Bad Things Happen to Good People: Tragedy Visits Acalee Milam

by Roxie Milam Wallace

My mother Linnie Britt Milam heard this story from Fleatie Milam Johnson Stanfill, my father’s sister. After marrying Papa, Mother became close friends with his younger sibling, and the two of them shared personal stories, as friends will do. Of course, Papa shared his story with her even before they married. It isn’t clear how much they discussed the tragedy over their 25 years together, but it is certain that he added details to his sister’s account.

I have heard it said that there is a pivotal moment or situation that occurs in each person’s life that determines his or her future. For me, that auspicious event occurred before I was even born: My father suffered a personal tragedy of mammoth proportions that colored the rest of his own life and affected his progeny for, perhaps, many generations to come.

milamOur defining family drama began on the sultry day of August 3, 1933. By 2:00 P.M., the atmosphere had become heavy, and occasional breezes blew hot as Acalee Milam placed minimal harness on two mules that he and his wife Bertha mounted and rode toward their corn crop plantings along Cane Creek in the Chesterfield Bottoms of West Tennessee. Mopping the perspiration from his forehead, he felt an involuntary shudder run the length of his spine, despite the heat.

The shudder was puzzling. He could have been spooked by such an unusual occurrence, but time was too precious to waste in analyzing premonitions. The creek had overflowed, after a two-inch rain the day before, due to a drift of flotsam—leaves, tree branches, and logs—that threatened to wash away a whole crop of young, corn plants already standing knee high.

If he and Bertha were unable to save the flourishing grain, there would not be enough time in the growing season for another crop to mature that year. A corn crop failure would just about break them financially. The Great Depression had wrecked the United States’ economy and many farmers were losing everything.

The Milams owned their farm, several acres of bottom land, free and clear, but they had borrowed from the bank to purchase equipment, seed, livestock, and living supplies. Should they be unable to grow enough corn to feed their animals through the coming winter, it would be necessary to mortgage the place in order to buy feed on the market, risking the possibility of missed notes and forfeited holdings.

Acalee Milam and Bertha Johnson had been husband and wife for twenty-one years. Their two older children Ray and Ralph were married and on their own, but Ruth and L.B. were thirteen and eight years old respectively and still living at home. The couple felt an acute weight of family responsibility that August day as they hurried to get the drift broken up ahead of a threatening storm that had already turned the northern sky a grayish-yellow color.

Upon reaching Cane Creek’s banks, the Milams surveyed a spreading lake formed by raging creek waters held back by an impromptu dam. After determining that breaking up the drift would be an arduous and extended task of labor, Ack and Bertha decided that she should take the mules back to the barn right away. Returning them would be very difficult during or after the storm. The sky was growing ever darker toward the northwest over Lexington, the nearest town, and the wind had picked up bringing a chill to the air.

Bertha rode away on the back of Old Bill the bigger mule, while holding the reins of Bud his teammate, heading toward the bridge over Cane Creek and home. Turning back to the task at hand, Ack waded into the edge of angry waters. That was the last time Acalee Milam ever saw his wife alive. The events of this tale changed one man’s life forever, but their effects also reached to many individuals over time and space.

Upon hearing the faint sound of a scream coming from the direction of Cane Creek bridge where Bertha would need to cross in order to reach their house, Ack ran that way. Tracking the mules through deep mud, he found his team standing beside the barnyard fence, but there was no trace of his wife. Family members and neighbors were called in and everyone spent many hours searching for the young woman.

Beside himself with first worry and finally terror, Ack drove his body and mind to exhaustion trying to find Bertha. When the others called off their search at about midnight, he refused to give up, thinking she might be lying injured somewhere in the muddy Bottoms or along the banks of Cane Creek in need of medical attention. Nobody could be completely sure what had happened. All assumed there had been an accident, and the lady had been thrown from a frightened mule, a normal assumption since it was well known to those living on farms that equestrian animals will almost never cross an ordinary wooden bridge, much less one with raging waters rushing beneath it.

With the coming of sunrise at 5:30 A.M. the next morning, August 4th, Ack found the disfigured body of his dear wife. She was lying supine across a pile of brush—tree limbs and twigs—that had been flung up onto the creek bank, approximately two miles downstream from the bridge. With the storm’s termination around three o’clock, the water had immediately begun to recede leaving flotsam of all kinds behind. Bertha’s form lay in a contorted, acrobatic position, indicating that her back was broken. A fissure opening one side of her head and her demolished face, which long red hair could not completely cover, presented an image that broke Acalee Milam’s heart forever.

There was no question that she was dead. He hurried home to inform his children and to call county authorities. At first, neighbors in the Middleburg community of Henderson County were sympathetic and helpful. Friends and relatives brought food to the house and grieved along with both the Milams and the Johnsons, Bertha’s family. However, not long after the funeral at Oak Grove Methodist Church was over, whispers began.

Family legend has it that Bertha’s brothers started the gossip. Probably, many individuals envied the Milams and coveted their farm. Ack and Bertha had earned their place through frugality and intense labor. Even the children had worked, as was the practice in those days and in keeping with their father’s philosophy of responsibility for family members. Acquaintances might have been jealous of what they saw as the Milams’s good fortune.

Whatever the cause for growing suspicion, law authorities were petitioned to arrest Acalee Milam for murder. The husband had been alone when he discovered his wife’s body, so people were allowed to imagine any scenario they desired as to how Bertha had died. With the dearth of entertainment available to West Tennessee country folk in 1933, many imagined the most dramatic and the worst.

Ack was arrested and, ultimately, tried for murder in the death of his wife. According to an article appearing in the Lexington Progress newspaper, in the October, 1933 session of Circuit Court, the Grand Jury handed down an indictment and bound him over for trial. The proceedings that began on December 13, 1933, were sensational, generating so much interest that, according to the paper, the old 14th District (Middleburg) was practically “depopulated.” One John Fesmire, who had been coming to Lexington for 80 years, was quoted as saying the courthouse had the greatest jam he had ever seen.

“The Milam family is so well-known that widespread interest has been felt,” the Lexington Progress further stated, “and the trial has brought to the courthouse more witnesses (118 subpoenaed and four others failing to be served) and more spectators than ever before in the history of Henderson County.” The State rested its case on Tuesday, and following the defense’s presentation, it went to the jury on Thursday, Dec. 17th. On Friday, a verdict of “Not Guilty” was returned.

Editor of the Progress, in an editorial published on December 22, 1933, stated that no more vigorous prosecution could have been had than that presented by the team of Atty. General Dave Murray and attorney Joe C. Davis. “…the defense backed their belief in the innocence of Milam by employment of such counsel as Judge E.W. Ross, of Savannah, Judge E.C. Kennedy, of Decaturville, and Attorney Winfred H. Lancaster, of the Lexington bar,” according to editor Barry.

He goes on to say, “…and if Milam was not guilty, it is a pity that he should be put to an enormous cost—to fight a false charge—but such is the ‘system’ in this republic.” (I’ve included all these details because I chose to write about this event especially for my children, grandchildren, and future progeny.)

An accusation of murder is too dramatic to die with exoneration. Some Decatur and Henderson County citizens believed that Acalee had killed his wife, and nothing could change their minds. They punished him and his family with gossip and innuendo when he went on to build a new life. I was the firstborn of that “Phoenix from the ashes” family. As long as any of my father’s contemporaries were alive, and even afterward from families who had recounted rumors to their children, I had to face insidious gossip and outright rude questions as to the guilt or innocence of my father.

I would like to be able to say that Papa put the tragedy behind him and faced the future with equilibrium. That, however, is not the truth. Before tragedy struck, this good and honest man had been a Christian who attended Judson Baptist Church at Middleburg where he taught shaped-notes singing schools on a regular basis and sang with a gospel quartet. Afterward, his hurt brought suspicions, paranoia, and sometimes bitterness to his relationships with others. He couldn’t forget that some of his best friends had doubted him when their support was most needed. Even some of his siblings had become enemies. Adding to pain was the loss of his beloved farm.

Most people who owned land in those times possessed little cash money. When it became necessary for Papa to hire an attorney to represent him in court, he borrowed from his sister Fleatie Stanfill, to whom he was forever grateful. The debt only amounted to a few hundred dollars, but when the note became due, he was forced to sell his land to pay her back. Thereafter, we the new family became his primary focus. He dedicated himself to sheltering and protecting us, forging few new friendships with associates and avoiding situations where he might be vulnerable to pain.

Led by Uncle Luther and Aunt Lillie Milam, our group joined the Parsons Church of Christ and maintained a personal relationship with God, but a pall could often envelop our lives, only relieved by mirth and pleasure when Papa attended our youthful musical, educational, or athletic performances. Mother’s natural, light hearted spirit was checked, and her sweet, gentle voice, singing folk songs and hymns as she went about her work, was heard less and less.

We children learned to keep to ourselves any interactions we might have with the offspring of Papa’s enemies. Heaven forbid that we should ever date one of them! However, our parent’s disappointment with his fellowmen created in Ginny, Buddy, and me a desire for the opposite attitude.

For the most part, we’ve managed to maintain a positive outlook, loving, believing, and trusting in others.  At the same time, I’ve pushed myself tirelessly to do well in multiple arenas to prove my worth and to demonstrate the inherent good character represented by those wearing our family name.

There is no way to know just how much Papa’s tragedy affected—molded and shaped—my siblings and me. It is reasonable, however, to assume that the episode had a huge role in making us who we are.

David W. Stanfield Bible

Bible Record of David Walter Stanfield and Mary Taylor Stanfield

D. W. Standfield was Borned March 26th 1839 died Sept 14 1915
Mary Stanfield wife of D.W. Stanfield was Borned Nov 18th 1843 Died Jan 28th 1907
John C. Record Borned Dec 5th 1862
John Isaac Stanfield Was Bornd Apr 5th 1873 Died Aug 28 1954
Mary Stanfield Bornd May 7th 1874
Nancy Stanfield Bornd March 5th 1878
Pirley D. Stanfield Bornd Apr 30th 1880 Died Jan 15 1903
Rubin Alford Stanfield Bornd Feb 8th 1882

This Bible was passed down in the family from David and Mary Stanfield to their daughter Nancy Paralee Stanfield and subsequently to Nancy’s son J.D. Halterman. A copy was kindly provided to the Henderson County, TN web page by Mamie Tate ( of Evansville, Indiana (1999), granddaughter of Charles Morgan Halterman and Nancy Paralee Stanfield.


Books Published by Brenda Kirk Fiddler

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Books Published by Brenda Kirk Fiddler

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HENDERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE CONNECTIONS (2005) $60.00 Postpaid: This book includes 3300 vintage photographs selected from 12,000 submitted. The 800-page high quality 8 1/2 x 11 inch hardbound book on high gloss paper includes sections relating to Mills Darden, CCC Camps, Parks and Lakes, Politics, Schools and School Sports. The 63-page section on Military Service including pictures of Civil War soldiers and details about the units they served with. Also included are pictures of many who served in World War I, World War II and the Korean War. This special section ends with a listing of names of Henderson County soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice. Almost 300 pages are devoted to Families and Individuals. Many photographs have birth, death and marriage information including maiden names. Many photographs are old and rare. Some were made before the Civil War during the early days of photography and provide a rare glimpse of pioneer settlers. The book has a full name index. The focus of the book is Henderson County but the book does include several photographs of families from the surrounding counties. Many pictures are included of families who left the area. Pictures of families, farm operations, businesses, fraternal organizations, recreation and church activities in early years help connect us with our past.

CROSSING THE DARK RIVER, HENDERSON COUNTY, TN OBITUARIES 1827-1950 (1999) $36.00 Postpaid: This 8 1/2 x 11 inch hardbound book, published in 1999, contains over 3000 obituaries of Henderson Countians as published in local and area newspapers. The obituaries provide a wealth of family and local history and they are an invaluable source for genealogical research. The editors of earlier days tended to write obituaries with a great deal of candor; if an individual died from being hanged by the neck, that is precisely what the obituary stated. However, editors found “good” in even the outlaws and usually tried to send them straight on to Glory.

HENDERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE; A PICTORIAL HISTORY (co-author) (1996) $45.00 Postpaid: This 8 ½ x 11 inch hardbound book published in 1996 contains over 1,000 photographs with 368 pages including a full name index. Many old family photographs and portraits include family data. Other chapters include City and Rural Scenes, Patriotism, Transportation, School Days, Sports, Churches and Children of Long Ago.

W. V. BARRY’S LEXINGTON PROGRESS, 1884-1946 (1995) $7.00 Postpaid: This hardbound book of 258 pages published in 1995 provides a glimpse of Henderson County history transcribed from microfilm of old newspapers. The majority of the book is taken from the work of W. V. Barry who established The Lexington Progress in 1884. The book contains an extensive reprint of a special edition of The Progress published November 25, 1910, which described the city, county and local officials at the time as well as a history of businesses in Lexington. A series of historical articles from 1933 record the recollections of W. T. Threadgill whose memory of Lexington reached back to the Civil War.

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Eyewitness to Shooting of Colonel Henderson

from the research of Joey Chessor

james-chessor-smallJames William Chessor was a pioneer who moved to Hickman County around 1810.  In 1873, he recorded in Hickman County the account below about the death of Colonel James Henderson for whom Henderson Co. was named.

An image of the original document is available in Adobe pdf format.

State of Tennessee

Hickman County

This day personally appeared before me J. D. Murphree County Court Clerk for said county, James Chesser an applicant for pension under Act of Feb 14th 1871 No. 22502 who made oath in due form of law that he was mustered into the U.S. Militia Service in Capt Hills Company at Warren Courthouse in Warren County, Tennessee in the year 18__ and marched from there to Nashville, Tennessee, where we took boat and went to New Orleans. When we got to New Oreleans, Capt Hills Company was put in Col Henderson’s Regiment. Maj Smithson(?) was the Maj of the regiment did not get there in time to be in the fight of the 23rd of December, but was in the fight on the 8th of January. During the fight there was a fence in the way of our cannon. Col Henderson said he would take a company of his men and move it, and was shot down by the enemy while in the act – was shot through the neck – died that night. I loaded and shot for an hour and a half by the watch. – John Surrat was second man from me. He was wounded in the head by a ball. A few days after the battle, John Surrat was discharged, he was over age. He had a brother in our company, James Surrat, who was sick. John concluded to stay and wait on him and proffered to take any man’s place for the balance of his time provided he would pay him for his Service. I asked him what he would charge me to take my place, he said he would take it for $30 and my wages, I agreed to give it. He took my place and I started home. The army was disbanded in a few days after I left. John Surrat did not see any active service after he took my place, and only remained a few days after I left. I paid him $30 for his service when he got home. Peace was really made at the time he took my place

James Chessor

Sworn to and subscribed before me this Jan 21st 1873

J. D. Murphree clk of County Court

Scotts Hill High School Class Pictures

Scotts Hill High School Class of 1957

Scotts Hill High School Class of 1957

Pictures of the graduating classes of Scotts Hill High School that were severely damaged by water a few years ago when the roof of the new high school was damaged in a storm.  A group of alumni have raised funds to have the photographs professionally restored or replaced.

Before they can be displayed in the new Scotts Hill High School, they require shatterproof frames.  As a by product of the restoration/replacement effort, a digital image of each graduating class picture was generated.  It was decided to fund the new frames by selling DVDs of these pictures.

The DVD contains the graduating class photographs for the years 1930 through 2011 with the exception of the years 1932, 1933 and 1936.  These group pictures are the same as those that have lined the halls of Scotts Hill High School for many years and include the names and pictures of both graduates and teachers. The pictures can be viewed either in a slide show format with background music or as individual group pictures for more detailed viewing on your computer.

The 1957 class picture shown above is a typical example but the images on the DVD are much higher resolution for easy viewing.

CD coverOrdering Information

The DVD is priced at $15 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling if mailed.  To order, please send your check made out to SHHS PICTURE PROJECT to


Be sure to include your return address for delivery of the DVD. If you are local to the Scotts Hill area and want to pick up your DVD, please contact Doris Buck at (731) 549-3495.

If anyone is able to provide pictures for 1932, 1933 or 1936 for scanning, please contact me so this important collection can be completed.



Scotts Hill High School Class of 1957



Biographical Directory

Tennessee General Assembly 1796-1969
(Preliminary No. 12)
Henderson County

Anderson, Jackson (1832-1910)

Andrews, Cullen (?-?)

Austin, Lou Sanders (1885-1950)

Bailey, Edward (1919-)

Barry, William Logan (1926-)

Bradbury, Hezekiah (1800-1857)

Brown, Henry Hill (1793-1847)

Buck, Adrian O’Dell (1914-)

Bullock, Micajah (c. 1807-1872)

Cochran, James Lindsey (1847-1927)

Darnell, Nicholas Henry (1807-1885)

Davis, Felix McCorry (1865-1936)

Essary, Ernest Washington (1870-1960)

Fielder, John Samuel (1874-1938)

Galloway, Matthew J. (1800-1874)

Hall, John Fielder (1883-1959)

Hall, William B. (c. 1810-?)

Hare, John Lafayette (1859-1954)

Hare, Thomas Albert (1845-1924)

Hendrick, Obed F. (1814-1897)

Jones, George Washington (c. 1829-?)

Jones, John Willis G. (1822-1882)

Jones, Julian Lancaster (1896-1932)

Jones, Samuel Chester (1888-1956)

Jordan, Thomas E. (c. 1815-?)

Kelley, Lois Willie (1906-1964)

Lancaster, Tillman Achilles (1858-1926)

McCall, John Etheridge (1859-1920)

McHaney, La Fayette F. (1825-1911)

Montgomery, Arthur Sebastian (1868-1943)

Murphy, Joseph R. (c. 1920-)

Murray, John Leonidas (1842-1916)

Muse, Thomas Christopher (1834-1892)

Pearson, Peter P. (1814-1887)

Pratt, John Spurgeon (1882-1958)

Roberts, Pinkney Osborn (1845-1940)

Ross, Stephen L. (c. 1815-?)

Scott, David Eldridge (1850-1917)

Shrewsbury, Albert G. (c. 1816-?)

Smith, Thomas A. (1817-1891)

Taylor, John May (1838-1911)

Timberlake, Edward J. (1843-1909)

Tucker, William Clark (1827-1914)

Wilson, David (c. 1804-?)


The Tennessee State Library and Archives is collecting as much biographical information as possible on all persons who have been members of our General Assembly, from the beginning in 1796 to the present. Included also are persons who served in the Territorial Legislature and those who sat in the North Carolina Assembly from counties later included in Tennessee. The project, when completed, will likely include some 5,500 individuals.

