTATED***Mr. Bun VOWELL, 18 years of age, son of Mr. Walter VOWELL, of Luckett, had his left arm amputated near the shoulder by Dr. Carey SANFORD on last Friday about midnight. The young man, we understand, was an employee in the cotton gin of H. B. McGARRITY at Luckett and in cleaning out a gin stand, the sleeve of his jumper was caught by the saws, drawing his arm into the gin, breaking the bone in several places and removing nearly all the flesh from the bone. he was brought to the Sanford Hospital as soon as possible.

***RUTHERFORD***Mrs. Alice METER and Mrs. Ed KEELING were in Halls last week.

***LIGHTFOOT***Mrs. E. S. METER and little son, Preston, of Memphis, spent the weekend here with her daughter, Mrs. Stephen GRIGGS.

***CEDAR GROVE***A daughter was born to Mr.& Mrs. Robert SMITH last week.

***GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN***In remembrance of Claude WILLIAMS, who died on October 26th, 1912.  Yes, the dreadful message came, Mother took it at the door; "Mr. WILLIAMS killed in Chicago."     His Children

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***An infant son of Mr.& Mrs. Ed JONES died at his home near Luckett and was buried the next day at Lightfoot.
    The many friends of Mr. Virgil G. LOWRY, of Fulton, will sympathize with him in the loss of his father, V. E. LOWRY, who died at his home in Memphis October 17th.


***LUCKETT***Cleo, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. F. D. JONES died Wednesday of last week with diphtheria.
   Mr. Bun VOWELL, who underwent an operation at the Sanford Hospital in Ripley is able to return home.

***MARY'S CHAPEL***Mr. Charles KLUTTS left Monday for Mo., to pick cotton.
   H. J. MANESS, wife and two children and Mr. S. R. CONNER and Mr. Pete CRAIG and family were visitors in the G. W. STYERS home recently.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***A son was born to Mr.& Mrs. Howard CURESY Saturday night.
   J. W. GRACEY spent Monday and Tuesday with Jim SAVAGE on the Island opposite Golddust.
   A son was born to Mr.& Mrs. Barrington MASON, Monday.  He has been named Thomas Barrington MASON.
   Fire destroyed a barn and its contents belonging to Ollin Conner Friday afternoon.  Loss on building, hay, seed cotton and corn amounted to $1000 with no insurance.  Origin of fire is unknown.
   Solon Campbell, colored, was shot and killed in the outskirts of Ripley last Saturday  night about 11 o'clock.  Hilda WILLIAMS, a negro woman at whose home the killing took place, is charged with the crime.  She was placed in jail but released on bail Monday.  The woman claims the shooting was an accident.


***DEATH***Mrs. Jennie GILLESPIE, widow of the late Emri GILLESPIE. died at an early hour last Friday morning at her home near Asbury after a long illness.  She was 78 years of age and had been a citizen of this county since the Civil war,  The funeral was conducted at Asbury Church Saturday morning.  She is survived by one son, T. L. GILLESPIE; three daughters, Mrs. W. A. PARRISH, Mrs. Ed LUTON and
Mrs. W. T. HAY; one brother, S. M. LUTON, of Pine Bluff, Ark.; and  one sister, Mrs. Matt ROBERSON, at Lightfoot.

***MASCEDONIA***R. M. MIDYETT and family; Mrs. M. M. FRAZIER and family; and Mr.& Mrs. Bennie HARDEN, are spending several days in Lake County.

***FORKED DEER***An infant son of Mr.& Mrs. L.  F. WELLS died Thursday November 1st and was buried the following day in Gates Cemetery.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***An infant son of Mr.& Mrs. Vernon KIRBY ,of Arp, died Wednesday.
   Rudolph, three-years-old son of Archie WALKER, died at his home near Luckett last Friday.
   A son was born to Mr.& Mrs. J. Menefee BYRN in Hartford, Conn., on November 2nd.He has been christened John David BYRN.
   Mr.& Mrs. Henry DAVIS were called to Henning the first of the week by the serious illness of R. S. BURKS.  Mr. BURKS died Tuesday at the ripe age of 91 years, he was the father of Mrs. DAVIS.

