Surnames for Old Butler, TN – A’s

Adams, Harry ***

 Rt 2, Hampton, Cardens Bluff; Moved temporary to 2 rooms in the Oscar Smith place behind the Cardens Bluff Church 

Harry – 50 years of age (appx. year of birth: 1892

1937-38, Laborer

1939-42, Laborer

1940-42, WPA

  Ruby Jewell– daughter, 24 (1918)

Adams, Joe ***

Butler, Community: Piercetown (District I), Carter Count;Moved to Watauga Reservoir to property bought from John Duffield on relocated Hwy 67 on Hambly Branch

 Joe – 44 (1898)

1930-1940, Miner


Nancy (wife) – 40 (1902)

Fred (son) – 18 (1924)

Adams, Millie



Billie, Cobbs Creek School

Allen, Aria, Mrs.

Butler Village (short duration, formerly of Johnson City; home belonged to Mrs. Reece

Aria – 69 (1873)

G. S. Allen (late husband)

Anderson, Clyde A. ***

Butler, Community: Cowanstown, County: Johnson; Cowanstown is an old neighborhood in the Upper Watauga community; bean becoming cash crop); Bought 8 ½ acres on Stony Creek in Carter County and moved there 7/29/48

Clyde A. – 41 (1901)

Farmer (side line work)

Georgia – 37 (1905)

Anderson, J. Rod

2nd house on Cowanstown Rd after crossing steel bridge at Gregg Station(Gregg in Upper Watauga community, named derived from a family of the same name; Gregg School serves elementary; older children transported to Butler; Charles Culver General Store; Mr. Dugger – mail carrier); Moved to Chattanooga, TN

Rod – 55 (1887)

Vicky – 54 (1888)

Both Andersons (J. Rod and wife) spent most of their time in Chattanooga and had a hired hand to take care of their farm

Mary Alice Anderson (sister-in-law)

Anderson, J. S., Mrs.  (Anderson, J. Rod)

Butler, Community: Gregg, County: Johnson; Bought homestead of C. M. McQueen at New Butler (sold by Bower Brother Auction Co. – New Butler Development)

Alice – 47 (1895)

J. Rod (late husband)

Blane (son) – 20 (1922)

1939-42, General farming

Blanche (daughter) – 17 (1925)

Ray (son) – 11 (1931)

Naoma – 8 (1934)

 Anderson, Mary Alice ***

Butler, Community: Upper Holston, County: Johnson; As of writing, no plans had been made as to where the family relocated)

 Mary Alice – no age given

Husband passed April, 1942

 Lane (son) (lives elsewhere in community but not listed in records; helps with farm)

 Theodore (son) – 22 (1920)

 Mildred (daughter in law; wife to Theodore) – 19 (1923)

 Helen (granddaughter) – 2 (1940)

 Jackie (granddaughter) – 9 months

 Nelma (daughter) – 9 (1933)

 Roy (son) – (1930)

Andrews, A. G

 Laborer; Bernard, WA

 Andrews, Arlie



 Freeman – Elk Mills School


 Andrews, Gather


 Plant Worker

 Dennis-Elk Mills

 Henry-Elk Mills

 Andrews, Joe

Lower Elk








 Andrews, Russell

 Butler Community; moved to Baltimore, MD

 Russell – 28 (1914)

 Bonnie (wife) – 28 (1914)

 Nell (daughter) – 2 (1940)

 Andrews, Wheeler

 Lower Elk






Arney, Carl ***

 Butler; Community: Roan Creek; County: Johnson;  bought a lot from Cobb Creek Land Co. and built a block house in Carderview

Carl – 45 (1897)

 WWI Veteran

 Ada (wife) – 40 (1902)

Velma (daughter) – 19 (1923)

 Evelyn (daughter) – 17 (1925)

Arney, Ed ***

Butler; Community: District I; County: Carter; on the west side of US 67 at the bridge head across the Watauga river to Piercetown; formerly from Johnson City; no known relocation

 Ed – 38 (1904)

born in Johnson County about 6 miles from Mountain City

1930-1936 – lumber grader

Jennie (wife) – (1905)

 daughter of Jim Oliver; born on Big Stone Creek

 Silk Mill in Johnson City

 Bonny (adopted daughter) – 7 (1935) Ed’s deceased sister, Bonnie Shumate, was the biological mother

Rosa (adopted daughter) – 12 (1930) Jennie’s deceased sister, Rose Marie Honeycutt was the biological mother

 Arney, Josie, Mrs.