Since a great majority of these persons have not gained national prominence, it has been necessary to look for information in a wide variety of sources, most of which are local in character. For this reason, it has been advantageous to conduct the search county by county. Although the State Library and Archives has a considerable body of sources on most counties, it in inevitable that information so collected is often incomplete and subject to error.

Therefore, preliminary sketches are being written as studies of the various counties are completed. These sketches not only include what information we have on the individual, but they also indicate what is lacking to make the sketches as complete as planned.

There have been, in all, forty-four persons to go to the legislature from Henderson County. Preliminary sketches on these individuals are submitted herewith. Obviously, information on some is scant, on others is reasonably full, and on many not as full as could be desired. . . .

To this end, permission is hereby granted to news media, to the county historians, and to teachers to use the sketches in ways best likely to stimulate interest and desired cooperation.

The preliminary sketches of legislators from Henderson County were prepared by the late Dan M. Robison, while he was State Librarian and Archivist Emeritus. The conception of this Biographical Directory of the Tennessee General Assembly was Dr. Robison’s, and it is our hope to continue and complete it as he would have wished.

Robert M. McBride

Director, Research and Publications

Wilmon H. Droze

State Librarian and Archivist

October 15, 1970


Anderson, Jackson (1832-1910)

HOUSE, 43rd and 44th General Assemblies, 1883-87; representing Henderson County; Republican. Born in Edgecombe County, N.C., Apr. 15, 1832; son of John and Nancy (Taylor) Anderson. Extent of schooling not stated. Married Feb. 3, 1853, to Elizabeth H. Jackson, daughter of W. P. and Martha Jackson; children–Emily M., William H., John S., and James Y. Moved with family to Henderson County while a boy; engaged in farming and milling at Juno, Henderson County. Elected, 1859, justice of the peace for 19th civil district and continued so for twenty-one years; sometime chairman of county court. Member Methodist Episcopal Church; Free and Accepted Masons, Juno Lodge, No. 614. Died at home of son near Juno Mar. 11, 1910; buried in Anderson family graveyard nearby.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Mar. 18, 1910; Whitson, Personal Sketches, 63; Goodspeed, History of Henderson County, 841; U.S. Census, 1850, 1870, 1880, Henderson County.

Andrews, Cullen (?-?)

SENATE, 19th and 20th General Assemblies, 1831-35; representing counties of Henderson, Humphreys, Perry, and Stewart. No further information on Senator Andrews.

Austin, Lon Saunders (1885-1950)

HOUSE, 69th, 70th, 71st, 73rd, 74th, and 75th General Assemblies, 1935-41, 1943-49; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born at Scotts Hill, Henderson County, Sept. 15, 1885; son of Jones Alvin and Winnie (Scott) Austin. Attended schools at Scotts Hill and at Sardis, Henderson County; later attended a cotton school at Memphis, Shelby County. Married at Scotts Hill, June 8, 1908, to Carrie Goff, native of Saltillo, Hardin County, daughter of Albert Lewis and Elizabeth (Faning) Goff; three daughters–Lorraine, Dorothy, and Cathleen. Taught school in early years in Perry County and in Mississippi; became a cotton merchant at Lexington, Henderson County. Sometime member county court; served a short while as safety director for West Tennessee, with headquarters at Memphis. Member Methodist Episcopal Church; Free and Accepted Masons. Died at Lexington Oct. 14, 1950; buried in Lexington Cemetery.

Sources: Information supplied by wife, Mrs. Lon S. Austin and by daughter, Mrs. John W. Hinson, both of Lexington; Lexington Progress, July 6, 1928; Aug. 9, 1935; Dec. 20, 1935; Jan. 6, 1939; May 30, 1941; Mar. 9, 1945; Oct. 6, 1950; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 22402.

Bailey, Edward (1919-)

HOUSE, 85th and 86th General Assemblies, 1967-71; representing counties of Henderson, Chester, Decatur, and Perry; Republican. Born at Reagan, Henderson County, May 19, 1919; son of Dorsie G. and Betty (Stewart) Bailey. Attended elementary school at Reagan; graduated, 1936, from Scotts Hill High School, Henderson County; attended, 1936-39, Freed-Hardeman College, Henderson, Chester County. Married at Corinth, Alcorn County, Miss., May 20, 1939, to Mable Overman, native of Scotts Hill, daughter of Charles and Ethel (Swift) Overman; one daughter–Betty Carol. Teacher and member Henderson County Board of Education, 1939-41; U.S. Government clerk, Panama Canal Zone, 1941-43; foreman Proctor and Gamble Defense Corp., Milan, Gibson County, 1943-44; owner and operator of retail grocery and market at Lexington, Henderson County; sawmill operator and lumberman at Lexington from 1950 to present (1969). Alderman for city of Lexington, 1949-53, and again, 1956-67; mayor of Lexington 1953-54. Member Republican State Executive Committee, 1952-69, and chairman of that committee, 1969. Member Baptist Church; Free and Accepted Masons, Scottish Rite; Order of the Mystic Shrine; Loyal Order of Moose; Lions Club. Business address (1969), P.O. Box 296; residence, 620 Broad Street, Lexington 38351.

Sources: Information supplied by self, Aug. 30, 1969, and by Tenn. Legislative Council; Tenn. Blue Book, 1969-70, p. 25.

Barry. William Logan (1926-)

HOUSE, 79th, 80th, 81st, 82nd, 83rd, and 84th General Assemblies, 1955-67; representing Henderson and Madison countiesthrough 82nd, Henderson, Decatur, and Madison in 83rd and 84th; Democrat; Speaker of House in 83rd and 84th Assemblies. Born at Lexington, Henderson County, Feb. 9, 1926; son of Henry Daniel and Mary (Logan) Barry. Attended elementary and high schools at Lexington, graduating from latter in 1943; attended Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Davidson County, receiving B.A. degree, 1948, and LL.B. degree, 1950; elected to Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society with special honors in English and History; admitted to bar, 1950. Married Aug. 8, 1966, to Joanne Coffman of Lexington; no children. In practice of law at Lexington since 1950, except for time in military service and in service of state government; publisher of Lexington Progress, 1945-46; state chairman for March of Dimes, 1958. Member Lexington Board of Alderman, 1953-55; sometime chairman Tenn. Legislative Council; member Legislative Advisory Commission, Southern Regional Education Board; appointed, Jan. 16, 1967; Executive Assistant to Governor Buford Ellington, in which capacity he is responsible for: legal counsel, administration details of the Governor’s office staff and personnel, coordinating board and commission appointments by the Governor, legislative advisor to the Governor, and for maintaining liaison between the legislature and the Governor’s office. In Korean War; 1st lt., U.S. Army in Japan; 1951-53; member American Legion; Veterans of Foreign Wars. Member Baptist Church; Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; Knights of Pythias; West Tennessee Executive Club; West Tennessee Hearing and Speech Center; Lexington Lions Club, serving as president, 1957-58. Lexington address (1969) business, Natchez Trace Drive, residence, 20 Main St., 38351; Nashville address (1969), office, The Capitol; residence, 1214 Capital Towers Apts., 37219.

Sources: Information supplied by self; Lexington Progress, May 17 and Sept. 13, 1957; Jan. 7 and July 28, 1960; Bass, Who’s Who in Tennessee, (1961), p. 32; Tenn. Blue Book, 1967-68, p. 54; do. 1969-70, p. 54; Tenn. Public Acts, 1955-65.

Bradbury, Hezekiah (1800-1857)

SENATE, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 29th General Assemblies, 1841-49, 1851-53; representing counties of Henderson, Hardin, McNairy, and Perry in 24th, Henderson, McNairy, and Perry in 25th through 27th, Henderson, Decatur, McNairy, and Perry in 29th; Whig. Born in Knox County, May 7, 1800; names of parents and extent of schooling not determined. Married Sept. 13, 1832, to Mary Dibbrell Shrewsbury, daughter of Drury and Elizabeth (Dibbrell) Shrewsbury; children–Elizabeth Ann, Hezekiah G., Margarette Lee, Mary Jane, Charles Henry, Martha Lee, and Rebecca Bell. Removed to Henderson County at undetermined date prior to 1841; where he engaged in merchandising until 1856 except for year 1850, when he resided with son in 7th civil district of Decatur County; removed to Texas, 1856, where he engaged in cotton and shipping business until death about a year later. In “A Tribute” to his daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Hefley, a clipping from an unnamed and undated newspaper, it was said that Bradbury “commanded a regiment from Tennessee during the war between the United States and Mexico; which he led to San Antonio, reaching there just as the war closed. For this patriotic effort he received valuable lands in Texas.” However, available Mexican War records in Tennessee Archives -contain no mention of Bradbury’s participation in that war. He died at Fairfield, Freestone County, Tex., Nov. 10, 1857; buried in Fairfield Cemetery.

Sources: Information supplied by a descendant, Mrs. Alma B. L. Fricke, 4214 Avenida La Resolana, N.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico, Feb. 14, 1966, which includes copy of “A Tribute” to Mrs. Hefley; Prepared Roster, 25th General Assembly and Senate, 27th General Assembly; U.S. Census, 1850, Decatur County, 7th civil district.

Brown, Henry Hill (1793-1847)

SENATE, 15th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd General Assemblies, 1823-25, 1835-41; representing counties of Henderson, Carroll, Henry, Hurnphreys, Perry, and Stewart in 15th; counties of Henderson, Hardin, McNairy, and Perry, 1835-41; was a Whig by 1837. Born in the portion of Bute County, N.C., which later was included in Franklin County, Jan. 23, 1793; son of-Jeremiah and Martha (Hill) Brown. Extent of schooling not stated. Married in December, 1814, to Mary Ellington Marshall, native of Virginia; children–Martha Ann, Hannah Malvina, James Frazer, Nancy Thomas, and one whose name does not appear. Senator Brown’s occupation and place of residence in Henderson County have not been determined; there are indications that he lived in or had property in Perry County. In War of 1812; enlisted at Lebanon, Wilson County, Sept. 24, 1813; mustered in at Fayetteville, Lincoln County; discharged at Fort Strother, Ala., Dec. 27, 1813; was sgt. in Capt. Henry L. Douglas’ Co., 1st Tenn. Vol. Inf. Died at Nashville, Davidson County, Oct. 12, 1847; place of burial not found.

Sources: Information supplied by Mrs. Robert Selph Henry, Alexandria, Va.; and by Mrs. Catherine Ewing, genealogist of Nashville; Nashville Whig, Oct. 16, 1847; Acklen, Tennessee Records, I, 200-201; War of 1812 files, Tenn. Archives.

Buck, Adrian O’Dell (1914-)

HOUSE, 72nd General Assembly, 1941-43; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born at Jackson, Madison County, Mar. 10, 1914; son of W. D. and Maggie (Buck) McCollum. Attended Shady Hill School, Lexington, and Scotts Hill High School, both in Henderson County; Freed-Hardeman College, Henderson, Chester County, received LL.B. degree, 1938, from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Knox County. Married at Nashville, Davidson County, in 1952 to Frances Knight, native of Owensboro, Davies County, Ky., daughter of G. and Lena Knight; no children. Has practiced law since 1938; first at Lexington and at Nashville since 1949. In World War II; commissioned lt. in U.S. Naval Reserve, Sept. 28, 1942; entered on active duty Nov. 2, 1942; served on security and defense assignments at New Orleans, La., Treasure Island, and Los Angeles, Calif., as well as aboard SS Liloa and SS Charles H. Windham in South Pacific Theater; relieved from active duty Feb. 13, 1946, as lt. (jg) in U.S. Naval Reserve. Member First Baptist Church, Nashville, serving as deacon and Sunday school teacher; member American, Tennessee, and Nashville bar ass’ns; Free and Accepted Masons; Phi Kappa Phi fraternity. Business address (1969), 300 James Robertson Parkway; residence, 6401 Bresslyn Road, Nashville.

Sources: Information supplied by self, Sept. 18, 1969, and by Tenn. War Records Bureau; Tenn. Public Acts, 1941; Lexington Progress, May 17, 1940; May 23, 1941; Jan. 2 and Oct. 30, 1942; June 1, 1945; June 2, 1960; Nashville City Directory, 1949 … 1969.

Bullock, Micajah (c.1807-1872)

HOUSE, 21st and 24th General Assemblies, 1st Sess. 1835-37; in 24th Assembly, resigned after 1st Sess., serving from Oct. 14, 1841, through Feb. 7, 1842, representing Henderson County;again in House of 26th and 32nd General Assemblies, 1845-47, 1857-59; representing Madison County in 26th; Madison, Carroll, Gibson, and Henry counties in 32nd; a Whig during first three terms; American or Know-Nothing Party in 32nd. Born c.1807 in Granville County, N.C.; sonof Edward Bullock. Extent of schooling not indicated; studied law. Married in Madison County Sept. 29, 1841, to Susan M. Brown, daughter of J. L. and Margaret Brown; children–Anna R. and Ernest L. Came to Henderson County, c.l826, and practiced law with home at Lexington; removed to Jackson, Madison County, prior to 1845. Member Free and Accepted Masons, holding some of highest offices in Jackson Lodge of that order. Died in August of 1872; exact date of death and place of burial not determined.

Sources: Prepared Roster of House, 21st, 26th, and 32nd General Assemblies; Lexington Progress, Feb. 26, 1909; Madison County Marriage Licenses, 1838-1847, p. 80; Goodspeed, History of Henderson County, 801; do., History of Madison County, 846-847 (sketch of son); Williams, Historic Madison, 527; Snodgrass, Free Masonry in Tennessee, 156, 286; Powers, History of Henderson County, 33; Paul and Douglas, Who’s Who in Tennessee, 186 (sketch of son).

Cochran, James Lindsey (1847-1927)

HOUSE, 46th General Assembly, 1st Ex. Sess., elected to fill vacancy caused by resignation of John Etheridge McCall; seated Feb. 24, 1890, and served to end of term, Jan. 4, 1891; HOUSE, 47th General Assembly, 1891-93; representing Henderson County in both Assemblies; SENATE, 52nd General Assembly, 1901-03; representing Henderson and Madison counties; HOUSE, 58th and 59th General Assemblies, 1913-17; representing counties of Obion, Dyer, and Lake; Democrat. Born at Chesterville, Pontotoc County, Miss., May 29, 1847; son of Silas Maxwell and Nancy Lavina (Talley) Cochran. Attended “common” country schools of community while working on father’s farm; schooling interrupted by service in Civil War; after war worked on father’s farm during 1866; went to school six months in 1867, attending four different schools of neighborhood; “one school would play out for the want of patronage, then another until all four disbanded;” then came to Marshall County, Tenn., former home of mother, and attended Marshall Academy at Belfast for three years. First married at Belfast July 2, 1873, to Ophelia Hardin, daughter of Rev. Robert and Mary Davidson (Hunter) Hardin; she died June 2, 1877, leaving two daughters–Amy and Tommie; second marriage Nov. 27, 1890, to Mrs. Elizabeth (Covery) Brooks, widow of W. F. Brooks; no children by this marriage indicated. Taught in “country district schools” twelve years in Marshall and Henderson counties; farmed twenty-six years in Henderson County with home at Sardis; organized a bank at Sardis of which he was cashier seven successful years; retired and moved, 1910, to Union City, Obion County, wherehe lived rest of life. Aside from his terms in the General Assembly, detailed above, Cochran’s only public office, so far as found, was post as sergeant-at-arms of the Tennessee Senate in 1919 and again in 1921. In Confederate army; enlisted at Chesterville, Miss., Nov. 2, 1863, age sixteen, in Co. G, 8th Mississippi Cav.; became a sgt.; served under Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, taking part in battles of Fort Pillow, Brice’ s Cross Roads, and Harrisburg, Miss.; continued until surrender of command at Gainesville, Ala., May 12, 1865; held rank of Col. in United Confederate Veterans. Member Presbyterian Church fifty-one years and ruling elder thirty-three years; delegate from Memphis Presbytery to General Assembly of that church at Kansas City, Mo., 1915; member Knights of Pythias. Died at Union City May 9, 1927; buried in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington.

Sources: Autobiographical sketch in “Questionnaires of Civil War Veterans,” Manuscript Division, Tenn. State Library and Archives; information supplied by daughter, Mrs. Tommie Cochran Patterson, Austin, Tex.; Lexington Progress, July 7, 1905; Aug. 8, 1907; Mar. 10, 1911; July 27, 1934; Senate Journal, 61st General Assembly, 1919, p. 7; do., 62nd General Assembly, 1921, p. 11; Henderson County Tombstone Records, II; Nashville Banner, May 20, 1889; Blake, Lawmakers and Public Men of Tennessee, 90.

Darnell, Nicholas Henry (1807-1885)

HOUSE, 22nd General Assembly, 1837-38; representing Henderson County; Whig. Born in Williamson County Apr. 20, 1807; son of Nicholas and Nannie Branch (Flewellen) Darnell. Described as “not an educated man but possessed of good social habits and popular manners … a born statesman and lawmaker.” Married in Carroll County Mar. 3, 1829, to Isabella Cozart; eight children, names of whom are not found but all were deceased in 1933. Occupation not stated but seems to have devoted much of his life in politics and political office. Moved to Henderson County at undetermined date before election to legislature in 1837; resigned before term had expired and removed to Texas, 1838, settled in San Augustine County; was elected from that county to the 6th and 7th Congresses of Republic of Texas; elected Nov. 24, 1842; Speaker of House of Representatives; a member of Convention of 1845, called to consider annexation to U.S.; unsuccessful candidate for lieutenant governor same .year; unsuccessful candidate for Governor, 1847; attorney general of state during two terms of Gov. Peter H. Bell, 1849-53. Moved to Dallas in 1858; member 9th General Assembly, and was Speaker of House; resigned in 1862 to enter Confederate army as col. of 18th Texas Cav.; earlier had been as pvt. in Capt. T. J. Johnson’s Co., Texas Rangers, June 1 to Nov. 10, 1860; and pvt. in Capt. J. J. Good’s Co., Dallas Light Artillery, 1861. After war was elected to Texas Constitutional Convention of 1875; returned to House of 15th legislature in 1876; served as doorkeeper and assistant doorkeeper respectively in 17th and 18th legislatures. Helped organize Masonic Lodge at San Augustine and held all offices in Grand Lodge of Texas, serving as Worshipful Grand Master, 1844. Died at Fort Worth in July 1885; buried in Masonic Cemetery, Dallas.

Sources: Information supplied by John M. Kinney, Director, Archives Division, Texas State Library; photocopy Walter Prescott Webb, ed.; The Handbook of Texas, I, 465; Jennett, Biographical Directory of the Texas Conventions and Congresses.

