Deed of Trust 1952 (Louis Midyett to J. L. Sloan)
Deed Of Trust
Book 2 page 7
Lauderdale County, TN 38063

Known all men by these Presents: That for and in consideration of one dollar in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and the further consideration hereinafter recited, I, Louis Midgett, a single man, have this day bargained and sold, and do hereby transfer and convey to J. L. Sloan Trustee, or his successor Trustee, the following described tract or parcel of land, to wit:

Situated, lying and being in the 7th Civil District of Lauderdale County, Tennessee, more particularly described as follows:

Beginning at a stake, J. R. Simons southeast corner, runs thence south with Soward's west boundary line to a stake in Carter's north boundary line 53 poles; thence west with Carter's north boundary line 80 poles to L. Nelson's southeast corner in public road with what is Louis Nelson's east line about 48 poles to a stake, the same being J. R. Simons southeast corner thence east with J.R. Simon's south boundary line 37 poles to the beginning, containing 7 acres more or less. Also the following chattels and crops:

One black horse mule wt. 1000 pounds One grey horse mule wt. 1200 pounds' 3 acres of cotton and 3 acres of corn on the above farm 2/3 interest in 12 acres of cotton on Mrs. L. W. Lawrence Farm.

Being the same property conveyed to us by J. F. Parks on October 17, 1947 as shown by deed recorded in Deed Book 0-4, page 432-3 of the records of the Registers' Office, Lauderdale County, Tennessee, the which reference is made for all necessary intents and purposes.

We declare that we are the true and lawful holders of the claim secured b the instrument within recorded, and hereby acknowledge the _______ _______ and discharge of the lien to secure the same in full this the 15th day of October 1952.

Gates____ and Company by R.V. Lilley____
Attested D.M. Garrett Register


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