Butler; relocated to old homestead of I. K. McQueen, which was purchased by the Cobb Creek Land Company

 Josie – 45 (1897)

 Brother – unnamed; formerly a painter in Radford VA; lives just outside of Butler with mother

 Porter (son) – does not reside with mother

 McDonald (son) – 17 (1925)

 Billy Jean (daughter) – 11 (1931)

  other children: son who is married and lives in Wyoming; son in Radford who works for a power plant; one son in the Army (the names of

these children were not mentioned)

 Arnold, Gene

 Butler; Community: 4th District; County: Carter; “on the left of the highway leading to Elk Mills and the second house after the

intersection of the Sugar Hollow Road.”; moved to Washington County, TN and bought 20 acres of farm land on Route #3

 in Jonesborough

 Gene – 23 (1919)

 plant worker

 Luella (wife) – 24 (1920)

 daughter of David Ward, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Robert Miller

 Joe Miller – cousin to Luella; lived next door

 Avery Miller – Joe’s father and Luella’s uncle

 Mrs. W. M. Voncannon – aunt of Luella; lived in home between Luella and the old Miller place

Miss Janie Miller – maiden aunt of Luella; lives with Mrs. Voncannon

 Family attended church at Lower Elk

 Lloyd – brother (single at time of survey); in Army

 Pararic (daughter) – 6 months (1942)

 Arnold, Howard

 Hampton, Rt. 2; Community: Fish Springs; County: Carter; resided on land belonging to Gene Campbell; relocated to where Gene

Campbell and family moved to in Jonesboro and planned to work as a tenant farmer

 Howard – 33 (1909)

 born and reared in Elk; farmer

 Fannie (wife) – 34 (1908)

 daughter of Charlie Campbell of Fish Springs

 Paul (son) – 14 (1928)

 Edward (son) – 12 (1930)

 Mattie Gean (daughter) – 10 (1932)

 Flora (daughter) – 8 (1934)

 Mack (son) – 7 months

 Arnold, Lauton

 Butler; Community: Midway; County: Johnson; lived in the 1st house on the right on a hill beyond R. S. Grindstaff’s Store on Hwy. 67;

relocated to Carter County on September 1, 1948

Lauton – 42 (1900)

 plant worker


 Nannie (wife) – 34 (1908)

 Beatrice (daughter) – 18 (1924)

 Vivian (daughter) – 16 (1926)

 Marshall (son) – 14 (1928)

 Coleen (daughter) – 10 (1932)

Leo (son) – 8 (1934)

Elean (daughter) – 2 (1940)

 Arnold, Tom ***

 Hampton; Community: District I; County: Carter; to the east of Hwy 67, several hundred yards up Stony Creek; relocated to Hunter, TN

 Tom – 35 (1907)

 1924-1930: miner

 1930-1933: US Army

 1933-1936: Farm laborer

 1936-1941: various places of employment

 1941-time of survey: plant worker

 Mary (wife) – 30 (1912)

 Marie (daughter) – 7 (1935)

 Ray (son) – 4 (1938)

 Harold (son) – 2 (1940)

 Arnold, Walter

 Butler; moved to vicinity of Hampton, TN

 Walter – 32 (1910)

 1939-1940: Laborer

Wilma (wife) – 31 (1911)

 Bessie (daughter) – 10 (1932)

 Geraldine (daughter) – 7 (1935)

 Basil (son) – 4 (1938)

 Atwood, George D.

 Butler; no mention of relocation

 George – 83 (1859)

 Rachel (wife) – 77 (1865)

 Clyde (grandson) – 17 (1925)

 Atwood, J. S




 Atwood, Stanley



 Attwood, Verna


 Dorothy (daughter)

 Billy (son)


 Old Butler Surnames – B’s




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