Davis, Felix McCorry (1865-1936)

HOUSE, 48th and 49th General Assemblies, 1893-97; representing Henderson County; Republican. Born at Darden, Henderson County, Feb. 3, 1865; son of Columbus M. and Mary (Brazeale) Davis. Attended “common schools” of Lexington, Henderson County; read law and took a course in that subject, 1886, at Cumberland University, Lebanon, Wilson County; licensed to practice, 1886. First married in 1893 to Myrtle Richardson of Nashville, Davidson County; she died in 1895; leaving no children; second marriage Aug. 9, 1896, to Dora Lucille Pearson; six children by this marriage–Felix McCorry, Jr., John, Joseph C., Nelle, Edith, and James Nathan. Practiced law at Lexington. Presidential elector, 1900, on Republican ticket of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt; unsuccessful candidate for Congress, 1902 and 1904; member of county court; county trustee; named, 1926, to fill unexpired term of county judge and elected to position for an eight-year term, but was “legislated out of that office”; unsuccessful candidate, 1929, for county court clerk. Member Baptist Church. Died at Jackson, Madison County, Dec. 3, 1936; buried in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington.

Sources: Nashville Banner, Jan. 17, 1893; Lexington Progress, Jan. 8, Sept. 30, Oct. 28, 1904; June 27, 1913; June 21 and Aug. 9, 1929; Dec. 11, 1936; Jan. 20 and May 5, 1939; June 8, 1956; Powers, History of Henderson County, 34, 129-30; Bolen, Henderson County History, 8; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 11.

Essary, Ernest Washington (1870-1960)

HOUSE, 50th and 51st General Assemblies, 1897-1901; representing Henderson County; Republican. Born at Lone Elm, eight miles east of Lexington, Henderson County, July 3, 1870, son of William P. and Louisa (Walker) Essary. Attended “common schools”; received B.A. degree from Southwestern Baptist University; now Union University, Jackson, Madison County; entered, 1896, Cumberland University, Lebanon, Wilson County, from which he received LL.B. degree; admitted to bar. Married Aug. 15, 1901, to Alba Watson; children–Ernest Washington, Jr., and Mary Louise. Began practice of law at Lexington and continued for sixty-four years; before studying law, had taught school at Lexington and was school principal there; a director in Central State Bank. Mayor of Lexington, 1900, for one term; presidential elector, 1904, on Republican ticket of Theodore Roosevelt and Charles W. Fairbanks; unsuccessful candidate, 1908, for Tenn. Court of Civil Appeals; member state prison commission, 1910-14; delegate to Republican National Convention in 1916 and again in 1928; secretary of county election commission, 1925-28; county attorney, 1930. Member Baptist Church, serving on board of trustees, teacher, and superintendent of Sunday School; chairman executive committee of Red Cross; member Rotary Club. Died at Lexington Nov. 30, 1960; buried in Lexington Cemetery.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Oct. 2, 1914; June 9, 1916; Aug. 17, 1918; Apr. 13, 1923; Aug. 21, 1925; Apr. 29, 1932; Mar. 17, 1933; Mar. 21, 1952; Oct. 19, 1956; Dec. 1, 1960; Memphis Commercial Appeal, Dec. 1, 1960; Powers, History of Henderson County, 128-29, 157; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 23; Tenn. Vital 7 Statistics, Death Certificate 28950.

Fielder, John Samuel (1874-1938)

HOUSE, 62nd, 63rd, and 64th General Assemblies, 1921-27; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born at Lexington, Henderson County, May 5, 1874; son of John Samuel and Mary Patience (McHaney) Fielder. Attended “common schools.” Never married. Described as banker, farmer, merchant; after leaving school, engaged in mercantile business a number of years; entered banking business, 1915, as assistant cashier of Citizens Bank of Lexington; made cashier two years later; a director in that bank; agent for Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railway two years; bookkeeper in office of State Treasurer, 1927-32; member county board of education; member state parole board 1934 to retirement in 1937 for reasons of health. Member Baptist Church. Died at Lexington May 21, 1938; buried in Lexington Cemetery. Uncle of John Fielder Hall, sometime member Tenn. General Assembly.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Mar. 6, 1925; Apr. 1, 1927; May 10, 1929; June 29, 1934; June 5, 1936; May 27, 1938; Moore and Foster, Tennessee, The Volunteer State, II, 817; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 36; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 12568; information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville.

Galloway, Matthew J. (1800-1874)

HOUSE, 26th ancb3lst General Assemblies, 1845-47, 1855-57; representing Henderson County; Whig. Born in Chatham County, N.C., in 1800; names of parents and extent of schooling not determined. Married, date and place not indicated, to Martha Norris, native of North Carolina; children–Amanda, M. L., Mary E., and Martha L. Subject came to Tennessee in 1824 and in 1825 located in what became 2nd civil district of Henderson County. Taught school several years; a surveyor. Held position of steward of county poorhouse, 1864-70. Date of death and place of burial not found.

Sources: Prepared Roster, 26th General Assembly; Henderson County Court Minutes, 1860-70, pp. 274, 374; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 14-15; U.S. Census, 1850, 1870, Henderson County; Goodspeed, History of Henderson County, 848 (sketch of son).

Hall, John Fielder (1883-1959)

HOUSE, 56th and 57th General Assemblies, 1909-13; representing Henderson and Madison counties; SENATE, 74th General Assembly, 1945-47; representing counties of Madison, Chester, and Henderson; Democrat. Born at Lexington, Henderson County, Jan. 16, 1883; son of Joseph Nathaniel and Lyda (Fielder) Hall. Attended public schools of Lexington; graduated, 1905, with LL.B. degree from Cumberland University, Lebanon, Wilson County; and admitted to bar same year at Jackson, Madison County. Married, date and place not indicated, to Mary Murray, daughter of Dr. John Leonidas and Addie (Neely) Murray of Henderson County; one son–John Murray. Before obtaining law degree, worked as newspaper and laundry agent and clerked in a store from which he entered mercantile business; after admission to bar, 1905, practiced law at Jackson for a few months; thereafter, began practice at Lexington where he continued until 1928; moved back to Jackson to practice his profession until retirement; went to live with son at Seattle, Washington. Elected mayor of Lexington, 1913; member county election commission, 1917; back tax collector for Henderson County several years. Sometime member Democratic County Executive Committee. Member Missionary Baptist Church; Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity; sometime vice-president Tenn. Bar’ Ass’n. Died at Seattle, King County, Washington, Oct. 23, 1959; buried in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington. Nephew of John Samuel Fielder; son-in-law of Dr. John Leonidas Murray, sometime members Tenn. General Assembly.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Nov. 19, 1909; Dec. 9, 1910; Jan. 11, 1913; May 14, 1917; Sept. 26, 1919; Sept. 12, 1924; Feb. 27, 1942; July 26, 1945; Oct. 29, 1959; Jackson Sun, Oct. 25 and 27, 1959; Hamer, Tennessee, a History, III, 377; Paul and Douglas, Who’s Who in Tennessee, 253; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 19; information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville.

Hall, William B. (c.1810-?)

HOUSE, 30th General Assembly, 1853-55; representing Henderson County; Whig. Born in Kentucky, c.1810; exact date and place of birth, names of parents, and extent of schooling not determined., Married to Sarah A., native of North Carolina; family name of wife, date and place of marriage, and names of children, if any, not indicated. Hall was a farmer in 3rd civil district of Henderson County. Sheriff of county, 1846-50. No further information on subject except that he was not listed in U. S. Census of 1880.

Sources: U.S. Census, 1860, 1870, 1880, Henderson County.

Hare, John Lafayette (1859-1954)

SENATE, 58th General Assembly, 1913-15; representing counties of Henderson, Chester, and Madison; classed as Independent Democrat. Born in Henderson County Oct. 1, 1959; son of John Banks and Ammorilla (Stanford) Hare. Attended public schools of Henderson and Carroll Counties. Married, date and place not indicated, to Roberta Joyce; two sons–Martin Joyce and Thomas Albert, Operated a livery business in partnership with brother under firm name of Hare Bros.; later, owner of mill and cotton gin; a cotton merchant. Home at Lexington, later at Alberton, both in Henderson County. Member county Democratic Executive Committee. Member Christian Church in 1913, later of Church of Christ. Died at Alberton Oct. 9, 1954; buried in Hare graveyard at Alberton. Brother of Thomas Albert Hare, sometime member Tenn. General Assembly.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Aug. 3, 1901; May 6, 1904; May 19, 1905; Sept. 18; 1908; Dec. 5, 1913; July 31, 1914; July 14 and Oct. 6, 1916; Oct. 28, 1928; Oct. 15, 1954; Jan. 7, 1956; Nashville Tennessean, Feb. 7, 1913; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 24500.

Hare, Thomas Albert (1845-1924)

HOUSE, 59th General Assembly, 1915-17; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Independent Democrat. Born in Henderson County Nov. 12, 1845; son of John Banks and Ammorilla (Stanford) Hare. Attended public schools of Henderson County. Married, date and place not indicated, to Lizzie Parker; no children. Subject engaged in farming; in livery business in partnership with brother under firm name of Hare Bros.; later entered cotton merchandising business. Member Christian Church; Free and Accepted Masons. Died in Henderson County seven miles east of Lexington, Apr. 4., 1924; buried in Hare family graveyard, Alberton, Henderson County. Brother of John Lafayette Hare, sometime member Tenn. General Assembly.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Apr. 11, 1924; Blake, Lawmakers and Public Men of Tennessee, 108; U.S. Census, 1870, Henderson County.

Hendrick, Obed F. (1814-1897)

HOUSE, 24th General Assembly, Called Sess., elected to fill vacancy caused by resignation of Micajah Bullock; seated Oct.14, 1842, and served to end of term, Oct. 1, 1843; HOUSE, 27th, 29th, and 40th General Assemblies, 1847-49, 1851-53; 1877-79; representing Henderson County in all Assemblies; Whig before Civil War, Democrat in 1877. Born in Tennessee Sept. 14, 1814; son of Jeremiah and Nancy Hendrick; exact place of birth and extent of schooling not stated. Married, date and place not indicated, to Elinor Kirk; children–Jeremiah S., born Dec. 2, 1838, Elizabeth, and John S. Engaged in farming with home at Mifflin, then in Henderson, but later in Chester County. Member Free and Accepted Masons. Died Dec. 14, 1897; buried in Hendrick family graveyard, three and a half miles S.W. of Lexington, Henderson County.

Sources: U.S. Census, 1850, 1870, 1880, Henderson County; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 62-63; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Vol. 36, p. 324; information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville.

Jones, George Washington (c.1829-?)

HOUSE, 46th General Assembly, 1889-91; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born in Tennessee c.1829; exact date and place of birth, names of parents, and extent of schooling not determined. First married to Elmira; her family name, date and place of marriage not indicated; seven children by this marriage–the eldest, Adeline, was born c.1853; others in order of birth–Paralee, James R., Adah, Emily F., William L., and Donna, who was born c.1874; Elmira died at undetermined date after 1874; second marriage in Decatur County Jan. 22, 1880, to Enna L. Alston; no children by this marriage mentioned. Subject operated a saloon in Decatur County in earlier years; removed sometime before 1889 to Wildersville, Henderson County, where he in 1901 purchased the Parker Hotel and changed name to Jones Hotel; when this building burned, he built a new one in its place. No further information on Representative Jones.

Sources: Decatur County Marriage Records, 1879-81, p. 97; Lexington Progress, Sept. 20, 1901; June 12, 1903; Nov. 19, 1943; U.S. Census, 1870, 1880, Decatur County.

Jones, John Willis G. (1822-1882)

SENATE, 37th General Assembly, 1st Sess.; representing counties of Henderson, Benton, Decatur, Humphreys, and Perry; session convened Oct. 2, 1871, but subject was not present untit Nov. 13, 1891, on which date he was seated; session ended Dec. 16, 1871; Senator Jones did not attend called sess. which sat from Mar. 12 through Apr. 1, 1872; nothing found to show whether or not he had resigned; seat unfilled during called sess.; Jones, a Democrat, was born at Lexington, Henderson County, in 1822; son of Richard Banks and Elizabeth (Andrews) Jones. Extent of schooling not found; studied law and admitted to practice at Lexington, in 1848. Married at Lexington, Dec. 5, 1850, to Helen J. Colburn, native of Fairfield, Franklin County, Vt., daughter of Dan Colburn; she had come south, 1847, to teach at Lexington; children–Anna E., May H., Willis F. Clyde Banks, and James C. Subject practiced law at Lexington and owned farm nearby. Clerk and master of chancery court, 1844-66, and served in that office at later date. Supposed to have been in Confederate army but available records throw no light on subject. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Died at Lexington Nov. 27, 1882; buried in Lexington Cemetery.

Sources: Information supplied by granddaughter, Mrs. Irby Eller, Memphis, and by kinsman, James J. Banks, Orlando, Fla.; Lexington Progress, Oct. 13, 1933; Aug. 14, 1944; Bolen, Henderson County History, 8; Goodspeed, History of Henderson County, 801, 802; Henderson County Court Minutes, 1860-66, pp. 25, 48; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 15; U.S. Census, 1850, 1870, 1880, Henderson County.

Jones, Julian Lancaster (1896-1932)

HOUSE, 66th and 67th General Assemblies, 1929-32; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born at Sardis, Henderson County, Nov. 22, 1896; son of James Lemuel and Margaret Paris (Lancaster) Jones. Attended “common schools,” Sardis; West Tennessee Normal, present Memphis State University, Shelby County; received A.B. degree, 1920, from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Knox County; studied law and licensed to practice, 1926. Never married. Before entering law practice, taught school and was principal, 1922-24, of high school at Capleville, Shelby County; taught Spanish in a Knoxville high school. Had made Sardis his home until 1924 when he moved to Lexington, Henderson County. Appointed, 1927, county attorney to serve until next election; elected in 1932 but died before term of office began. In World War I; inducted into U.S. Army Sept. 5, 1918, and sent to Camp Wadsworth, S.C.; served with Co. K, and Co. G, 57th pioneer Inf., and with Co. C, 49th Inf.; appointed sgt. Sept. 12, 1918; saw overseas service Sept. 27, 1918, to Jan. 16, 1919; after landing at Brest, France, was sent to hospital for five weeks; sent to Savency Convalescent Camp; to Le Mans training area; honorably discharged Feb. 19, 1919. Member Methodist Episcopal Church; Alpha Tau Omega fraternity; Master Mason; Tennessee and Lexington bar ass ‘ns. Died at Lexington Sept. 21, 1932; buried in Lexington Cemetery. Son of James Lemuel Jones; nephew of Tillman Achilles Lancaster, sometime members Tenn. General Assembly.

Sources: Lexington Progress, May 30, 1924; Apr. 9, 1926; May 20, 1927; July 8, Sept. 30, and Oct. 7, 1932; Moore and Foster, Tennessee, Volunteer State, III, 79; information supplied by Tenn. War Records Bureau, and by Mrs. Elizabeth Caywood, Lexington.

Jones, Samuel Chester (1888-1956)

HOUSE, 68th General Assembly, 1933-35; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born at Mercer, Madison County, Dec. 2, 1888; son of Willis and Helen (Summers) Jones. Attended high school at Uptonville, Madison County. Married Sept. 23, 1911, at Jackson, Madison County, to Nettie Perry, daughter of J. T. and Sally (Taylor) Perry of Mercer; no children indicated. Occupation, salesman and district agent for Standard Oil Co., at Lexington, Henderson County. Postmaster at Lexington, 1933-45. In World War I; inducted at Jackson Oct. 3, 1917; assigned to Co. C, 328th Inf. to Oct. 14, 1917; transferred to Co. A, 117th Inf., and served with that unit to discharge; appointed cpl. Feb. 8, 1918; held rank of sgt. from undetermined date; overseas May 11 to Dec. 21, 1918; slightly wounded; honorably discharged on demobilization Jan. 25, 1919; sometime post commander American Legion. Member Baptist Church, serving as Sunday School superintendent at Beech River Church, and deacon of First Baptist Church, Lexington; member Free and Accepted Masons. Died at Lexington Nov. 1, 1956; buried at Maple Springs, Madison County.

Sources; Information supplied by widow, Mrs. Nettie Perry Jones, Lexington, and by Tenn. War Records Bureau; Lexington Progress, Apr. 26, 1929; Oct. 7, 1932; Dec. 8, 1933; Sept. 14, 1934; Aug. 12, 1938; May 18, 1945; Oct. 29, 1948; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 26139; information on parents, Confederate Soldiers Pension Application 13263; Confederate Widow’s Application 6952; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 40408.

Jordan, Thomas E. (c. 1815-?)

HOUSE, 25th General Assembly, 1843-45; representing Henderson County; Whig. Only additional information found on subject: born in Williamson County c.1815; was a physician in Henderson County at time of legislative term.

Source: Prepared Roster, 25th General Assembly.

Kelley, Lois Willie (1906-1964)

HOUSE, 76th and 77th General Assemblies, 1949-53; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born Aug. 25, 1906, at Scotts Hill which lies in Henderson and Decatur counties; son of Robert and Minnie (Maness) Kelley. Extent of schooling not stated. Married, date and place not indicated, to Ewell White; children–Dewayne, Dewight, and Larry. Occupation, farmer and contractor, with home in Reagan community in 7th civil district of Henderson County. Member of county road commission and superintendent of roads. Member Methodist Episcopal Church; Free and Accepted Masons. Died at Lexington, Henderson County, May 16, 1964; buried in cemetery of Methodist Church, Scotts Hill.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Mar. 18, 1938; June 19, 1942; May 21, 1964; Memphis Commercial Appeal, May 17, 1964; information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 12631.

Lancaster, Tillman Achilles (1858-1926)

HOUSE, 52nd General Assembly, 1901-03; representing Henderson County; Republican. Born near Saltillo, Hardin County, Nov.23, 1858; son of Jesse Johnson and Susan E. (Wells) Lancaster. Attended public schools; McTyeire School for Boys, McKenzie, Carroll County; graduated, 1885, from Southern Normal University, Carbondale, Ill., graduated in law, 1891, from Cumberland University, Lebanon, Wilson County; admitted to bar. Married in October, 1895, to Julie Graper; no children of own but reared nephew, Wenefred Henry Lancaster. Came with family to Lexington, Henderson County, early in 1895; began career by teaching at Decaturville, Decatur County, and at Chattanooga, Hamilton County, for three years; began practice of law at Jackson, Madison County, but after one year moved back to Lexington, where he practiced until early 1926; attorney for Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railway twenty years; made vice-president Bank of Lexington, 1906; and president, 1908; a director in Citizens Bank of Lexington. Gave much time to promotion of schools; member both county and city boards of education over span of more than twenty years; serving at times as chairman of both; county judge, 1904-08; resigning to become referee in bankruptcy for six consecutive terms; appointed, 1926, U.S. District Attorney for Western District of Tennessee but died soon thereafter. Chairman county Republican Executive Committee ten years; member Republican State Executive Committee, 1904-08; presidential elector, 1888, on Republican ticket of Benjamin Harrison and Levi P. Morton; and again, 1908, on Republican ticket of William Howard Taft and James S. Sherman. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Died at Lexington Nov. 9, 1926; buried in Lexington Cemetery. Brother-in-law of James Lemuel Jones; uncle of Julian Lancaster Jones, sometime members Tenn. General Assembly.

