NORTHINGTON, Dr. S.E. – Sends New Subscribers (1882)

Dr. S.E. NORTHINGTON, formerly of this village but now a resident of Emporia, Kansas, sends us five new subscribers and the cash to pay for them, and says he will probably send another batch shortly.  Dr. NORTHINGTON is well known to the people of this county, having been raised within a few miles of Taylorsville and practiced his profession over the county several years.  He is now a successful dentist at the enterprising city of Emporia, Kansas, and we understand he is rapidly making money.  The Doctor is a shrewd business man and well able to make his way successfully in any community, and besides that he is a warm-hearted, genial gentleman.  We extend him our warm regards and than him for his favor. 

Source:  Taylorsville Reporter, 8 Dec 1882, pg. 3. 

Two Knots Tied in the Public Road (1882)

MARRIED – Nov. 30th. by T.J. BARRY, Esq., in the public road one mile above Taylorsville, Thos. D. DYSON to Sarelda HAWKINS

Also, in the 3rd district of this county, Nov. 30th, in the public road near the residence of James MAST, by W.R. DAVIS, Esq., John J. POTTER to Titia RAY. 

We wish each happy couple a thousand years of connubial bliss and a whole troop of infantry.

Source:  Taylorsville Reporter, 8 Dec 1882, pg. 3

MUSE, Dorothy Ray (1940 Graduate)

Dorothy Ray Muse, daughter of Joseph C. & Margaret G. Muse [1], graduated in 1940 from Queens College in Charlotte, NC.  She received an A.B. in Math and was a member of Kappa Delta Sorority.

[1] 1930 Census. Mountain City, Johnson County, Tennessee. ED 2, Family #68, Sheet 3B. Available online at FamilySearch. <>

War Casualties of East Tennessee

As a result of a joint project between the University of Tennessee’s Center for the Study of War and Society and the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial Association, you can now search a database of eastern tennessee war casualties.

The database covers several wars – World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf conflict, Iraq and Afghanistan. You can filter by county and/or war.  To access the database, visit it on the website.