David W. Stanfield Bible

Bible Record of David Walter Stanfield and Mary Taylor Stanfield

D. W. Standfield was Borned March 26th 1839 died Sept 14 1915
Mary Stanfield wife of D.W. Stanfield was Borned Nov 18th 1843 Died Jan 28th 1907
John C. Record Borned Dec 5th 1862
John Isaac Stanfield Was Bornd Apr 5th 1873 Died Aug 28 1954
Mary Stanfield Bornd May 7th 1874
Nancy Stanfield Bornd March 5th 1878
Pirley D. Stanfield Bornd Apr 30th 1880 Died Jan 15 1903
Rubin Alford Stanfield Bornd Feb 8th 1882

This Bible was passed down in the family from David and Mary Stanfield to their daughter Nancy Paralee Stanfield and subsequently to Nancy’s son J.D. Halterman. A copy was kindly provided to the Henderson County, TN web page by Mamie Tate (mamie.tate@worldnet.att.net) of Evansville, Indiana (1999), granddaughter of Charles Morgan Halterman and Nancy Paralee Stanfield.


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