Zion Episcopal Cemetery
About 1 block from Hwy 76, in 1976, about 2 blocks from the dirt road across a field,
located behind the 1976 home of Jim English

Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Comment
Bond Rebecca 27 May 1812 2 Aug 1849 d/o Marmaduke & Jane Johnson
Chilton Henry Johnson   18 Nov 1868  
  Johnnie   10 Sep 1836 5 yr
  Mary B.   1838  
Johnson Jane Deborah   25 Jul 1836 age 64
Sheppard Egbert   6 Sep 1874  
  Henry   1846 age 17

This cemetery was started by the Reverend John Chilton on his farm for parishioners of Zion Episcopal Church in Brownsville. 

Jane Johnson was an Episcopalian and a member of Zion Church, founded in 1832.  She was the oldest member of our Johnson family to come to Haywood Co TN from Warranton NC.

John Chilton, first Minister of Zion Church, was her son-in-law.  Rebecca Bond, her daughter, was the second wife of Chilton. 

Henry Sheppard was the son of Rebecca by her first marriage to James H. Sheppard.

  Mary B. Chilton was a daughter or a niece of John and Rebecca Chilton.

  Identity of Little Johnnie is unknown. 

Miscellaneous records of Zion Episcopal Church, TN State Library, Nashville Tn, show that 2 other members of the Johnson family are buried here:

Egbert Sheppard, d. 6 Sep 1873, husband of Jane Johnson's step-daughter, Mary J. Sheppard; and Henry Johnson Chilton, d. 18 Nov 1868, probably a nephew of John and Rebecca Chilton. 

When Rebecca died, she was married for a third time, to William P. Bond. 

Jane Deborah Johnson was a sister of Judge John Haywood, prominent jurist in Tennessee and the man for whom Haywood County is named. 

It is probable there are other unmarked grave in Zion Cemetery. 
Notes and listing from John C. Wynn.

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