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Epidemics, Haywood County, Tennessee


1878 - Yellow Fever
Dr. John Ware fell victim to Yellow Fever in 1878, after saving the lives of many who were stricken ... p.223 History of Haywood County, 1989


1890 Typhoid 
The History of the Bourne Family by Joyce Anne Daniel Dale, "In 1890 John W. Cole had typhoid fever and died November 2 of that year.  His son, Edwin, died of the same illness on November 14, 1890.  Ophelia, who also had typhoid at the same time, survived."   Ophelia was the daughter of John W. Cole.  (Jewell)


(No Date)  I can remember my grandmother Katie Ellen Gorman talking about all five of her kids having typhoid all at the same time. They either lived in Haywood or Gibson Co. She said they lived in a house that had an open hall way, they put the children on pallets in the hall way, she would set up nights with them and my grandpa days, they carried water from a near by spring to cool them off with. I had one aunt die of diphtheria in the 30s.  (Elsie)


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22 Nov 2007