***DEATH***Mrs. McKAY, wife of C. R., elector for the Brownsville Light and Power Co., died suddenly at Open Lake Wednesday.  An unusual coincidence occurred in her death.  She had gone on a trip fishing, occupying the tent of Mrs. Ben BRADFORD, who was to join her there.  On Monday, Mrs.BRADFORD died and Mrs. McKAY went to Brownsville at the funeral, returning to Open Lake Thursday.  She died as
suddenly on Friday.  She was buried in Brownsville Saturday.  Before her marriage, she was Miss Hattie COLEMAN.

***BLUFF***Bob MAXWELL and family, of Forked Deer, are visiting Ed MAXWELL.
   Mr. Evans THURMOND and son, Talmadge, of Nankipoo, spent a few days with relatives here.

***CONNER***Jake KLUTTS, of Ripley, spent Thursday night with his mother, Mrs. J. W.  JACKSON.
   Tom KLUTTS and Robert KIRKESS spent Friday night with Joe WHITE at Perciful.

***MARY'S CHAPEL***Mr.& Mrs. Jim SMITH have moved to Ripley and have rooms with Robert MANESS.

***WILLIAMSTOWN***Mrs. J. M. GILLESPIE and son, Leamon, of Blytheville, Ark., were called here Saturday on account of the death of Mrs. Emni GILLESPIE.


***MARY'S  CHAPEL***Mrs. Mack KLUTTS and two daughters spent Sunday with Mrs. Robert DUNAVANT near Toulon.
   Hubert MANESS and Homer RITHERFORD, of Memphis, and Porter CRAIG, of Ripley, spent time here Sunday with relatives.

***ASBURY***Mr. Austin MAXWELL and family and Mr.& Mrs. B. E. McMAHON spent Sunday at Woodville.
   On Saturday afternoon, November 10th, a seven pound baby girl came to brighten the home of Mr.& Mrs. J. W. McMAHAN.

***CONNER***Mr.& Mrs. Richard MILLS are parents of a baby boy.
   Miss Irene KLUTTS and her sister, of Mary's Chapel, spent Sunday here with their grandmother, Mrs. W. D. NEW.

***EDITH***Mr.& Mrs. Steve HINTON and John DUGGAN, of Nankipoo; Mr.& Mrs. Will WEBB, of Central, were called here by the illness of Mr. Jim DUGGAN.

***HENNING***We deeply sympathize with Mrs. Mamie GREGORY who recently received a message announcing the death of her brother, Mr. MERRITT.
   Mr. William Thomas HENDERSON, who was brought from the Mississippi bottom for medical treatment died Sunday night.  His remains were shipped to Pontiac, Mich., Wednesday.  His wife is quite sick at the hotel.

***IN MEMORY***The Death Angel visited the home of Mr.& Mrs. Vernon KIRBY on November 7th,1923.and took little Edward Read KIRBY to a higher better land.  He was born June &th, 1923, and was therefore five months old.  He was always a tiny, delicate little baby, and his little ways caused us to love him so tenderly.  It is hard to give him up, but we console ourselves with the thought that God has a better home for our sweet little baby.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mr. James DUGGAN, age 60 years, died at his home near Edith Tuesday night.
   The home of Mr. Jimmie MEEKS at Rutherford was destroyed by fire last Friday afternoon.  Only a few things were saved.
   A son was born to Mr.& Mrs. Raymond RUTLEDGE in Memphis Wednesday night. he was christened William Hugh RUTLEDGE.  Mrs.Rutledge was the former Miss Fay PATTON.


***CENTRAL***Mr.& Mrs. Clyde ARWOOD's little baby was born Friday night, died Saturday and was buried at Grace Church Sunday.
   Mr. Sam GITCHELL moved to Blytheville, Ark., last week.

***LIGHTFOOT***Mr.& Mrs. J. H. McPHERSON and Mrs. Willie MITCHELL spent the weekend in the E. S. METER home in Memphis.
   Mr. Dupree NELSON and mother, Mrs. Jim NELSON, Mrs. Bud OSTEEN and daughter, Montine, spent Saturday with Mr.& Mrs. George NELSON in Memphis.

