G.R. Hatcher Resumes Business (1872)

Under Full Sail Again

Our friend, G.R. HATCHER, formerly of the firm of Hatcher and Calloway, has resumed merchandizing in the old “Ark” building, where he wants to meet all his former friends and patrons, promising them in the meantime to treat them as in the days of yore. He wants to buy twenty thousand bushels of good wheat, for which he will pay the highest market price in cash– George is a jam-up fellow– believes there is virtue in printer’s ink, and money too– is a liberal trader, and always stands up to the rach, fodder or no fodder. If you want anything in his line call on him, and when you want to sell your wheat recollect that he has the cash to pay you for it. (page 3, col 1)

Source: Cleveland Banner (Cleveland, TN); 21 June 1872. Available online at Google News Archive.

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