Sources: Nashville American, Feb. 7, 1901; Lexington Progress, Nov. 27, 1903; Aug. 12, 1904; Apr. 6, 1906; Dec. 9, 1908; July 9, Nov. 2, and Nov. 19, 1926; Mar. 28, 1952; Powers, History of Henderson County, 34, 130-31; Moore and Foster, Tennessee, Volunteer State, III, 79, IV,

217; Henderson County Will Book No. 3, 1895-1932, pp. 343-47; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 5.

McCall, John Etheridge (1859-1920)

HOUSE, 45th General Assembly, 1887-89, and 46th General Assembly; 1st Sess., Jan. 7 through May 7, 1889; resigned to accept position of assistant U.S. District Attorney; vacancy thus created was filled by election of James Lindsey Cochran; representing Henderson County; McCall was a Republican. He was born near Clarkburg, Carroll County, Aug. 14, 1859; son of Dr. Henry and Rebecca Frances (Bowlen) McCall. Attended public and private schools; graduated, 1881, from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Knox County; studied law at-Huntingdon, Carroll County; admitted to bar, 1882. Married Oct. 14, 1885, to Addie Timberlake, daughter of Edward J. and Louisa H. (Small) Timberlake, of Timberlake, Carroll County; children–Addie, Grace, Eddie, Ruth, and John Etheridge, Jr. Was editor, 1882, of Tennessee Republican, published at Lexington, Henderson County; began full time practice of law, 1883, at Lexington and continued for number of years. Aside for terms in legislature, stated above, McCall had a long career in political affairs and public office; unsuccessful candidate for district attorney, 1886; delegate to Republican national convention of 1888 and 1900; appointed, 1890, assistant U.S. District Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee; resigned, 1891; unsuccessful candidate for Republican nomination for Governor before state convention of 1892; was Republican nominee for that office in 1900 but was not elected; elected to U.S. House of Representatives, 54th Congress, Mar. 14, 1895-Mar. 3, 1897; unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1896; U.S. collector of internal revenue for 5th Congressional District, with office at Nashville, Davidson County, 1903-05; made home in Nashville during this period and became a vice-president of State Trust Co. of Nashville, 1904-05; moved back to Lexington; in that year was appointed U.S. District Attorney for Western District with head office in Memphis, Shelby County; and continued in that office for rest of life; moved to Memphis in 1908 and made that place his home from then on. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Died at Huntingdon Aug. 8, 1920; buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Memphis. Son-in-law of Edward J. Timberlake; father-in-law of Marshall Franklin Priest, sometime members Tenn. General Assembly.

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McHaney, La Fayette F. (1825-1911)

HOUSE, 41st General Assembly; elected to fill vacancy created by resignation of Stephen L. Ross who resigned early in 1st sess. because of ill health; McHaney was qualified and seated Mar. 6, 1879 and served to end of term, Jan. 2, 1881, representing Henderson County; elected again to HOUSE, 43rd General Assembly, 1883-85; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born in Pittsylvania County, Va., Oct. 7, 1825; son of Cornelius and Patience (Hurt) McHaney. Came with parents to Henderson County c.1835; attended public schools at Lexington, Henderson County. First married in 1849 to Samantha Henry, daughter of Felix and Caroline Henry; she died Jan. 26, 1860, the mother of two children–Robert and Ida; second marriage in 1863 to Martha Minerva Jones, native of Madison County; eight children by this marriage–Caroline, Bessie May, William La Fayette, Guy Ernest, Ernest (not same as Guy Ernest), Minnie, Shelley, and Clyde L. Subject became a salesman in a general store at age of seventeen; in 1848 in partnership with brother, established a store at Mifflin, then in Henderson but later included in Chester County; after four years, sold his interest to brother and began farming; in 1865; again in partnership with brother, opened a store at Crucifer, Henderson County, where they met with good success; became sole owner of store for two years when he sold out and devoted time to farming and politics. Was deputy sheriff, 1858-62. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Died at Lexington Dec. 23, 1911; buried in Nebo Cemetery on Luray Road, fifteen miles west of Lexington.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Mar. 18, 1910; Aug. 12, 1955; Goodspeed, History of Henderson County, 854; U.S. Census, Henderson County, 1850, 1870, 1880; Henderson County Will Book No. 3, 1895-1932, p. 164; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 119; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 45290ER; information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville.

Montgomery, Arthur Sebastian (1868-1943)

HOUSE, 60th and 61st General Assemblies, 1917-21; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born at Saltillo, Hardin County, Apr. 14, 1868; son of W. B. and Pernecie (White) Montgomery. Extent of schooling not stated. Married, date and place not given, to Allie Kent; one son–Lloyd. Reared in the Sardis community of Henderson County; after leaving farm, entered mercantile business with brothers at Sardis; became cashier of Sardis Bank; at undetermined date, moved to Lexington, Henderson County, where he was connected with Old Citizens Bank of Lexington; in 1925, with his son, Lloyd, purchased his brother’s business; president Lime Cola Plant, Lexington. Served as election officer, 1903; unsuccessful candidate for Secretary of State for Tennessee, 1920; secretary of Henderson County Fair Ass’n.; chairman Lexington School Board. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and delegate to 1920 general conference of that church; Free and Accepted Masons; Independent Order ‘of Odd Fellows; Woodmen of the World; president, 1931, Business Mens Club of Lexington. Died at Jackson, Madison County, May 2, 1943; buried in Lexington Cemetery, Lexington.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Mar. 25 and Apr. 1, 1904; May 5, 1916; May 17, 1918; Nov. 21 and Nov. 28, 1919; Dec. 24, 1920; Mar. 11 and May 13, 1921; Jan. 20, 1922; Aug. 28, 1931; Oct. 2, 1936; May 7 and May 28, 1943; Sept. 30, 1949; Tenn. Public Acts, 1917, 1919; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 10192.

Murphy, Joseph R. (c. 1920-)

HOUSE, 78th General Assembly, 1953-55; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born in Memphis, Shelby County, c.1920; son of Joseph R. and Lucretia (Barnes) Murphy4 Extent of schooling not described. Was unmarried at time of legislative term. Described as a farmer and in construction business at Wildersville, Henderson County. Member Episcopal Church. No late information on Representative Murphy.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Apr. 16, 1926; July 19, 1962; Tenn. Public Acts, 1953.

Murray, John Leonidas (1842-1916)

HOUSE, 42nd General Assembly, 1st Sess., Jan. 3 through Apr. 7, 1881; resigned at undetermined date before extra session which convened Dec. 7, 1881, at which time his successor, John May Taylor was seated. Murray, a Republican, was born July 31, 1842, at Blairsville, Union County, Ga.; son of Rev. James and Amelia (Reid) Murray. Graduated in medicine from University of Tennessee. Married, date and place not indicated, to Addie Neely, native of Carroll County, daughter of Andrew H. and Mary Neely; nine children the eldest of whom, Missie Bell, was born Aug. 19, 1871; younger children–Maude L., Sidney Eugene, Oscar K., Ethel, Will Henry, Addie Neely, Jimmie, and Mary. At close of Civil War, practiced medicine at Huntingdon, Carroll County; moved to Henderson County at undetermined date and settled at Lone Elm, where he reared family and where he lived during legislative term; eventually moved to Lexington, Henderson County, to continue practice of profession. Member school board, 1904; postmaster at Lexington, c.1906-10. In Union army, service in 9th Illinois Cav. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Died at Lexington Dec. 5, 1916; buried at that place. Father of Sidney Eugene Murray, sometime member Tenn. General Assembly.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Aug. 12, 1904; Jan. 24, 1908; Mar. 4 and July 29, 1910; June 24, 1924; May 16, 1941; Oct. 3, 1947; U.S. Census, 1880, Henderson County; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 18; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 26458; Information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville.

Muse, Thomas Christopher (1834-1892)

SENATE, 34th (Reconstruction) General Assembly, 1865-67; representing counties of Henderson, Benton, Decatur, Humphreys, and Perry; classified as Unionist at time; had been a Whig before Civil War, became Republican later. Born in Pittsylvania County, Va., Jan. 23, 1834; son of Daniel C. and Eliza (Stone) Muse. Attended Clinton Academy, Hickman County, Ky.; graduated in law, 1855, from Cumberland University, Lebanon, Wilson County. First married in 1855 to Elizabeth Collier, daughter of William and _________ (Robinson) Collier; she died shortly after Civil War; two sons by this marriage–William Collier and Albert D.; second marriage June 6, 1872, to Mrs. Theresa (Edrington) Smedley, widow of Charles Smedley; one stepdaughter–Fannie Smedley. Subject came with parents to Henderson County c.1839; at age of sixteen was a clerk in a commission firm doing business on Tennessee River; after study of law, practiced at Lexington, Henderson County, where he lived when in legislature; moved later to Jackson, Madison County. Following legislative term was: chairman Republican County Executive Committee, 1868; in same year was presidential elector on Republican ticket of Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax; judge of chancery court, 9th Chancery Division of Tennessee, 1867-70; unsuccessful candidate for Congress, 1874; unsuccessful candidate for U.S. Senate, 1880; elected, 1882, judge of the Common Law and Chancery Court of Madison County, serving until that court was abolished, 1885; attorney general of 11th Judicial Circuit of Tennessee, 1888-92. Described as a Methodist but not a communicant; member Free and Accepted Masons; Master Mason, Royal Arch Mason; Knight Templar. Died at Jackson Nov. 29, 1892; buried in Riverside Cemetery.

Sources: Memphis Commercial Appeal, Dec. 1, 1892; Speer, Prominent Tennesseans, 320-21; Goodspeed, History of Madison County, 807; Williams, Historic Madison, 233, 526; Miller, Official Manual, 184, 186, 191; Richardson, Tennessee Templars, 161; Madison County Tombstone Inscriptions, 23.

Pearson, Peter P. (1814-1887)

HOUSE, 34th (Reconstruction) General Assembly, 1865-67; representing Henderson County; subject’s attendance during this term extremely irregular; 1st Sess., Apr. 3-June 12, 1865. Pearson’s election was certified by Secretary of State Apr. 3 and was named to House committee on elections Apr. 7, but apparently did not attend since his name does not appear on any roll call vote, nor does his name appear in index to House Journal of this session; 1st Adj. Sess., Oct. 2, 1865-May 28, 1866–present and qualified Oct. 9; voted on roll calls with fair regularity through Dec. 14, but name does not appear after that, through May 28, 1866; Called Sess., July 4-July25, 1866; when Pearson did not appear, House Resolution No. 3 resolved that the Speaker of the House issue through the House sergeant-at-arms a summons for Peter Pearson and four other members named, “to show cause why they have not appeared … and if one or more of said absent members refuse to obey … the officer shall take steps to procure the presence of such member….” Although two members were arrested and held in a committee room to insure a quorum, it appears from the Journal that Mr. Pearson was not arrested but did not attend during the Called Sess.; the 2nd Adj. Sess. of this Assembly convened Nov. 5, 1866, and continued through Mar. 11, 1867; Mr. Pearson was present on opening and closing days and on most days in between. Mr. Pearson was later elected to the House, 36th, 37th, and 38th General Assemblies, 1869-75; again representing Henderson County; he was a Unionist in 1865, a Conservative in 1869, and a Democrat in 1873. Born Oct. 11, 1814, in Anson County, N.C.; son of John and Penelope (Taylor) Pearson. Extent of schooling not determined. First married, date and place not indicated, to Mary Pritchett, native of North Carolina, daughter of Scion and Hannah Pritchett; six children by this marriage, the oldest b. c.1838, and the youngest c.1859; the six were–Eliza, James N., John W., Peter S., Jemima, and Martha; the mother died Jan. 26, 1866; second marriage in July, 1873, to Harriett McMurray, native of Maury County; no children by this marriage indicated. Pearson came to Tennessee in 1835 and settled in Henderson County; acquired eight hundred acres of farm land in 1st and 8th civil districts at or near Wildersville. Member county court; tax assessor for 8th district, 1861, county commissioner. Member Independent Order of Odd Fellows, serving as head of lodge at Wildersville. Died at home in 1st civil district of Henderson County May 16, 1887; buried on front lawn of home place.

Sources: Goodspeed, History of Henderson County, 855; Nashville Union and American, Jan. 5, 1873; Henderson County Court Minutes, 1860-66, pp. 4-14, 70, 305; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 40; U.S. Census, 1850, 1870, 1880; Henderson County; House Journal, 34th (Reconstruction) General Assembly, 1st Sess., pp. 5, .36; do., 1st Adj. Sess., p. 34; do., Called Sess., pp. 14-15; 2nd Adj. Sess., pp. 3 … 410; information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville.

Pratt, John Spurgeon (1882-1958)

HOUSE, 65th and 70th General Assemblies, 1927-29, 1937-39; representing Henderson and Madison counties in 65th, Decatur and Benton counties in 70th; Democrat. Born July 1, 1882, at Scotts Hill which lies partly in Henderson and partly in Decatur County; subject lived at Scotts Hill in 1927 while representing Henderson and Madison counties and was still living at Scotts Hill in 1937, while representing Decatur and Benton counties; no record of change in county lines was found so that it seems likely that Representative Pratt had moved to another house in Scott’s Hill between dates indicated. Subject, a son of William Martin and Nancy (Cronie) Pratt, attended “common schools” of Decatur County. Married to Roxie Kelley; date and place of marriage, names of children, if any, not found. He was described as farmer; in lumber business; cotton dealer; and operated a cotton gin at Scott’s Hill for twenty-seven years. Elected, 1912, district road commissioner; member of county court; sometime member board of education; sometime assistant sergeant-at-arms of State Senate. Member Methodist Episcopal Church; Free and Accepted Masons; Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Modern Woodmen of America; Woodmen of the World. Died at Scotts Hill Dec. 30, 1958; buried in Red Walnut Cemetery.

Sources: Decatur County Herald, May 14, 1909; Jan. 26, 1912; Jan. 2, 1959; Apr. 10, 1936; Parsons News-Leader, Jan. 2, 1959; Tenn. Public Acts, 1927; 1937; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 33016.

Roberts, Pinkney Osborn (1845-1940)

HOUSE, 58th General Assembly, 1913-15; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Republican. Born in Wayne County Nov. 22, 1845; son of James Roberts. Extent of schooling not stated. Married Jan. 25, 1869, to Laura Yarbrough, native of Decatur County, daughter of Samuel and Sallie (Ashcroft) Yarbrough; children–Albert C., Maude, Clara, Lillian, Mabel, and Herbert. Subject lived at Decaturville and Parsons, both in Decatur County, and at Water Valley, Miss., before moving to Lexington, Henderson County, to establish a dry goods store, which continued to 1901; became sales agent for Parsons Marble Yards at Lexington. While living in Decatur County, was county court clerk, 1870, and circuit court clerk; after moving to Henderson County, was circuit court clerk, 1903-06; member county court, 1907-18; serving as chairman of that court and as county judge; U.S. Commissioner, 1924; in latter years served as deputy clerk at different times. In Union army but details of military service not found in available records; member Grand Army of the Republic. Member Methodist Episcopal Church; Free and Accepted Masons. Died at Lexington Jan. 16, 1940; buried in Lexington Cemetery.

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Ross, Stephen L. (c. 1815-?)

SENATE, 32nd and 40th General Assemblies, 1857-59, 1877-79; representing counties of Henderson, Benton, Decatur, Humphreys, and Perry in 32nd; Henderson, Benton, Decatur, Hardin, and McNairy in 40th; HOUSE, 41st General Assembly; representing Henderson County; seated at opening of session Jan. 1, 1879; granted indefinite leave of absence because of sickness, Jan. 9, resigned, date not determined, in time for his successor, Lafayette McHaney, to be elected and seated Mar. 6, 1879. Ross, a Democrat, was born in Tennessee c.1815; exact date and place of birth and extent of schooling not found; son of Hugh Ross. Married to Eliza, a native of Virginia, family name of Eliza, date and place of marriage not indicated; the oldest child, a daughter Neden, was born c.1846; the four younger children were–John, Margaret, Hugh, and Alice C. Subject was a farmer at Jack’s Creek, then in Henderson but now in Chester County. Date of death and place of burial not found.

Sources: Prepared Roster, 32nd General Assembly; House Journal, 41st General Assembly; pp. 4, 78, 610; Goodspeed, History of Chester County, 807; U.S. Census, 1850, 1870; Henderson County; do., 1880, Chester County.

Scott, David Eldridge (1850-1917)

HOUSE, 54th and 55th General Assemblies, 1905-09; representing Henderson and Madison counties; Democrat. Born in Henry County Apr. 9, 1850; son of David Melville and Nancy (Hagler) Scott. Attended “common schools” of Decaturville, Decatur County; studied law, 1873-1874; at Cumberland University, Lebanon, Wilson County; admitted to bar, 1874. Married in Hardin County Nov. 8, 1876, to Martha Elizabeth Porterfield, native of Hardin County and daughter of William and Ursula (Graham) Porterfield; children–Frances Ursula, David Eugene, Blanche Elizabeth, and Melville E. Brought up in Decatur County, subject began practice of law, 1874, at Decaturville; removed to Texas, 1896, but after one year returned to Tennessee and settled at Lexington, Henderson County, where he practiced in Henderson and surrounding counties until death. Unsuccessful candidate for attorney general, 1902; member of county Democratic Executive Committee. Member Methodist Episcopal Church, South; Free and Accepted Masons; Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Knights of Honor; Lexington Bar Ass’n. Died at Lexington Oct. 24, 1917; buried in Lexington Cemetery.

Sources: Information supplied by son, Melville E. Scott, Lexington, and by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville; Lexington Progress, Jan. 31, 1902; Apr. 27, 1906; June 19, 1914; Nov. 2, 1917; Sept. 10, 1920; Paul and Douglas, Who’s Who in Tennessee, 253; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 20-21; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 26460.