***PERCIFUL***A little child of Mr. PEAK was bitten by a mad dog one day last week.  The dog also bit some stock.

***WHITEFIELD***Those from here who attended the funeral of Mr. Jesse NORTHCUTT at Trinity Monday were Jim D. NORTHCUTT and family; Mr.& Mrs. W. C. WHEATLEY; Walter WHEATLEY; Miss Ara WHEATLEY; and John L. GAY.  The relatives here have the sympathy of the community.
   Mr.& Mrs. J. D. NORTHCUTT, Miss Beulah LATHAM and Miss Ethel NORTHCUTT attended the funeral of Grampa NORTHCUTT at Trinity.

***HENNING***Mr.& Mrs. J. J. MEGEL were called to West Frankfurt, Illinois last week by the death of Mrs. NICHOLS, mother of Mrs. MEGEL.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Joe SANDERS, colored, said to be 103 years old, died at his home near Luckett Monday.
   Advert:  I want white family to go in no.1 house with 2 plow boys and three hoe hands for my Campground place on shares.  Nothing but good reliable men  will be considered. W. C. THOMPSON.
   Mrs. H. H. BRAY, of Whitefield, sent us an egg layed by a black Langshang hen which is as large as a goose egg,  Mrs. Bray has some fine chickens.
   Mr. Henry J.GREEN, 80 years of age, died Tuesday at the home of his son, J. T. GREEN, at Lightfoot, and was buried at Antioch the next morning.
   The preliminary hearing of R. E. L. SOLOMON, charged with first degree
murder in the killing of Jesse NORTHCUTT at Nut Bush last Sunday afternoon, is set for hearing in Brownsville Friday, November 23rd.
   Louie Andrew, age nine years and ten months, son of Mr.& Mrs. Freddie BRANHAM, died last Friday at his home near Henning.  Only three months ago the fond parents were called upon to give up a 10 months old baby girl.
   Relatives here were advised Sunday of the death of Mrs. J. E. VAUGHN (nee Willie CONNER) in Waskom, Texas.  Mrs. Vaughn was the daughter of the late General William CONNER and was born and reared near Ripley, residing here until her marriage about 25 years ago.  She had been in failing health a number of years and her death was not unexpected.  She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. J.
P. JONES and Miss Sarah
VAUGHN; three brothers, Capt. P. N. CONNER, Sr., of  Ripley; R. L. CONNER, of Nashville; Seth CONNER, of Ripley; one sister, Mrs. M. F. GIVEN, of Ripley.


***EVIDENCE CONFLICTING***The preliminary trial of R. E. L. SOLOMON for killing Jesse NORTHCUTT on SOLOMON's farm Sunday, November 18th,was held today.  W. T. CURRIE, Chairman of the County Court presiding.  The evidence was of a most conflicting nature as to the whole occurrence, but the court decided that the case contained sufficient elements of murder in some degree to hold the accused to appear before the circuit court.  The testimony of the sheriff, deputy sheriff, county court clerk and the county court officer, Dr. E. R. MULHERRON seemed favorable to the accused.  Dr. MULHERRON as an expert on gunshot wounds that but one shot had been  fired, while Dr. Glen T. SCOTT was as equally as sure that two had been fired.  The bond  was fixed at $2500 for the appearance of Solomon before the circuit court.

***CONNER***Mr.& Mrs. Gene SMITH are parents of a baby boy, born November 14th.  He has been christened Gene SMITH, Jr.

***WILLIAMSTOWN***Mr. Grover METER, of Lightfoot was in this  vicinity Sunday.

***MASCEDONIA***Mr. R. M. MIDYETT and family have returned home after several days stay in Lake County.

***RUTHERFORD***Mr. Marvin HUTCHERSON, of Nankipoo and Miss Gladys CARNELL surprised their friends by motoring to Nankipoo and getting married Sunday afternoon.

