Ladd’s Springs (1872)

This well-known watering place is now open for the reception of boarders. Mr. B.G. Willis is there in charge of the boarding house, and has a number of rooms fitted up in a very comfortable style. He has good cooks and servants in number sufficient to supply the demands of all. The entire place, together with the roads leading thereto, have recently been much improved. His prices for boarding, including all necessary attention by servants, is $25 per month. There are comfortable camps there which can be had at form five-to-six dollars per month.

Many false rumors have been in circulation in reference to the place, but we do not think strange of that, as there always have been a few persons who would make an easy sacrifice (for a little monty) of that which is considered most valuable by a better class of people.–For the relief of the guilty party, or by way of palliation for such offense, I will state that such predisposition is sometimes congenital.– It may have descended, unimpaired, through a long line of posterity. Perhaps Judas was one of the first that made such sacrifice for so small a compensation.  It is not necessary to say anything about the variety of valuable water at that place, as the opinion is yet uncontrodicted in this country, that a more valuable collection of medicinal waters could not be produced in the United States.

Mr. Editor, come up and take a lunch of  venison and trout with us.  — G. A.Long

Source: Cleveland Banner (Cleveland, TN); 12 July 1872. Available online at Google News Archive.

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