Shrewsbury, Albert G. (c. 1816-?)

HOUSE, 28th, 32nd, and 33rd General Assemblies, 1849-51., 1857-61.; representing Henderson County; Whig in 1847, American or Know-Nothing Party in 1857; Opposition Party in 1859. Born in Wayne County, Ky., c.1816; his mother, Elizabeth, was a native of Virginia; name of father and extent of schooling not determined; studied law. Was unmarried in 1850 and 1860; nothing found to indicate change of that status. Practiced law at Lexington, Henderson County. Presidential elector, 1852, on Whig ticket of Winfield Scott and William A. Graham. Name not included in 1870 census.

Sources: Prepared Roster, House, 28th, 32nd, and 33rd General Assemblies; U.S. Census, 1850, 1860, 1870, Henderson County.

Smith, Thomas A. (1817-1891)

HOUSE, 35th General Assembly, 1867-69; representing Henderson County; party not designated at this session but became a Republican. Born in Randolph County, N.C., July 6, 1817; son of Benjamin and Easter (Argo) Smith. Extent of schooling not determined. Married Mar. 3, 1858, to Mary Jane Campbell, native of Henderson County. Children–several who died young whose names are not found, the seven who lived to maturity were–Mary E., Thomas B., Ulysses Grant, Jennie O., Elizabeth, Lettie May, and James H. Came with parents to Henderson County in 1827; family settled first on farm in 6th civil district and later moved to farm in 11th civil district. Subject described as farmer who lived in 11th district in early maturity and in Lexington, Henderson County; moved back to farm of 464 acres in 1878. Was constable in 11th district, 1840-48; elected magistrate in 1849, and served two years; superintendent of county poor house, 1861.; census enumerator, 1870; appointed county register, 1884, and elected to that office, 1886. In Union army; mustered in as capt. Co. A, 2nd West Tenn. Cav., which became 7th Tenn. Cav., Aug. 18, 1862; promoted to rank of maj. Nov. 12, 1862; captured by command of Gen. Nathan B. Forrest at Trenton, Gibson County, Dec. 20, 1862, and paroled same day; rejoined command June 21, 1863; honorably discharged because of disability Dec. 19, 1864. Member and officer in Free and Accepted Masons. Died Oct. 8, 1891; buried in Lexington Cemetery.

Sources: Lexington Progress, July 21, 1939; Powers, History of Henderson County, 32; Bolen, Henderson County History, 7; Goodspeed, History of Henderson County, 856; do., History of Chester County, 805; U.S. Census, 1870, Henderson County; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 37; information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville; microcopy, Tenn. Union Service Records, roll 68.

Taylor, John May (1838-1911)

HOUSE, 42nd General Assembly, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd extra sessions; representing Henderson County; Democrat. Elected to fill vacancy caused by resignation of John Leonidas Murray following 1st sess.; Taylor was seated Dec. 7, 1881, and served to end of term, Dec. 31, 1882. He was born at Lexington, Henderson County, May 18, 1838; son of Jesse and Mary (May) Taylor. Attended Male Academy, Lexington; Union University, Murfreesboro, Rutherford County; graduated in law, 1861, from Cumberland University, Lebanon, Wilson County; admitted to bar. Married Oct. 10, 1864, to Amanda McHaney, native of Henderson County, daughter of W. C. and Louisa (Henry) McHaney; children–William M., Jesse, JohnMay, Jr,,Nannie H., Daisy Amanda, and Rutherford County; graduated in law, 1861, from Cumberland University, Lebanon, Wilson County; admitted to bar, Married Oct. 10, 1864, to Amanda McHaney, native of Henderson County, daughter of W. C. and Louisa (Henry) McHaney; children–William M., Jesse, John May, Jr., Nannie H., Daisy Amanda, and Mary Lou. Began practice of law at Lexington and resumed after Civil War; named, 1906, president of the Bank of Lexington. Mayor of Lexington, 1869-70; delegate to Tennessee Constitutional Convention of 1870; attorney general of 11th Judicial District, 1870-78; delegate to Democratic national convention, 1880; elected to U.S. House of Representatives, 48th and 49th Congresses, serving from Mar. 14, 1883, to Mar. 3, 1887; resumed practice of law; presidential elector, 1892, on Democratic ticket of Grover Cleveland and Adlai E. Stevenson; appointed judge of criminal court, 11th Judicial Circuit of Tennessee, 1895, and later elected for a six-year term, serving until court was abolished by legislature; elected, 1902, a judge on state Court of Chancery Appeals, soon changed to Court of Civil Appeals; re-elected in 191.0 and served until death; sometime member county Democratic Executive Committee. In Confederate army; enrolled for duty at Trenton, Gibson County, Aug. 7, 1861, in Capt. Blackburn H. Brown’s Co. Tenn. Volunteers, known as Henderson County Sharpshooters, later Co. K, 27th Tenn. Inf.; had helped organize company and was elected 1st lt.; elected capt. of Co. K, May 12, 1862; took part in Battle of Shiloh, Apr. 6-7, 1862; and in Battle of Perryville, Ky., Oct. 8, 1862; in latter battle received four wounds, having both thighs shot through; sent to hospital at Danville, Ky.; captured by Federals at that place May 5, 1863; sent as a prisoner of war to Camp Chase, Ohio, May 8, 1863; on May 13 following was gent to City Point, Va., for exchange; on detached duty under Gen. Gideon Pillow Nov. 1863 through Apr. 1864, serving as post commander at Gadsden, Alabama; promoted to maj. during this period; rejoined regiment in time for Chattanooga-Atlanta campaign beginning May 5, 1864; in Gen. Hood’s campaign into Tennessee, taking part in Battle of Franklin, Nov. 30, 1864, and Battle of Nashville, Dec. 15-17, 1864; acting lt. col. during part of this campaign; paroled at Meridian, Miss., May 12, 1865. Author of history of 27th Tenn. Inf. in Military Annals of Tennessee took leading part in organizing United Confederate Veterans; appointed, 1899, brig. gen. commanding 2nd Brigade, Tennessee Division, United Confederate Veterans and was re-elected to that post at each succeeding reunion. A steward in Methodist Episcopal Church; member Free and Accepted Masons; Knights Templar; Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Knights of Honor; Knights of Pythias; Ancient Order of United Workmen. Died at Lexington Feb. 17, 1911; buried in Lexington Cemetery.

Sources: Biographical Directory of American Congress; Lexington Progress, May 27, 1904; Apr. 6, 1906; June 12, 1908; Apr. 23, 1920; Mar. 20, 1925; June 26, 1931; Bolen, Henderson County History, 8; Miller, Official Manual, 193; Henderson County Will Book, No. 3, 1895-1932, pp. 142-143, 196; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 9-10; microcopy Tenn. Confederate Service Records, roll 233; Lindsley, Military Annals of Tennessee, 415-29; Confederate Veteran, Vol. 19, p. 236; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate 42278-E.R.; information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville.

Timberlake, Edward J. (1843-1909)

HOUSE, 39th General Assembly, 1875-77; representing Henderson County; Democrat. Born in Henderson County May 26, 1843, but one source gives the year 1845; son of Richard and Tabitha (Trice) Timberlake. Attended University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1859-60; studied law. Married in 1862 to Louisa H. Small, native of Henderson County, daughter of Alex Small; children–Addie, Louanna H., Edward J., Richard, Charles H., Kate, and John D. Described as lawyer, banker, farmer; made home at Timberlake, a small community in Henderson County; taught school several months during Civil War; in 1863, located on two-hundred acre farm at Timberlake, five miles north of Lexington; had been cashier of Bank of Lexington; organized, 1907, Central State Bank of which he was president at time of death. Circuit court clerk, 1870-72; appointed revenue commissioner of county, 1904. In Confederate army; enlisted at Jacks Creek, then in Madison County, later in Chester County, July 1, 1863, as pvt. in Co. H, 21st (Wilson?s) Tenn. Cav.; no further information on military career; member United Confederate Veterans. Sunday school superintendent in Methodist Episcopal Church, South; member Knights of Honor; Ancient Order of United Workmen; Farmers Institute. Died at home in Timberlake Oct. 9, 1909; buried in Beech River Cemetery, Henderson County.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Dec. 5, 1901; Aug. 7 and Nov. 12, 1903; Jan. 8, 1904; Oct. 29, 1909; Powers, History of Henderson County, 140; Bolen, Henderson County History, 7; Goodspeed, History of Henderson County, 859; U.S. Census, 1870, 1880, Henderson County; information supplied by William L. Barry, Lexington and Nashville; Henderson County Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, 45; microcopy Tenn. Confederate Service Records, roll 74.

Tucker, William Clark (1827-1914)

HOUSE, 34th (Confederate) General Assembly, 1861-63; representing Henderson County; of Confederate Party at this session, a Whig earlier, a Democrat after Civil War. Born in Virginia Jan. 19, 1827; son of W. C. and Mildred H. (Gilbert) Tucker. Attended schools at Cedar Forest, Pittsylvania County, Va.; studied medicine, 1852, in Henderson County under Dr. Cochran; entered Electic Medical College at Cincinnati, Ohio, 1856, where he took one course. Married in December, 1862, to Lucy Delia Buckley, native of Henderson County, daughter of John H. and Mary C. Buckley; children–Mary, Mildred A., Alice Rozelle, William Fred, Nathaniel Albert, Lucy Delia, and Irene. Came to Henderson County in January 1852; began a mercantile business which he continued until fall of same year, when he began study of medicine; practiced medicine for a time but gave it up because of poor health; went back into mercantile business at Juno, Henderson County, until discontinued because of war; later engaged in milling and farming; address while in legislature was listed Mifflin, then in Henderson but later in Chester County. Died in Mifflin Jan. 22, 1914; buried in Buckley graveyard, Luray, Henderson County.

Sources: Lexington Progress, Aug. 23, 1907; Jan. 30, 1914; Goodspeed, History of Chester County, 869; U.S. Census, 1870, 1880, Henderson County; Tenn. Vital Statistics, Death Certificate No. 5-6.

Wilson, David (c.1804-?)

SENATE, 35th General Assembly, 1867-69; representing counties of Henderson, Benton, Decatur, Humphreys, and Perry; party label not designated at this session. Born in Tennessee c.1804; exact date and place of birth, names of parents, and extent of schooling not determined. Married to Elizabeth A., a native of Virginia; her family name, date and place of marriage not found; their ten children were–Louisa, born c.1828, William, Margaret L., Permelia, Saphira F., Susan E., David H., Laura E., Howard A., and John A., the youngest born c.1863. Senator Wilson was a farmer in the 9th civil district of Henderson County. He was living July 26, 1870, when the census of that year was taken. Justice of the peace, 1861-66, serving as chairman of county court, 1865-67. No further information on subject.

Sources: Henderson County Court Minutes, 1860-66, pp. 8, 10, 345, 381.; U.S. Census, 1850, 1870, Henderson County.

O. C. Milam’s Honesty

from the research of Roxie Milam Wallace

There is a legend that perpetuates in my family, passed on by each new generation. Some legends are true; I don’t know if this one is or not, but I like it. It is a rich legacy I’ve always tried to live up to, and I hope that newer generations than mine are doing the same.

National elections in the United States are critical events in which citizens sometimes become overwrought and irascible in defending and striving to elect their favorite candidates in all levels of government. The presidency is the most important office to be filled, of course, but state and small local contests can generate as much interest, sometimes more, than those that affect large numbers of citizens.

This is especially true in backwoods, rural areas of Tennessee. Tempers often flare out of control during partisan debates among relatives, friends, and neighbors. Doubt and suspicion about character smears and the fair conduct of election officials can change normally civil individuals into rabid mobs. In Middleburg, TN (formerly known as Long’s Post Office where my great-grandmother Kizzie Bennett Milam Long held the position of first post-mistress), emotions ran high during the National Elections of 1924.

As described by Auburn Powers in his “History of Henderson County (1930),” ultra intense feelings led to a dramatic act of violence in which three men were shot. It is that incident which gave birth to this my favorite Milam family legend.

There is a very sad tragedy connected with the history of Middleburg. On the presidential election day, November 4, 1924, D. G. Powers went to the Middleburg precinct to attend the election. He and George Johnson, a Democrat, had been at “outs” with each other. Powers felt that Johnson had treated him unfair in previous cases and that he had been conducting the elections dishonestly. It appears that Powers went to the precinct to “see that things went right.” So, on his arrival at the precinct he saw how things looked and proceeded to take charge of the ballot box. When he did this, “Took” Bartholomew, a Democrat and friend of Johnsons, took it upon himself to get the box. Powers warned him not to bother him, but that did no good. Mr. Bartholomew kept advancing. Again Powers warned him to stop, this time threatening to shoot him full of holes if he did not stop. But again he kept advancing and demanding the box. He had been smoking and had his large pipe in his hand. Powers, on seeing the pipe, thought it was a knife, he claimed, and shot him. As this occurred, “Tooks” son, “Bud”, rushed in. Powers again seeing danger — this time from a new foe — shot “Bud”. Coming from behind him was his old friend, “Bill” Rodgers. Rodgers, it seems, had his hands outspread beseeching Powers to stop. But again Powers saw nothing but danger believing Rodgers an enemy attacking from the rear. So, he whirled and shot Rodgers through the head. After shooting three men in rapid succession and neither of them being his arch enemy, he looked about for some one, Johnson, no doubt. But Johnson, it is said, departed through the back door of the house used for the election and escaped through a corn patch. It was reported that Johnson tore down quite a bit of corn in his flight for safety. Who blames him?

When Powers looked upon the scene, he turned and left. No one followed him. He was believed to be gone within a few hours, but the fact is that he remained in the community for weeks visiting his friends and spending nights with them. After finally leaving home in the night and secretly boarding a train, he roamed over the country at will, usually under the name of “W. B. Coady”. He crossed the border into Mexico, then doubled back across the Southern States and into Cuba. But not being satisfied, he returned home and was taken without resistance. He must have come home to give up. His trial was had at Lexington and he was given a life sentence. He did not serve long, however, before he committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. He was buried in the Methodist Cemetery at Scotts Hill, TN …

O.  C. Milam

O. C. Milam

My grandfather O.C. Milam was the son of Kizzie Long, the aforementioned post mistress. Long Post Office was in existence for only a few years, and when it closed, the community’s name reverted to its original appellation of Middleburg, derived from the fact that it was located midway between Lexington, TN and Decaturville, TN. A location in the neighborhood served as polling place where citizens of Henderson County District 14 gathered to cast their ballots.

O. C. Milam had a long-standing reputation for veracity in the area; most who knew him would tell folks that O.C. never lied. When the violence began during Election Day, Nov. 4, 1924, someone was sent to Lexington, TN to bring the Henderson County Sheriff to the scene. Upon hearing the story, he departed his office immediately, accompanied by a deputy.

Naturally, the law enforcement officers were apprehensive about what they would find at the site and concerned that they should receive a true accounting of events from the drama. Deputy George Stewart is said to have asked the sheriff, “How can we get anyone to tell us the truth about who shot these men? We’ll be considered outsiders; they won’t talk to us.”

T. R. Sisson, the sheriff, replied, “The first person I’m going to question is O.C. Milam. He will tell you the truth about anything!”

Stewart was skeptical, “Milam is related to everybody involved in this—to the whole neighborhood. He won’t accuse his relatives.”

To which the sheriff exclaimed, “O.C. Milam would tell the truth if it was his own mother who did the shooting!

7th Tn Vol Cavalry, USA

Roster of the 7th Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry, USA

Field & Staff

Hawkins, Isaac R.                Lt. Col.
McCall, Joseph W.A.              Surg.
McCracker, Joseph                Private
Rowe, John M.                    Hosp. Stwd.
Smith, Thomas A.                 Capt., Maj.
Travis, Frank                    Lt. Sgt.