***PERCIFUL***Miss Vera WADE and Mr. Bert ELLIS,
of this place, were married in Covington Monday night.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mrs. M. D. WEBB has returned from an extended visit in New York and Nashville.
   Mr. James Shirley CAMP, 35 years of age, died at Ashport Saturday and was buried Sunday afternoon at Grace Cemetery.
   A daughter was born to Mr.& Mrs. Williard YORK at Friendship on November 22nd.  She has been christened Ann Pennington YORK.
   The remains of Mr. Verble YOUNG, a soldier boy who died in the government hospital in Denver, Colo., arrived here Saturday and were buried at Asbury Sunday afternoon.  He was the stepson of Mr. Everett GAINES.
   The fire department was called out about 7 a.m. Tuesday.  The negro janitor in Dr. E.G.PARHAM's office started the fire in the stove with gasoline.  But little damage was done, mainly to the drug set and table.


***RUTHERFORD***Mr.& Mrs. MARVIN HUTCHERSON spent Friday night with his parents, Mr.& Mrs. Bud HUTCHERSON, near Nankipoo.

***ADDITIONAL LOCALS***Mrs. D. A. CRAIG died in Blytheville, Ark., Monday and her remains arrived here Tuesday night for interment at Arp Cemetery Wednesday afternoon.  Mrs. CRAIG has been in failing health the past year, and only recently went to Blytheville to visit.
Dee CALDWELL, of Plumpoint, was seriously injured last Saturday night by an automobile which was descending the Bluff as he was coming up on horseback.  He had ridden over to one side and stopped to let the car pass, but the horse slipped and he was thrown against the car as it passed, cutting a severe gash over his left eye and extended back several inches.  The occupants of the car brought him to the home of
Mr. J. G. BYRN, near Arp where medical attention was received as soon as possible.  An operation may yet be necessary for his complete recovery.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Laura MARR, little daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Paul SAVAGE, has been quite sick for several weeks.
   Mrs. Ivan BOYD, of Randles, Mo., is visiting her sister, Mrs. H. C. YOUNG and other relatives here.
   Mrs. Lola GILLISPIE and daughter, Nell, of Memphis, spent Thanksgiving with her mother, Mrs. J. J. BLACKWELL, of Durhamville.
   Mr. Tom SCOTT, after ten days visit with homefolks, left Friday for Dalhart, Texas, where he and his brother, Joe Marley SCOTT are in the automobile  business under the firm name of Scott Brothers.
   T. G. KIRKPATRICK, of Greenville, Ky., will pass through Ripley Saturday, en route to Mercedes, Texas.  He will be joined here by his father, R. H. KIRKPATRICK and they will spend two weeks with Robert KIRKPATRICK at the above mentioned place.
   Mrs. Robert ROY died in Covington Wednesday after a brief illness.  She will be remembered by our people as Mrs. Luther SHOFFNER, sister-in-law of J. M. TAYLOR.  She resided in Ripley several years while Mr. SHOFFNER was an  employee at the I. C. railroad station.  She is survived by two sons and three daughters.

***CONNER***Mr. Tom KLUTTS left Sunday for Ala.
   Miss Edna KIRBY is spending this week with her brother, Mr. Vernon KIRBY at Arp.
   Miss Jewel KLUTTS left Sunday for Mississippi, where she will spend the winter with her uncle.

***PEA RIDGE***Mr.& Mrs. Troy FLOWERS, of Crutcher, spent Thursday of last week in the home of  Mr.& Mrs. Robert FLOWERS.

***GOLDDUST***Grandma PEACOCK has been seriously ill but is improving.
   Mr. J. W. BROWN, who suffered a stroke of paralysis December 24th of last year is improving nicely.

***HENNING***Miss Pina TOMLINSON, of Memphis, was a guest of her sister,Mrs. Charles ANTHONY the past week.

***EDITH***Mrs Lillie FRAZIER and children and Mrs. I. W. PACE will leave this week for Greenville, Miss., to  make their home.

***PERCIFUL***Mr.& Mrs. Clyde SUMMARS are parents of a son, born December 1st.  He has been named James Ellis SUMMARS.

***ARP***Mrs. E. R. ROACH had the misfortune of falling at the school building Monday and breaking her left arm.  Bro. ROACH has been teaching in her place.

