Goodspeed's Henry County Biographies - M surnames

J. W. Mathis, Esq., a resident of Henry, Tenn., was born April 1, 1842, in this county. His father, Josiah Mathis, was a native of Kentucky, and died in this county December 24, 1863. The mother was a native of this State, and died about 1846. Our subject remained on the farm assisting his father up to the time of the latterís death, when he assumed the responsibility of the family till 1879, after which he engaged in agricultural pursuits for himself. He was elected magistrate August, 1882, and at present is occupying that position. December 28, 1869, he married L. A. Wallace, of this county and the fruits of this union were six children: Clark M., Mary H., John A., James J., Edward S. (who died in 1882) and Emerson E. Mr. Mathisí educational advantages, owing to circumstances, were rather limited, but he has always strongly advocated the cause and manifested a willingness to aid all enterprises pertaining to the advancement of education. He is a Mason, a member of the Agricultural Wheel, and a Republican in politics.

G. T. Morris, M. D., is a dealer in dry goods, ladiesí and gentsí furnishing goods, clothing, hats, caps, boots and shoes, established his business March 13, 1886, in Paris. He established a general store at Big Sandy, Benton County, in 1872 and carries a stock of $4,000 and does an annual business of $12,000. He has a $10,000 stock at this place and does a leading business. He was born at Camden, Tenn., January 30, 1851, and is a son of W. P. Morris, an extensive merchant and prominent citizen of Benton County. Our subject was reared in his native town and received a practical academic education. He graduated from the medical department of the university of Tennessee (now Vanderbilt) in February, 1872, and immediately afterward engaged in merchandising at Big Sandy and also engaged in practicing medicine for six months. September 3, 1874, he married Blanch Beasley, a daughter of Daniel E. Beasley, now a farmer of this county. Four children were born to our subject and wife: Elbert E., Granville T., Jr., Claudie L., and Minnie. Mr. Morris has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South since thirteen years of age. He is a conservative Democrat in politics and is one of the most successful and thrifty merchants in this part of the State.

Dr. W. T. McClarin, a successful practitioner at Elkhorn, Tenn., was born at Carthage, Smith Co., Tenn., December 6, 1846; son of Charles and N. (Bradley) McClarin. The father was a native of the Emerald Isle born August 15, 1818, and came to America with his parents when a youth, locating in Smith County. He died May 12, 1851. The mother was born in Sumner County, Tenn., in 1818 and is now residing with her son Dr. W. T. Our subject received his education in the Smith County schools and afterward attended Conyersville Academy, Henry County. He then entered the office of Drs. Bradley & Bomar of that place and read medicine for two years, after which he attended a course of lectures at the medical department of the University of Nashville in 1865-66. In 1871 he married Laura Weldon, a native of Henry County, Tenn., born February 15, 1854, and the daughter of Dr. A. J. Weldon of Paris Landing. To this union were born seven children: Charles J., George C., William H., Henry B., Oswald Gross, Bertha L. and Annie Myrtle. After completing his medical education Dr. McClarin began practicing medicine and has continued that business up to the present time with evident success, as his many patients now living can testify. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity and has been master of the lodge at Elkhorn for some years. He is a K. of H. and a member of the Henry County Medical Society and of the West Tennessee Medical Association. He is a Democrat in politics and he and wife are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

T. C. McNeill, proprietor of the drug and book store, established his present business November 1, 1865, and has continued very successfully to the present time, carrying a large stock and having one of the best appearing stores of the kind in the State. He was born December 9, 1830, in Carroll County, Tenn., and is a son of William L. and Rachel (Clark) McNeill. The father was a native of North Carolina, was married in that State and came to Carroll County in the early settlement. He followed mercantile pursuits, and died in Carroll County. Our subject received a fair education at various schools, and at the age of thirteen began clerking in the mercantile trade at Huntingdon. At the end of five or six years he entered the literary department of the University of Michigan, at Ann Harbor, and graduated from that institution in 1857. He also graduated from the chemical and pharmaceutical department of that university in 1858. He was then professor of natural history in Andrew College, Trenton, Tenn., one year, after which he attended one course of medical lectures at Ann Harbor, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (medical department), in 1860. After practicing a short time he was made surgeon of Russellís Twentieth Regiment Tennessee Cavalry, and served until the surrender. Returning from the war he continued practicing until November 1, 1865, when he began his present business. February 22, 1862, he married Lucy E. Randle, of Trenton, Tenn. He is a member of the Democratic party, and one of the countyís most respected citizens.

N. W. McNeill,is a native of Carroll County, Tenn., born in November 1827. His father was born in North Carolina and died in Tennessee about 1836, after having lived here about ten years. His mother, Rachel B. Clark, was a native of North Carolina. Our subject remained on the farm until twenty-three years of age, when he entered Kentucky Military Institute, and graduated in the year 1853. He then engaged in civil engineering, which he continued up to the late war. He was also division engineer of the Memphis branch of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. In September, 1863, he entered Russellís regiment, Bellís brigade, Company B, and was first lieutenant of the same. He was neither captured nor wounded during the time he was in the service. At the close of the war he returned home and has been engaged successfully in farming ever since. February 14, 1858, he married Bettie Covington of Carroll County, who died in July, 1869, leaving one child, Charley. Mr. McNeill in December, 1872, married Susie Covington of Henry County. This union resulted in the birth of two children: Addison Lee and Mattie Eva. Our subject is one of the substantial men of Henry County, being worth about $20,000, which sum he has amassed since the late war. Previous to the war Mr. McNeill was an old line Whig, but is now a Democrat in politics.

I.A. McSwain, physician and farmer of the Eighteenth District, was born where he now lives December, 1845, and is one of nine children, three of whom are living, born to David and B. (Randle) McSwain, both natives of North Carolina, the former born in 1802 and the latter in 1807. The father was a farmer by occupation, and magistrate of the Eighteenth District for about twenty-five years, being well known throughout the county. He died September 5, 1867. The mother is now living with her son, Dr. I. A., and is seventy-nine years of age; is quite spry and has reasonably good health. Our subject received his education mostly at Bethel Academy, and when a young man read medicine with Dr. Weldon, at Buchanan, for two years. He then entered the medical department of the University of Louisville, where he completed his studies in 1867. He then located at Buchanan and has remained there ever since, with the exception of two years that he spent at McKenzie. In 1868 he married Maggie, a native of Henry County, born August 20, 1852, and the daughter of Isaac and Jane Dale, and to this union were born seven children: Willie, Eddie, Horace, Lillie, Prentice, Marvin and Rubie. In connection with his professional work, the Doctor superintends his fine farm and is succeeding well in both profession and occupation. He is a member of the West Tennessee Medical Association and the medical association of the county. He is a Democrat in politics, a Mason, a Knight of Honor, and he and his wife and both of the eldest children are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.