Unknown Company

Cowell, James F.                 Private
Cracken, Joseph M.               Private
Doty, James                      Private
Duke, J. P.                      Private
Gey,                             Captain
Hawkins,                         Captain
Hays, Jacob H.                   Captain
Gilbert, Michael S.              Private
Giles, John A.                   Private
Hall, Edward G.                  Private
Pickens, George                  Sergeant
    (died Andersonville 29 Apr 1864, Dysentery)
Reed,                            Captain

Company A

Abner, Aaron                     Private
    (died Andersonville 11 Jul 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 3194)
Adams, Archibald C.              Private
Adams, William H.                Corporal
Anglin, William                  Private
    (died Andersonville 15 Jul 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 3334)
Arnn, John M.                    Corporal
Ashby, Charles L.                Private
Aybill, John                     Private
Bailey, James T.                 Private
Bailey, William B.               Farrier
Bartholomew, James O.            Lt.
Bartholomew, Milton B.           Private
Bartholomew, Thomas P.           Sergeant
Beaten, Christopher C.           Private
Beaten, William                  Private
Blankenship, Caleb               Private
Blankenship, Martin              Private
Blankenship, Pleasant H.         Private
Boatwright, Annanias             Sergeant
Boatwright, Samuel               Private
Bolton, William P.               Sergeant
Boman, Wiley                     Corporal
Bratton, Alexander
Brent, John                      Private
Broddie, Thomas J.               1st Sgt.
Bullion, Joseph                  
    (buried Evans Cem., Henderson Co., TN, no dates)
Bunkett, Isaac R.                Corporal
Bunkett, James F.                Sergeant
Burns, Martin V.                 Sergeant
    (buried Center Hill Cem., Henderson Co., TN, no dates)
Bush, Elisha P.                  Private
Bush, William E.                 Private
Butler, Alexander T.             Corporal
Campbell, Robert C.              Private
Christer, John W.                Private
Coffman, Samuel                  Private
Cooper, Elbert Y.                Private
Cunningham, Willis H.            Sergeant
Dennison, Levy H.                Private
    (26 Oct 1845 - 24 Nov 1864, d. & bur. Florence, SC, marker in 
	Union Church Cem., Henderson Co., TN)
Dennison, William H.             Sergeant
Derryberry, John C.              Private
Derryberry, William H.           Private
Douglass, William A.             Private
Douglass, William H.             Private
Drury, Robert H.                 Private
Eastwood, Wiley                  Private
Entoe, Thomas E.                 Private
Essany, John F.                  Private
Evans, E. C.                     Private
Everett, James K.                Sergeant
Everett, William H.              Surgeon
Forest, James S.                 Private
Freeman, Thomas E.               Private
Gamon, I. A.                     Private
    (died Andersonville 19 Sep 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 9238)
Garner, Isaac                    Private
Garner, James W.                 Private
    (died Andersonville 19 Sep 1864, Grave 9238)
Gibson, G. B.                    Private
Gilbert, Jackson J.              Corporal
    (17 Sep 1844 - 25 Dec 1879, buried Derryberry Cem., Henderson Co., TN)
Ginn, Benjamin                   Private
Glossen, James                   Private
Graves, Joseph                   Private
Griffin, Thomas                  Corporal
Grimsley, Marida M.              Private
Grizzard, John C.                Private
Hair, John                       Private
Halbrooks, Joseph                Private
Hale, John                       Private
Hall, James N.                   Private
Haney, H.                        Private
    (died Andersonville 26 Sep 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 9805)
Harris, William B.               Private
Hart, Alexander T.               Lt.
Hawkins, Samuel W.               2nd Lt.
Hays, Henry                      Corporal
    (buried Hayes Cem., Henderson Co., TN, no dates)
Hays, Isaac M. C.                Private
Hays, James E.                   Private
Hefley, Samuel M.                Private
Hern, James M.                   Private
Holmes, Miles F.                 Private
Hooks, John L.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 4 Oct 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 10329)
Horne, J. F.                     Corporal
Hutchins, William C.             Private
Ingram, Parker                   Private
    (31 Jan 1844 - 27 Nov 1911, buried McCall Cem., Henderson Co., TN)
Jenkins, Kelly H.                Private
Johnson, Charles                 Bugler
Johnson, Charles J.              Private
    (died 25 Sep 1864 Charleston, chronic diarrhea)
Johnson, Eli                     Private
Johnson, James K.                Private
Johnson, James M.                Private
Johnson, Manley                  Private
Johnson, Rufus D.                Private
Johnson, Samuel                  Private
Johnson, Therode                 Private
Johnson, Willis                  Private
Jones, Randelion                 Private
Keen, Isaac                      Private
King, James A.                   Private
Kirk, B. J.                      Private
    (died Andersonville 21 Jul 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 3702)
Lane, Nathaniel M.               Private
Latham, Carter C.                Private
Lawler, James G.                 Private
Lawler, John A.                  Private
Lewis, Zacharias                 Private
Lindsey, Berry G.                Private
Lindsey, James                   Private
Lindsey, John L.                 Private
Lindsey, William                 Private
Little, Edward D.                Private
Little, George W.                Private
Lowe, James M.                   Private
Mainess, Mark                    Private
Massey, Andrew W.                Private
Meales, Daniel J.                Corporal
Meals, Asa H.                    Private
Miller, James                    Private
Mizzell, Andrew                  Private
Mizzell, Robert                  Private
More, James J.                   Private
Morgan, Francis M.               Private
Morgan, George W.                Private
Morgan, John                     Captain
Mulins, Richard                  Private
Muncey, Peter                    Private
Nicelar, Robinson M.             Private
Nichols, William J.              Private
    (died Andersonville 20 Aug 1864, Ictus Solis, Grave 6262)
Park, Robert W.                  Private
Pegram, William A.               Private
Petty, Wesley                    Private
Phillips, Benjamin F.            Private
Phillips, Columbus P.            Private
Pickler, Jesse                   Private
Pierce, Thomas                   Private
Pinkston, Hamilton               Private
Powers, H.                       Sergeant
    (died Andersonville 5 Jun 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 1638)
Powers, Ira                      Private
Powers, J.                       Private
    (died Andersonville 26 Aug 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 11501)
Powers, Joel                     Private
Powers, John                     Private
Powers, Stephen                  Private
Powers, Willis                   Private
Preslar, Minton F.               Private
Preslar, William C.              Private
Prewett, James                   Private
Pritchard, Nathan C.             Private
Read, Isaac S.                   Private
Reed, F. M.                      2nd Lt.
Reed, John C.                    Private
Reed, Sirrenous                  Corporal
Reede, George W.                 Private
Rhodes, James P.                 Private
Rhodes, John M.                  Sergeant
    (While prisoner signed petition asking Pres. Lincoln 
	to exchange Andersonville prisoners)
Rhodes, William G.               Private
    (died at Andersonville)
Ringold, Warren                  Corporal
Roberts, Charles                 Private
    (died Andersonville 3 Aug 1864, Grave 4616)
Robinson, Samuel E.              Private
Rodgers, David C.                Corporal
Rodgers, James M.                Sergeant
Rodgers, John H.                 Corporal
Rogers, Green W.                 Private
Rogers, William F.               Private
Ross, Joseph A.                  Private
    (died as a prisoner at Mobile, AL)
Rowland, Amos                    Private
Rowland, Elvin                   Private
Rushing, William H.              Private
Sellers, Leven M.                Corporal
Shaw, John P.                    Sergeant
Sisson, James R.                 Private
Smith, John W.                   Private
Smith, William M.                Private
Spires, John                     Private
Spires, Robert                   Private
Steel, John T.                   Private
Talley, Latimor Y.               Sergeant
Teague, James A.                 Corporal
Teague, Jasper N.                Sergeant
Teague, Leander L.               Sergeant
Thomas, James H.                 Private
    (4 Jan 1844 - 2 May 1934, buried Lexington Cem., Henderson Co., TN)
Thomas, John R.                  Private
Thomas, W. H.                    Private
    (died Andersonville 28 Aug 1864, Debilitis, Grave 7052)
Thompson,                        Captain
Townsell, George                 Private
Tyler, John C.                   Private
Vickers, Francis M.              Private
Vicory, John A.                  Private
Wadley, James R.                 Private
Waggoner, John W.                Teamster
Waites, Thompson                 Private
Wallace, William                 Private
Weaver, William M.               Corporal
White, Harmon L.                 Corporal
    (died Andersonville 4 Oct 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 10338)
White, Joseph                    Corporal
    (died Andersonville 8 Sep 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 8190)
Whitehurst, William              Private
Wiley, Addison J.                Private
Williams, Burrell T.             Private
Williams, George N.              Private
Wilson, Martin V.                Private
Wilson, Thomas C.                Private
Wise, John                       Private
Wood, Jesse L.                   Bugler
Wood, Jesse G.                   Private
Wood, William H.                 Private
Woods, James                     Corporal
Woods, J. M.                     Private
Woods, Gassen                    Private

Company B

Aaron, John P.                   Private
Aaron, Wiley J.                  1st Sgt.
Allen, Lewis A.                  Private
Andrews, James H.                Private
Andrews, S. B.                   Private
Andrews, William F.              Corporal
Archer, Thomas                   Sergeant
Ashby, Joshua F.                 Private
    (died Andersonville 22 Aug 1864, Typhus Fever, Grave 6474)
Atkins, Thomas J.                Sergeant
Baker, James W.                  Private
Bane, Henry                      Private
Bane, Robert                     Private
Barnhart, Doctor F.              Farrier
    (died Andersonville 10 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 5277)
Bloodworth, Rufus                Private
Bond, Andrew J.                  Private
Boyd, Javas T.                   Private
Boyd, Robert T.                  Private
Bush, John J.                    Private
Bush, Richard                    Private
Butler, Franklin                 Private
Butler, Ehas G.                  Private
Butler, Henry H.                 Corporal
Butler, John J.                  Sergeant
Butler, Wiley W.                 Private
    (died Andersonville 8 Aug 1864, Anasarca, Grave 5017)
Butler, William                  Private
Carver, James W.                 Corporal
Chambers, Aaron D.               Private
Clark, Richard                   Private
Cleaver, Albert                  Private
Cole, Newton I.                  Private
Collins, James F.                Private
Cooper, George W. Jr.            Private
Cooper, George W. Sr.            Private
Copeland, Simpson                Private
Cox, Newton                      Private
Crauford, George W.              Private
Crauford, Martin V.              Private
Crews, G.                        Private
    (died Andersonville 20 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 6310)
Crews, William                   Private
Criswell, David                  Private
Davis, William F.                Private
Dill, S. F.                      Sergeant
    (died Andersonville 2 Sep 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 7608)
Dunaway, David C.                Private
Duncan, Henry                    Private
Edwards, John                    Private
Edwards, William R.              Private
Feland, Lafeyette                Private
Francisco, K./R.                 Private
    (died Andersonville 26 Jun 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 2506)
French, Richard Eli              Private
    (Enrolled for duty in the 7th TN Cav., Co. B, on August 10, 1862, 
	at Carroll Co. TN for a period of 3 years.  He was mustered in on 
	August 17, 1862, in Benton Co. TN. He was captured Dec. 20, 1862 
	at Trenton and paroled on Dec. 21, 1862.  He appears on the 
	Muster Roll of Co. A, 2 Battalion, Paroled Cavalry Stationed at 
	Camp Chase, Ohio from Oct. 31, 1862 to Feb. 25, 1863.
    (I know these dates do not sound correct, but I am reading from 
	the Co. Muster Cards)  He was killed in battle at Paducah, KY 
	on March 25, 1864.  He is buried in the National Cemetery at
    Cairo, IL.)
Gaskins, Amos L.                 Private
Gaskins, Thomas J.               Sergeant
Glossen, Alexander               Private
Gray, Robert                     Private
Green, William H.                Private
Greer, Benjamin F.               QM Sgt.
Greer, James                     Private
Greer, James O.                  Private
Greer, William L.                Corporal
Grewett, S. P.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 2 Aug 1864, Grave 4541)
Groom, William S.                Private
Gunter, Rudolphus Washington     Corporal
    (His first name has also been listed as Adolphus. He enlisted 
	in Paducah, KY 4 Oct 1864 for three years, but was discharged 
	on 7 Aug 1865.  According to his pension records, he contracted 
	rheumatism that affected his shoulders and breast 
	while doing scouting duty.)
Harvey, Tollson                  Sergeant
Hays, James R.                   Private
Heathcott, William H.            Private
Hefin, Allen S.                  Private
Heflin, Thomas H.                Private
Hicks, William G.                Sergeant
House, Tennessee                 Corporal
Howell, David                    Private
Jolley, Marion E.                Guidon
Joyner, James M.                 Corporal
    (died Andersonville 6 Sep 1864, Typhus Fever, Grave 8013)
Joyner, Moses                    Sergeant
Kile, Robert E.                  Private
Kirk, Ulyssus                    Farrier
Lewis, Moses B.                  Sergeant
Lindley, William B.
Lipe, James D.                   Corporal
Lowery, Jessee H.                Sergeant
Lynn, Nathaniel                  Private
Malone, Lawrence H.              Private
Marbry, Isaac Franklin           Private
    (b. abt. 1845, d. 23 Oct 1868, m. 5 Sept 1867 Benton Co., TN 
	to Louella Josephine Roe/Rowe b.13 May 1847, d. 5 Nov 1897. 
	Enlisted 12 Feb 1863, discharged 9 Aug 1865. "Family
    story is that the Marberry's were from Carroll county & were 
	full-blood Cherokee")
Martin, James F.                 Private
Martin, James M.                 Captain
Martin, William H.               Private
Mathias, Spencer                 Private
Mattox, Napoleon                 Corporal
McFarlin, James                  Private
McGee, William                   Private
    (died Andersonville 3 Jul 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 8243)
McGill, Jesse                    Private
Middleton, Alford W.             Corporal
Miliway, Martin                  Private
Mitchell, William                Private
Moore, Alfred N.                 Private
Morgan, Edward D.                Sergeant
Murry, Levander                  Private
Nance, John C.                   Private
Neighbors, John A.               Private
Norris, P. W.                    Private
    (died Andersonville 21 Sep 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 9447)
Norvell, William R.              Comm. Sgt.
Ozier, Levi                      Private
Padgitt, Abraham                 Private
Park, John N.                    Lt.
Parke, Luther R.                 Private
Parker, Robert                   Private
Pastuer, Thomas E.               Sergeant
Patterson, Stokley               Private
Pinkley, James                   Private
Pinkley, Richard R.              Corporal
Pinkley, William C.              Private
Porterfield, Alfred D.           Private
Powell, Benjamin A.              Private
Powers, John                     Private
Pressen, Ellis T.                Private
Pressen, Richard L.              Private
Presson, Thomas                  Private
Pruett, Robert M.                Sergeant
Pruett, Simpson                  Private
Rafferty, William                Private
Ray, William                     Private
Ridings, Thomas H.               Private
Roberts, William                 Private
Robertson, Asa R.                Private
Rodgers, Christian               Private
Rodgers, Levey                   Private
Rogers, A. G.                    Private
    (died Andersonville 25 Aug 1864, Gangrene, Grave 6837)
Rollins, Jesse E.                Private
Roney, Thomas J.                 Private
Ross, James                      Private
    (died Andersonville 28 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 7090)
Rowe, John D.                    Corporal
Rowe, William                    Private
Royall, Elbert M.                1st Lt.
Rushing, William R.              Private
Rust, John F.                    Private
Saunders, Thomas                 Private
Scott, Charles M.                Private
Scott, Daniel H.                 Private
Scott, Jesse R.                  Private
Sellars, Jesse L.                Private
Settemyer, John W.               Private
Shaw, James                      Private
Shelton, James B.                Private
Simons, William B.               Private
Smith, Daniel                    Private
Smith, William H.                Private
Spears, William                  Private
Spelling, James M.               Sergeant
Spelling, John                   Sergeant
Spires, Joseph                   Private
Steel, James G.                  Corporal
Stublefield, Dalis               Private
Taylor, Jarrott                  Private
Taylor, Lindley M.               Private
Thacker, Simon G.                Private
Thinn, R. A.                     Private
    (died Andersonville 12 Oct 1864, Chronic Diarrhea, Grave 10780)
Thomas, John W.                  Private
Thornborough, William            Sergeant
Tice, Stephen J.                 Private
Touhey, Stephen                  Private
Townsend, Joseph R.              Private
Turner, Jesse T.                 Private
Ward, Joseph R.                  Private
Ward, Thomas A.                  Private
Ward, W. R.                      Private
Watson, William M.               Private
Welsh, James H.                  Private
Welsh, William J.                Private
West, Edgar W.                   Private
Wheeler, John L.                 Private
Whitaker, James P.               Private
White, Enelroy C.                Private
Williams, C. C.                  Private
Williams, George W.              Private
    (died Andersonville 21 Sep 1864, Grave 9447)
Wilson, John                     Private
Wilson, William B.               Private
Winn, Robert A.                  Private
Wood, Thomas H.                  Private
Woods, William T.                Private
Wright, William J.               Private
    (died Andersonville 10 Aug 1864, Constipation, Grave 5267)
Wyatt, William B.                Private

Company C

Ables, John F.                   Corporal
Acox, Francis M.                 Private
Allen, John W.                   Private
Allender, William F.             1st Lt.
Alridge, G. W.                   Private
Alton, John                      Private
Atkinson, Richard A.             Private
Atkinson, William                Private
Autry, James P.                  Private
Baker, William                   Private
Balinger, John                   Private
Barnes, James H.                 Private
Barnes, William C.               Private
Barnhart, Jacob C.               Private
Bass, James                      Corporal
Bellew, Aaron                    Private
Biggs, James T.                  Private
Bledsaw, John                    Private
Bollard, David C.                Private
Boman, Jonathan                  Private
    (died Andersonville 22 Jul 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 3786)
Boman, Simeon                    Private
Boren, John                      Corporal
    (died at Andersonville)
Boren, Lawson B.                 Sergeant
    (prisoner at Andersonville)
Box, Edward                      Private
Box, William B.                  Private
Bradfield, Elisha L.             Private
    (died Andersonville 31 Jul 1864, Anasarca, Grave 4371)
Branch, Lewis K.                 Private
Britt, Green L.                  Saddler
Brodie, Lud                      Private
Bullion, Joseph                  Private
Burchum, James D.                Private
Burchum, John A.                 Private
Cantrell, James K. P.            Private
Carliles, Franklin               Private
Carpenter, Emanuel               Private
Cash, John J.                    Private
Caviness, Mathew C.              Private
Caviness, William D.             Comm. Sgt.
Chasteen, Benjamin               Private
Chummey, Ben A.                  Private
Chummey, Beverly R.              Private
Clark, Nelson                    Private
Cleary, William                  2nd Lt.
Coffrey, James                   Private
Cole, George W.                  Private
Collins, Frank                   Private
Cottrill, G. W.                  Private
Craig, George W.                 1st. Sgt.
Crenshaw, William                Private
Cuttman, Charles                 Private
Davenport, Isaac Noah            Private
    (21 Nov 1820 - 16 Sep 1922, buried Grandsire Holmes Cem., 
	Henderson Co., TN)
Davenport, J. P.                 Private
Davis, James                     Private
    (died at Andersonville)
Davis, Meridith L.               Private
    (died in Sultana explosion)
Davis, Samuel                    Private
Delaney, Josepheus               Private
Derrossett, William E.           Private
Derryberry, E. H. T.             Private
Derryberry, Elisha               Private
Duke, G. B.                      Private
    (buried Duke's Chapel Cem., Henderson Co., TN, no dates)
Duke, James K.                   Private
Duke, W. D.                      Private
Dunn, George R.                  Private
Edwards, Lint B.                 Private
Evans, Druw                      Private
    (buried Evans Cem., Henderson Co., TN, no dates)
Evans, Wiley                     Private
Forshee, William R.              Private
Fowler, Green L.                 Private
Freeman, Daniel D.               Private
Freeman, William                 Private
Frizell, Abraham                 Private
Frizell, G. N.                   Sergeant
Frizell, Thomas J.               Private
Hale, J. I.                      Private
Hays, Asa N.                     Captain
Hays, Jason J.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 29 Apr 1864, Diarrhea)
Gilbert, Jesse                   Private
Gilbert, John T.                 Private
Gilbert, William                 Corporal
    (died Andersonville 12 Jan 1865, Scorbutus, Grave 12438)
Golden, J. H.                    Private
    (died Andersonville 16 Jan 1865, Scorbutus, Grave 12464)
Gray, Thomas P.                  Captain
Grevett, S. P.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 1 Aug 1864, Bronchitis, Grave 4531)
Griffin, W. A.                   Private
Hail, Ivy                        Private
Hale, Ira                        Private
    (died Andersonville 11 Sep 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 8486)
Hallmark, John                   Private
Hampton, Charles B.              Corporal
Hampton, Hiram H.                Private
Harny, William H.                Private
Hart, Absolom                    
    (buried Cedar Grove Cem., Henderson Co., TN, no dates)
Hartley, Hardin                  Private
Hays, Asa N.                     Captain
Hays, Jackson J.                 Private
Hays, James M.                   Private
Hays, John B.                    Private
Hays, John C.                    Corporal
    (died Andersonville 22 Jul 1864, Anasarca, Grave 3807)
Hays, Samuel L.                  Sergeant
Hays, William                    Private
Hays, William H. H.              Corporal
Hedges, Henderson                Private
Hicks, John                      Private
Hill, E. P.                      Private
Holt, Wiley                      Private
Johnson, Edmond L.               Private
    (died Andersonville 22 Dec 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 12319)
Johnson, Samuel J.               Private
Jowers, J. H.                    Private
Keen, Elisha                     Private
Keen, George W.                  Private
Keen, Hoza                       Private
    (died Andersonville 22 Jul 1864, Dysentery, Grave 3749)
Keen, James Thomas               Private
    (died Andersonville 31 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 7367)
Keen, William R.                 Private
Kelly, I. N.                     Private
Kenn, J. J.                      Private
Kennard, Thomas                  Private
King, Stephen S.                 Private
Kinman, Moses                    Private
Lampley, J. M.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 21 Jul 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 3697)
Leathers, F. F.                  Private
Ledbetter, Isaac J.              Private
Lee, Berry D.                    Private
Leonard, L. M.                   Private
Loftus, Thomas                   Private
Logan, Preston                   Private
Mackey, H. T.                    Private
Manley, Jasper                   Private
Maracle, James P.                Private
Maxfield, G. W.                  Private
McCallan, Samuel                 Private
McClum, George                   Private
McDonald, Francis M.             Private
McGuire, M.                      Private
    (died Andersonville 5 Aug 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 4751)
McNealey, W.                     Private
    (died Andersonville 13 Dec 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 12277)
Medlin, Robert L.                Private
Melton, William T.               Sergeant
Miller, Benjamin F.              Corporal
Miller, George W.                Private
Moore, James D.                  Private
Morgan, John B.                  Private
Myaracle, C. F. C.               Private
Nealy, James W.                  Private
Nelson, Robert W.                Private
Owens, Redding                   Private
Page, William C.                 Private
Paris, S.                        Private
    (died Andersonville 12 Sep 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 8605)
Pate, Thomas J.                  Private
Patterson, Isiah M.              Private
Peck, Francis M.                 Private
Pinkston, Napoleon B.            Private
Port, John                       Private
Preslar, James                   Corporal
Pulley, James W.                 Private
Qualls, Lankin                   Private
Reeves, Richard T.               Private
Reives, Elisha G.                Private
Renfro, Mark M.                  Lt.
    (20 Dec 1811 - 6 Aug 1865, buried Derryberry Cem., 
	Henderson Co., TN)
Renfroe, Thomas J.               Private
Renshaw, Henry G.                Private
    (died Andersonville 29 Jul 1864, Typhus Fever, Grave 4254)
Riggs, James                     Private
Riles, Alfred                    Private
Riles, James C.                  Private
Robinson, Andrew J.              Private
Robinson, James                  Private
Rowe, John W.                    Private
Rowsey, John                     Private
Rushing, John G.                 Private
Scates, Green                    Private
    (died 11 Jul 1914, buried Bible Grove Cem., Henderson Co., TN)
Sharp, John F.                   Private
Singleton, James W.              Private
Singleton, John                  Private
Smith, Britoen                   Sergeant
Smith, Francis A.                1st Lt.
Smith, Isaac                     Private
Smothers, James F.               Sergeant
Spears, John W.                  Private
Stamps, Daniel                   Private
Stone, Ruben                     Private
Stone, William Jr.               Private
Taylor, Archibald F.             Private
Teague, James                    Corporal
Townsend, Nathaniel              Private
Trauburger, Benjamin F.          Private
Tubbs, Elijah                    Private
Viar, Simpson H.                 Private
Waller, William                  Private
Watson, John                     Private
Watson, John C.                  Private
    (died Andersonville 23 Nov 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 12139)
Watson, Simon                    Private
    (1830 - 1910, buried Bible Grove Cem., Henderson Co., TN)
Whittle, Hartuell W.             Private
    (died Andersonville 24 Sep 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 9670)
Whittle, John J.                 Private
Wilkins, Henry J.                Private
Williams, William F.             Private
Wood, John                       Private
Wood, William                    Private
Wooley, Alexander J.             Private
    (buried Central Grove Cem., Henderson Co., TN, no dates)
Word, Huston G.                  Private