***MASCEDONIA***Mr. R. M. MIDYETT and family have returned home after a visit on the Bluff.

***DISCHARGE IN BANKRUPTCY***District Court of the United States; Western District of Tennessee #5639   In the matter of W. A. HUTCHESON, bankrupt, in bankruptcy.   4th December 4th,1923.


***SHOOTING NEAR HALLS***In an altercation between Senator John M. PARRISH and Mr. Jack THOMPSON, at an early hour Tuesday morning on the  PARRISH farm near Halls, the latter received a pistol wound a few inches below the abdomen, the weapon used being a .32 Smith & Wesson.  Thompson was carried to  a hospital in Dyersburg and is said to be in a precarious condition,  The balls having 
lodged in the injured parts. The cause of the difficulty, as far as we have been able to  ascertain, grew out of business relations, THOMPSON being a share cropper of  PARRISH.  It is said that for sometime he had been away and had failed to gather his  crop, but having returned home Sunday night was notified by PARRISH that the crop  had to be gathered at once in order to meet a note falling due on which PARRISH was  endorser.  When PARRISH went to the farm Tuesday to see that the crop was gathered  the shooting took place.  It is reported (Parrish claimed self-defense.  Parrish also says  that after being forced to shoot Thompson, the latter's sons pursued him for some distance  with guns and rifles and had they not returned to render assistance to their father,  he(Parrish) might have possibly being killed.

***ADDITIONAL LOCALS***Tollie PETERSON, a lad about 15 years of age, son of W. I. PETERSON, of Ashport, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of assault and battery.  He gave bond for his appearance.  PETERSON is charged with having an altercation with his teacher, Mrs. Oscar GRIGGS, and cutting her with a knife in the left breast.  The wound is said not to be serious of nature.
   Mrs. A. M. CHISHOLM, of Halls, spent Wednesday with her son, R. H. CHISHOLM.
   Mr. Orvil COLLEY, of Detroit, Mich., spent the weekend with his sister, Mrs. Neal FOWLER.
   All who owe me must settle by Jan.1st,or I will put accounts in hands of an Officer for collection; by E. F. WILSON.
   Mrs. S. J. WALTON returned to her home in Memphis Monday after several days visit with parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. B. CAMPBELL.

***LIGHTFOOT***Mr. E. S. METER, of Memphis, spent Friday night here with his daughter, Mrs. Lyle BLACK.
   Mr.& Mrs. Stephen GRIGGS spent last week with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. E. S. METER in Memphis.

***CIRCUIT COURT***Harvey STOKELY vs Presley HUTCHERSON; verdict for defendant.

***DEATH***J. W. HAYNES was fatally injured early Wednesday evening when his car was sideswiped by a car driven by Claude WOODS, of Marked Tree, on the concrete road between Tyronza and Marked Tree.  Mr. HAYNES' car was overturned  and he was thrown out on the concrete highway, sustaining a severe fracture of the skull just below the right ear, and other injuries.  The injured man was taken to Marked Tree and rushed to Baptist Hospital in Memphis, where he had surgery about midnight.  No hope was 
held out by the surgeons from the first and while everything possible was done for the sufferer,  He passed away about 2 o'clock Friday morning, without having regained consciousness.  Mr. HAYNES was accompanied by James HALL, who was not injured by the smashup and he states that both cars were traveling at about 25 miles an hour, when the accident occurred.  Neither car gave enough of the roadway and the hubcaps of the two machines struck, causing the accident.  Mr. WOODS and those with  him were not injured.  H. H. THOMPSON, manager of the Wilson Milling Company was notified and he in turn called Osceola and notified Mrs. HAYNES of the accident.  Mrs.HAYNES, her two little sons, Jack and Billy, her mother,  Mrs. GARRETT, left for Memphis on the early morning train Thursday and they were joined by Mr. THOMPSON, who was constantly at the bedside of Mr. HAYNES until the end came.  Mrs. HAYNES will be remembered in Ripley as Miss Irene GARRETT, daughter of the late Monroe GARRETT.

