Index the 1940 Census!

The 1940 Census was released by the National Archives and Records Administration on April 2, 2012.   To our great benefit, the US Census Community Project is coordinating efforts so that the digital images can be made freely available immediately, and volunteer indexing can begin. 

The TNGenWeb is all about volunteers right? So we thought it would be worthwhile to do some coordinating ourselves and establish an indexing “group.”  By establishing ourselves as a group, you can join us and help index the Tennessee census records.  There will even be incentives offered along the way.  

With our help and that of thousands of other volunteers, once the census is fully indexed, it will be available online and will always free of charge. The quicker the census is indexed, the sooner you’ll be able to search it.  🙂 


  • Step 2:  Join our group “Tennessee GenWeb Project.” There are 4 ways to do this
    • I, as group administrator, can add you.  Send me an email (
    • The first time you sign into the Indexing program, you can select the group you want to be a part of.
    • If you have a FamilySearch account, sign into, click My Info in the top right corner, then click the Edit button to select the group you want to be part of.
    • Contact FamilySearch Indexing Support and they can move your account into the group you want to belong to.
  • Step 3: Start indexing! Do some practice indexing to get familiar with the process.
More details will come soon.  We will blog about the process as we move forward, and relevant information will be posted to this page.  For starters, visit for information.


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