Company D

Arbuckle, Edwin                  Captain
Barnes, F. B                     Private
    (died Andersonville 16 Feb 1865, Diarrhea, Grave 12662)
Bateman, Green                   Private
Benton, William B.               Corporal
Bibbs, Alexander                 Private
    (died Andersonville 6 Jul 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 2939)
Birdwell, Albert                 Private
Bostie, Edmond D.                Private
Bowlin, John W.                  Private
Brandon, Charles S.              Private
Brewer, Edmond                   Private
Brewer, Henry                    Private
Brewer, Isaac N.                 Private
Brewer, John F.                  Private
Brewer, Patrick B.               Private
Brewer, W. T.                    Private
Brinkley, Silas W.               Private
Bryant, Charles
Bryant, James L.                 Private
Buchanan, Duncan L.              Private
Burton, James A.                 Private
Butler, Henry C.                 2nd Lt.
Cagle, Benjamin F.               Private
Cagle, Henry C.                  Private
Campbell, Artes                  Private
Carey, Harrison H.               Private
Cary, James M.                   Private
Clark, William H.                Private
Clemons, J. D.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 5 Jun 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 1636)
Clemons, Stephen                 Private
Dakenfelt, J.                    Private
    (died Andersonville 27 Aug 1864, Grave 7053)
Davis, Samuel                    
    (died at Andersonville)
Davis, William                   
    (died at Andersonville)
Dodd, Benjamin F.                Private
Dodd, Charles                    Private
Dodd, Harbert H.                 Corporal
Dodd, John C.                    Private
Dodd, Thomas J.                  Private
Dorety, Asa H.                   Private
Douglass, Henry                  Private
Edwards, Jefferson               Private
Esra, Thomas N.                  Private
Gooch, Puniphrey W.              Private
Gooch, Willis C.                 Private
Graham, John D.                  Private
    (died Andersonville 27 Jun 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 2571)
Greenway, James                  Private
Hall, James R.                   Sergeant
Hall, William R.                 Private
Hallowell, Stephen               2nd Sgt.
Hampton, Elvis S.                Private
Hampton, James E.                Private
Hampton, William H.              Private
Harris, Alexander C.             Private
Harris, William R.               Corporal
Hatch, George D.                 Private
Haywood, Henry H.                Corporal
Haywood, William T.              Private
Herald, Luke K.                  Private
Higgs, Louis                     Private
Hollowell, Hensley               Private
Huistis, Andrew T.               Private
Huistis, Stephen W.              Private
Johnson, James                   Corporal
Johnson, Silas W.                Private
Jones, Gaston L.                 Private
Jones, Green A.                  Private
Jones, Henry T.                  Private
King, James T.                   Private
Manuel, Alexander H.             Private
Marcum, William C.               Private
McArthur, William A.             Private
McCaslin, Riley                  Private
McCaslin, W. L.                  Private
McCauley, James C.               Private
Miller, Alfred H.                Private
Miller, John A.                  Captain
Moore, James T.                  Private
Mullins, Francis M.              Private
Nolan, Pearl D.                  Blacksmith
Parish, Lion                     Private
Parish, Samuel                   Private
Pendergrass, John W.             Private
Perdew, Irwin                    Private
Pettigrew, Alfred                Private
Phillips, James                  Private
Pope, F.                         Private
    (died Andersonville 15 Jun 1864, Chronic Diarrhea, Grave 1978)
Prewett, John E.                 Private
Quillian, J.                     Private
    (died Andersonville 20 Jun 1864, Chronic Diarrhea, Grave 2232)
Reed, Robert I.                  Corporal
Roberts, James                   Private
Roberts, James M.                Private
Roberts, John                    Private
Roberts, Tayatt M.               Private
Robinson, Alfred B.              Private
Robinson, Henry L.               Private
Robinson, James A. B.            Private
Robinson, Lemuel                 Private
Robinson, Willie D.              Sergeant
Rogers, Alexander G.             2nd Cpl.
Rogers, James F.                 Sergeant
Sanders, Benjamin A.             Sgt. Maj.
Sanders, Firman C.               Sergeant
Spoon, Elijah                    Private
Umstead, Daniel                  Private
Umstead, Squire                  Private
Westerman, Richard               Private
Woods, Samuel                    Private
Woods, Thomas                    Private

Company E

Adams, Green                     Private
Autrey, Durgan T.                Private
Autrey, Jacob                    Private
Autrey, John                     Private
Barnhart, George                 Private
Batey, John                      Private
Batten, Daniel                   Private
Blakely, Benjamin                Farrier
Bond, John                       Private
Boswell, Jessee                  Private
Boswell, John I.                 Private
Boswell, William M.              Private
Bosworth, W. H.                  Private
    (died Andersonville 16 Oct 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 11015)
Boyd, Thomas B.                  Corporal
Bradford, Ellison                Corporal
Bradford, Hugh A.                Private
Bradford, Robert N.              Private
Bradford, Robert Y.              1st Lt.
Brewer, Cornelius C.             Private
Britt, Pinkney                   Private
Browning, Robert C.              Corporal
Butler, Clark K.                 Private
Canterel, Andrew J.              Corporal
Carden, A. K.                    Private
    (died Andersonville 11 Jun 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 1839)
Carden, James E.                 Private
Carden, Wiley                    Private
Cary, Alexander                  Private
Cary, Elbert W.                  Private
Cary, Felix                      Private
Cary, Thomas                     Private
Childers, William E.             Corporal
    (died Andersonville 3 Sep 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 7702)
Childers, Zachariah              Private
Clark, James                     Private
Clark, John                      Private
Dodd, Benjamin L.                Private
Dodd, Samuel F.                  Private
Dodd, Stanley                    Private
Duke, Benjamin                   Private
Elkins, A. E.                    Private
Ellis, John E.                   Private
Galbraith, G. W.                 Private
    (died Andersonville 17 Oct 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 11063)
Garison, Elbert                  Corporal
Hail, Charles N.                 Private
Hall, J. L.                      Private
Hallenack, John R.               Private
Hammett, Wesley                  Private
Harris, James M.                 Private
Haulmark, George W.              Private
Haulmark, Phines                 Private
Hedge, Isaac                     Private
Hedges, Benjamin F.              Private
Higden, William F.               Corporal
Hill, Robert C.                  Private
Hood, Franklin                   Private
Killbreath, George W.            Private
Kirby, Samuel C.                 Private
Lawrence, Harwood J.             Private
Madaris, Joel B.                 Sergeant
McCord, Jesse T.                 Private
McMullen, Robert L.              Sergeant
Melton, Beverly                  Private
Melton, R. R. H.                 Private
Moore, Robert M.                 Private
Moore, Thomas                    Private
Morgan, James W.                 Lt.
Morgan, Pleasant G.              Private
Moris, Richard H.                Private
Moris, William E.                Corporal
Mullins, James R.                Private
Neighbors, Henry                 Private
Noles, Edmond                    Corporal
Nordon, John A.                  Sergeant
Norwood, Thomas                  Private
Norwood, William                 Private
Owens, Charles                   Private
Palmer, William G.               Private
Park, James                      Private
    (died Andersonville 30 Aug 1864, Debilitis, Grave 7290)
Parson, Pleasant K.              Captain
Pinkston, Elijah                 Corporal
Prichard, William D.             Private
Radford, William P.              Private
Rainey, James H.                 Corporal
Richardson, Jasper M.            Sergeant
Richardson, William              Private
Ritter, John Henry               Private
    (died Andersonville 17 Aug 1864, Chronic Diarrhea, Grave 5974)
Robinson, William M.             Private
Russell, J. S.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 28 Aug 1864, Grave 7082)
Short, Leonard H.                Private
    (died Andersonville 23 May 1864, Chronic Diarrhea, Grave 1313)
Smothers, Isaac                  Private
Smothers, Sebert                 Private
Townsend, Joseph H.              Private
Trout, Granville                 Sergeant
Victory, James                   Private
Walker, James A.                 Private
Webb, Henry                      Private
Webb, John R.                    Private
Webb, Theophilus                 Private
Winbery, George W.               Private
Wyatt, Henry                     Private

Company F

Ball, David J.                   Private
Bennett, Samuel H.               Private
Branch, Joseph J.                Private
Branch, William M.               Private
Britt, Dempsey B.                Private
Britt, Wiley Y.                  Private
Britt, William A.                Sergeant
Browning, John K.                Private
Buchannon, Daniel A.             Private
Bullington, Robert               Private
Burns, James H.                  Private
Butler, John T.                  Private
Cannon, Joseph F.                Private
Carter, John W.                  Private
Carter, William H.               Private
Cook, Lycurgus D.                Private
Cooley, Joshua J.                Private
Darnell, Nathaniel               Private
Drummons, Joseph                 Private
Dunning, James M.                Private
Dunning, William H.              Private
Evans, James T.                  Private
Everett, J. K.                   Corporal
Everett, William H.              Private
Freeman, Elisha C.               Surgeon
Fry, George W.                   Private
Gardner, William R.              Private
George, Ezekiel                  Private
Giles, Enoch I.                  Private
Goodman, Thomas T.               Private
Green, J. C.                     Corporal
Hawkins, Ashton W.               Captain
Hawkins, Samuel W.               2nd Lt.
Hester, J. A.                    Private
Hicks, J. P.                     Private
Huckby, Robert                   Private
Jarred, Thomas J.                Private
Jenkins, Henry K.                Private
Johnson, Alexander               Corporal
Kee, John W.                     Private
Kemp, Bazil D.                   Private
King, Alfred                     Private
Lammons, Archibald H.            Private
Lammons, William C.              Private
Laycock, John S.                 Sergeant
Letsinger, Lewis                 Private
Lindsey, W. J.                   Private
Little, George M.                Private
Livingston, Mark                 Private
Martin, Henry P.                 Private
Mathis, Hugh H.                  Farrier
Matthews, Melvin R.              Sergeant
McElyea, Robert D.               Private
McKinney, James H.               Private
McKinney, John P.                Private
McKinney, Lafayette A.           Private
McLeod, John A.                  QM Sgt.
McLeod, Norman H.                Private
McMullen, Cullen D.              Private
McMullen, Dempsey                Private
Montgomery, Samuel J.            Private
Morgan, Benjamin F.              Private
Morgan, Granville H.             Private
Murray, William M.               Private
Neely, Columbus C.               Private
Oer, John                        Sergeant
Perdi, Eavin T.                  Private
Perdu, Walter C.                 Private
Pickett, John D.                 Private
Porter, John R.                  Private
Pugh, John                       Private
Pugh, Walter C.                  Corporal
Rhoads, Edward                   Corporal
Rhoads, William B.               Private
Roberts, F. R.                   Corporal
Robeson, J. L.                   2nd Lt.
Simmons, S. C.                   Private
Simpson, C. B.                   Private
Smith, Joseph                    Private
Spain, Abner H.                  Private
Thomas, Jackson                  Private
Thomas, John H.                  Private
Thompson, John C.                Private
Tucker, George W.                Private
Tucker, John W.                  Private
Tucker, Thomas I.                Private
Vickers, Thomas J.               Private
Walpole, Benjamin F.             Private
Waugh, S. J.                     Private
Wilkes, George W.                Private
Williams, John F.                Private
Williams, R. C.                  Private
Wilson, Charles M.               Private
Wilson, Columbus T.              Private
Woodard, Peter H.                Corporal
Worsham, W. S.                   Private

Company G

Altom, David C.                  Private
    (23 Dec 1839 - 3 Jul 1902, buried Lewis - Altom Cem., 
	Henderson Co., TN)
Autry, Samuel W.                 Private
Belew, John G.                   Private
Belew, Thomas                    Captain
Bell, William                    Corporal
Bennett, Samuel                  Private
Bevel, David R.                  Private
Brandon, Harrison S.             Private
Bridges, William A. C.           Private
Brodie, Thomas J.                Sergeant
    (1843 - 1865, buried Derryberry Cem., Henderson Co., TN)
Brown, James W.                  Private
Brown, Joseph S.                 Private
Chambers, Joel W.                2nd Lt.
Curtis, Charles F.               Private
Derryberry, William A.           Private
Eubanks, Edward                  Private
Evans, Samuel D.                 Private
Gooch, L. O.                     Private
Gordon, Pleasant W.              Private
Grogan, John H.                  Corporal
Hampton, Irvin                   Private
Hampton, Thomas                  Private
Harris, W. B.                    Private
Harris, William H.               Private
Hawks, William H.                Private
Hendricks, William H.            Private
Holbrook, John H.                Private
Holmes, G. P.                    Corporal
Holmes, William E.               Private
Huey, William                    Private
Hyett, David                     Private
Johnson, William                 Private
Johnson, William F.              Private
Jones, Ammond                    Private
Jones, George B.                 Private
Joyner, Nathan G.                Private
Kee, John                        Private
Leycock, John C.                 Corporal
Lovell, Lindolph                 Private
Martin, S.                       Private
    (died Andersonville 12 Oct 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 10795)
Maxwell, James                   Corporal
McDonald, Allen                  Private
Moore, John P.                   Private
Morgan, George H.                Corporal
Osburn, Robert F.                Private
Parker, Henry O.                 Private
Pate, Edmond                     Private
Pate, Joseph B.                  Private
Pearson, James N.                Private
Pendegrass, John W.              Private
Pendegrass, William M.           Private
Phelps, George W.                Private
Phillips, A. F.                  Corporal
Phillips, Neil                   Private
Pinckly, Allen                   Sergeant
Pinckly, Clark                   Private
Pinckly, Scott                   Sergeant
Porter, John R.                  Private
Presson, Henry F.                Corporal
Presson, W. J.                   Private
Reves, Jesse                     Private
Roark, Henry M.                  Sergeant
Roberts, William                 Private
Rose, W. M.                      Private
Scott, H. C.                     Private
Scott, J. J.                     Private
Scott, John                      2nd Sgt.
Shlass, Isaac                    Private
Slater, Andrew J.                Private
Smith, A. R.                     Private
Smith, Edward                    Private
Smith, James M.                  Corporal
Springer, Ben B.                 Sergeant
Springer, Hosea                  Sergeant
Sugg, Joel                       Private
Tate, John W.                    Private
Tosh, Lafayette M.               Private
Vaughn, M. H.                    Private
Webb, Martin L.                  Private
Williams, S. N.                  Private
Williams, William M.             Private
Wilson, A. A.                    Private
Wilson, Erastus E.               Private
Wilson, Matthew M.               Private
Wilson, Nathan C.                Private
Woodside, M. M.                  Private