***WHITEFIELD***A son was born to Mr.& mrs.
Earl BUNTING, the past week.  He has been christened Harry BUNTING..

***MASCEDONIA***Mrs. M. M. FRAZIER is on the sick list.

***GLIMP***Mrs. Alsey VOWELL attended the party given Friday night by Miss Sarah Mai McGARRITY at Luckett.

***LOCALS***Mrs. Vasser BARNES, of Henning, who has been ill the past two weeks in the home of her sister, Mrs. Henry JOHNSTON, is improving.
   Rev.& Mrs. Cleanth BROOKS attended the funeral of Maj. William  WITHERSPOON near Jackson Friday and was buried at Andrew's chapel Saturday afternoon.  He was 84 years of age, a member of the M. E. Church, Confederate soldier  and served  under Forrest in the Civil War.  He is survived by four children; Mrs.Cleanth  BROOKS, of Ripley, Mrs. E. F. ERKMAN, of Memphis, Howell J. WITHERSPOON
of Memphis, and Forrest WITHERSPOON, of Jackson.


***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***Mr. Matt CAMPBELL, of Memphis, spent Tuesday with his sister, Mrs. Lillian C. WHITE.
   Mrs. J. L. SAVAGE and daughter, of Golddust, spent Friday night in the home of J. W. GRACEY.
   Miss Elizabeth BRANDON, of Washington, will arrive Friday to attend Christmas with her sister, Mrs. A. D. ZIMMERMAN.
   Miss Bonnie Sue MANESS and little neice, Mary Louise MANESS, visited relatives this weekend here.
   Miss Irene GRIFFEN and Mr. Esra CLARK were married at the home of the bride's parents at Mack last week.  The bride is the daughter of A. L. GRIFFEN.  The couple, accompanied by Mr. Matt GAINES and family, left overland Monday for Cottonwood, Miss., to spend the winter.

***HALLS, TENN.,DEC.17th***J. M. PARRISH, Justice of the Peace here, and former State Senator and probably the largest land owner on the north end of Lauderdale County, is under $2000 bond to await a preliminary hearing, charged with shooting Jack THOMAS?? THOMPSON (in previous issue), a tenant on one of his farms.

***CIRCUIT COURT NOTES***Jap HENDERSON;  resisting an officer, not guilty.
   Walter HARPER, malicious shooting;2 years in penitentiary. 
   Harden ARNOLD and Thelma PRICE; exposing a child to inclemency of the weather, etc,;  Stricken on motion of Attorney General.

***GATES***Word was received here Tuesday morning of the death of Mrs. Charlie JONES in Dallas, Texas.  Mrs. JONES was for a number of years a resident of this place, and we regret to hear of her death.  Funeral services will be here Thursday.

***CONNER*** MISS Irene KLUTTS of Mary's Chapel, spent Saturday night with her grandfather, Mr. Mack MURLEY
   Mr.& Mrs. Alex DANIELS were guests of Mr. & Mrs. Gene DANIELS Sunday at Durhamville.

***CIRCUIT COURT--STATE DOCKET***John NELSON; malicious shooting;$25.00.

***CENTRAL***Mr. Carl ADKERSON had an infant to die Saturday.


***IN MEMORY***On December 20th, 1923, at 6:30 a.m., the Death Angel visited the home of Mr. Joe ELMORE and claimed for its own, the wife and mother.  Mary Elizabeth RAY was born June 8th, 1859, and was married in the year 1877.  To this union was born two bys and five girls, four of whom preceded her in death.  She has three daughters, eight grandchildren, four great-grandchildren.  She lived with Mr. FARMER for 14 years until death claimed him.  About five years ago, she moved her church membership to Grace Church in Lauderdale County.  She lived a widow seven years, then married Mr. W. H. CHISHOLM.  They lived together for 19 years and 7 months when God called him home.  She was married to J. J. ELMORE in the year, 1921.

***LOCAL AND PERSONAL***John WALDING, of New Orleans, is here for several days visit with parents, Mr.& Mrs. C. E. WALDING.
==================END OF THE YEAR  1923==========================

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