Company H

Autry, William                   Private
Barker, Rufus G.                 Private
    (Prisoner at Andersonville)
Barker, Samuel A.                Corporal
    (signed petition asking Pres. Lincoln to exchange 
	Andersonville prisoners)
Bishop, Wiley                    Corporal
    (died Andersonville 23 Aug 1864, Typhus Fever, Grave 6672)
Bodkins, Meakley                 Private
Campbell, William P.             Sergeant
Cleek, John R.                   Corporal
    (Primitive Baptist Minister; son of Joseph Cleek & Mahala O'Neal)
Conner, Asberry B.               1st Lt.
Derryberry, M. Wesley            Captain
    (died as prisoner at Macon, GA)
Edward, Elisha                   Private
Esra, Nathan                     Private
Gallison, John W.                Wagoner
Garner, Franklin C.              Private
Green, Rolon                     Private
Grice, William R.                Private
Haggard, John W.                 Private
Hinson, John                     Private
    (died Andersonville 4 Sep 1864, Dysentery, Grave 7808)
Hodgin, David M.                 Sergeant
    (9 Nov 1829 - 2 Nov 1877, buried Mt. Moriah Cem., Henderson Co., TN)
Hortin, W. C.                    Private
    (died Andersonville 24 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 6681)
Hyett, Leonard B.                Private
Ingram, Dolson                   Private
Jenkins, William                 Private
Johnson, Alexander               Private
Johnson, Edwin W.                Private
Johnson, Henry K.                Private
Johnson, William                 Private
Martin, James L.                 Private
    (died Andersonville 8 Sep 1864, Typhoid Fever, Grave 8174)
McGinnis, Andrew                 Private
Parker, Wesley                   Sergeant
Parrett, John                    Bugler
Parrett, Reuben L.               Private
Powers, Henry M.                 Corporal
Powers, Riley                    Private
    (died Andersonville 13 Feb 1865, Chronic Diarrhea, Grave 12644)
Robeson, J. T. C.                Captain
Rogers, Tavenet                  Private
Small, Andrew J.
Stone, William Sr.               Private
Swafford, John W.                Farrier
Wallace, George W.               Private
Webster, Daniel                  Private
Webster, William                 Private
Wilkerson, John                  Private
    (Prisoner at Andersonville)
Williamson, George W.            Private
Williamson, William              Private
    (Buried Liberty Cem., Hardin Co., TN)

Company I

Allen, J. F.                     Private
Allen, S. R.                     Private
Alton, William                   Private
Baley, Elisha                    Private
Baley, John T.                   Private
Barnes, Frederick B.
Bateman, J. J.                   Private
Bennett, W. R.                   Private
Bond, Jacob M.                   Private
Bond, R. J.                      Private
Bonds, James K.                  Private
Boyle, R. C.                     Private
    (died Andersonville 17 Sep 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 9079)
Brewer, Joseph C.                Private
Brewer, Patrick                  Private
Brewer, William W.               Private
Britton, Charles                 Private
Burton, James A.                 Private
Butler, Galston W.               Private
Butler, John R.                  Private
Caldwell, Hugh D.                Private
Calhoun, Thomas C.               Corporal
Case, Alden P.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 11 Aug 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 5298)
Clever, William                  Private
Crain, Louis                     Private
Cruise, E.                       Private
    (died Andersonville 2 Sep 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 7601)
Cunningham, Elijah               Private
Darnell, Thomas H.               Private
Derryberry, M. W.                Private
Doss, Charles W.                 Private
Drummonds, Joseph M.             Sergeant
Edwards, Miles B.                Private
Edwards, W. A.                   Private
Elinor, B. F.                    Sergeant
Elinor, Robert                   Private
Finch, Hampton                   Sergeant
    (died Andersonville 21 Jul 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 3733)
Finch, F. B.                     Private
Fisher, Henry B.                 Private
Gardner, Samuel G.               Private
Gatin, William                   Private
Giles, M. C.                     Corporal
Gill, George W.
Goff, Edmond                     Private
Green, B. F.                     Private
Green, James H.                  Private
Green, J. D. R.                  Private
Green, John C.
Green, Joshua G.                 Private
    (died Andersonville 12 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 5388)
Green, R. F.                     Private
Greer, Jesse C.                  Private
Groom, Isaac R.                  Private
Groom, J. M.                     Private
Gwinn, James E.                  Private
Hall, James R.                   Private
Hamilton, Samuel                 Private
Hamilton, William J. M.          Private
Hardy, Milton W.                 1st Lt.
Harris, James W.                 Sergeant
Haywood, James R.                Sergeant
Haywood, J. G.                   Private
Herrington, John W.              Sergeant
Hester, James T.                 Private
Hickman, William                 Private
Hibbrath, M. H.                  Private
    (died Andersonville 23 Aug 1864, Ictus Solis, Grave 6581)
Hodge, James M.                  Private
Huffman, James F.                Private
Johnson, Cary                    Private
Joines, John A.                  Private
Jones, Thomas E.                 Private
Kee, William R.                  Private
Kilbreath, M. A.                 Private
King, Alfred                     Sergeant
King, William P.                 Private
King,                            Captain
Kirk, Alvin H.                   Private
Lacy, William S.                 Corporal
Lambert, Thomas                  Private
Lauton, W. H.                    Private
Listen, W. H.                    Private
McCallister, Thomas              Private
McNeely, T. W.                   QM Sgt.
Meare, J. H.                     Private
    (died Andersonville 15 Oct 1864, Typhus Fever, Grave 10976)
Miller, Joseph C.                Lt.
Moore, John H.                   Sergeant
Moore, J. W.                     Private
Moore, N. M.                     Private
Moore, T.                        Private
    (died Andersonville 26 Dec 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 12338)
Morgan, George H.                Private
Morgan, Hugh J.                  Sergeant
Morgan, John A.                  Private
Morris, William                  Private
    (died Andersonville 30 Oct 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 11667)
Murray, William W.               Lt.
    (escaped from Macon, GA)
Nanington, W. J.                 Private
Neighbors, J. F.                 Private
Nelson, John A.                  Private
Newbill, William G.              Private
Norwood, William                 Private
    (died Andersonville 17 Sep 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 9068)
Palmer, D. P.                    Private
    (died Andersonville 31 Jul 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 4380)
Palmer, E. B.                    Private
Park, R. T.                      Private
    (died Andersonville 19 Aug 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 6190)
Parker, William G.               Private
Pope, James E.                   Private
Purdom, Benjamin C.              Private
Roberts, J. G.                   Private
Rust, J. R.                      Private
Saudling, J. H.                  Private
Scarlett, Shaderick M.           Private
Scott, H. G.                     Private
Searens, Joel B.                 Private
Smith, Sidney                    Private
Stewart, Edward                  Sergeant
Stewart, Thomas J.               Private
Tarply, F. P.                    Private
Tate, Elisha                     Private
Tate, Jesse M.                   Corporal
Taylor, Green D.                 Corporal
Taylor, James                    Private
Teddar, James                    Private
Vannov, Cornelius R.             Sergeant
Walker, W. J.                    Private
Watson, James A.                 Private
Weakly, R. L.                    Private
Williams, B. F.                  Private
Williams, John F.                Private
Williams, Samuel                 Private
Wood, Jesse Lee                  Private
    (b. 1839 in MS
    (?) d. 16 Dec 1896 in Ardmore, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory
    (OK).  He enlisted into Company I of the 7th TN Cavalry Regiment, 
	US Army in Huntingdon, Carroll Co., TN on Sun, 27 Dec 1863.  
	Jesse was sent to Union City, TN where his unit which was 
        commanded by Col Isaac R. Hawkins was attacked by Confederate 
        Colonel Duckworth only 3 months after his enlistment.  There was 
        one killed and Jesse was one of two or three that were wounded 
        before the unit surrendered.  As a prisoner, he was taken to 
        Andersonville Prison near Americus, GA where after several months, 
        he escaped and walked to rejoin a fragment of his unit stationed 
        in Paducah,KY in Sept of 1864.  He was treated for his gunshot  
        wound in the leg which became infected and rheumatism and was  
        moved to Joe Holt Army Hospital at Jeffersonville, IN where he  
        remained hospitalized until he was discharged on Surgeon's  
        Certificate of Disability on 1 July 1865.)
Worrell, H. H.                   Corporal
    (died Andersonville 23 Aug 1864, Chronic Diarrhea, Grave 6608)
Worrell, John                    Corporal
    (died Andersonville 11 Oct 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 10739)

Company J

Perdew, John                     Corporal
Porter, David G.                 Private
Winn, Alvan E.                   Private

Company K

Adams, Harmon                    Private
Akins, George W.                 Corporal
Arbuckle, Samuel T.              Private
Bartholomew, Edward              Private
Bartholomew, John O.             Private
    (died Andersonville 13 Oct 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 10826)
Beatty, John W.                  Captain
    (He was courtmartialed in Aug of 1864 for bringing a woman 
	into camp and introducing her as his wife when he had another 
	legal wife.  He went AWOL after courtmartial.  He was from
    Michigan not from the West Tenn area.
>From the Report of Captain John W. Beatty, 7th Tennessee Cavalry 
    (U.S.), on the capture of Union City, dated 12 April 1864 
    (O.R., I-32-1, pp. 542-544.: "I have the honor to
report to you that I have made my escape from the enemy, after 
being surrendered, ... at Union City, Tenn., on the 24th of 
March, after fighting six hours and repulsing the enemy four times. 
The enemy drove in our pickets at 4 a.m., 24th March, and skirmishing
commenced soon after, and by sunrise our camps were entirely 
surrounded. Their force numbered about 1,500, commanded by 
Colonels Faulkner, Bell, Duckworth, Faris, Freeman, Tansil, 
and Russell. They first made a charge, mounted, and finding 
that they were losing a great many men and horses, dismounted 
and made three unsuccessful charges with heavy losses in killed 
and wounded. Finding it impossible to rout our forces from their 
works, fell back in great confusion, taking shelter behind 
fallen timber, stumps, &c., their sharpshooters keeping up a 
continuous fire until fifteen minutes to 11 o'clock, when they 
ceased firing and sent in a flag of truce, demanding an 
unconditional surrender of our force ..." The Federal 
commander decided to surrender, apparently without much 
support from his subordinates. 
    (Faulkner's command was the 12th Kentucky Cavalry, 
	Duckworth's the 7th Tennessee Cavalry, and Faris 
	had a company of Barteau's 22nd Tennessee Cavalry. 
	Freeman might refer to Lt. Freeman who was in command 
	of Co. G of the 20th at the time.)
The attack on Union City was designed to distract attention 
from Forrest's main effort at Paducah. Most sources 
(including the Hollis and Carter diaries) indicate that 
Russell's 20th was part of the Paducah effort, not at 
Union City; it appears that Capt. Beatty was

Birkett, William D.              Corporal
Brewer, Lucian                   Private
Britt, George W.                 Private
Britt, Noah                      Private
Browning, Robert L.              Private
Bueff, Greenville M.             Private
Campbell, William T.             Private
Carllyle, George W.              Private
Carter, George H.                Private
Carter, Jesse Madison            Private
Cazey, Edward                    Private
Churmey, John F.                 Private
Collins, Richard                 Private
    (died Andersonville 16 Aug 1864, Marasmas, Grave 5829)
Cox, John H.                     Private
Cox, Thomas                      Private
Creacy, Stephen P.               Private
    (died Andersonville 8 Sep 1864, Anasarca, Grave 8219)
Davis, John                      Private
Davis, Leroy                     Private
    (died Andersonville)
Davis, Levi                      Private
    (died Andersonville 10 Sep 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 8423)
Davison, William                 Private
Dear, Milton B.                  Private
Dunn, Benjamin C.                Private
Dunn, Tilman J.                  Private
Dunn, William R.                 Private
Dyer, William                    Private
    (died Andersonville 27 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 6991)
Dyer, Winship                    Private
    (died Andersonville 10 Sep 1864, Dysentery, Grave 8329)
Edmondson, James                 Private
Flowers, James                   Private
Gaitley, Isaac                   Private
Gaitley, William                 Private
Gilbert, Thomas J.               Corporal
Goff, Edmond                     Private
Goff, Elias Perry                Private
    (died at Millen)
Goff, Robert                     Private
    (died at Andersonville)
Goff, Thomas M.                  Private
    (Enlisted at Memphis on 2 Nov 1863, age 26, died at Paducah on 
	10 or 14 Mar 1864 of chronic diarrhea, buried at Mound City in 
	grave E-4457, he was 5'8", dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, 
	born in Henderson Co, the son of Edmund and Jane Long Goff
Gooch, William M.                Private
Gooch, William P.                Private
Gowers, George W.                Private
Griswell, Thomas J.              Private
    (died Andersonville 9 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 5146)
Griswell, William H.             Private
    (died Andersonville 5 Sep 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 7908)
Hadgins, Asberry N.              Private
Haney, Absalom C.                Private
Hare, Francis M.                 Corporal
Hart, Absalom                    Private
Hedgepeth, Daniel S.             Private
Helmer, Robert W.                1st Lt.
Herinden, Thomas                 Sergeant
Hilton, Duncan B.                Private
Hoosier, Thomas J.               Sergeant
Horn, Major B.                   Private
Hornbeck, Josuay                 Private
Huffman, Charles D.              Private
Ingram, David C.                 Private
Jones, William H.                Private
Joplin, Lucian F.                Private
Loller, Robert                   Private
Lowing, John                     Private
Madison, John                    Sergeant
Makin, W.                        Private
    (died Andersonville 26 Jun 1864, Remettent Fever, Grave 2500)
Martin, Benjamin M.              Private
Maye, Joseph H.                  Private
McKackin, Wesley                 Private
McMorris, James A.               Private
Meals, Samuel J.                 Private
Medlin, John A.                  Private
Minus, James W.                  Private
Mitchell, James L.               Private
    (died Andersonville 14 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 5594)
More, John A.                    Private
Moss, Thomas                     Private
Owens, Joseph                    Private
Paris, Henry S.                  Private
Patterson, Isaiah                Private
Patterson, Robert                Private
Phillips, Abner L.               Private
Pomeroy, Isaac M.                Corporal
Pommoy, John A.                  Corporal
Powell, Aaron N.                 Sergeant
    (died Andersonville 2 Aug 1864, Grave 4572)
Roach, John W.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 28 Aug 1864, Anasarca, Grave 7099)
Ross, Dugall M.                  Private
Singleton, James P.              Private
Singleton, John W.               Private
Singleton, Leonard               Corporal
Smith, Thomas                    Private
Spain, William                   Private
Spane, Hasekiah                  Private
Spane, Samuel                    Private
Spear, James D.                  Private
Stewart, James R.                Private
Stewart, Levi                    Sergeant
Stricklin, Peter                 Private
Sutter, George W.                Private
Tatague, Samuel J.               Private
Thompson, George W.              Private
Thompson, James                  Private
Tidwell, John F.                 Private
Wadley, Thomas M.                Private
Wallace, John J.                 2nd Lt.
    (escaped from Macon, GA)
Wallace, Robert R.               Private
Watson, Lyman P.                 Private
Wheatley, George W.              Private
Willy, Thomas W.                 Private
Wilson, Francis A.               Sergeant
Wise, George F.                  Corporal
Wise, George W.                  QM Sgt.
Woodson, Thomas                  Private

Company L

Blackner, Thomas                 Private
    (died Andersonville 17 Sep 1864, Anasarca, Grave 8998)
Cooley, Joshua J.                Private
    (died Andersonville 18 Sep 1864, Anasarca, Grave 9208)
Finch, Adam                      Private
    (died Andersonville 12 Sep 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 8555)
Garrett, M. J.                   Private
    (died Andersonville 11 Aug 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 5374)
Gibbs, J. A.                     Private
    (died Andersonville 6 Sep 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 8012)
Krus, Cannon                     Private
Krus, Jacob M.                   Private
Puckett, Walter E.               Private
Robbins, Joseph A.               Private

Company M

Adkison, James                   Corporal
Aldridge, Thomas                 Private
Barrow, John T.                  Private
    (died 5 Oct 1864 Charleston of an amputated arm)
Barnes, James T.                 Sergeant
Barnes, William B.               Private
    (died Andersonville 23 Aug 1864, Ictus Solis, Grave 6569)
Barrow, John J.                  Private
Bentley, Franklin E.             Private
Binum, William                   Private
Boxx, James A.                   Sergeant
Brown, John W.                   Corporal
Bryant, Needum J.                Private
Burnes, James A.                 Private
Childers, James                  Private
Dear, Harvey                     Private
Deer, John                       
    (Jul 1846 - 6 Jan 1863, buried New Hope Cem., Henderson Co., TN)
Deer, Richard                    Private
Doss, John                       Private
Doss, William M.                 Private
    (Buried Sweeny Cem., Hardin Co., TN)
Evans, James                     Private
Gamble, James                    Private
Gamble, Moses                    Sergeant
Hellard, John                    Private
Hicks, Jasper A.                 Private
Higgins, William T.              Sergeant
Hipkins, James G. H.             Private
Ivey, Joseph W.                  Private
Johnson, Andrew                  Private
Johnson, Charles M.              Private
Johnson, Tarlbon                 Private
Keen, Jeptha                     Private
Lester, James L.                 Private
    (died Andersonville 23 Sep 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 9594)
Maness, Richard                  Private
Maness, Stephen                  Private
McGuire, Morrison                Private
Mercer,                          Captain
Moore, John W.                   Private
Muse, Caleb                      Private
Neely, James M.                  1st. Lt.
Perry, Allen M.                  Private
Pickens, George W.               Sergeant
Pickens, Richard C.              Private
    (Buried Ledbetter Cem., Hardin Co., TN)
Quick, Richard L.                1st Sgt.
Seay, John C.                    Private
Seery, Henry L.                  Private
Smith, John                      Private
Snow, W.                         Private
    (died Andersonville 28 Jul 1864, Diarrhea, Grave 4170)
Stephens, John                   Private
Stewart, John                    Private
Stratten, John M.                Private
    (died Andersonville 26 Sep 1864, Scorbutus, Grave 9803)
Tedford, George W.               Private
Tedford, William E.              Private
Thomas, Andrew                   Private
Thompson, Calvin L.              Sergeant
Thompson, William J.             Corporal
Tomlin, Albert                   Private
    (died Andersonville 6 Jun 1864, Chronic Diarrhea, Grave 1657)
Tucker, Erasmus                  Private
Vettoe, Albert J.                Private
Wall, John W.                    Corporal
Wells, John                      Private
Winberry, James                  Private
Workman, William                 Private